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Easy Aspect Ratio control

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 22:06
The majority of the content I watch both OTA and via Netflix is 16:9. Occasionally though I want to watch some 4:3 content. Particularly with Netflix, how do I easily switch to 4:3 mode, then switch back to 16:9 when done watching?

Olympics Collection

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 22:06

I searched and didn't find any other threads so I hope this hasn't been talked about. Anyway, my wife wants to watch certain parts of the Olympics so I went the Browse TV, Olympics, Figure Skating and told it to record this collection.

It thinks about it for a bit, adds it to my season pass and then says there are no upcoming episodes. But, if I go look in the collection, it clearly shows episodes upcoming.

I also tried just the Women's section underneath figuring skating and still no luck...

Anyone else having this issue? A bit frustrating to have what appeared to be the perfect way to record pieces of them for her but not have them showing up.

Does the Roamio Pro have two network interfaces?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 20:44
Obviously I know the Roamio Pro has the functionality of a TiVo Stream inside it. But is this done by essentially embedding a Stream in the Pro?

I ask because I set up my DHCP server to give my Pro (connected via MoCA) an address of (DHCP server will always give it that address because on my DHCP server I established a mapping between the Pro's MAC and that IP address).

However, when I set up the iOS Stream app and looked at its settings, the app was reporting the Pro was at (which is in the address range I've configured my DHCP server to give to devices with unmapped MAC addresses). And the DHCP lease file my server generates shows that the device it gave the .204 address to is the Pro.

I went to the Pro's network settings page and it shows the address. I then pinged the .130 address and it was live. And I pinged the .204 address and it also is live.

So is that second address the Pro is using in fact an essentially embedded Stream?

Is out of home streaming a scam?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 19:59
Every program in "My Shows" on my Roamio Plus, when I attempt to stream to my iPad it has a message that the copyright holder restricts streaming out of home. I think it's a sales scam. I was looking forward to watching a hockey game this evening. I think I got duped. I just spent $1,000 for Roamio, Mini TV, both with lifetime. I went through every setting I could find to ensure it was setup for out of home streaming. I love my Tivo but I feel this out of home streaming thing is dishonest and I'm disappointed. I honestly don't think it's necessary to make claims for features that are unusable in order to make money. Lack of integrity.

Don't believe TiVo CSRs…

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 19:36
I specifically asked before exchanging my defective Roamio through Amazon if there would be any problem transferring my lifetime to my replacement box, and the CSR and tech both said "no."

Tonight a CSR told me "Because you have a new retail unit rather than replacing it through us, a supervisor will need to examine your case to see if we can do it."

Important steps when transferring a hard drive between Roamios

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 19:26
Perhaps other people here know this, but I did a clear and delete all in my old Roamio, then moved it to my new Roamio, but apparently you need to do the clear and delete in the new Roamio.

Until I did this I made it through guided setup, but it was showing the TiVo service ID as all zeros, and it flagged the box as having a hardware issue.

Once I did another clear and delete all in the new Roamio, all was good.

Tivo mini with ooh streaming?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 19:17
Are there any plans to allow streaming to a tv while outside the home? I know the ios devices are limited to vie wining on their own screens - no mirroring. But is tivo working on a solution like using the mini to stream to a tv ooh?


Roamio clock slower/takes longer to record?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 18:15
I have two TiVos at present, my Roamio and a rebuilt S3.

Last night I had them both set to record the same program with the same settings (start 3 minutes ahead, end two minutes after.)

The S3 recorded the show as expected.

The Roamio's recording started about 45 seconds later than the S3's (as clocked by where the Roamio recording started as reflected on the S3's recording.)

Since both get their time base from TiVo, I've got to ask, "Huh?"

Do I need to add an extra minute of pad to the head of my Roamio recordings?

Time change for Opposite Worlds Wednesday night live show

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 17:59
Syfy has changed the time for the Wednesday night live episode of Opposite Worlds from 10pm Eastern to 8pm Eastern. Check your TiVo---mine still shows the time as 10pm.

(Source: The Futon Critic)

The Following - Season 2 **SPOILERS**

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 17:37
Is anyone watching? Yeah its just as dumb as season 1 but I'm still watching. I guess I like Kevin Bacon and some of the rest of the cast.

One thing especially bugged me about the last episode. The FBI was able to determine where the last remaining hideouts from the initial group of followers were and indeed had a literal army of agents, many in combat gear, breaking down the door and dispatched nearly all of the bad guys. But then there was the basement which even their fancy scanners could not penetrate so it was completely unknown what was down there. So how do they investigate it? One, AND ONLY ONE, person goes down there to see what's there. And its the good FBI guy from last season who also went after bad guys last season ALL ALONE (I think several times). This time nothing bad happened but it was still VERY STUPID!!!


P. S. The pretty French bad lady seemed familiar and I looked her up and she was in the Last Resort. Also the art dealer lady who turned out to be bad but she looked familiar and I correctly determined that she was Connie Nelson without looking it up!

Tivo Mini Visibility

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 17:29
If I set a Tivo Roamio Plus up with a MoCA whole house network and connect two Tivo Mini's to it, will Comcast (Xfinity) know the Mini's are installed and charge me that outrageous $9.95 HD Technology fee?
That fee really bugs me.

Can't get new channels and channel guide to sync!

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 14:44
Good afternoon guys,

I’ll start off by saying I’m working with a TiVo Premiere. I’d like to discuss two problems with the wonderful forum members here.

Late last fall, my cable provider began changing over their analog channels to digital, aka, the digital transition. Postcards were mailed out asking how many QAM tuners you would need. Checked my owner’s manual to find out my TV (09’ Sony) has an internal QAM tuner. During the transition, a banner began to scroll across the tops of channels stating “If you see this banner, please re-scan your TV”.

When I rescanned my channel list through TiVo central, it pretty much doubled the channels. Here is the first of my two problems. I’ll use channel 41, FX, for an example. My TiVo picks up channel 41 and labels it as FX and has the programming guide info and so on at top. While this info is displayed, I’m receiving no signal (as it is the old analog signal and is dead) and it gives me a warning message stating no signal. However, TiVo also finds channel 41-1, the new digital version of FX and labels it as CH41FX. The picture is there and looks great, only it won’t retrieve the programming info. Basically, it is somehow pulling in the old analog channels (with no picture) and is assigning the programming info to these channels. It’s also finding the new digital channels and is assigning “-1” to them but won’t line up the guide info with the new channels. This has screwed up all of my season passes and will only let me record by manually doing so by entering the channel, time and date.

I’ve deleted the channel list, rescanned, checked and unchecked boxes multiple times over the last 2-3 months. If I uncheck all of the old analog channels, this still won’t line up the new channels with the channel info. I’ve even gone in and changed the zip code from which is seeks your cable service and programming info from.

The second problem is when I rescan, if continually doesn’t find the digital versions of 8 certain channels. It will find the old, dead analog signal but will not find the new, digital, -1 version. No matter how many times I scan, it won't find the digital version of these same 8 channels.

I called the cable provider first and then referred me to TiVo. Called TiVo and those guys were very nice but referred me back to the cable provider.

Any thoughts or suggestions as I’m really missing my season passes!!!

Roamio HD upgrade bonus I didn't expect

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 13:26
So TiVo scores a sale when I find out here how simple they made the upgrade process for the Roamio. In fact, as soon as another sale comes up, I'm getting another one.

I ran through a complete setup with the unit and used it for a few days. Part of that setup updated the TiVo software. What I did not realize is that apparently the updated software was placed in flash memory - not just on the factory HD. Today when I dropped in the 3TB drive it went through guided setup and was done.

I was expecting that with the new HD it would have to download (again) the "current" software.

This really is too good to be true.

Does the TiVo Mini work with non HD TV's?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 13:15
Will the Mini work with a non HD TV? And if so, does it come with cables for that?


Walking Dead returns Feb. 9 -- SPOILERS

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 12:25
It's back THIS SUNDAY, and here's an article with an interview featuring Michonne (actress DANAI GURIRA)...there are, of course, spoilers from the earlier eight eps of this season, and some minor spoilers for the upcoming finish of season 4.

Are all Roamios easily upgradeable by the user?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 11:54
I have read how the Roamio basic can be easily upgraded by the user and the OS is on its flash memory (& then prepares the drive as needed). I thought this was just the basic model, but can it be done on the Plus and Pro models as well?

Both probably have enough storage for my needs (for now), but I was thinking years down the road when/if something goes wrong and its hard drive needs to be replaced. Wondering how easy it is on a Plus or Pro?

TiVo Online Season Pass Manager - Working for anyone?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 10:27
What happens is there is a view your cart pop up that is blocking the second DVR box for me. And I do not have anything in my cart.

I've tried deleting my cookies, and restarting internet explorer.

Very frusting since I have a roamio coming Thursday and I have about 100 season passes to transfer.


Tivo Mini with DVD Recorder

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 09:55
I just ordered a Roamio Plus, and a Mini. I currently have a Premiere XL4, and two Series 3 units. I have seven TVs, three of which are just connected "basic" non digital cable wall outlets. My plan is to sell the Series 3 Tivos and eventually service all seven TVs with the Premiere and Roamio, and additional Minis. My original intent was to hook up the Roamio to our main TV and the Premiere to a little used TV in the basement family room. There is a DVD recorder connected to this TV, which I use to archive programs.

My problem is that my wife has gotten used to using two tuners in the bedroom, so that she can watch two shows at the same time. She would not be able to do that with the Mini--only being able to switch between two programs in real time? So, if I connect the Premiere to the bedroom TV, would I be able to connect a DVD player to the Mini via the breakout cable, and use HDMI cable for the family room TV? Do they output simultaneously, as does the full size box?


titantv.com + shobot.tv = online guide with direct recording to Tivo

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 08:55
I've used titantv.com guide for several months now and I think the layout is excellent as well as the features offered. I really like the colored categories and filters, it makes perusing through the guide much easier. IMO it's one of the best online guides there is and now even better with the shobot tie-in.

A recent addition is a little gray/white "S" symbol beside a listing where you can click on that and (after you sign up with Shobot) you can set up a season pass on your Tivo for that series with your default season pass settings. You also receive a confirmation email both from Tivo and Shobot.
At this time you only have a selection to set a season pass through the guide but I just received an email from the co-founder of shobot who said that later this month you will be able to record any show and choose between a season pass or individual recording. They are working on changes at this time.

To view/setup your free Titantv account go to www.titantv.com
Once you set up your account and configure the settings the way you want, choose something you want to record that has a gray/red "S" symbol in that tv listing and click on that. First time users will need to choose the system you're on (Tivo=other) and then you set up an email address/password. As part of the process you will be 'linked' to your Tivo account so if you have more than one receiver on your account you can choose which one you want to record to. It still takes awhile before the recording shows up in your todo list but I think that has to do with when your Tivo calls home to the mothership.

More information on the shobot service here: www.shobot.tv

*note* I have no affiliation with titantv.com or shobot.tv, just a happy user.

Roamio stream to overseas?

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 07:49
I'm close to buying a new Roamio TIVO plus. I was wondering about this streaming to your iPad outside your home feature. Has anyone had success getting this to work overseas in Europe or maybe China from a USA based TIVO? I travel for work and this could come in handy.