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No Streaming Over LTE?

Mon, 12/16/2013 - 12:16
My LTE is many times faster than the majority of the free wifi I can find anywhere, why can't I stream live shows on the go via LTE?

Edit: Comcast (Xfinity) is streaming live TV to my phone over LTE why can't TiVo?

Multiple MoCA Networks on Same COAX?

Mon, 12/16/2013 - 09:42
I just ordered a Roamio Pro and Mini to replace my HD and HD XL.

I have FIOS. My FIOS router is only MoCA 1.0 and is maxed out on the number of MoCA devices (My house isn't wired with Cat-5 and I have MoCA to Ethernet bridges at most TVs. Works ridiculously awesome by the way.).

Have any of you guys had problems with the Roamios and Minis running a second MoCA network on the same COAX on a different MoCA channel? Technically I guess this would be the third MoCA network, since FIOS uses one MoCA network for the broadband side, and another on the same COAX for the WAN side already.

What is the real bitrate requirement between a Roamio and a Mini? In the Tivo documentation it states that you need a MoCA PHY of at least 180 for three Minis simultaneously. They also state that a MoCA PHY of 180 is equivalent to 100Mbps. So does this mean a Roamio to Mini connection only requires 33Mbps? That is pretty slow.

Channel Master's DVR+ offers true subscription-free over-the-air TV recording

Mon, 12/16/2013 - 08:16
I know this thing is new, but has anyone heard anything more about it and how it stacks up against TiVo?

Not just the latest version either, but would it be a good solution for people upgrading from Series 2, 3, or HD's?


Roamio remote easter egg

Mon, 12/16/2013 - 00:29
I accidentally found what I think is a new easter egg in the Roamio remote. (I would imagine that it's in the new slide remote too, but I don't have one to test.)

Press and hold the TiVo and Play buttons on your Roamio remote until the LED lights up. Then release the buttons.

It seems to repeat until you press another button.

If this is old news, sorry, but a quick search of the forum didn't yield any existing threads on this.

Once Upon a Time S03E11 "Going Home"

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 23:09
When they put that binding on Peter Pan, I said to my girlfriend "You know he's just gonna take that silly thing off when he wakes up..."

That curse sure moves slow when it needs to.

They had a lot of confidence that beetle would start.

I had Felix's heart being torn out pegged last episode. Saw that one coming. Pity that Felix just stood there as Pan told him exactly what he was about to do, then slowly did it.

Could have done without the blue fairy being raised from the dead. Dead should be dead.

Spoilerized question about the preview for March's return:

Spoiler: Who is that green witch?

Stupd Roamio dumps partial recording and starts over!

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 23:01
Stupid new Roamio. Not a good start...

I'm watching Green Bay vs Dallas today, casually, in the buffer. Around 7:45 or so it's getting interesting. I begin recording what I'm watching. Wife has a show at 8:00 she wants to see. At about 8:01 I go and find the show she wants and record it. When I come back to my football game the recording has nothing!

It's basically the post-game show. I missed the last two minutes of the game. The last 10 minutes of game time was being recorded. I was watching it. But somehow when I started recording the other show it dumped my game and started it again :( Very frustrated

Survivor - Blood vs Water -- the finale

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 22:10
Glad it wasn't a bitter jury. Vytas is a dope though.

Homeland "The Star" 12/15/2013 Season Three Finale

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 21:22
RIP Nicholas Brody

Which Premieres Have BOTH Cable and Antenna Coax Inputs?

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 19:59
Hi Gents. Which Tivo Premieres have both cable and OTA Antenna Coax Inputs? Thank you.

Existing Roamio Hard Drive Upgrade - Do I lose season passes?

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 19:34
Hi Gents if I perform a hard drive upgrade on a Roamio on which I've already set up a bunch of season passes, will I have to reprogram those season passes after I perform the upgrade? I know I'll lose the content, but I'm just wondering whether I will have to reprogram the season passes. If I have to reprogram, is there a workaround whereby I won't have to do so? Thanks.

crashed pytivo

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 19:26
tried to add photo section via web config now i get this
INFO:pyTivo:Python: 2.6.1
INFO:pyTivo:System: Darwin-10.8.0-i386-64bit
ERROR:pyTivo:Exception in pyTivo
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./pyTivo.py", line 79, in <module>
while mainloop():
File "./pyTivo.py", line 73, in mainloop
httpd = setup()
File "./pyTivo.py", line 54, in setup
b = beacon.Beacon()
File "/Applications/pyTivo/beacon.py", line 92, in __init__
ct = GetPlugin(settings['type']).CONTENT_TYPE
KeyError: 'type'
Any help would be greatly appreciated TY

Auto Transfer using Tivo Desktop then to an Android

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 17:28
Curious if anyone records a show in HD and also non HD if they intend to transfer it to a tablet or mobile device? I have a 3 hour HD recording that is 10gig that I'd like to put on an Android tablet weekly but don't want to take up 10gig. are there ways to shrink it so its 10% the size?

Thank you,


Only one tuner used for back-to-back overlapping recordings

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 16:50
I have a wishlist that records NFL games with one hour padding. Around 5pm EST one of the 4:25 games did not have an entry in My Shows; I thought something was wrong. Then I noticed that the earlier game was recording the beginning of that game due to the padding; the other three tuners were tuned to something else. I waited until 5:25 (which is when the padding expired on earlier game) and, much to my delight, the second game appeared in My Shows, and it has recorded from the beginning. The padded game also had the first chunk of the second game, i.e. the overlapped part recorded twice but using one tuner only. This has never happened to me on Premiere. If this is what always happens (I will do some more checking later) I could be very liberal with adding padding on shows and not run out of tuners.
Is this a known enhancement on Roamios?

20.3.8 is still broken

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 16:34
Problem: Roamio is not recording scheduled programs

I got the update to the new firmware 20.3.8 but it has not fixed the problem that I have been experiencing. The unit failed to record the Cowboy's game today and it is in the failed state now.

Can someone please list a set of instructions to capture troubleshooting information to help Tivo understand the issue.

I posted a pic showing the tuner is in the failed state. The channel that was selected (609 FOX) shows as recording but no tuners are set to the channel. It looks like tuner 2 was expected to capture the recording but it is in a failed state (see pic).
Attached Images roamio2.jpg (32.9 KB) Roamio1.jpg (23.8 KB)

Can't Find Youtube

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 14:21
I have an HD Series 3. I used to be able to access youtube with it, but its been quite a while since I tried and I don't see it now.

Under Music, Photos and Showcases I see pandora, Live365, Podcaster and a few others, but no Youtube.

If I select the Video on Demand from the main menu it just goes back to the main menu.

The network connectivity is fine, it regularly connects and downloads the schedules.

Any ideas what happened to Youtube?

Roamios without problems?

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 14:04
I've been waiting a little before purchasing a Roamio Plus to see what others think of it. Of course due to the nature of forums such as this, most of the posts revolve around problems. I'm curious to know how many early adopters have Roamios that are trouble-free. I'm on the Cablevision system and as I understand it my area has cards that support 6 tuners, so that should be an issue. I already have two S3's and a Premier, so I'm certainly familiar with the product.

Are there a fair number of folks with Roamios running without any issues? Thanks in advance.

Netflx, Hulu, Youtube, and MLB no longer showing in list?

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 13:44
I have 2 TiVo Mini's in my house. On one of them, when I go to "Find TV, Movies, and Videos", I see Hulu Plus, Netflix, Youtube and MLB in he list to the right.

But on the other, none of them are listed (only showing the Search, Browse, and Wishlist selections at the top). I have the latest software update and just restarted that particular TiVo Mini but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Sun, 12/15/2013 - 13:33
Question for you guys. Im currently a mediacom customer and looking to shave down my bill.

If i get a TiVo and want to use it only as a DCT (Cable box) and rent the Mcard from mediacom, is that an issue? i dont need the DVR ability as my son doesn't need to record anything nor does my dad.

I was looking at this on amazon. TiVo Roamio HD Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player (TCD846500)

Before i order 2, i want to make sure it will work.

Anyone else tried doing this before?

My main needs are just the guide and the prem channels that im sub to. The VOD and the rest i could careless about it.

Or even cheaper ideas.