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Tivo & Roku sitting in a tree

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 14:34
Tivo and Roku should kiss and partner up.

Tivo gets better 3rd party services and Roku get another great feature - dvr capabilities and an increased install base.

Seems like a win/win sort of thing.

Can I do all this with the basic Roamio?

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 14:17
1> Combine OTA, Comcast Cable Card channels, Netflix and Hulu Plus channels in one program guide display? Does Tivo pull this off?

2> I'm thinking about Comcast Internet Plus, which is local channels, HBO channels and internet service as a discounted bundle of $50 to 60 per month for 12 months. Does anyone have this plan on their Roamio, combined it with OTA, added Netflix and or Hulu Plus and how does it meet your needs? i realize that sports programming will mostly be limited to what comes OTA and I should be fine with that.

3> i will have a second tv with a mini and probably also buy a stream for tablet access. any issues with your setup like this?

4 > Overall goal here is to drop a $100 month DirecTV package, I already have the Comcast Internet at $50 a month. Wife wants her Bravo channel, which seems to be a Basic Comcast channel I would get in the evening hours. Plus we would have Hulu Plus for the Housewives shows, probably delayed?

5> We love Tivo from past Directv use, so are looking forward to coming back. After hardware costs, we're looking at $60 to Comcast, $21 to tivo, $8 to netflix (which we are already paying) and $8 to Hulu. Current costs total $158/mo. New bill would be around $96 and we get to keep the HBO we have in the DirecTV package. Any learned insight appreciated!

Three annoying playback bugs with 20.4.2 software

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 10:24
One of these is new, the other two have been around forever (saw them on my old Elite for years too).

- With 20.4.2, I'm now seeing an occasional black video screen with audio when playing from menu (i.e. no video). Have to go back into menu and play again to get working, trickplay has no effect.

- When chase playing an in-progress recording and I'm almost at the end (i.e. caught up to live), I routinely see the box lose track of where I last watched if I exit out and play another recording. Pausing before backing out has no effect, it just randomly decides that you can only restart from beginning with no option to resume from last point. This is REALLY annoying when flipping between sports that I've recorded, which happens all the time on the weekends, and it only seems to happen if I'm within a minute or two of live when backing out.

- Occasionally when skipping around a recording I'll get mono instead of stereo sound until I skip forward/back or exit out and replay.

Both of the last two bugs have been around forever, the first one is new. I'm particularly peeved that the second one has never been fixed since you'd think Tivo would've seen this before, it's not like it's rare.

My Premiere4 wont update

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 10:20
So, I dont frequent this site often so upon my visit the other day i noticed the summer update thread.... and then i noticed the spring update thread and realized i never received that one. i checked my box and im still on 20.3.something. My tivo connects to the service fine. ive initiated several connections the last few days, ive rebooted and still no updates. i did enter my number to the priority update page for the summer update a couple days ago but no update yet. is there some other way to get my box to update itself? do i need to receive the spring update to get the summer one?

ad nauseum C130 "Lost Connection" error on mini

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 10:00
OK, I know there are other threads about the C130 error, but I couldn't find a thread with a workable solution for me.
Today I started getting the C130 error on both my mini's but not my Roamio.
The Roamio can still do internet things (youtube, etc.)
I rebooted the minis, no change.
I unplugged the Roamio (rebooted) and no change.
I unplugged my mini's (rebooted) no change.
I rebooted my router and no change.
I successfully forced a connection on the mini's and Roamio.
I tested the internet connection on the Roamio and minis, says it's good for the mini's and the Roamio, but still get the C130 only on the mini's.
Each mini is connected to a different part of the network, one to a switch and one directly to the router.

So my question that I wasn't able to find a conclusive answer to...
Can a C130 error have anything to do on Tivo's end and not have anything to do on my end?

YouTube navigation

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 06:47
Whoever designed the YouTube app at Google needs to take a close look at themselves. I find navigation the most frustrating experience. Same on my roku. Thankfully I have a second simple YouTube app on my roku . Seems the big companies like Google, Netflix and Amazon can't design apps and force the single experience on all platforms on us rather than letting good developers innovate. Shame. Sorry for venting. Love the roamio bar Netflix and YouTube and I know it's not Tivos fault.

Xfinity On Demand: GSM-11 and CL-14 Service Errors

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 22:50
This thread is specific to GSM-11 and CL-14 service errors on Roamio series DVRs, Note: the troubleshooting steps below may or may not apply to other Xfinity On Demand low level communication failures and may or may not apply to other Tivo series DVRs.

When launching Xfinity On Demand the user experiences a GSM-11 service error on startup...AND/OR...a CL-14 service error when selecting Watch Now. Typically ALL but at least ONE or more of the behaviors below occurs:
  • A GSM-11 service error may or may not appear upon initial launch. It will disappear within a few seconds and may or may not reappear if the application is closed and re-launched
  • ALL selections of ALL titles FAIL with a CL-14 service error including paid content, Streampix, etc. when selecting Watch Now
  • ALL other services PASS including Xfinity internet, live TV, Netflix, etc.
  • Service errors are intermittent: Xfinity On Demand works sometimes, meaning you can actually launch and watch a movie, but other times not.

Comcast describes the CL-14 error as a "low level communication" failure. This is almost always the result of a Comcast network failure of some sort (server, network, performance issue, etc). Chances are you are not the only one impacted and a larger local area is also experiencing issues.
Read these forums and you will see this issue has persisted for years now, with no accountability from Comcast. Surprise! :cool:
However, Tivo also shares the blame for not working with Comcast to effectively root cause the issue(s) involved and provide a solution...or at least provide more coherent troubleshooting steps. Here's why Tivo's participation is so important:
  • Tivo restricts Roamio functionality(except for the HD antenna option) to two providers: Comcast and Verizon. They therefore assume some responsibility for working with and influencing these providers to resolve issues like this on behalf of their customers.
  • There's a handshake happening here between the Tivo network and the Comcast network. Tivo would have you believe it's just their box...and everything else is Comcast.
  • Tivo actively advertizes support of Xfinity On Demand and provides a link from their website where a potential customer can determine availability per market. If Tivo said, "We don't support Xfinity On Demand.", then case closed. In the meantime, Tivo shouldn't be promoting a solution that hasn't worked well for so many of their customers for so long.

All righty, so here's my attempt to fill the void. These are painfully obvious steps, but you may not have heard them before or perhaps not prioritized like this. Instead you've likely been told by Comcast and Tivo to try everything else first. If this is the case, the steps below should save you much pain and will hopefully serve to bring the issue(s) involved to a close:

When Xfinity On Demand is the ONLY service impacted (see criteria under Problem Description above), call Xfinity On Demand Support at: 1-877-530-6950.

Tell the Xfinity On Demand support rep at this number to check if there are any network issues in your local area that could be impacting Xfinity On Demand service.

If the rep says they cannot do this...OR...even if they say they checked and there are no issues, make them escalate the case and make sure you get a ticket#(will begin with "CR") to refer back to. Tell the support rep you want this case escalated to the cable headend supervisor/manager and you want confirmation back - to be documented in the ticket - on the status of Xfinity On Demand service in your area.

Open a ticket with Tivo support and provide the escalated case CR# you opened with Xfinity On Demand support in Step 2. Add a note in the case telling Tivo you want this case left open until a true root cause(s) with logical, comprehensive troubleshooting steps is provided in the short term and these GSM-11 and CL-14 service errors are finally resolved in the long term.


Host Id and Data ID
If the Host and Data Ids were wrong the card could not pair...period. You wouldn't be getting live TV in this event. This fact won't stop Xfinity On Demand support from asking for the Host and Data ID's anyway, so navigate to Settings & Messages > Settings > Remote CableCARD, & Devices > CableCARD Decoder > CableCARD options(for Installers) > CableCARD Menu > CableCARD Pairing....and knock yourself out. This isn't your problem.

Remove and/or replace the Cablecard
No, Tivo...no! If Live TV and every other service works, why would you tell customers to do this? Removing the card can change the Host and/or Data IDs. Replacing the card is a nightmare of mammoth proportions causing customers to have to go back to Comcast, stand inline, get another card, and then re-initialize Tivo and Comcast service. That's just mean! :eek:

Instead, tell them to check the firmware version (FW*) by navigating to: Settings & Messages > Settings > Remote CableCARD, & Devices > CableCARD Decoder > CableCARD options(for Installers) > CableCARD Menu > CableCARD Status. If they have a Motorola card and it's FW* rev. 6.25 or later, they are good. However, remember: the symptom is typically that Xfinity On Demand works sometimes, other times not. The Cablecard is not the issue here.

Billing and rate codes aka. Auth codes
Tivo forums are rife with changing billing codes as a magic bullet. If Xfinity On Demand never worked for you ever...ok, let them screw around with changing the codes as much as they want. They'll pretend to change the code, cryptically adding something like:"Tivo Premier". Btw this is a tier code, NOT a code that stands for the Premier box specifically. They'll send a CCV (Cable Card Activation) signal to pair the card, and they'll send an INIT to burn in the new rate codes...blah de blah. Useless steps for the most part.

Again, the behavior that most of us experience is intermittent: sometimes Xfinity On Demand works, other times not. They changed my billing codes several times over the course of one week. Changing billing codes never worked for me, and it doesn't work for most people. If changing the billing codes worked for anyone reading this, then I call upon Tivo to pin Comcast down: Could this actually be a billing code issue and, if so, what's up with the freakin' billing codes, Comcast?

Physical Issues
I'm assuming everyone reading this has rebooted the Tivo box a bunch of times already by physically unplugging it. Did you count to :60? Betcha felt stupid. You removed splitters, checked for loose connections from the wall to the back of your Tivo, replaced cables where possible, checked for loose connections on the main line to the pole. I'm assuming you all have a clue and did basic stuff like this already, but this did not resolve the issue.

Then comes the sacred mantra of Comcast and Tivo will typically chime in: "Roll the truck! Check for signal leakage and S/N issues!" All I can tell you is: they rolled the truck three - count 'em three - separate times to my house all for an issue where ONLY Xfinity On Demand wasn't working. All this after a speed test confirmed I was getting a blazing fast rate on my internet, live TV was perfect, no issues with any other internet subscription services like Netflix and so on.

On the third truck roll, even though Xfinity on Demand just happened to be working before they got here, even though the S/N ratio was perfect, they replaced a cable connection that was only six months old, a splitter that showed absolutely no signal leakage, and they performed other "make work" tasks for no reason. The odds a truck roll will work for the Problem Description above are minimal.

I did my best to drag answers out of the various Comcast reps on the calls I made to the Xfinity On Demand support number provided above. Every time I called, a different support rep would give me a different explanation, usually in absolute terms like, "Errors like this are always due to the wrong billing codes." The next day it was: "Errors like this are always physical." The folks at this number give imperfect answers, but they're the best we've got until this gets escalated further.

The day before the third truck roll, I noticed that Xfinfity On Demand was working consistently. Over the weekend, it continued to work, never failing once. I called back Xfinfity On Demand support on Monday and probed for an explanation. They told me there was an "issue in my area impacting Xfinfity On Demand and other services". They were unwilling or unable to be more specific. Totally unacceptable after all these years and with so many people experiencing these same issues.

I strongly suspect the escalation to the cable headend made someone check my card on a server, for example, and realize there was an issue not only with my service but with the service in my area in general. So, try my Troubleshooting Steps when the behavior you are experiencing meets the criteria specified in the Problem Description above. Also, advise Comcast and Tivo to avoid troubleshooting steps that are ineffective and don't apply to the intermittent errors you are experiencing. You will most likely find this is a Comcast network failure of some sort and you are not the only one experiencing it.

This does not release Tivo of their responsibility for reasons I've already explained. I've got a case open with Tivo and it's going to stay open until there's a solution. I encourage everyone experiencing this issue to open cases with Comcast and Tivo as described in Step 2 and 3 above.

Roamio Pro Black Screen on FWD

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 21:57
I am having a problem with my new Roamio Pro. When I Fast forward through a recorded show or use the 30-second skip, the screen will go black so I can't see the images on the screen to know when to stop fast forwarding. This happens about 50% of the time when I use either of these two features.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a cure for this? Btw, I am still running the 20.4.1 level software if that might make a difference.

Bad Hard Drive - Replace the Drive or Buy Used Unit?

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 21:33
I saw a similar thread but it was from eight years ago.

I'm seeing new drives for around $120, but I also see complete units for as low as $50/inc. shipping. I don't need massive amounts of storage, I'll never use it. What is the best & smartest choice?

Grandmother has Fios Triple Play and want to install Tivo Roamio

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 19:51
I need help, and am - technically savvy Grandmother in CT.

I have a Tivo Roamio pro/plus, and Fios Triple Play. I need help understanding what i need to do with the Fios. get a cable Card..?cancel the cable service? What about the internet and landline? Will i end up paying less for this whole set-up? I had Tivo for years and miss it terribly. Fios remote is awful.

Can any one help me..kind of step by step?

Thank you,


RCN Cable Mini usable with retail Tivo?

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 17:50
I should have known it was too good of a deal however I purchased a Tivo Mini on eBay for a decent low price, turns out it's an RCN Tivo Mini.

It can't be registered to standard Tivo service can it? Tivo online rejected it as an invalid TSN but in the past from my experience, if it's a cable co TSN, it states such and links to the optional cable provider service registration.

I'm having phone issues for otherwise I would call Tivo directly but I by seeing the RCN logo I suspect I'm SOL.

project greenlight returns

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 16:15
i missed the press release april 30th. promos with ben affleck and matt damon have started running on hbo requesting submissions (no air date):


it's still a long way from air, but i'm excited it's back, i enjoyed the first two installments. :)

Dammit - I really wanted to like 'Married'...

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 15:50
On FX, for those who hadn't heard of it.

I've always found Judy Greer funny, but I hadn't noticed who was playing her husband in the previews I had seen. It's Nat Faxon:

He was also the reason I couldn't watch Ben and Kate. I normally don't care very much about how an actor looks, but I just can't watch this guy's teeth. Whenever he opens his mouth, all I can think of is a cluster of crystals in Superman's fortress of solitude:

Worse, the pilot episode pretty much focused on him, not her or their family. If that's the way it's going to be, I'm definitely out. :(

Push and pull Tivo Desktop not working

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 15:32

TIVO won't help with this problem. I can't link my account so I can't push from my PC or pull from my PC. They say it is my PC which I understand most likely a config problem somewhere.

I was able to get tivo desktop running on my HTPC but not the ideal location for me.

OS - Windows 7
Tivo's are Series 3, Premier xl 4 and Romiao.

Latest tivo desktop installed and patched with the latest patch.

Errors from the desktop troubleshooter.

TiVo DVRs on your Network

Test execution failed: "Read NPL from DVR"
Error reason: can't parse XML
Error details: IXMLDOMDocument::selectSingleNode("//TiVoContainer") return NULL

Test execution failed: "Read NPL from DVR"
Error reason: can't parse XML
Error details: IXMLDOMDocument::selectSingleNode("//TiVoContainer") return NULL

Test execution failed: "Read NPL from DVR"
Error reason: can't parse XML
Error details: IXMLDOMDocument::selectSingleNode("//TiVoContainer") return NULL

The DVR's Media Access Key does not match the key in TiVo Desktop for the following DVRs:

Kitchen 7582xxxxxxx
Master Bedroom 6480xxxxx
Basement 8480xxxxxxx

You will not be able to transfer recordings from these DVRs

Test execution failed: "Find DVRs that do not have transfer permissions set"
Error reason: can't parse XML
Error details: IXMLDOMDocument::selectSingleNode("//TiVoServer") return NULL

Test execution failed: "Find DVRs that do not have transfer permissions set"
Error reason: can't parse XML
Error details: IXMLDOMDocument::selectSingleNode("//TiVoServer") return NULL

Test execution failed: "Find DVRs that do not have transfer permissions set"
Error reason: can't parse XML
Error details: IXMLDOMDocument::selectSingleNode("//TiVoServer") return NULL

Tivo mentioned on Security Now (TWIT.TV)

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 15:26
Fast Forward to the 1 hr 39 minute mark for a mention of Tivo and Steve Gibson's disk maintenance and recovery utility.


Has anyone used it on your Tivo?

What were your results?

Attached Images tivo security now copy.jpg (72.3 KB)

Charter Cable and Roamio Compatibility

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 13:38
The following user review is posted on the B&H Photo website, for the TiVo Roamio Plus:

“Doesn't work with Charter Cable

By harry from topanga Ca

Comments about TiVo Roamio Plus: They don't have a turner or cable card that is compatible with Roamio, so if they are your cable co. don't buy.”

Q1. Would this statement universally apply to Charter Cable, regardless of location, or (as is seemingly more likely) would it depend on the local service. For example, my local Charter uses the Motorola M-CARD.

Q2. Assuming there is such an incompatibility issue with Charter and Roamio Plus, would it necessarily apply to the other two models (i.e. Roamio basic and Roamio Pro)?

Q3. In the event that I invest in a Roamio Plus, and then find out that it won’t work with my Charter Digital cable service, which vendors have a liberal return/refund policy?

Tivo and cablecard(s)

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 13:31
I currently have 2 Premiere Tivos that are networked via my network. Up to this point I have been just watching OTA with an antenna in my attic. And for most of my limited watching it works fine but one local station has pixelation just around sunset so I am looking into signing up with Comcast and this leads me to the question of cablecard(s).

The basic question is that if I have a cablecard in one Tivo and am able to record and save shows there, does anyone know if I will be able to then transfer them to the other Tivo without having a cablecard in that one?

Both Tivos are activated and I can transfer or watch shows between them now.

Harddrive capacity and recording time

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 12:51
Thinking about buying the Roamio that will record 4 shows and has 500 hours.

I now have the TiVo Premiere XL. I thought that my currant tivo records 150 Hrs and has a 1 TB H.D. Is that correct?

Can I ck on my currant Tivo to verify my HD size and recording capacity?

Also I understand that I can transfer my recorded shows from my old to the new one. Is that correct?

And does the new Tivo have built-in wifi?

Options in SW Florida

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 10:46
Ok, so, I'm relocating down there next month. I have two options at my address:

Comcast or Century Link. The latter provides either DirectTV or Prism for TV. If I go with Century Link, I'd likely do the Prism TV feed as I don't want to deal with Dish issues.

Both outfits say they support my existing Tivo/Cable card setup that I have been using with TimeWarner.

Any folks here in SW Florida that can comment on their experiences with either of these two service providers?



Folder Display Error

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 08:05
Curious if anyone else has experienced this. . . Since the 20.4.2 update was applied I've had folder/title display errors on one of my Roamios twice. For example, say you have two shows with multiple episodes recorded for each (call it Show A with (3) Episodes recorded and Show B with (5) Episodes recorded), instead of showing the two separate folders/show titles with number of episodes, it shows two folder entries of the first show/title. In other words, it should display like this in the My Shows list:

Show A (3)
Show B (5)

But instead display like this:

Show A (3)
Show A (3)

If you go into each of the folder, they display the content for Show A only. The content is still there for Show B, but cant be accessed because of the display entry error. Rebooting the box clears it up immediately and restores the proper display listings and access to associated content.

I have a Roamio Pro and Roamio Plus, both updated to 20.4.2 on the 1st day released. Not that it's necessarily relevant, but also this has not yet happened at all on the Pro, but as I mentioned has happened twice now on the Plus.

Anyone else have this issue?