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Minis not releasing after 4 hours?

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 15:33
I have a Roamio Pro and 3 Minis. Twice now I've noticed that 3 of the Roamio's tuners are in use by the Minis even though the Minis have not been used since yesterday. I can walk around the house and release them by hitting the Tivo button, but aren't they supposed to release by themselves after 4 hours??

By the way, this seems to only happen on occasion….most of the time they seem to release just fine.

Can I access Series 3 from a Smart TV

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 14:44
Pretty simple question. Wife wants a new TV. We have another TV with a Series 3 connected. Debating if I spend the extra $s on a SmartTV.

Question - is there any way for the new SmartTV, which will have a wi-fi connection, to access the Tivo content on the other TV? After all, it's just another hard drive on the network. In other words, can I watch stuff on the Series 3 (downstairs) on the new TV (upstairs) without purchasing another Tivo?

I suspect the answer is no, which will help determine if I spend the extra $s on a SmartTV. There's really no other reason I need one, so may just purchase Roku instead (which provides way better services than any SmartTV for the same total price).

Audio help please

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 13:43
All, I have a few year old DirecTV Tivo HD DVR plumbed to a Denon 5.1 surround amp. Everything has been running fine until recently...

I am now getting "pops" and "chirps" in my speakers. It randomly happens in all 5 channels, but never at the same time. And sometimes its bad...loud pops and chirps every2-4 seconds.

The effect is not present when running from my blue ray player or PS3...even when streaming music.

My recent discovery is this noise goes away when I turn off Dolby in the DVR, but when I do this, the Denon dumbs down the audio quality substantially.

Ive contacted DirecTV and they had me bypass the amp and use the straight audio through the TV speakers, and the problem goes away, so they are deeming the DVR as good.

Anybody have any information/advise/experience with my issue?

Oh, and sat strength is excellent...99-100 on all transponders.

Upgrading Premieres to Roamio Plus on TWC

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 13:30
I have 2 Premieres and an HD and just ordered 3 Roamio Plus's from TiVo. I've read different things here about swapping and pairing the cable cards. The rep at TiVo recommended asking TWC to bring out 3 new cards to avoid problems with un-pairing and re-pairing cards with the old and new boxes. I was kinda hoping I could skip the truck roll (even though my TWC has been easy to get a quick appointment and prompt) and just call the CableCard desk and have them do the pairing over the phone.

Has anyone had any experience doing this or have any suggestions for the best course of action?

Basic OOH Streaming/Download questions

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 12:33
I have a few quick questions on Roamio's out of home streaming features...hoping someone here can help.

1) I know you can stream out of home...but can you download out of home? I'm frequently in hotels and streaming (netflix) isn't always the best experience. Can I download a show OOH and watch when the download is completed?

2) Can I start watching a show that is in the process of downloading? As an example, if I'm 50% of the way done downloading a show, can I watch from the beginning while the remainder downloads?

3) How large are the standard download files?

4) Can I record at best quality on my TiVo for home viewing and then download a lesser quality version of the file to save space/time? Or is the recorded file on the TiVo only available at the original quality?

5) Is OOH streaming/downloading available via a mac or pc? Or is it just mobile devices at this time?
6) Are sports broadcasts (NHL) available for OOH streaming? Downloading?

Thanks guys!

comcast cable card firmware upgrade

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 12:04
Has anyone had any success getting Comcast to upgrade your cable card firmware? When I asked at my local Comcast store the lady hardly knew what a cable card is much less anything about the firmware. I am currently running firmware version PKEY1.5.2_F.p.1401. I would love to get upgraded to a firmware version that actually allows all 6 tuners to work. It is very frustrating being stuck between TiVo and Comcast.

TiVo Premiere Holiday Offer

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 11:30

Did you 'guys' see this already?
Prices start at $49 for a new Premiere w/75 hours and the refurb 300 hour Premiere is $149.

Couple of Roamio Basic questions

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 10:30
My parents have two TivoHDs in the house (both hardwired to the router) and I'm thinking of upgrading them for Christmas this year.

Trying to decide between getting two Roamio Plus models, or two Roamio Basic models + one Tivo Stream. They don't really need to have the ability to record 12 shows at once in the house :D

Couple of questions.....I have a single Roamio Plus and love it:

1) Are the Roamio Basic models crippled in any way performance wise? Speed of the menus, channel changing, Netflix and other apps etc compared to the Plus?

2) How reliable is the Tivo Stream? I've read mixed reviews where some people have lots of issues because it's a separate box (lost connectivity etc) whereas the Roamio Plus has is built it.

3) Having two Basic units and one Stream - they can both stream something off each unit at the same time correct?

4) The Stream can be placed anywhere on the wired network and work correct?

5) If you had one Roamio Basic and one Roamio Plus in the house....the Stream built into the Plus can't stream shows from the Roamio Basic correct?



Sound of Music Live - NBC Dec. 5th - Gonna watch?

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 10:24
I'm not usually a Broadway musical type person, but I have seen the movie many times and generally have enjoyed it. It's my wife's favorite movie, so we will be watching, and I plan on watching this live, which intrigues me. Supposedly the first time in 50 years they are doing this.


Standalone stream vs built-in streaming of Roamio Plus/Pro?

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 09:54
Are there any pros/cons of the built-in streaming capability of the Roamio Plus/Pro models vs the standalone Stream box?

Are the Roamio Plus/Pro models possibly using newer chipsets that could be better?

I believe that they got OOH streaming functionality first, so is there any reason to think that a Roamio Plus will be more "future-proof" in terms of getting streaming updates/fixes/improvements compared to a basic Roamio w/separate Stream box?

I've also heard that the Stream has a fan, and some have complained about it making a whine. I'm assuming the Roamio Plus also has a fan. Might one setup be quieter and/or run cooler than the other?

I'm throwing all of this out there because I'm contemplating switching back to TiVo (been using WMC for a while now) and need to serve two rooms, plus would like iOS streaming capability. So I'm debating between a Roamio Plus and Mini or possibly two basic Roamio's and a Stream.

What is the best possible picture quality for in-home streaming?

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 09:44
For some reason, I couldn't find an existing thread that covers this. I'm looking for some detailed info / screenshots of the streaming picture quality at the best setting. I'm a TiVo old-timer who switched to using Windows Media Center (w/SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME cablecard tuner) a while ago, but I'm thinking about switching back for a few reasons, which I won't go into now.

On my WMC server, I've played around with both AirVideo and Plex, which allow me to stream my TV shows to my iOS devices. The picture quality is excellent and they even support AirPlay, but the PQ / smoothness AirPlayed to my Apple TV isn't as good as what I can get using my XBox 360 as a media center extender. While the PQ when streaming to an iOS device is excellent, neither the AirVideo nor Plex natively support reading the WMC TV show metadata or allow for playing live TV or what I call pseudo-live TV (start a recording and immediately start watching it on the iOS app). The latter issue seems like it would be an easy fix (when you start watching a show, it thinks the show is only as long as what has already been recorded, so once you hit the end of that, it stops playing, even if the show is still in the progress of being recorded).

FWIW, I also supplement all of this with the Ceton iOS app for scheduling recordings.

In any case, with the TiVo Stream and now Roamio products, it seems like TiVo offers a better all-in-one solution for TV show streaming (aside from lacking AirPlay support). But I can't find any detailed info on just how good the PQ is when streaming in best quality mode. I'm probably asking too much to expect that any/many of you have first-hand experience using Plex or AirVideo, but hopefully I'll get lucky. But even if you don't, hopefully some of the more discerning PQ-focused people out there can provide some useful insight.

So, when watching a streamed show at best quality on an retina iPad, for example, just how good is the PQ? And not only how sharp is it, but how smooth is the playback? Bonus points for anyone who can provide me with (or link me to) some actual screenshots somewhere (obviously, that won't answer how smooth the playback is).

HIMYM - Bedtime Stories, OAD 11/25/2013

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 09:25
With this story, I was not impressed,
though I'm sure the writers did their best.

This episode was filler I'd say,
Though most of this season has felt that way.

I hope they get back to the premise soon,
The rhyming stories felt like a cartoon.

Like the bus, the season has stalled,
It feels like the show has hit a wall.

They're trying too hard to drag this out,
'Show us more Mother!' I want to shout.

TiVo for basic cable?

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 09:21
I purchased a Series2 80 Hour Dual Tuner TiVo in 2006 and gave it to my parents to use with their basic cable in 2008. They have not changed their setup since then. Their TiVo is now dying and they are asking me what to buy to replace it. I haven't had a TiVo since I gave them this one, so I am out of the loop.

They still have basic cable coming from the wall - no cable box, no cable card. I am sure they do not want to pay even a dime more for their cable. They do have an OTA HD antenna (not hooked up to the TiVo - but would be nice if they could). Will any of the newer TiVos work for them? My mom sent me a link to the Premiere 4 on Amazon and asked if she should get that one, but it says it only works with digital cable and no OTA.

3 x Tivo for FREE

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 08:44

End of a era for me.

I have three UK Series 1 Tivos up for grabs.

Wirral, collect only.

Sad times.

Homeland | "One Last Time" | 2013-11-24

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 07:23
No thread yet?

Really picking up the pace now now in the final 4 episodes. Now the first 4 episodes of this season seem like even more of a waste of time. :)

Love that Saul has dirt on the Senator. Buys him some time to get his "play" in motion.

Mini, Premiere 4, and the old HD Tivo

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 06:27
I had the Mini and the Premiere 4 hooked up via a MOCA adapter. It worked fine. I love the Mini by the way.

I was going to cancel my old HD TIVO. But the rep talked me into a cheap plan. So I ordered another cable card from comcast, and got a cable splitter and hooked up the old Tivo. It is on the same cable outlet where the MOCA is hooked up. Unfortunately now the mini is not working anymore, and I am also not getting HD channels on the old Tivo.

Is this setup even possible? I know the old HD Tivo is not compatible with the Mini, so I guess by hooking it up I disturbed the setup. Am I right? If so, is there any way to use this old Tivo?

Thank you!

4K HD and Tivo

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 06:13
What are the chances that these new Roamio's will be easily upgradable to support 4K HD?
I have read several articles recently, stating that 4K content is not that far down the road in 2014.

With the cost of getting to 4K viewing, I would hate to buy 2 Roamio's now, only to need to buy more in 18-24months.
That is assuming Tivo can have product out that quickly.


App stops downloading, can't seem to get it to resume

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 05:51
tivo ios app stops downloading, and I can't figure out how to get it to restart. This is when I'm on the home network, using the Roamio pro as the source, an ipad with the lastest version of ios 7.0.4, updated tivo app on it. The Roamio Pro has the current sw load on it.

I've tried pausing, restarting, it just sits there with 0 bytes it knows the size of the download, but never makes any progress. It will just sit there like that forever.

I've tried selecting a different download, which may work once or twice, but eventually that stops working also.

I've tried restarting the app, restarting the device, turning wifi on and off, and anything else I can think of.

The only thing that works is to restart the roamio pro.

This is ridiculous. I should just be able to queue up as many downloads as I can and let them run overnight without having to sit there and watch with a reasonable expectation that they will complete. What's the issue?


TiVo Streaming Premium Channels like HBO

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 05:50
Can I 'Stream', verse 'download' premium / DRM content with a Roamio?