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Netflix on Tivo Roamio not working UI-113

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 18:55
I have not been able to sign into Netflix since yesterday - I keep getting a ii-113 error.

I called Tivo and they were of no help. I cannot sign out of Netflix though the Tivo. Rebooting it was of no help.

Anyone know if there is a known issue?

pytivo errno 10053

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 16:42
I get this error when transferring a .vob file from my pc to either of my premiere's. One tivo is wireless with the n adapter, one is ethernet. Desktop with pytivo is ethernet. I try to transfer and it starts working, then just fails. The error i get is: [Errno 10053] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine

I have tried everything network-wise to fix it, and I am pretty sure it is not a network issue. I read somewhere it could be due to the .vob file, so i ran it through mpeg streamclip, and fixed the timestamp and converted to mpg, and it still fails. The file size is 3.15 gb. Could that be the cause? Any suggestions?

I have also tried pushing instead of pulling, and it fails with the same error.

Dazed and Confused: Yes I am New

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 15:38
So I am buying a TiVo for the benefit of my Comcast fearing family, However the overwhelming amount of information and know how on these forums has led me to a nervous breakdown. I have always considered myself to be A/V savvy but my current dilemma has me stumped.

So our house has exactly 1 Comcast DVR so if I replace this with a TiVo then the cable card should be free and I should receive a $2 credit? In doing so I would like to augment my current setup which consists of A Roku box and a mac mini Plex server. I am told that plex has a plugin so it will work with a TiVo but I would also like to pull content from my Tivo to my Mac Mini (Thus completing the circle of Plex, "Adding tivo shows to my plex registry").

I see so many options to do this but I do not know which one is suitable for me. Basically my needs are transferring HD(1080p) content from my Tivo to my mac mini in a suitable format (MKV, MP4, H.264) and to have it organized. This means the correct file name saved in folders (so if I have multiple seasons or episodes that they are organized). I would also preferably like the commercials to be automatically removed (but this is not essential).
Also if there is a heaven, live tv from my TiVo to my mac would be nice.

I was told that there are many programs to do this pyTiVo, ItiVo, KMTTG, etc
Which one will make me the happiest with the least amount of work? Also Which will work with Plex or should I adopt something else for OOH streams?

Dead Tivo HD: Is there any way to transfer my shows to a Roamio?

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 13:38
Our TivoHD appears to be dead - either bad PS or MoBo. The hard drive appears to still be functional. Is there any way to transfer our TV shows from the hard drive of the HD to a Roamio?

Roamio and Xbox One Initial Thoughts

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 13:34
I was able to get an Xbox One on launch and played around with it connected to my Roamio Plus. The XB1 has a passthrough video HDMI connection and has functionality to allow you to change channels on the Roamio via voice commands. Here are my initial thoughts on the integration.

1. HDMI Passthrough does not work unless the XB1 is on. Even in sleep mode it is dead. Though I understand why Microsoft wants to be the TV source going forward I don’t understand this move. My TV is on most of the time and I don’t want the XB1 on all the time. I went through 2 XB 360’s and I assume these boxes will have a high failure rate as well.

2. XB1 does not understand DVRs. Not just Tivo’s but any DVR. You can only change channels, basic pause/play and power on/off the TV and Cable box via the XB1. Seems like a waste to put all this functionality in to work with cable boxes and not understand that most are also DVRs. Another reason why it makes no sense to not allow passthrough when off.

3. Downgraded picture quality. I am not positive about this due to weather issues over the weekend and TW Cable signal issues but it sure seemed to have degraded picture quality when running through the XB1. I have read that others believe this to be the case as well.

4. Voice commands fail – a lot. Even the standard XB1 commands failed more than half the time but TV commands only worked once in a while. I am sure this will improve over time but I wish they had done a better job for launch since it is just about the only wow factor in a new $500 console. I will say that it is somewhat empowering when they do work.

5. One Guide is nothing special. I didn’t mess with it much but the guide is rather simple and would require a lot of time to delete the channels I don’t use. Seems that channels must be added to favorites in order to work with voice commands. Ugh.

6. Snap is a nice feature and having TV on the side of the screen is nice. However, it is not worth dealing with all of the other issues to get it.

So far the integration seems like a fail. I have separated the Roamio and XB1 again but will keep an eye out for updates to see if it comes around.

Mini vs TiVo HD for second room

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 13:33
I am upgrading from a TiVo HD to Roamio Plus. However, we have a second DVR in our basement (currently a verizon fios HD box) and am I'm trying to decide which is the better option for there:

1. Sell the TiVo HD (it has lifetime sub) and use the proceeds to get a Mini w/lifetime.

2. Keep the TiVo HD and move it to the basement.

I guess one small advantage with the Mini is that I'd only need one cable card, while with the Roamio and HD I'd be renting two. On the other hand, the HD gives me more recording space overall. In case it matters our basement box actually feeds two rooms, so I'm using the fact that the Fios DVR has both HDMI and component simultaneously active. From what I've read I think that's true for the TiVo HD as well, but I'm not sure about the Mini.

Appreciate feedback on this as I want to end up with the best configuration in the end.

No picture when streaming certain channels

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 13:24

Apologies if this is in another thread, but I can't seem to find mention of the same problem.

For the most part, my streaming works fine except that on a limited number of channels I get sound with no image, just a black screen. This is true whether I am in or out of home and also applies to shows that I download to my ipad.

does anyone know what my issue is?


Extended Warranty

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 13:22
What's everyone buying, Is the tivo extended warranty the best way to go? I just got the entry level roamio with lifetime. So I would like to make my investment worth while.


Mon, 11/25/2013 - 12:55
No price listed, maybe they will make one with composite output (and TA support) so series 1 and 2 owners can get their full digital line up without having to pay for guide. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Samsung-GX...p-Box/32478996

Roamio Network Weirdness

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 12:48
I just added a Roamio to my network which is a mix of wireless and MoCA provided by Actiontec routers. I have two THD DVRs at the same location as the Roamio and they connect using Ethernet which is provided by an Actiontec router. All that works. Now add in the Roamio, connected by Ethernet through the same Actiontec router (it has a 4-port switch built in). The Roamio has two MAC addresses, one for Ethernet, one for MoCA. My router reserves particular IP addresses for each MAC for everything on my network so that everything always gets the same IP address via DHCP.

Weirdness #1
Connected via Ethernet, via the Actiontec, even though MoCA is not turned on, both the Ethernet IP and the MoCA IP of the Roamio return pings. And the MoCA IP has a latency of 0.004 seconds while the Ethernet connection runs around 0.014 seconds.

Running a Bonjour scan of my network, the Roamio shows up as follows:

DVR-CE6C Zeus _http._tcp.
DVR-CE6C Zeus _tivo-device._tcp.
DVR-CE6C Zeus _tivo-mindrpc._tcp.
DVR-CE6C Zeus _tivo-remote._tcp.
DVR-CE6C Zeus _tivo-videos._tcp.
DVR-CE6C Zeus _tivo-videostream._tcp.
STR-CE6C Zeus _tivo-xcode._tcp.

I know what a "DVR" is but what's a "STR"? That seems to be the MoCA address presence.

Weirdness #2
If I attempt to turn on the Roamio's MoCA networking ('Connect using MoCA'), it crashes my Actiontec based MoCA, and the Roamio's MoCA says it cannot find the router.

When I was first setting up the Roamio in another room, turning on MoCA did not cause any problems and I ran the Roamio with just MoCA networking for a while.

To connect the Roamio's coax, I took the coax going to the Actiontec's coax connection, added a 2-way splitter with one going to the Actiontec and the other to the Roamio. So, the Actiontec and Roamio are separated by just a few feet of coax through a splitter. Could it be that they are just too close together?

In Roamio's network settings, what is "Use this DVR to create a MoCA network"? MoCA is peer to peer. None of the devices "creates" a network. Does this perhaps mean, Create an Internet Gateway via MoCA? That is, plug the Roamio Ethernet cable into your cable modem and let MoCA devices connect to the Internet over coax through "this DVR"?

Need 1 more programmable button on Slider Pro remote

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 12:41
Samsung TVs have a "Source" button which is used to change the input.

First the choice list shows up, and then every time you press the button the source changes.

I have my input button mapped to the source button no problem.

The problem occurs in that after you scroll to your source, you have to make your selection by pressing enter.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how or where to map an enter button for the TV.

Are there any remote hacks that allow you to program additional buttons?



Premier Memory Upgrade: Is it possible/Worth it?

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 12:41
I got a Premier a few months ago, just before Roamio was introduced of course and noticed that doing anything in the Tivo menu seems slow. Is it possible to upgrade the RAM or is the HD the only item that is upgradeable? If so, is there a got site to get the hardware?

Roamio - Cable and OTA?

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 11:50
So I was getting ready to pull the trigger to upgrade my Premiere to Roamio. I was looking at the image of the back of the box, and I saw only one coax input. I currently have Fios and OTA on my Premiere. So does the Roamio only support cable or OTA, but not both at the same time? Is there some kind of adapter to make it work?

I was actually a pure "cord cutter" for about 2 1/2 years. I got an offer from Verizon to reactivate Fios TV on my account for about $16/month more than I was already paying for internet and phone, plus they gave me a $250 gift card. I really like having both services on the Tivo box at the same time. I hope there is a way.


Netflix/component/1080p issue

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 11:20
I noticed something iwith regard to Netflix and 1080p, which may have been a result of the recent software update last week. I use two outputs from the TiVo – HDMI direct to the TV set (2008 vintage Sharp LCD), and component out to my AV Receiver (Pioneer VSX-03THX), then HDMI from the receiver to the TV. I have the resolution set on the TiVo to 1080i, 1080p, and when I watch 1080p Netflix content directly via HDMI from the TiVo to the TV, the resolution starts at 1080i, then after about 15 seconds switches on the TV to 1080p. However when I watch through the receiver (component out to receiver then HDMI from receiver to TV, at the point where the resolution switches from 1080i to 1080p, the TV goes black and doesn’t recover.

I know the 1080p is working properly from the TiVo to the TV, I’m wondering if there could be a limitation on the component output or another setting somewhere that I am missing.

Not able to access Youtube

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 10:49
When I go to "Find TV, Music, Videos..." on Youtube, I get an X over the T underneath the Youtube logo and no more Youtube. What's up? Thanks.

Boardwalk Empire S04E12

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 10:44

Lot of bad people out of the way seems like. Sad to see one go. That last scene was gut wrenching happy for a second and then sad another.

Can it be this easy?

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 09:57
Can setting up a mini in a moca setup be that easy:

Just ordered a roamio 6 tuner (150 hr) and a single mini.

My cable is pretty easy easy...

- main feed from pole to three way switch/spliter.
* 1 feed goes to modem
* 1 feed to mini
* 1 feed to roamio. (Which is right next to modem but uses its feed)

Question is - is that all that's needed to make moca work?

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Secret State on DTV

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 09:19
I am having some problems with my Secret State series link this week and had to manually record the episode for this coming Tuesday.


Multi Room Viewing Problem

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 08:52
I have a premier 4 and a premier 2 DVR. The Premier 2's hard drive recently died and I just replaced it. Everything works great on the 2 except for multi room viewing. I can Transfer recording from the 4 to the 2 and from the 2 to the 4. I can also play recordings on the 4 directly from the 2. But when I try to play recording on the 2 directly from the 4 I get the following Error:

"Problem Playing Video - There is either a temporary problem with your home network, or the DVR Den (this is my premier 4) may have been unplugged or restarted. (V68) For more info, visit tivo.com/help/V68"

One other thing I have noticed is the Premier 4 is running 20.3 whereas the premier 2 is running 20.2. I have connected to the Tivo service multiple times on the premier 2 and restarted multiple times, but I can't seem to get the 20.3 software update. I have also tried restarting the premier 4 to see if that helped.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Amazing Race - 11/24/13

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 08:42
The self righteous Docs get on my nerves. I hope they don't win.