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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 10/22/2013 (S01E05) "The Girl in the Flower Dress"

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 19:57
So we move along on what Skye's motivation is. Interesting.

And we get to see Extremis and experimentation with same again.

Hopefully this series is hitting it's stride. Hopefully.

Suggestion for clearer documentation for how to set up Roamio + Mini

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 19:56
I was on tech support numerous times with TiVo before finally getting my Roamio and TiVo mini to work together. The basic problem is the documentation for how to hook up these devices is incorrect, incomplete, and misleading. Once I figured it out and got it working, I love these devices. They let you set up a central media center in your home and share it to several rooms in your house, with just the small footprint (and diskless/noiseless) Mini in your other rooms. I particularly like no longer hearing the disk noises in my bedroom.

In the hopes my efforts to figure this out can save someone else the same hassle, here are my notes. TiVo - please consider fixing your documentation per my notes below! It had some very misleading flaws, and now that I understand what I'm doing the setup actually is pretty straightforward.

First, ignore the instructions that come with the TiVo that you can use Ethernet to connect the Roamio and Mini. I tried this, and the video quality at the Mini was horrible - it would freeze, skip, and barely play at all. You need to use MoCa, which provides much higher bandwidth connectivity (up to 800Mbps ostensibly, vs 100 for typical home Ethernets), as needed for transmitting hi def video.

Where the coax cable enters the premises, attach a point-of-entry filter (which you can buy from TiVo). This is needed to isolate your local coax loop from other units in an apartment complex (may not matter as much for a house), for 2 reasons: (a) avoid signal leakage, which degrades ability to transmit high def video; (b) avoid other apartments' being able to get on your Internet connection.

Attach the point-of-entry filter to a 2Ghz splitter. Don't use the 1Ghz splitters you get from the cable provider - they won't pass the high bandwidth signal used by MoCA.

Connect the output of that splitter to the cables going to various rooms in your house/apartment.

At the room where you'll set up the Roamio, connect the coax to another 2Ghz splitter, and run one output of that splitter to your cable modem, and other output to the Roamio. Note: If you have a central cable junction box don't put the cable modem and router there; TiVo tech support told me you need to have them physically near the Roamio, so only a short high quality (cat6) Ethernet segment separates cable modem and Roamio. I don't expect that really matters if you're using MoCa (rather than Ethernet) to connect between the Roamio and Mini, but in the off chance it might I did as he said.

Connect Cat6 (not cheaper Cat5) Ethernet from cable modem to WiFi router, and another Cat6 Ethernet from WiFi router to Roamio. Again I don't know how much using Cat6 matters when you'll be sending the video over the MoCa network, but might as well use the higher grade cable to be more "future proof".

On the Roamio DON'T try to go to Settings->Network->Connect to MoCa Network as described in the setup instructions. You only would do that if you're using an external MoCa adapter, but the Roamio and Mini both have built-in MoCa adapters. Once you've hooked up both the Ethernet and the coax cable to the Roamio as described above, the Roamio will be in MoCa bridge mode (bridging the Ethernet connection from the Internet into your coax MoCa network). Note: this step is where I wasted most of my time with tech support. We kept trying to get the Roamio to "connect to MoCa connection", and it kept failing with error code C33. I luckily finally reached a tech support representative who knew that was the wrong thing to do.

There's also no need to go through the setting to allow remove devices to control the TiVo because the TiVo software update is now out that supports dynamic tuner allocation (which then lets remote TiVo minis use a tuner to watch shows on the Roamio or watch live TV).

At the TiVo Mini go to Settings->Network and select MoCa network. It should find the Roamio and let you connect and watch live TV or shows on the Roamio.

Note also that when you move cable cards between TiVo boxes you need to re-activate your premium channels with the cable company. Call their tech support, ask to work with someone on Cable Card pairing, and they'll ask you to bring up Tivo settings screen for cable card pairing, and read off the cable card serial number, host ID and data.

Remove 1 Recording Menu

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 19:37
I started a thread in the Help Center forum by mistake and was directed to add it here.

When I select a future show in the guide to record, the following menu comes up:

Record This Episode
Season Pass and Other Options
Explore This Show

When I scroll down and select Season Pass ...

On the next screen, the menu options are:

Record This Episode
Get Season Pass
Explore This Show

Why do they have 2 menu levels for this?
They could easily do away with the first menu.
I had to add 40-50 SPs from a Comcast DVR to the new RoamioPro and this extra step became a little tedious.


HIMYM - Knight Vision 10/21/13

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 16:33
OK, I'll start it.

Wow that was bad. Not a laugh whatsoever. And I'm one of the ones that doesn't care about the mother. Wouldn't have cared if she were introduced in the last 30 seconds of the last show. I've been in it for the laughs but this episode was done...Poorly. :p

NBC Cancel's

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 16:07
NBC Cancels 'Ironside,' 'Welcome To The Family'

LOS ANGELES — NBC says it's canceling two freshman shows, "Ironside" and "Welcome to the Family."

"Ironside," starring Blair Underwood in an updated version of the Raymond Burr police drama, will air its final episode on Wednesday. Burr's "Ironside" aired from 1967-75, but low ratings will keep the new series to a total of four episodes.

"Welcome to the Family," a Thursday night comedy about a young couple's unplanned pregnancy, won't have a chance to say goodbye. Its last airing was this week.

Replacing "Ironside" on Wednesday nights in November and December will be a mix of shows including episodes of "Dateline" and "Saturday Night Live" holiday-themed specials, NBC said.

"Parks and Recreation" episodes and specials will fill in for the departed "Welcome to the Family," the network said Friday.

removing plastic pegs

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 15:06
I'm trying to swap out a power supply on a Hughes unit. The power supply board is held down by 2 screws & 4 plastic pegs. The pegs push up from the bottom of the unit & have spreaders to keep the board in place. How do I remove the plastic pegs?

OOH Streaming to large screen TV

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 14:54
This has been a conversation for years on the Slingbox forums, people wanting to use the technology to push TV from a Primary location (home) to a family room TV at a secondary location (girl friends house).

I believe that Sling has finally delivered a Sling Receiver, but this definately is not currently a TiVo stream use case.

This would be easier with a PC version of the software, but I think the question is still resonable. Are you expecting to use this as a way to stream to a second home? To a large TV?

Tivo Mini - C501 error on Music and Photos menu

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 13:06
Neither of my TV Minis will allow me to play music (via Pandora) by selecting 'Music and Photos' from the main Tivo menu. As soon as I highlight the 'Music and Photos' menu option, a blue screen appears with the following message:

Unexpected Problem

There was an unexpected problem. (C501)

It seems this issue started happening within the last 2-3 weeks.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, how did you get it resolved?

Thank you.

Stream continues to lose activation

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 12:01
Heading out on a trip today and every time I try to download shows to my ipad I am getting issues. One or two download, then they fail. When I try to re-setup the stream it fails on the activation portion.

Unplug it, let it recycle, and I can access it again. 2 shows in, the same thing happens.

Need to load up for a Europe trip this weekend, need a good answer on this.

Best # to call for Cox cable card pairing

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 10:20
I have a Cable Card that needs pairing (Cox is my cable company). Calling the number that shows up on CableCard screen so far has not yielded a competent CSR that knows what to do. In the past I've had mixed luck and when I finally get the right person I'm off the phone under 5 minutes later. So my question is what is the right number to call to get a competent tech for Cox cable cards?

The last CSR kept saying unplug TA and asked a whole bunch of other questions and never did take down the 3 cable card numbers - in this case just a data ID update is needed. i.e. The guy had no clue what he was doing and wanted to send out a technician which I said is not necessary.

My card is activated but just not validated, so I can tune everything except a couple of CCI protected channels I sometimes record from, so trying to get it validated for those.


Return and Rebuy Roamio Pro

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 09:35
So I have had my Roamio Pro for 27 days. That means I have three days left to decide if I want to cancel my service and return the box to Best Buy. Then I would rebuy directly from TiVo for $100 off (current promotion on the Pro) and then reset everything up. What do you guys think? Is it worth it to do this?

Cablevision/On-Demand - Are they working on it?

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 00:35
So, with Xfinity being an option for Comcast people... any news or chance of Cablevision and TiVo are working on this being a future option?

No Modern Family Halloween episode this year?

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 22:28
Every year so far they've had a good one. None this year?

Tivo is blaming V53 error on SNR ratio?

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 21:06
I have been reading that there isn't such a thing as too high a SNR...

I am getting V53 errors on random channels at random times. My signal strength is in the low 90's and my SNR is between 37-40. Tivo is telling me that the SNR is too high, and that I need to have Charter come out and fix it.

They have come out several times because of intermittent internet (I think caused by the same problem) and they never fix it.

I am not sure what to do here if Charter won't/can't fix it. Tivo will not accept my Roamio as a return since its been more than 30 days.

Also - I have tried using various attenuators and they will not bring the SNR down.

Please help!

OOH Streaming Countdown

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 19:30

Two Roamio Plus Problems- 1) black screen from standby & 2) wifi connectivity

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 19:18
I have been dealing with my TiVo Roamio Plus problems (black screen from standby & wifi connectivity) since August 26, 2013 and figured I would now come to this forum that I recently found to share and possibly see if anyone else has the same problems (I was told that I'm the only one reporting these problems).

This post will be long, because it is detailed. If you are interested in it, please read all the way through it.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: For the past two years, I have had a Premier XL4 in our TV Room that worked FLAWLESSLY... PERFECTLY. The XL4 was connected to my Sharp 70" HDTV (LC-70LE600U) through an HDMI cable with sound coming through the optical cable into my AV system (surround speakers). Additionally, the XL4 had a TiVo USB WiFi "G" Adapter connected to the USB port on the back of the XL4. We would watch our programming and when finished, my wife and I like to use the "Standby" feature found in the menu choices (under "Settings"). Standby would allow the XL4 to shut off the front LEDs and also to cease output to the HDMI and audio. Every single time that we brought the XL4 out of Standby, we would get our picture and sound without a single problem. No matter if we put it in Standby and pulled it out of Standby in 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days, or 3 weeks, every single time, it worked. Additionally, every single time the XL4 was rebooted (whether a "warm" reboot through the menus or a "cold" reboot by unplugging the power cord) the XL4 would reconnect to my wireless network without a single problem. And the XL4 was set up for DHCP (automatic) connection.


Back on August 26th, I received my new Roamio Plus. I eagerly anticipated the arrival because I would now get 6 tuners instead of 4 and the ability to stream within the Tivo Roamio Plus instead of buying the stream box. So, I set up the Roamio Plus in the EXACT SAME spot as the XL4 used to be (the XL4 was moved to the far end of my house where the kids (teenagers) use it, play XBOX , etc). So, I entered my WiFi information into the set up screens and it went along well, UNTIL it rebooted. Then no WiFi. I thought this might be a temporary anomaly because the Roamio Plus was getting major software updates. So I continued. Finally the Roamio Plus was all set up and working. Or so I thought....

After I watched some programming I put the Roamio Plus into Standby. When I went to pull it out of Standby (by pressing the TiVo button), the screen stayed black. I could still hear the TiVo menu sounds, and found that if I went down 6 times and select, and then down 5 times, it would go into Standby again (even though I couldn't see any picture on the screen). And sure enough, it did. The lights on front went out. When I pressed the TiVo button a second time, everything came back normally. Picture was there and so was sound. So, I thought maybe this was a one time thing. NOPE.

Very randomly the TiVo Roamio Plus would come out of Standby with no problems and other times not come out (meaning to keep a black screen). So, after my first call to support, the HDMI cable was thought to be bad. Even though this same cable worked FLAWLESSLY with the previous XL4, I decided to replace it. I bought Monster cables HDMI (it was on sale) and connected that. Same black screen issues. ALSO.... each and every time the Roamio Plus was rebooted/restarted, WiFi connection would be lost and I would have to go back into the Network Settings and reestablish connection to my network and enter the WPA2 password. (remember.. the XL4 never had a problem.. and still doesn't).

SO.. it was determined to replace the Roamio Plus. While I waited for the new Roamio Plus to arrive, I brought back in my XL4 from the far room of the house and connected it back to where it USED TO BE. And no problems. NONE. Everything worked fine.

The new Roamio Plus (the second, replacement one) arrived in early September . And after following set up procedures. the SAME two problems existed. (Black Screen out of standby and loss of WiFi connectivity). Now I called again and was connected to ADVANCED SUPPORT. They listened to all the above. With me stating that the XL4 NEVER had a problem and still doesn't. They asked me to use COMPONENT video connections (Red-Green-Blue for those of you who may not know). So, I used Component. And it was slightly better in that when coming out of Standby it would usually work.. BUT.. sometimes it did NOT work... and the same black screen. And if I scrolled down, select, scroll down, select (blindly since there was no picture) it would go into Standby and when coming out all would be good again. Moreover, the Component cables did NOT solve the WiFi problem in any way, shape or form. Reboot=loss of WiFi.

After numerous discussions with customer support, I wrote a letter to the TiVo corporate office and was contacted by TiVo Executive Relations. And for the past three to four weeks I have been discussing solutions to this problem with an Executive Relations specialist.

Things we tried, that did not work to solve either the standby problem nor the wifi connectivity problem:

1) I do not use MAC address filtering; 2) I've switched the Roamio Plus off of DHCP (automatic) connection to my WiFi and I assigned it a STATIC IP, and remembering to Reserve the IP address in the DHCP table of my router (Linksys E4200) series. 3) signal strength at the Roamio Plus location is 90% or better on Channel 11 in WiFi settings... neighbors are either on Channel 6 or 1 (I scanned with a tool I use); 4) HDMI cable replaced with new, Monster brand; 5) I did switch to Component cables, and we still have the problems.;

The most recent (done yesterday) thing we tried was a "location test": move the TiVo Roamio Plus into the far room and connect it to a completely different HDTV (Sharp LC-46SB54U) first with HDMI, and still had the problem, then to Component and still had the standby problem. WiFi lost connectivity every time the box was restarted. INTERESTINGLY, while I was testing the Roamio Plus in a different room with a different TV, I connected the XL4 BACK to the 70in TV in the living room and had my wife call in to the other room and the XL4 connected fine, no wifi problems. And no standby problems.

SO.......... the two problems still exist. I even created a YouTube video showing the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YBpDQpAF1M

There you have it. Sorry for this very long posting. It's just upsetting to me that this brand new TiVo device doesn't work properly, albeit the standby function I use is not used by the majority of the TiVo users, but it should still work. Same with the wifi problems.

2 tuner Premiere with lifetime & extended warranty

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 16:20
I have a 75 hour 2 tuner Premiere unit with lifetime that is less then a year old and has over 2 years left of a 3 year TiVo extended warranty. (expires 12/02/2015) Asking $400 + actual shipping.

TiVo Premiere CableCard Won't Validate

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 16:16
I currently live in Kentucky and we just went through a conversion from Insight cable to TimeWarner. At the beginning of October the market was switched over from Insight to TW and I began having issues with "Channel Not Authorized" on my TiVos. Scheduled an appt with TW and a tech came out, thinking it was a bad CableCard he attempted to swap it out. Since that day, I have not been able to get any non-QAM channels on my TiVo.

I have spent better than 60 hours on the phone with TW's CableCard dept in Buffalo, have had 8 on-site tech visits (two of which have been with Lead Techs and area Supervisor techs), have gone through more than 40 cable cards (yes FORTY), they have attempted to take my TiVo Premiere XL4 to another area in town and plugged directly into the line (on a different NOC), and still the unit will not accept the Validation hit. No matter what TW does, the Data ID will NOT change on the unit or the units replacement that TiVo sent.

I have a TiVo Roamio Pro as well, it has no issues and we have placed the cable cards in it and it pairs with no issue.

At this point TW is pointing at TiVo (and specifically the Premiere) and TiVo is pointing at TW as the problem.

At this point I haven't had TV service in 3 WEEKS! TiVo is sending me another unit (third one), but I have little hope that this will fix it (seems to be a software/firmware issue with the Premiere 4XL and TW's cards).

I have found other issues online that resembles this with other cable providers, but unfortunately I have never seen anyone describe what ultimately fixed their issue.

Hoping someone here can help.

Relevant info:
Con: Yes EBCP: Yes Val: ? 0x00
PMTCMD: D PRG: 00033 ECM: 0X0133
1017 1018 1019 1021 1023

CableCARD Status:
Manufacturer: Motorola
FW Version: 02.65, 02.01, 03.25
HW Version: 0469927002

Download Status
left: 0 last: 99999 rate: 0
State: Wait To Start
EMM Provider ID: 1

Out of Band Channel Mode: OOB
Last Known Carrier: 75.250

Network Setup
2-way Established: Unknown
OOB LKC: 75.250
OOB Status: IDLE

EMM PID: 1 0x1503
Messages: 230146 (it does go up as you exit and go back in)

VCTID: 23 VCT Rcvd: 61398

Xfinity On Demand on Roamio?

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 14:33
For those of you with Comcast and a Roamio, I have a couple questions.

On the Roamio, if you access Xfinity On Demand, what happens? Do you get a menu of the available titles like you do on the X1 box, for example? Can you search for titles? And do you have access to all of the various titles available to Comcast customers via online streaming on a PC from the Xfinity web site, such as Xfinity and Streampix?

I went into a Comcast store today and they didn't really know and had never heard of the Roamio. I am trying to decide between the X1 / X2 (unavailable right now), the Roamio or just sticking with my TivoHD and a HTPC.