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Sun, 02/09/2014 - 22:16
Disregard. Im an idiot. I thought my Roamio was making a noise... but it wasnt. it was another component in the system close to it.


Sun, 02/09/2014 - 21:53
Why does it need to be disabled with the tivo recording 24/7 I would think it would never park anyway.

Dr. Who??????

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 21:46
Some teaser shots....
Attached Images Dr Who002.jpg (80.1 KB) Dr Who.jpg (52.1 KB)


Sun, 02/09/2014 - 21:33

Walking Dead -- "After" S04E09 -- OAD 02.09.14

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 20:21
Herschel with an encore performance!

TiVo Mini V70

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 20:19
I am getting a V70 (compatible DVR not found) error when setting up my Mini. I've only had it a few hours, and the TiVo site says that Activation is not yet complete, try in 24 hours.

Is this the issue? Do I really need to wait a day to get this working?

Also, the install instructions tell me to go to the Setup menu on my XL4 and select "Allow Live TV on other devices". This menu option is not present. I was presuming that this is because they have DTA now, but I'm not sure. I have the latest versions of TiVo software on my XL4, and I presume on the mini because it did an update as a part of the setup process.

I am on a wired Ethernet network (not MoCA), and my router has assigned addresses to both the XL4 and the Mini correctly.

Anyone had a similar experience?

Question on MoCA - Roamio & Mini

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 19:03
Hello All:

Late January upgraded to Roamio Pro & (1) TiVo Mini. Initially ran it with a powerline and was doing fine - then one of the powerline adapters died :(. Instead of replacing the powerline, I ordered a MoCA adapter from TiVo since cheaper than a higher speed powerline.

Prior to even receiving the Roamio & Mini, I had Cox come out regarding the POE filters. He installed one at the point of the tuning adapter but insisted that the way my complex is configured it is not need anywhere else and stated "we use MoCA for our whole house DVR setup so I know you don't need it"...

So MoCA is up and running - no drama there at all!!! Recorded shows from the Roamio stream great as does NetFlix. When I view TV on the Mini I sometimes get slight stuttering, pixilation, and sound cut out for a few seconds - often enough that it make me wonder - since it is only when viewing TV would not having a POE filter at the entry point to unit possibly be the cause?

If not, any ideas what might cause it?


TiVo and Apple's Time Capsule

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 18:11

Is anyone aware of any compatibility issues with Apple's Time Capsule and TiVo's Roamio boxes? I'm considering signing up for Atlantic Broadband service with TiVo and want to ensure that my Time Capsule will work flawlessly.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

Atlantic Broadband, Roamio DVR i& Motorola SB6141

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 17:50

I'm considering signing up for Atlantic Broadband service with TiVo and purchasing my own modem. I understand that any modem I purchase must be MoCA compatible. I'm interested in getting the Motorola SB6141 for it's great performance and solid ratings on Amazon and other sites.

Does anyone have any experience with this modem and TiVo? The spec sheet for this modem states that it "Includes an internal filter to eliminate potential interference from MoCA signals’ intermodulation beats". I'm not knowledgable enough to figure out whether or not that means it is MoCA compatible. Is it?

If it is not, is there an adapter I can purchase to make it compatible?

Thanks for any advice or feedback you can provide.

DirecTV to FIOS TV - on the fence...questions about equipment and install

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 17:44
First, I know this is a long post and covers lots of my questions, so thanks in advance if you take the time to read. And thanks for your ideas and insight.

thinking about switching from dtv to fios. want to know about best equipment and cabling options and any changes I might have to make. would like to have as little disruption to my current setup as possible.

i can call verizon to get info on program packages, equipment, etc., but i find it hard to find out about installation options. that's why i'm turning to the informative DBSTalk community. I know every situation is different, but thought I might get some good ideas here. It would be nice if you could get a verizon tech to visit your house in advance to find out exactly what is going to be done during the install so that you could plan accordingly, but I realize that cannot be done.

Current setup

single family home
dish on roof

master bedroom - top floor - hr23
2 cables route from dish to master bedroom

basement - bottom floor - hr20
family room - main floor - hr20

2 cables from dish to basement, then connects to 2 port splitter in basement, 1 goes to tv in basement, other routes up to family room tv

have verizon fios internet
ont outside wall garage
psu and battery backup inside wall garage
ethernet cable from ont to small white box mounted inside wall garage
ethernet cable w/ rj45 plugged into small white box and routed up to my office wall plate on top floor
ethernet cable from wall plate then plugs into Netgear N600 wireless router

also have Netgear universal dual band range extender in family room


I am very interested in having hd dvr capabilities in each room
I am interested in streaming recorded programming to my ipad in the house (with DTV I would have to purchase GenieGo) Can this be done with FIOS TV without additional equipment?
if going with verizon fios supplied equipment, what are the best equipment options (multiroom dvr family room and basic hd dvr bedroom and basement?)
do their dvrs have built in wireless or does the equipment have to be plugged in wired?
if wired does it have to be plugged in directly to the main wireless router, or can it be plugged into extender?
i understand verizon also has to install one of their routers (actiontec i believe) how does this connect to your current main router and what is it used for (guide, on demand)?
can a 4 port splitter be installed in my garage and then a home run to each new dvr?

if i decide to go with other dvr equipment options, such as tivo, is the setup similar?

i like the idea of not paying a monthly charge for verizon boxes, but i understand i would still pay a monthly for each cable card. Also I know there is an upfront cost for the tivo equipment.

i believe this also negates the need for the verizon router, but i would loose on demand and verizon supplied guide features.

main concern here is the cabling for the tivo equipment.

i could get a roamio for the family room and a mini for the master bedroom and basement. i think i read somewhere that these devices have to be plugged into your wireless internet router. is this true or are there other options.

also, i know there is a cost difference between verizon and dtv options, and from my initial review the fios tv option is a little more costly. I initially went with DTV because of NFL Sunday Ticket, but stopped purchasing a couple years ago because of costs. Also want to get away from snow and rain affecting ability to watch tv.

someone commented I may be able to just route cable from the TiVo boxes to the Verizon router (MoCa) negating the need for connecting via Ethernet.

Thanks for your reply and any suggestions

Tivo service commitment changed to lifetime?

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 17:31
I have a few months left on a Premiere service contract paying monthly. I would like to buy lifetime for it and end the contract, has anyone been able to do this?

Online it shows I can't change service until the end of the contract time but I hoping to talk to Tivo customer service to see if such is possible.

Has anyone been able to do such or am I wasting my time to try? Any suggestions on how to do this? I just transferred a new Roamio to my old cheap HD monthly plan ($6.99 monthly) and have a Mini on the way which I plan to get lifetime for it. Do I have any leverage?

Didn't need to pair THD cable card with new Roamio

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 17:11
So i just got a new Roamio Plus to upgrade from my TiVo HD. So I took the cable card from the THD and put it in my new Roamio and was starting to call my cable company when a picture came through. I checked a variety of channels in different packages to make sure every channel that could be coming through was. I then took it and put it back into the HD and it still worked just fine without needing to call the cable company to pair again. I thought cards needed to be paired and paired again when moved into a new device.

TIVO composite output conversion

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 14:49
Has anyone taken the Roamio composite output and converted the signal back to RF Coaxial to connect to an older TV with Coax input only?

Comcast Promotion for premiums

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 14:26
I'm not sure if this is country-wide or regional, but while at Comcast last week picking up a cable card, I asked if there were any HBO deals, or what it would cost.

She said there was a special on premiums for $5/month for a year! That was too good to pass up even for cheapskate me so I got HBO.

It's good through the end of the month (I think.) I'm in Northern CA.

cable/tivo bill

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 13:28
I am confused. I pay $68 for cable, and my big cable box is free. so getting a tivo would really increase my bill, $68 plus tivo plus a cable card?

cablecard pairing on comcast for premium channels

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 13:26
New Roamio is working well, Comcast also gave me a nice retention discount and free HBO for a while, except- it's not working on my Roamio.
My Premiere is working fine on HBO, and the cablecard "Val" Conditional Access field is "V" (validated?)...
on the M card in the Roamio, Val is still "?", though w/ each hit the actual number increases eg 0x09,0x10,0x17, etc...
Conditional access is "Yes" etc, I get all the other channels, just not HBO and MGMHD .

I am on my third cablecard now, and comcast has tried re-pairing them multiple times, verified the numbers, etc. I've also tried activating online via comcast.com/activate (it lists either the cablecard or the Tivo hostID#), or not at all (on this 3rd card), ... no help.
I noticed that one of my two S cards on my S3 is also status "?", other is "V", and true enough sometimes I can watch HBO or not.

Any tips/tricks to get the pairing on Roamio to work properly for pay channels?
It's worked once for the premiere, so I can at least see & stream some shows, but..

Tivo with old Sony Trinitron SD

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 13:24
Well, I'm feeling very foolish right now. I have an old 27" Sony Trinitron that I bought in 1997. It still has a great picture - just takes a few seconds longer to warm up. I had sworn that I wasn't going to replace it until it died.

It's been hooked up to a Tivo Series 2 DT which I had upgraded with a larger hard drive. The Tivo was getting slower, and when TWC went all-digital so that the second tuner no longer worked, it seemed like the right time to upgrade to the newly-released Roamio. Just got the entire thing hooked up yesterday, cable card, tuning adapter and all - only to discover that the Roamio displays most of the menus in HD so that they appear squishy and fuzzy on my SD screen. It's basically unusable.

It looks like my choices are either to return the Roamio or bite the bullet and replace my beloved Trinitron. I'm not thrilled about replacing the tv since a larger one will take up more space on the tv cabinet, leaving almost no space for a couple of large knick knacks I have displayed. (This may not seem like an important concern - except that I have very little space for displaying things elsewhere in the room.) I know the Sony will eventually die and I'll have to face this issue then, but maybe I can still hold off a few years...

Okay, I feel very foolish even posting this. Just wanted to get people's comments and advice (and perhaps some secret code for making the Roamio usable on my Trinitron!). Please be kind. ;-)

"Bosch" pilot (Amazon Prime Video) OAD 2/5/2014

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 12:09
Anyone who is a fan of Michael Connelly's "Harry Bosch" novels should check out the "Bosch" pilot on Amazon Prime. (Unfortunately, it doesn't stream via TiVo.) It stars Titus Welliver (i.e., the man in black on "Lost") as Bosch, with some other familiar faces -- Lance Reddick as Deputy Police Chief Irvin Irving; Annie Wersching (Renee Walker on "24") as a rookie police officer; and Amy Price-Francis (Kara the conspiracy operative on the same season of "24") as a plaintiff's lawyer who's suing the city and Bosch for shooting her client's husband to death.

I wouldn't have thought of Welliver as Bosch off the top of my head, but he really nails the characterization of Bosch as an insubordinate, obsessive avenging angel. The production values are also quite good, and jazz music, which is very much part of the ambiance of the books, shows up.

As this is Amazon pilot season, viewer votes determine which series get picked up.

Remote keeps changing address

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 11:37
I have 3 tivos in the same room: 1 S3, 1 HD, and new Roamio Pro

I control the S3s with a glo remote w/ the 1/2 switch and codes on those are 1 and 3. Set up the Roamio to use 5, and all worked fine for half a day then noticed the glo on '3' was controlling the Roamio also. Changed it back to 5, all worked until this AM. Changed it now to 7.

The Tivo I'm using most has the Remote Address the Roamio keeps changing to, so I suppose the Roamio remote is picking up the Glo signal. How can I stop this? Moving the S3s out of the room doesn't count :)

On another note, at Tivo Central I'm getting two entries for several things: Spotify, Pandora, and AOL On. Any way to eliminate the dupes?


Dual drive 4tb upgrade

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 11:18
Weakness is selling a dual drive (internal/external) upgrade for the Romios.

I don't want to spend the money for that. I already have several spare 4tb drive av drives.

If they can make it work, why can't we?

How are they getting it to work?

What is the process?