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Fioptics customers.... Whats all needed?

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 23:03
i saw a post about cincinnati fioptics.. but do i need just an M card.. or a tuning adapter as well?

anyone done this.. i guess fioptics works with tivo according to some.. curious what i need to make ti quick and painless.

Failing Roamio Pro HD, possible to copy programs

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 22:20
Hi, searched and had no luck. My inlaws seem to always have trouble with their tivos...dont want to open that bag of problems. But now that they are down to just a roamio pro and a few mini's when their main tivo started failing, they got down right pissed.

From speaking with them it seems like the HD is failing. Is there a way to backup the programs from the failing HD and copying over to the new HD?

Sorry if its easily findable...I searched and clearly I could not find it.

Thanks for the help! I head over tomorrow and want to get it fixed while my father in law is out for surgery.

Some apps not working

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 16:27
Some of the apps are giving an error (v301). Pandora is working fine but Live 365 gets the error. Been like this about two weeks now. It started before the latest update, so can't blame it. Also noticed it on one of the games, same error code.


Boot-Up Animation Cuts Off Short

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 15:52
Ever since the latest update...When re-booting...The TiVo animation video only plays for about 5 seconds, then goes right to "My Shows" menu.

Is this just happening on my TiVo??


Remote code for Roku TV TCL

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 14:45
I just bought a Tivo Roamio. I have a Roku TV TCL. When I input the 2 TCL code possibilities for the remote, on setup, neither one worked. Does anyone know a code that will work for the Roku TV? Thanks for any help!


NEW to TIVO, Please Help

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 12:08
Hi all,

Well not necessarily new, I am an old "new customer" I was a customer back when Tivo first came out with a single tuner sony DVR. I always loved tivo and found DTV and Dishnetowork dvr's lacking. Recently I decided to get rid of Sat tv and went back to cable. After little reading ended up with the Roamio plus with lifetime subscription. What a great feeling, Tivo at last... For the most part I am finding that the Tivo software is far superior than that of the aforementioned dvr's. However there are a couple things that are missing and frankly I am quite surprised that Tivo may have overlooked these simple yet important features. My hope is that the feature is there and maybe I do not know how to access it and someone can point me to the right direction.

Ok I am not finding a way to differentiate from shows that have already been watched from those that have not been watched at all. I found the partial list and that is ok when a show has been partially watched. But say if I my wife watches her Soap's and leaves the DVR running until the end. When you pull the listing it will simply show it as new and no way of telling whether she watched the show or not. I find it hard to believe that a tivo with the advanced features does not have such a simple but much needed feature. Is there a way to tell what shows have been seen and which have not? I use my tivo with 4 minis. My kids love to record allot of junk, would be nice to be able to delete the junk as soon as they have watched it. I used to clean my other DVr's once a week, but not being able to tell what has been watched and what has not. Makes that impossible to do.

Second item, Sorting by alphabetical order. My list looks all disorganized even though I chose Alphabetical order. Why is this? for some reason Tivo ignores "The" when sorting. So instead of having "The Americans" on the letter T, the show is found on the letter A. Now normally that would not be a problem if they Renamed the show to Americans The. But leaving the show names "The Americans" in the A makes the list look like crap and frankly as little confusing when looking for shows. Is there a way to change the list so that it shows where it is supposed to? "The" "T"?

Is there a way to delete the icons at the bottom of my shows list of the software that I do not use and perhaps add icons to stuff I do use? While on the topic of My Shows, is there a way to limit the Icon "New" to expire say after 3 days. Kind of distracting to seeing most of the shows on the list with the "New" icon.

Ohh last but not least PLEX please :D

Thank you all in advanced for the help.

Roamio Remote, with RF Dongle on a Premiere?

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 10:15
I have an RF Dongle and an extra Roamio remote sitting around and I was wondering if I could use this on my Premiere?

Has anyone done this, does the Premiere have the same paring menu items available once I plug the dongle in?

I will test it this weekend and post, if nobody has first hand knowledge...

Roamios not working in campus dorms

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 09:39
Just wanted to share my experience with Roamio at my kids's colleges (Boston College and Stevenson University in Maryland). I bought each a Roamio basic for Christmas after checking with Tivo, Comcast (cable provider to both schools) and the IT Department at both schools. All assured me the Roamios would work with no problems. Turns out they weren't aware of the all digital nature of the Roamio and technical incompatibility with their cable infrastructure. After much trying, calling, tech support, etc., both schools confirmed that since the cable signal is essentially re-packaged and re-distributed to the dorm rooms, it was impossible to pair the cable cards essentially rendering the Roamios somewhat crippled. The kids are able to view some channels, pause and record (shows in progress), but channel guide listings won't populate correctly (or at all) and scheduled recordings are impossible. We will keep them and the kids are happy with the functionality they have for now (better than nothing). Tivo support was great. Comcast was a hassle until I got the right higher level guy who jumped and got me answers. Just wanted to share my experience so others considering using Roamios at colleges would be forewarned.

TWC vs OTA HD quality for broadcast networks

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 09:19
I'm currently OTA with a roamio basic and 2 mini's. Despite being close to transmitters, with bad weather (common here in cleveland) I get signal drop outs. My antenna position could be improved but I would need to hire someone as I'm not getting up on the roof. TWC is offering starter cable (basically just broadcast channels) rather cheap. What have peoples experience been comparing the two quality wise. Thanks.

Wishlists and pulled videos

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 08:48
If I have a wish list for an actor, say John Wayne and I pull a movie to the tivo that has metadata showing John Wayne is an actor in the movie, will it group in that wishlist folder? (New Tivo version 20.4.6).

What if I also had the correct programId for the movie being pulled?

Watching Netflix on a cable owned TiVo

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 03:53
When I'm watching a series episode on my Cableone TiVo, how can I back out of it to find other episodes or shows without going to TiVo Central first?

I've tried using the arrow buttons, but that doesn't work.

Mini Brings Roamio Plus Down

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 01:05
I am trying to install my first Roamio Plus and a Mini. They replace
2 series 3 HD units that I have had for several years. Here is config:
Roamio Plus connected with Ethernet
Mini connected with Ethernet
2 Premiers with Ethernet (existing)
Software 20.4.5c on Roamio
Home network has 24 port switch centrally, and several 5 port switches
where network connections are clustered.
Most of the network operates at 10/100
Network and other Tivos have worked great for 9 years.
Premiers were acquired 4 years ago.

Roamio works flawlessly by itself. Cable and internet sources OK.
It will record fine, and transferred programs from a Premier and HD.
Mini will play recorded programs from the Roamio's My Shows.
When the watch live TV button is pressed or a program is selected
from the guide, the mini displays a v052 message that the channel is not
available, "if error persists call for customer support."
At this moment the Roamio has begun to fail.
The Roamio will not change any live TV channel,
it is effectively blocked off from displaying live tv.
The Roamio gives a message :

This channel is temporarily unavailable-
Press select to try tuning to this channel again.
Contact your cable provider for more information,"

on every channel that you try to select.
A restart will cause the Roamio to display live TV again

Trouble shooting steps so far.
Check all network connections, and devices.

Call for support. ----- Begin frustration.
Support checks diagnostics on tuners and accounts.
C.S. Made these suggestions.
---eliminate the network switch.
---plug the Roamio and the Mini into the same router.
---go away

Set the Roamio to create a Moca Network
Plugged the Mini into Coax, unplugged ENET, and set to use MOCA
Same symptoms

Called support back with MOCA results
They said:
--- Cable card firmware is back level, get it updated.
--- put POE filter on Cable.
--- put MOCA adapter at router
--- Go AWAY

I do not understand how this could be a network problem.
===== Both boxes communicate extensively. ====
I do not understand how it could be a cable card problem.
===== I receive all the channels I am supposed to.
I do not understand how it could be a incoming cable signal problem.
==== All the channels that I play are flawless pictures, and record fine.

This strikes me as a Roamio issue, It will stream from "MY SHOWS" but not
from a live tuner.

Sorry for wordiness. (Trying to describe).

Does anyone have any suggestions.

Original TiVo Slide Remote Wanted

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 23:02
Hello All,

Did anyone ever pick up extras of the TiVo Slide Remote back around 2012-ish when they were discontinued, and just never used them or it?

I'm trying to find a new-in-box slide remote as a gift to someone that wants one, but didn't jump on the bandwagon a few years ago.

This would be the ORIGINAL slide remote... you know... the one that works with the Series 3's... NOT the one that works with the current-selling TiVos. Those are the Slide PRO remotes. I'm looking for the original one.

Thanks in advance,


Spot on TiVo suggestion

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 23:00
Just saw this in awesome suggestion in the Disovery Bar....

and found it amusing. :)

I think TiVo might be trying to tell me something!
Attached Images image.jpg (54.1 KB)

OnePass and the loss of multiple SP for same show

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 21:55
I've seen other complain and discuss this issue in various threads, but I want to see if anyone has a solution. Before OnePass, it was possible to set up multiple Season Passes for the same show but on different channels. I used this ALOT. An example - Law and Order SVU. One season pass for NBC to record all new episodes. And a second season pass on USA to record repeats. I has it setup to keep up to 10 of the repeat USA shows. This way, anytime there was nothing to watch, I would be able to just pick an old SVU to watch. And with the NBC season pass, I got all of the new ones. One important feature of this is the 10 episodes on the USA season pass just keep replacing each other and left alone the new NBC season pass. This was very important as I never worried about losing a new episode of SVU.

Now with the new OnePass, Tivo took away this feature from us, which I know upsets a lot of people. My question is, Is there any way of duplicating what I used to do (and I'm sure others do as well). I know you can set Channel to "All" and Record to "New and Repeats". This will get the new episodes on NBC and the repeats on other channels (but the capability to select what channel was taken away). But the big problem I see is the new episodes can be deleted at anytime. If you know anything about SVU, you know there are TONS of episodes on all of the time. So it could record the new epidode on Wed night and then by Thursday afternoon, it could be deleted because 10 repeat epidodes were recorded on another channel. This is a problem. You can say, just mark the new episode as Keep until I delete, but I should not have to remember to go in there every Wed night to mark it. Tivo is suppose to make TV watching easier, not more difficult. Not a fan of this at all.

Any thoughts?

Wishlist separator character

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 21:24
Our Premieres use a "bullet" as the separator in Wishlist names. For example, a Wishlist with Title Keyword "SURVIVOR" and Category "ACTION ADVENTURE" shows up as "SURVIVOR o ACTION ADVENTURE" (where the "o" is a solid circle).

On our new Roamio, when I set up the same Wishlist, it shows up as "Survivor, Action Adventure".

Two questions:

1) Is there a way to get Wishlists to show up in all uppercase?

2) (More important) Is there a way to change the comma to a bullet so it looks less like a show title and more like what I'm used to seeing?

I tried searching the forums, but nothing relevant comes up in a search for "wishlist comma" "wishlist separator" or "wishlist bullet".

Person of Interest - S4E13 - “M.I.A.” 02/03/2015

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 20:27
With things looking grimmer for Team Machine, the search for Shaw continues, leading to the small town of Maple, north of the city.

While it looks idyllic from outside, the discerning viewer realizes that if Decima has a presence there, nefarious purposes lie beneath the surface.

Sure enough, as our team scratches below the surface, we find out that Samaritan is using the city as a plaything (not unlike an amoral child, I’d think) or as Finch said, “an ant farm”, although I wonder if “Sim City” would have been more accurate.

This only reenforces the view of Samaritan in that it has very little regard for humans and considers us it’s playthings.

This continues as we find out that tracking chips for Samaritan are being made in Maple, including types that can be implanted into humans, very scary stuff.

Unfortunately for the extremely wound up Root and the less wound up but still very grim Reese, the kidnapped woman they were tracking turned out not to be Shaw but an innocent bystander at the Stock Exchange shoot out.

(All three actors conveyed their heartbreak quite well.)

Meanwhile, back in the city, Finch has Fusco look into the number of the week.

While the number seemed fairly routine at first, the schlubby looking POI turned out to be a hit man who was also very good at disposing of bodies, tying back into the M.I.A title of the episode.
(I must say, I can’t remember the last time that the number turned out to be the perpetrator and not the victim.)

It also allowed the producers to bring back Detective Silva to work with Fusco this time around.
If she’s going to be the designated Shaw replacement, I’m ok with it for now.

Finally, the Machine has to tell Root to stop searching for Shaw and while it was a wrenching scene, I have to wonder if she’s going to obey.
(Also, I wonder why the Machine told her to stop. Is the Machine unable to find a scenario where they find Shaw at this time?)

However, at least we know that Shaw is alive, although she’s in Decima’s clutches.

TiVo OTA can be a basic cable DVR!

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 19:18
I just got my Roamio OTA ($10 from BB with Reward points!) and when I started it up and did guided setup I made sure that I left my tuning adapter connected to it. I selected the express custom installer set up and and it went through as a cable signal instead of over the air. I went through the entire guided set up and it asked for my ZIP Code and then it asked which guide I would be using so I selected my local expanded digital guide. I went all the way through and tested the TA channels that I received and it was basically everything that is in the clear digitally, including the SDV channels I think, because I got MSNBC which I know I only get with a TA on my activated R+. I disconnected the TA and reconnected it to my existing Roamio plus and then I played around with the OTA unit and it was as everyone said, I couldn't do much. All I could do is watch live TV and surf through the channels but I couldn't do any manual recordings and when I hit the guide button it said to activate service just like everything else, so then I decided to reconnect the TA and voilà the guide started working as normal and I could go through the entire guide, select shows, go into the future and select shows to record, as well as select a show currently on to record. I couldn't set up season/onepasses or anything but I could do all the manually selected guide recording I wanted to and it recorded as requested and it is in my shows as normal. This is ALL without a TiVo subscription!

I think this may be a good cheap solution for someone that has Internet and basic cable bundled together for a cheap price ($49, no monthly fee) and just wants a basic DVR they can set manually with a good guide and everything. It acts just like a regular cable box now but with the option of manually setting up recordings in the Guide! I think all you will have to do is tell your cable company that you have a TiVo and you need a tuning adapter so the clear QAM channels can get mapped correctly. I did this when I had basic cable with DirecTV and an old TiVo and they gave it to me no problem even though I only had the basic lifeline cable package.

FiOS trying to make me keep one box

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 17:06
I recently moved and got FiOS at my residence. When I set up the order initially, it would not allow me to place the order without at least one set top box and I had to call in to get cablecards. When I did the rep said it would not allow him to set up the service without a box either but I could return the box later and it would come off of my bill (believing this was probably my first mistake). I now have my Tivos set up and am completely moved in and I went to their site to try to return the box and it will not let you take the quantity down to 0. I chatted with a rep who told me at least one box (at a ridiculous $12 per month) is required.

I thought there were several people on here without boxes using FiOS. Should I try calling in and see if CSR roulette works or try something else? They no longer have any Verizon Stores here where I can walk in with the box and return it.

Possible solutions welcomed.

20.4.6 Power Saving Issue

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 16:43
I got the update yesterday. I changed setting so recordings only & no streaming or paid stuff. I changed power savings from default “none” to High, standby after 2 hours of non use & suggestions will not be recorded. (I didn’t allow suggestions to be recoded anyway.)

Today, when I used my Harmony to turn on my system to watch TV, everything turned on except the TiVo! Power light on TiVo was not on. After waiting a minute, I walked over & touched the power button on the TiVo & it lit up green & then turned on & got “TiVo waking up" screen 10-15 seconds & then it worked.

For all my components, the Harmony memorized an on/off function. For TiVo since it was always on there was no on/off function . Has that changed? Need I try to reprogram my Harmony to toggle the ‘new’ On/Standby or On/Off TiVo function?

I hope TiVo will still wake up to record a show w/o me manually pressing the power button!