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20.3.8 Coming Soon

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 13:42
New Priority List is up for 20.3.8:
http://www.tivo.com/priority_20_3_8 (note tivo.com/priority redirects to the priority_20_3_8 page now). Also, as the quote below shows, Minis and Roamios don't need to add their TSNs to the list. They'll update as soon as it's released, supposedly. Quote: We are preparing to release a software update (20.3.8) for TiVo Premiere, TiVo Mini, and TiVo Roamio boxes. TiVo Roamio and TiVo Mini boxes will automatically receive the update on the day it becomes available. TiVo Premiere boxes will be updated in groups. If you would like your TiVo Premiere to be in one of the first groups to be updated, please enter your TiVo Service Number below.

Note: Only TiVo Premiere boxes purchased directly from TiVo.com or a retailer are eligible for this update. Boxes provided by cable companies will be updated on a different schedule.

There Should Be An Easy Way to Return to Netflix Shows Within the Tivo Central GUI

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 13:17
Within the Tivo Central interface, I know is very easy and seamless to search, select, and watch Netflix shows. The problem is that it is not as easy to return to the show. For example, let's say I started watching Breaking Bad. I then stop it halfway through Season 1, Episode 3. Now a week later goes by you want to continue watching it and you don't remember what episode you are on. I know you can go directly into Netflix and it will list recently watch shows. In my opinion, there should be a "Recently Watch" menu within the Tivo Central GUI where is lists all the streaming shows and record shows that you watched in the past and you can easily resume where you left it.

So am I missing something? Is there an easy way within the Tivo Central GUI to resume your Netflix shows? To me, it seems that Tivo is trying to merge other streaming services into the Tivo ecosystem to make it transparent but it's not there yet.

Upgrade hard drive later

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 13:03
Just got my TiVo Roamio Plus and was going to set it up this weekend, although there is no rush. Still waiting for the Mini which should arrive early next week.

Anyway, I think I'll want to upgrade to 3TB right away. What are the downsides to getting started with existing drive and using the TiVo for a few days, weeks or even months?

I know recordings would be lost. May not be a big deal. Maybe they can be transferred to computer and back if needed?

Would I need to re-run guided setup with new drive?

Cable cards need to be re-paired?

Anything else?


JRiver Media Center 19 and Tivo Premier

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 12:37
My TIVO Premiers are working fine with TIVO Desktop Plus 2.8.3 with either TiVo Beacon or Bonjour. I'm evaluating JRivers Media Center 19 and can't get it to work with TIVO and can't find any instructions that pertain to version 19.

Does anybody have this working?

Testing fonts

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 11:23
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Problem with out of home streaming on Romio

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 10:53
I have two homes and two Romio Pros. I am having a problem streaming in one of my homes. Can you have two streams in you tivo account? They are in diffrent location. I can only stream in one location.

Issues with new Roamio Pro

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 10:13
I just hooked up my new Roamio Pro, upgrading from Premiere Elite. I moved my cablecard over and hooked up tuning adapter. Called Cox(Baton Rouge, LA) and paired card. Was successful per cox guy, and TA was linked and working. However some channels will cause the cable card pairing screen to appear. Then when I hit "clear" that channel is blank and gives a V58 error. Other HD channels work, but the cablecard pairing screen will randomly pop up requiring me to hit "clear". That channel will then keep working.

I don't know whether these are only SDV channels because I can't find a list of SDV channels in Baton Rouge. Called Cox again and guy on phone did not seem to know a lot. He wound up just saying the signal looked weak and he would send out a service call next week. I foresee a technician fumbling around for a few hours and accomplishing nothing so I wanted to check with y'all first.

The Premiere Elite (and 2 previous TiVos) all worked fine with this same TA and Motorola cablecard.

Any ideas?


Pairing a Roamio with a cable card from a Premiere

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 10:11
Thinking of upgrading from my Premiere to a Roamio. Will the multi stream cable card I've been using auto pair with the new box, or will I have to go through my cable company (TWC) to re-pair everything? I have found the pairing process through Time Warner, a nightmare. Thanks

Sport In America: Our Defining Stories - On HBO

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 09:39
Just a shout out for a TV Movie Documentary I really enjoyed. Sports is a big part of my life, and a big part of what brings our family together. I thought this talked a lot about the moments and emotions that sports brings to us as a community.

Highly recommend.

Blocking IR signal to 1 device when 2 Tivos side by side

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 00:23
I have my S3 and Roamio side by side so that I can have them both connected to my router in order to enable the quickest transfer of recordings. The problem is using the Tivo remote on the Roamio also controls the S3, and I unwittingly deleted entire groups of shows on the S3 (luckily I was able to recover).

Is there anyway of blocking the remote control signal to the Series3 yet still allow it to register on the network for the transfers to continue?

I'm considering either wrapping it in foil or taking it off my shelving unit and placing it at a 45 degree angle, if the cord length allows.

Is TVLand airing uncut episodes?

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 23:47
I gave up on TVLAND years ago because they hacked and time pressed episodes really badly. Recently while looking at the on screen guide, I noticed sometimes hour long episodes from the 60s & 70s are running about 1:15.

Because I do not watch TVLAND anymore, I have no idea why the episodes would be that long other than being uncut and\or more commercials.

Pixelation & dropped recordings becoming too frequent

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 20:32
We had the experience from heck getting our Roamio installed and working correctly through Cox Cable here in Omaha. It took 1.5 months but finally Cox got their tuning adaptors upgraded to accommodate the 6 tuners and I thought all was finally well. Unfortunately over the past month we've had more and more problems with pixelation. When it hits, it hits every channel and every tuner. It can go on for just a few minutes to a few hours. If it is bad enough and Tivo is trying to record it will just drop the recording all together. If it gets really bad we'll lose TV signals altogether. It is now happening where I am losing 2-3 recordings per week and I am getting aggravated all over again! :mad:

I've tried searching here in the forums but I'm not finding others posting about similar issues. I'm trying to decide if this would be a Tivo issue or if it would be possibly a cable card and/or tuning adaptor issue with Cox? Where should I begin to try and figure out the problem? What exactly causes pixelation?

Right now I'm looking at the the stupid V52 message floating around my screen after more pixelation and a lost recording and ready to throw the darn thing out the window. Any help is appreciated!

ETA: Rebooting doesn't help!

How many MoCA's do I need if...

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 19:27
I am going to get a Roamio with the built in MoCA. I want to get a Mini for the kitchen TV, which will need a MoCA, but does my router need a MoCA too if the Roamio has one built in?

TiVo Roamio and Xfinity X1

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 18:53
This may sound like a dumb question but let me explain the situation. I currently have a large X1 install with 3 DVR's and 8 terminals. I am so tired of X1's bugs and bought a TiVo Roamio Pro and 2 TiVo mini's. The Pro is hooked up and works great, however I need to install the minis and eventually replace all the xfinity equipment with TiVo Pro's and Minis. My question is during this transition can both function on moca without causing an issue and brining the other down?

Hope this makes sense

Youtube Unavailable?

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 17:44
Activated my Roamio yesterday, and everything works fine except YouTube. Whenever I try to use it I get error code v301 with the URL http://www.tivo.com/support/v301 which leads to nothing. It's not my internet connection, because Huku and Netflix work just fine.

Captions on mute

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 17:40
Does the Roamio have closed captions on mute? I have captions turned off, but they show up whenever I mute the tv. I've looked through the tv's menu and can't find any setting like that.

Will disconnecting coax delay/prevent my activation?

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 17:34
I just activated my new Roamio today, but the activation hasn't gone through as I'm unable to see my Series3 recordings on the Now Playing list (getting some network error message). I'm in this weird limbo state right now where I can't transfer my recordings or Season Passes, can't watch HBO (since the CC is not paired to the new Roamio, and probably will need to be repaired if I move it back) or do much else.

I moved one of the requisite two CableCARDs from my S3 OLED to the Roamio in order to set it up, but I want to move it back so I can watch some stuff from my old DVR as well as make sure my scheduled recordings for tonight are still recorded.

Will removing the CC and coaxial cable from the Roamio halt or delay the activation of the unit?

Amazon Vod Unwatchable

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 16:55
I rented Man of Steel HD but couldn't watch it. For those of you who can remember VHS tapes with copy protection, if you tried copying one of those tapes, the vertical stabilizer circuit would go crazy. You could hear the movie but it was impossible to watch. The picture was jittery and wavy. Well that's how it was trying to watch Man of Steel. I contacted Amazon and they sent me another download of the movie. Same results. I have the Amazon VOD channel on my ROKU and tried watching the movie. The movie was just fine.

Has anyone else experienced this problem. It's the first time this has occurred.



Cox Tuning Adapters

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 16:54
We just finally got moved to SDV here, and I was sent 2 tuning adapters for our Premiere and Series 3. I hooked up the Premiere, and i get a screen telling me that the TA doesn't support 4 tuners. Do I need something different from Cox or am I just hosed? i tried calling last night but gave up after 45 minutes on hold.

i assume i won't have any issue on the Series 3 since it only has 2 tuners?

American Horror Story: Coven S03E08 "The Sacred Taking"

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 15:00
I like Fiona more as the show continues, but am having trouble following the storylines. I don't find this season as compelling as the first season. :(

The box delivered to Fiona's stoop was easily anticipated to be someone's head, but the final scene made me laugh out loud! Recalling it now makes me laugh as I write this. LOL!

The Ajax enema scene was weird as I had forgotten who that mother & son were in relation to the story. It reminded me of the inappropriate relationship between Frankenstein boy and his mommy.

Myrtle's response about buying her wigs in bulk from North Korea was funny.

I think this season would be more understandable if watched marathon-style over one weekend.