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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - S01E12 "Seeds" - 1/14/2014

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 23:00
WTF? So how many open storylines do we have now?
  • Centipede/Gunn
  • Skye/084
  • Coulson and the freaky brain spider
  • Ice boy

So far it really seems like something important happens every episode. I wonder how long this pace can keep up. Sure there are a lot of dumb things (hover jet), but so far I can look past that.

Make TiVo Suggestions More Functional

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 21:28
I have noticed that the downside of giving a program thumbs up is that instead of getting recorded suggestions similar to that show/movie, I end up getting episodes of that program, even programs for which I have a Season Pass. My suggestions for improving TiVo Suggestions are:

1) Create a way to designate that you want shows like it but don't want that particular show (perhaps using a similar system to designating keywords as optional or excluded)
2) Have TiVo suggestions avoid recording shows for which you have a Season Pass
3) Set up HD menus on Now Playing to allow you to rate them without going into the info screen

How long before....

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 19:50
If one cancels Tivo, disconnects any internet access and has a cable card in it -

1. how long before one loses the guide?
2. how long before the record function goes away?

Just curious....

Constant 'network too slow' V69 errors via MoCA

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 19:19
Hey all,

It seems like I have a somewhat common problem, but haven't found any real definitive answer as to what might fix it. I'm constantly getting 'V69 - Network too slow' or 87 errors 'connection to tivo lost. I can barely watch a recorded show for 3 minutes without getting the error. Every so often it gives me 10 minutes.

I have the Verizon Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I router and a fairly simple setup. The cable in the living room is split in two, one for the router and one for the TiVo Roamio Plus. And in the bedroom just to the TiVo Mini.

The router is a gigabit router and should be fast enough. I've set both Tivos to have static IP's which hasn't done the trick.

I've seen mention of a POE filter, is this something that could fix the problem? Are there any router settings that may help?

Thanks guys!

New Netflix and DIAL Support

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 16:33
When I noticed the winter update was on my TiVo the first thing I did was pull up the Netflix app, and there was "Play on ... Living Room." I tried it and something started happening -- the Netflix app started, so I was excited until I realized that I had the update but not the new Netflix app.

Now I have the new Netflix app and I tried it again and still get no joy. Has anyone gotten this working? Am I missing something? It launches the app but never seems to play for me.


I've tried this both on the iOS and Android Netflix apps. Both apps see the TiVo as a target to play back, so DIAL is at least partially implemented?

Modernize playing from remote fileshares

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 14:25
One of the big "Killer Apps" that TiVo had back in the day was the ability to move content on and off the TiVo to a local fileshare. While this functionality still exists, it hasn't been updated since it was introduced.

I would like to see TiVo modernize this functionality allowing MRS streaming and converting the content screen to HDUI similar to the Roamio to Roamio (Premiere) screen.

This would enable playing fileshare content directly from the Mini as well.

Virtual TiVo ?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 13:56
If TiVo runs Linux, is it possible to create a Virtual Machine using VMware or Virtual Box?

Anthology TV episode... any ideas?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 13:36
It's time once again to put TCF to the test.

A coworker and I were talking about tv shows, and he came up with one I hadn't heard of. He said its name was something like Oddity, Oddities, or Odyssey, and aired in the early to mid 80s, specifically when Amazing Stories was on the air.

He also gave a description of a particular episode: a surgeon had been researching head transplants, perfected it on animal subjects, but needed human volunteers. As luck would have it, his wife was cheating on him, so he trapped the wife and her lover somehow. He didn't kill them, but instead drugged them both, and surgically swapped their heads. The wife had the lover's body and vice versa.

So... what was this? Googling is finding all sorts of nifty stuff (like an old episode of Monsters which wasn't it).

Thanks. :)


The Blacklist S01E11 The Good Samaritan (No. 106)

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 13:32
I didn't see a thread on this. I thought it was a very good episode, fun hour of TV. Two story arcs, both interesting and rewarding.

I can't remember if we've seen that guy that Red plastic bagged before or not.

How wrong is it that I was kinda hoping they would show up to the house too late or catch him with the killing blow on that wife beating somnabeach!

Spader has been in some stuff where I didn't think his scene chewing fit in, but in this role, as we've said before, it's just about perfect.

Roamio supports multi-channel AAC?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 13:23
I generally re-encode movies for my TiVo into H264+AC3, but would like to use H264+AAC so all my devices can play it back. Does the Roamio correctly support multi-channel AAC? I know the Premiere didn't, but I'm hoping they've improved that functionality with the Roamio.

Tivo HD 652160 spontaneous reboots

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 12:53
My Tivo 652160 reboots on its own maybe every 4-5 hours (maybe more, maybe less because I do not have the TV on all day). Everything will be fine and then it abruptly goes to a black screen for 1-2 seconds and then reboots going through the entire boot sequence. Once finished, I can watch TV until its next recycle.

Occasionally (maybe once a week), the screen will be frozen when I first turn the TV on. The Tivo will be unresponsive to the remote control but it will reboot just fine if I unplug the power cord and then plug it back in.

Upon reading posts here, I first replaced the hard drive and no change. Then I noticed that one of the caps had a domed top so I replaced it. No change. So next I have replaced all 9 caps located near the heat sinks. No change.

I have run the Western Digital Diagnostics on the hard drive(s) in both Quick and Extended modes and both show no errors.

Can someone offer some advice on what I should look for next? This is an HD model with a lifetime sub and I would like to save it.

Streaming from R.Pro to ipad to TV?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 12:22
Hello, I can stream to my ipad just fine in home. The quality really suchs OOH though, just 2 bars. Question 1, Is there a way to improve the OOH quality?

Question 2, when I try to play the stream through my ipad to my TV via the Apple Lightning HDMI adapter I get a "mirroring not allowed" type of message. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Mike (62 in Seattle) :confused:

TiVo Mini --- Sleep Mode???

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 11:54
Just picked up a Tivo Mini over the weekend and all is working well so far.
First off, I’m getting some conflicting information as to the “sleep mode”. I’ve heard the unit goes to “sleep” somewhere between 10 minutes and 4 hours of “non use”. I’m trying to better understand the behavior I can expect. How does the Unit know when the TV is turned off?

Secondly, if I walk away from the TiVo Mini while watching a live and turn the TV off, what will happen to the borrowed tuner on the Host DVR? If it “needs” the Tuner to record something, will it use it?

Thanks for your help.

lost tuner to inaccessible channel

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 11:26
I accidentally entered a channel that doesn't exist on one of my tuners (tuner 4 I believe). By doesn't exist, I mean a channel like 80028 that is not part of the comcast lineup and not a channel that exists but I don't have a subscription.

I can no longer change the channel on that tuner. Every time I try it changes the channel on a different tuner. I tried to work around this by recording something on all 5 other tuners, switching to the tuner that is tuned to the inaccessible channel and then trying to change the channel. No luck, I get a message that it has to stop recording on the last tuner I used to change channels. Is there any way to get around this without rebooting the roamio?

I'll note the only reason I am reluctant to reboot the roamio is that I usually get a C133 error every time I reboot that lasts for a couple days. Plus I was currently at 5+ working tuners (the 6th tuner only works for some channels and I have it tuned to a channel I frequently watch).

Looking for shows with A.I. characters

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 10:28
I'm doing a panel at a Science Fiction convention in February (Farpoint in Baltimore if anyone is interested).

It's on Artificial Intelligence in TV.

I wanted to talk about Almost Human and maybe add Intelligence in there, but they want to make it a more general panel and include other shows. Now it's up to me to come up with those.

Any others that come to mind?

OperaTVApp Request Plea to @Radionomy

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 09:05
@Radionomy Would love to see @winamp @SHOUTcastRadio come to life on #OperaTvStore. Would give a world wide audience. #lkld #tivocommunity

VZ FiOS different commercials?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 08:25
Verizon plays different commercials depending upon if you use their STB vs using a TiVO. I found that on the VZ STB when a "local" commercial came on I had something totally different being played on the TiVO tuned to the same channel.

Not sure which commercial I prefer, the local one of the generic one that seems to be repeated every 15 minutes or so.


parental control - refuse to play recording on unlocked channel

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 08:19
TiVo premiere 20.3.8-01-2-746

I want my son to be able to view Australian Open, but TiVo's parental control disagrees.

In parental control, I made sure that the channel (ESPN2HD 735) is unlocked, I also set "unrated" to "allowed" for both TV and movie.

TiVo still refuses to playback recording (previously recorded, not live), gives "Channel is locked" error. (see attached jpg)

Any ideas? Thanks!
Attached Images IMG_4481s.jpg (28.0 KB) IMG_4482s.jpg (43.9 KB) IMG_4480s.jpg (37.9 KB)

Is my Premier dying?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 08:04
I have owned Tivo's since '99 and am probably responsible for hundreds of units sold over the years. Right now, I own a Premier and an HD. The HD is solid, though I've never been happy about the half baked ui that was abandoned when the Premier premiered ;).

The Premier? I'm not nearly as happy about that one! From early on, it developed the bug where it "forgets" progress on shows watched while recording. Something particularly frustrating when watching football. I've found a work around and programmed it into my remote, but it isn't elegant nor did it ever happen on any previous Tivo I've owned. Even with improvements, the interface has never been better than balky and slow.
Even after so many different models owned, my experience here prevents me from upgrading to a Romio.

Recently, I've been experiencing strange scheduling issues with the Premier too, that is that some shows that are manually scheduled via a wishlist and confirmed simply disappear from the upcoming list with no explanation. This never happened in my previous 14 yrs of Tivo ownership (well maybe the 12 or so since there's been a upcoming list).

The new disturbing thing is often when I finish and delete a show, I'm left with a black screen instead of a menu, though the preview window plays live TV. Most times I can switch the preview to full screen and then hit menu to return function, but at least twice I've had to reboot to get access to the menu's again. I'm clueless on how to address this issue and fearful that it's indicative that the end may be near. I replaced the stock drive with a larger one early on, could these symptoms be a sign of a failing drive? I've replaced the drive in every Tivo I've owned and am familiar with the stutters and stopples of a failing drive in an older S1 and S2, but this is very very different.

True Detectives on HBO

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 07:38
Anyone seen this yet? Stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as two detectives in Louisiana. The first episode reminded me a bit of Hannibal. It's pretty dark but is also well done, IMHO. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it.