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Tivo Stream WiFi question

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 17:26
I am thinking about purchasing a Tivo Stream. I currently have the basic Roamio connected through WiFi. I know the documentation suggests that the Roamio must be connected via ethernet for it to work. I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience if the Stream will work even if the Roamio is on WiFi and not ethernet. I plan on eventually running Cat6 to my Roamio, but was wondering if this would work in the meantime.


Using kmttg with windows 7 netbook

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 16:55
What settings do I use? What encoding profile? Please help! (and thank you! :)


Pause not working after fall update (2013)

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 15:07
This has been happening all week. I usually turn on the TV and pause my Premiere right before 5:30pm so that I have some buffer remaining. After the latest update, once the time reaches 5:30pm the tuner starts to play without my pressing pause. Like I say, I have been able to reproduce this every evening this week (Monday through Thursday). Anyone know what might be causing this or is this a bug introduced with the latest update?

Tivo Mini tuner sharing ("piggybacking")

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 14:20
I've just received my Roamio Plus and 3 Mini's the other day and am still working through the setup. I'm coming from a Windows Media Center setup with 4 extenders spread throughout the house. I'm comparing features and noticed that tuner allocated to the mini won't "share" with the main Roamio while it's being viewed in another room.

For instance, Roamio Plus is recording 4 shows and viewing live channel ABC. If I tune to ABC on the mini it takes the 6th tuner to do this rather than "share" the 5th already watching the same channel. Is this the expected behavior? If so, is there any plan to piggyback in the future like Windows Media Center? Since they addressed dynamic tuner allocation with a firmware update, maybe they could do the same with this?

Non-Cable Modem House--Need to add MoCA

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 14:04
Hello TiVo Community. I am pretty adept with Networking and TiVos, but I have been having trouble figuring out how to add a MoCA device to my home to get TiVo to talk from my 2-Tuner (non MoCA) Premiere to a new TiVo Mini in my basement.

It might be easiest to view the attached schematic.

Please PM me for a link to the image; apparently I need more posts before I can link images.


I do not have COAX TV signal into my house
I do have have Ethernet to the TiVo Priemiere 2-tuner (currently uses a TiVo WiFi adapter)
My ISP is DSL so there is no COAX port on the Modem/Router
I have a MoCA enables TiVo Mini

Question: Where to I add a MoCA adapter to get networking from the TiVo Premiere to the TiVo Mini?

Thanks so much.

Roamio Pro questions: CSR way off base?

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 13:48
I have three time warner DVRs in my house, with whole-house viewing (in charlotte, if it matters ;) ).

My kids each have an old TiVo in their rooms- an old S2 with lifetime, and an s2d2

I am thinking about switching one of the TWC DVRs to a roamio pro, so I called to find out what it would take. I talked to a lady at tiro that told me some things that I think are just plain wrong, so I will ask the questions here.

1. TWC Charlotte has several SDV channels. I would still need a tuning adapter, won't I? (The rep said that the tuning adapter was "built in")

2. If I add a TiVo mini to the mix- it will still use a tuner on the Roamio, correct?(she said "no, they don't do that anymore")

Finally- does anyone else in charlotte have one of the 6 tuner models? Any problems getting a CableCard that supports 6 tuners, and did you require a truck roll?

Stream & Download Problems

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 13:40
i have a standalone stream with a basic Roamio, and have been happily downloading and streaming shows to my ipad.

Typically, I would select a few shows to download to my ipad before going to bed,and all shows would be transferred over when I wake up.

I tried this Wednesday night - selecting about 8 hours worth of shows to transfer, and when I woke up (5 hours), only about 2 hours had transferred.

Now, when I am using OOH downloads, the show will start downloading, but after a few minutes, the screen flips from the "On my Ipad" tab to "on my DVR", and the download pauses.
I flip back, restart, and same thing.

Any idea what is happening?

Do Minis support 3D?

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 13:07
In the comparisons of the Roamio series Tivos, they mention that 3D is supported.

With the mini, I cannot find any mention anywhere, either way. :mad:

Is 3D supported on the Mini?

I would like to eliminate the noisy fan in my bedroom... my current HD XL has a fan that from time to time starts making noise, and if I can eliminate the full Tivo, no fan to start making noise.

FS: TiVo HD w/Lifetime.

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 10:15
I'm the original owner of this TiVo HD, which has worked flawlessly for me. It has not been altered in any way. If you wish to confirm my online transaction history, my eBay screen name is asindc, where I have a 100% rating. Feel free to send me a message there if you prefer. Will send pics upon request. Please also see my thread for a TiVo Series 3 with Lifetime service. $250 plus shipping from 20784.

FS: TiVo Series 3 w/Lifetime.

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 10:12
I'm the original owner of this Series 3, which has worked flawlessly for me. It has not been altered in any way. If you wish to confirm my online transaction history, my eBay screen name is asindc, where I have a 100% rating. Feel free to send me a message there if you prefer. Will send pics upon request. Please also see my thread for a TiVo HD with Lifetime service. $300, plus shipping from 20784.

New problem with Tivo ios App

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 09:50
My ios Apps (ipad and iphone) no longer show me the options for watching a show. Normally there are icons for TV, Netflix, Xfinity, hulu, etc., depending on where the show is available. The icons are gone now, I think it's been since the last box update.

The Premiere box itself is working perfectly, including the streaming services. The Apps are also working fine except for this one issue.

I have the latest software, and am running latest version of ios Apps. Have already tried reboots, reinstalls, etc. Talked to Tivo tech support, they have no idea and escalated the problem but haven't heard back.

Has anyone else ever seen this? Any ideas? Thanks.

HBO2 working HBO not

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 09:30
just setup a roamio (cablevision NY) -
i am getting a signal on all channels EXCEPT HBO and Showtime. I am even getting HBO2, and all other HBOxx, and SHO2 and all other SHOxx, but not the primary hbo and showtime. any ideas?

Season pass not available for certain collections

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 09:09
I was browsing some of tivo's "collections" on the roamio. Many of them allow me to setup a "season pass" (though i don't think it's called that) on the collection so that anytime any of the shows in the collection are on, they are recorded. But some of the collections do not offer this option and I was wondering if this was a bug in the software. For example, on my roamio, Collections->Movies->Kids/Family Movies DOES NOT offer the option to setup a collection recording season pass.

Roamio lifetime transfer question

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 08:51
Potential new Tivo Roamio customer here with a lifetime subscription question.

If I buy a Roamio Plus with lifetime subscription, can:

1) I sell the unit down the road with lifetime transferable to the buyer
2) Upgrade to a new unit and transfer lifetime to a new unit?

This would definitely make a difference in my buying lifetime. If Tivo comes out with a new hardware platform in 3-4 years, I'd likely want to upgrade but if I have to buy a new lifetime sub then I'd consider month to month.

I've not been able to search for and find a conclusive answer for both questions, at least not concerning Roamios. I found some lifetime transfer threads for older Tivo boxes but wanted to be sure the T&C for lifetime subs wasn't changed for Roamios. Perhaps someone with more searching prowess can.

ARGH! Tivo Premiere XL4 died...suggestions requested!

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 08:40
My unit's hard drive bit it hard last night. Constant reboot loop, and Tivo support concurred with my assessment that the drive had failed after some troubleshooting. This unit is on a month to month @ $12.99 (MSD price) and my other Tivo is a Premiere XL2 with lifetime.

So then they told me I could get a refurb for $149. Or a Roamio for $149. When I inquired about a Plus or Pro model the tech support person said he couldn't help with that, but transferred me to sales.

So I explained what happened to the sales agent, and he offered a Roamio for $174. $25 more than support group offered. I didn't write the prices down for Plus or Pro, but it seems they were identical to new customer prices (399 or 599). Not a very good deal IMO.

Initially I thought about getting a base Roamio and dump both Premieres, but upon more reading, if I understand correctly, the Roamio can only do OTA or cable, not both? So that would be out. Leaves me with having to get something to replace the dead XL4 unit. I'm leaning towards not spending money/time on a replacement drive or refurb, when I would be nearly half the cost of a new Roamio Plus. If I get the Plus from a 3rd party (amazon, weaknees) will Tivo transfer the service over from the dead XL4 without issue, or will I be penalized for not getting it from them?

Is there some other route I should go than what I am thinking (Roamio Plus)? I also would like to try and capture the recordings off the drive of the bad unit if its possible. Not sure if the whole drive is dead, or bad boot partitions or what. Hopefully my cablecard/tuning adapter are up to the task of 6 tuners too. On Charter cable here, but cant check the firmware versions of this particular M card/TA. I can check the other Tivo's firmware's though if its an issue (I seem to recall reading about some issues with more than 4 tuners, but it was late last night when I read that and maybe misunderstood).

Really appreciate any and all suggestions!! Thanks!

CableCARD Encryption

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 08:13
What determines the type of encryption used by a CableCARD? Is this something that's locked in at the factory or is it something that can be selected by the cableco when configuring?

I've seen CableCARD Conditional Access screens with
Encryption: DES
Encryption:C CSA

Can any given card be configured for DES or C CSA or is this something that's locked in at manufacture?

Multi Service Discount on Roamio

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 08:10
I have an HD Tivo and an S1 that are both lifetime and a S2 that is on the MSD monthly $6.95 plan.

If I buy a Roamio or an old Premier, what would the Monthly MSD be on those devices (I would be replacing the S2) as I want something with HDMI and Cable Card support .

Posting to For Sale Forum

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 07:56
I am interested in some buying something in the FS section but because of my low post count I can't post or PM the seller.

Is there some way around this, I really don't want to spam the other forums just to push up my post count (that might make things worse for me!)

I've been a member since 2004, so if I'm a spammer I plan well ahead.

Roamio No sound on one channel - Mini connection

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 07:37
So I have a new roamio, have had it for a while.
I also have one other Tivo (premiere) that I am replacing with the roamio.
All seems ok except for the following:

1. On one channel I get no sound. (ABC) the weird thing is that our cable system has both HD and SD broadcasts, on BOTH of these channels I get no sound. All other channels seem fine. Because the wife watches pretty much only ABC.. this is a problem.

On the premiere all is well, sound on both, on the roamio.. no sound.

2. I have a new mini and if I let it sit a while it gets live TV and I can use the channel buttons up or down to change channels but as soon as I try to go to Tivo central I get "Living Room Cannot be found", then if I go to live TV again, it bongs out. I let it sit for a long while or reboot, we get live TV again.
Obviously the mini is setup right or I would not get any live TV (it's Ethernet)

3. The video from the roamio has lower contrast (very grey-ish) in the video picture, all channels even menus.. it's weird.

can someone shed some light please?

Roamio guide acting funny

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 03:31
My Roamio HD guide started acting funny about a month ago. If I go to any show in the future and choose "explore this show", and then push the "back" button or the left arrow button to go back to that show, the guide goes back to the current time & channel. I seem to remember my Elite doing that a while back but I don't remember what fixed it. I've already tried rebooting it. Any help would be appreciated.