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Shameless S4E06 "Iron City" OAD 2014-02-16 ***spoilers***

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 13:18
OK, then.

Kudos for skipping the usual "Women/Men in prison 'Who be my b*?" trope. The guard was more decent to Fiona than they are in real life. NTTIKABT

It's a real out of character stretch for:
  • Lip to be P-Od at Fiona for dropping the ball on Liam's accident. I think he knows what a great job she does in a tough life.
  • Fiona's boss steps up to bail her out - and not just firing her? He has to still have feeling for her. Wait until he figures out that his brother supplied the coke.
With the "nobody saw Liam" thing, are they leading up to some sinister hand?

It sure looks like they're going to let Frank die in this season of "The Game of Gallaghers." Shameless would still be viable after Frank is gone.

"It was a one night deal. Oh. She had a nice chest? Maybe your mom wasn't the one on the washer."

This is the BF. This is your other sister. This is your nephew.
"Liam is black?" she asks the one guy who is also shocked.

FELONY possession? Talk about economic inequity. If Fiona had lived 5 miles closer to the lake she wouldn't even have been arrested.

Roamio can see Premiere, but Premiere can't see Roamio

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 13:14
I have a TiVo Roamio Pro and a TiVo Premiere on my network. The two TiVos are connected separately to my home network via TP-Link MR3020s set up as wireless bridges.

Originally neither TiVo could see each other. However, on the Roamio, when I went to Apps & Games, selected 'Add an App', and then put in the IP address of the other TiVo, the Roamio can now reliably see the Premiere.

However, this doesn't work on the Premiere. Here's what I've tried doing, and troubleshooting steps I've taken.

Loaded up 'Bonjour Browser' on both a wired and a wireless computer on my network. Both computers see both TiVos. Ran a tcpdump from my wireless access point running Tomato to monitor UDP traffic coming from both TiVo boxes. Both TiVos are sending the appropriate mDNS packets advertising their services, and I can see the Roamio and Premiere communicating back and forth.

Also tried rebooting both boxes multiple times, and also disconnecting/reconnecting the cable to force DHCP release/renews (even though my gateway reassigns them the same IP address every time). No change.

If this helps, pfsense is my primary gateway, and I am running Avahi so that my computers can discover my NAS and other servers located in a different subnet.

Season Pass to record only one show at same time as others?

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 12:26
Now that I have four tuners in my new Roamio, is there a way I can I set up Season Passes for shows that may not broadcast one night, and have it default to an alternative, but not record the alternative when the first show does appear? Such as weekend news broadcasts that often get preempted. With my old one-tuner Series 2, I would just set up two or more Season Passes for shows that broadcast at the same time in order of preference, and only one would record. But now with four tuners, they all would record. Is there a trick? Or is it no longer possible?

Tivo to record specific seasons?

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 12:01
I couldn't find anything in the forums, but do you know if there is any way to record specific seasons of a show? Instead of just making a wishlist for each episode?

I don't remember this on my 3 series and never bothered to look on my Premiere, but was curious of Roamio had such feature? I poked around a little but came up empty.

Is Conan barfing?

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 12:00
NBC wanted to move Jay's 10pm show to 11:30 and shorten it to a half hour, leaving Conan's Tonight Show starting at midnight.

Conan said "No. That's not The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show doesn't start at midnight."

We know what happened.

Now, NBC has once again taken Jay off The Tongiht Show, and installed Fallon as its host.

He starts tonight.

Due to Olympics coverage, tho', local news won't start at 11pm. It'll start at 11:30.

When does Fallon's first Tonight Show start tonight?


Optical audio: delayed start after pause when Dolby enabled

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 11:32
When I pause playback and then start it again, the video resumes immediately but it sometimes takes about five seconds before the audio starts again. When the audio finally does start, it's always in sync with the video.

This only happens with an optical audio cable to my amplifier, on both live TV and recorded shows. It happens about every other time I pause playback, but sometimes it works normally, with both audio and video resuming immediately after hitting Play.

It does not happen with RCA red/white cables to the same amplifier. It also does not happen on my Series 3 TiVo with the same optical cable and same amplifier.

I've also discovered that it only happens when Dolby audio is enabled on the Roamio. It does not happen when I select PCM.

First, has anyone else seen this?

Second, I have a Sony 5.1 amplifier with Dolby, so I assumed I'd want the TiVo to be set to Dolby as well. Will I still get 5.1 sound if I use PCM? What, if anything, will I be losing?


Changing Start/Stop Time - Weird Title Change

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 10:38
So I wanted to see if anybody else had this weird issue. I have a season pass set up for a show (in this case "On the Case with Paula Zahn"). The Season Pass is set to start a minute early. Yesterday from my phone, I had changed just this recording to start on time (because of the weird issue with overlapping programs). Then I realized that it wasn't overlapping a show (the other show was on from 8-9, this show started at 10). Again, I did all this from the TiVo App on my phone.

So, last night I saw on my TiVo that there were 2 recordings for the show. One showed a start time of 9:59, the other showed a start time for 10:00. However, neither recording had the name of the program. One of the recording's title was "Rec: 623 IDHD 10:00pm" (and the other one showed 9:59 PM). So basically instead of the program name, it shows that there was a recording at that channel at that time.

Has anybody else seen this? Is it a known issue? Is it because I changed it from my phone. I should be able to change a single recording in a season pass and not have this issue. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.


Experience with Zito Media TiVos?

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 10:19
After moving from a TWC serviced area into a smaller town, our only choices so far have been DirecTV, DISH, or the "local" cable company, Zito Media. I've been with DirecTV for over 2 years so far, and their TiVo option is, in reality, pretty lame.

Zito Media recently upgraded their network and I switched my internet over to them. During the install, the guy mentioned that they were making substantial changes to their TV lineup, and would be leasing TiVos, in addition to their standard digital tuner boxes. Sweet.

I gave it a few months and made the call. The guy I spoke with wasn't exactly sure what a TiVo was, but after some prodding from me found a magic "TIVO SERVICE" code or something buried under their DVRs. I scheduled the install, and the following Monday left work early to meet the installer. Half way home, I got a phone call asking to clarify my order, since the salesperson somehow misspelled TiVo (TFO, TEEEVO, TiiiiiVoooo?). Told him what I was after, then got the "Um, yeah, about that..." response that I was dreading.

The installer was super nice and understanding, but said he'd never actually been able to get one to work on their network before. I still have 3 of them at my house, and asked if they could just supply the Cable Cards. He told me they didn't do that. He then told me he'd talk with his boss and try to figure something out. Left me his number, I called him back last week, but said he hadn't heard back yet.

Anyway, does anybody have experience with this company? They have no social media presence, and beyond contact to their HQ phone drones, there's not much I can do but stick with DirecTV.

Problem ethernet HD with MOCA Roamio

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 09:52
With the help of this great forum...I was able to successfully enable MOCA for my Tivo Roamio and Premier XL4...I have a Tivo HD that is in the bedroom and connected to my FIOS router via ethernet over power adapter. After enabling the MOCA network for the Roamio and XL4 I could no longer see them from the Tivo HD for the purposes of transferring shows.
However I can see the Tivo HD from the Roamio and XL4. I have done a few things so far. I have reboot the Tivo HD, I have reset the network connections...I looked on my FIOS router and verified that all the Tivos are on the same subnet...
Any ideas on what might be wrong? Do I need to get a MOCA adapter for the HD? Thanks in advance for the help

FS: Tivo Stream

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 09:30
Looking to sell my Tivo Stream, TCDA94000.

Very lightly used. Perfect shape. Includes original box, the Tivo Stream unit, and the power cord, but not the original ethernet cable, which got lost.

Asking $80 shipped CONUS.

I will cover all shipping; you cover all paypal fees. Fair? If you don't use/don't like Paypal, I can accept various other payment methods such as dwolla or popmoney, or I will take a postal money order in the mail. We can work something out. I have 100% ebay feedback and have sold on here before.

Drop me a PM and the forum will email me, so I should respond pretty quickly. Any questions, feel free to ask!

Tivo Pro and Samsung soundbar

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 09:09
I know others have talked about it but has anyone found a code that would work with a samsung soundbar? I've tried all that I could find but none seem to work with my samsung soundbar. I think my model number is
Model: HWF450. I hate having to use two different remotes everytime I want to use my system.

How can I determine why a show didn't record?

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 05:32
My wife has a title keyword wishlist for "Downton Abbey." It is set for "new & repeats," and "get only in HD." It is very close to the top of the 'recording priority' list (so tuner conflict is not the issue).

The show is on Sunday nights. At 8pm they replay the episode from the week before and at 9pm they play the new episode. For some reason the new episode was not recording last night. My wife turned on the TV in the middle of the episode and realized it wasn't recording, so she promptly tuned to the channel and hit record to at least get what was left of it. I tried to do a little trouble-shooting and found the following:

Guide info appeared fine. The title was correct and it was listed as being "new" with a first aired date of 2/16, and 1080 resolution (so I assume it met the HD requirement, as usual).

Season pass manager -> upcoming episodes: showed the two episodes for next Sunday and it had the 8pm replay episode marked as not going to record because it was a duplicate (presumably because my wife had hit record on the episode that was currently playing, even though it was a partial, so TiVo would not automatically record the same episode again next week). The 9pm 'new' episode for next week was marked to record as I would expect.

History: Not much listed for the day in question. It just shows that it did not record the 8pm Downton Abbey replay episode because it was a duplicate (which it was, from last week).

I'm kinda baffled as to why the 9pm episode didn't automatically record. My only hunch is that it might have something to do with the "only record HD" setting. I originally set that because PBS was playing some of the episodes on both their HD channel and their non-HD channel and I wanted to make sure TiVo would record it from the HD channel (because when left to its own devices it had recorded the non-HD version once or twice).

Any ideas or suggestions for further trouble-shooting would be greatly appreciated!



Stil Haus Kitchens Vance Miller

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 01:10
Stil Haus Kitchens Vance Miller. Vance Miller does not own or operate Still Haus Kitchens. Stil haus Kitchens is a UK firm and Vance Miller runs a Chinese kitchen manufacturing company.

Walking Dead - Inmates - S04E10 - OAD 2/16/14

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 21:14
Judith is Alive. Carol is back. Lots of stuff happened tonight.

Maggie seemed like she didn't try to hide her accent at all.

One of the best episodes in awhile.

Question about capacitors

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 20:38
I have 2 Series 3's - the S3 (with display) and the HD - both lifetimed. I just purchased a Roamio Pro, but plan to continue using the S3s because the menu on the Roamio is difficult for me (I'll be reviewing programs to watch via my network on the HD).

Because of my vision issues, I'm keeping both the other units. Will return the 2 cable cards on the S3, and still use the HD for recording as I updated that drive to a 2T, and could even store some things on the S3 if I got desperate :)

The S3 has had moments of pixelation - nothing serious and infrequent. But, it made me think it could be a current/pending capacitor issue. The HD has zero symptoms.

We have a wonderful old-world electronics shop here, and they could replace whichever caps needed it. My questions are (and apologies for not doing more through research; I have limited time I'm able to read):

1. For the S3 should I just order these parts: https://www.mouser.com/ProjectManage...sID=1a42eea4c1 (thanks for that!) - which would provide the shop whatever they need? And does any pixelation invariably point to a capacitor issue?

2. Is there a similar listing for the HD or is it substantially the same?

3. Should I even have the HD checked out while I'm at it or wait for symptoms?

4. Is there any damage that's done when a capacitor goes, or it's just inconvenience until they're replaced? I'd rather do this on my schedule than a forced one.

Any other advice welcome.


TV goes black

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 19:56
My TV occasionally goes black until I reset my Tivo HD yet it displays Roku on other TV input. Any suggestions?

House of Cards - Season 2 - Episodes 09, 10, 11

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 18:37
Discussion thread for Season 2 Episodes 09, 10, 11
(Chapters 22, 23, 24)

The Underwoods unite to deflect accusations. Remy and Tusk continue to apply pressure to Frank through friends and family. Freddy gets sideswiped as he attempts to move forward. Frank and Claire decide to seek revenge.

Stamper and Rachel argue. There is a bomb scare at Underwood's residence. There is a Sino-Japanese military standoff. As Remy and Jackie become closer, Frank discovers their relationship. Claire and Jackie tussle over Claire's legislation but do not come to terms, which leads to Frank's involvement. Meechum guards Claire. Sayyad uncovers a PAC scandal that becomes public.

Frank is interrogated by Dunbar. Claire's legislation loses steam. Frank, Stamper and Grayson scheme. Remy asks questions. Megan gets back involed. Frank, Claire and Meechum let down their guard. Stemper deals with personal issues.

Been out of the loop, Netflix on TiVo in Canada 2014?

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 18:35
Okay, I've been out of the loop while my Premiere has been collecting dust. It looks as though people are using the Netflix app on their TiVo in Canada. I know Unblock-Us had some instructions, but I never read an affirmative post stating that these instructions worked for the various TiVo USA streaming apps. I'd rather use my Roku for streaming services, but it would be nice to have the TiVo run Netflix' Canadian content or just getting it to work with stuff from the States. I get Netflix to run on a Premiere, select a title, and it gets to either 63% or 100% and then errors out with V301. I've tried every situation I believe, VPN, DNS redirection, and pure Canadian broadband (for Netflix Canada) and I can't get a stream to work. I removed the TiVo app, rebooted, and then added the sucker again with no luck. I am using the TiVo Wireless G adapter.

Does the TiVo Netflix app work (now 2014) without DNS redirection in Canada?
Without any intervention it works with Netflix Canada?

Is Unblock-Us the only DNS redirector that works with TiVo & Netflix USA?
What about cheaper services like UnoDNS, ibDNS, USAcess, etc.?

If you're using Netflix USA through a VPN, which one are you using?

Did you set anything up in your open source router to make things work, USA-wise?
Like dealing with hardcoded DNS in DD-WRT and Tomato

What version is your TiVo software?

Is the Netflix app responsive on a TiVo?
My experience has been an interface that lags

I'd very much appreciate instructions, companies you're using, and screenshots of your router's configuration and TiVo's network settings please.

Links of interest:

Tivo Premiere Elite (XL4) w/ Lifetime and Ext. Warranty $549

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 17:07
Tivo Premiere Elite (before the name change), lifetime service, 300 hours HD recording. Extended warranty is through March, 2015.

Starting at $399, Buy it now for $549. Free shipping, ships from CT.


tivo IR entender

Sun, 02/16/2014 - 16:58
Have any one done this before. Have one Tivo extender connected to one of the usb ports to use in another room then have another tivo extender to the other usb port on top of the tivo to control the tivo in the same room.
I bought a tivo extender and connected to one of theusb port to use in my bedroom. The problem I having now is the remote will not control the tivo in the same room. If I disconnect the usb extender the tivo will work ok. I would like to know if any used this type of set up of using 2 tivo extenders connected to the 2 usb ports.