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Why would an HD channel give me SD content?

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 04:31
I recorded the US women's world cup qualifying game a couple of days ago on FS1HD, and it was obviously SD. Lots of digital artifacts and terrible haloes around everything (like the athletes). It was also reminiscent of digital zoom. What's up with that?

Out of Home Streaming/Download and Apple Airport Extreme

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 00:35
I recently upgraded to a Roamio Plus. One of the features I was excited about was out-of-home (OOH) streaming and, especially, download, to my iPad and iPhone. When I run through the setup process with these devices, in the home, everything succeeds. Streaming and download in-home works fine. However, whenever I try to download or stream from out-of-home, I always get this message from the TiVo app: "Problem with streaming device. There was a problem connecting to your streaming device." Options: Fix now, Not now.

My iPhone 5S and iPad 3 are each running iOS 8.1, and the latest TiVo app. My home network is run with an Apple Airport Extreme (802.11ac) router, running the latest firmware version (7.7.3). The TiVo is plugged directly in to the router. I'm on Comcast, via a cable modem that I've had them set to "bridge mode" (so, the Comcast router's Wi-Fi, NAT translation, and DHCP servers are disabled).

I found a TiVo OOH support website (http://support.tivo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2762) that says:

"For Out-of-home streaming to work, you must have Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) enabled on your home router. Refer to your router manufacturer's instructions for assistance with enabling UPnP."

However, it appears the Apple Extreme does NOT support UPnP (even though TiVo OOH streaming setup did not report any error).

The Apple Extreme does support NAT-PMP (NAT Port Mapping Protocol), which apparently is similar to UPnP. It also supports port mapping. Could I do some kind of configuration with those to "make it work"?

I asked TiVo customer support about this and they answered in a very perfunctory way:

"Without UPnP support we are unable to guarantee out of home streaming functionality at all. You can try working with Apple to identify what options you would have available through NAT-PMP to have it operate as closely to Universal Plug and Play as possible. Once that is configured you can attempt streaming again, however if problems continue to occur we will want to utilize a router that supports the Universal Plug and Play functionality."

Does the community and do the networking experts here agree with this? Or is there something I can do with my Airport Extreme to get OOH to work?

Roamio MOCA network no Live or Recorded TV

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 23:47
My new Roamio Plus and new Minis were connected via Ethernet and were working fine but I don't have enough Ethernet ports for all my stuff so I want to use MOCA.

I have two Comcast feeds coming into my home, one goes to my modem then Ethernet to router and then to the Roamio. The other I connected the POE filter then a 3GHz splitter with one feed to each of the Minis and one to the Roamio. I set the Roamio up to then create a MOCA network and join the Minis to it.

The minis can see the Roamio and the recorded shows and connect to the Tivo service just fine. All the devices show they are connected to a MOCA network and display the uptime. However, I get no live TV or recorded TV.

I repeated the guided setup for the Minis and rebooted and reconnected to the Tivo service, still no live or recorded shows will play. I went to the Roamio and checked to confirm the MOCA network and it was still setup that way and gave the MOCA network uptime.

I then disconnected all but one Mini in case there was some interference on the coax and redid the steps above but still no success. Any suggestions please? Thanks!

Roamio freezing up glitches

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 22:43
Roamio and my premiere both have a weird freeze/pause that is happening.

The video and audio stop during playback. When it resumes after several to about ten seconds, the video just continues and everything seems fine...until it does it again.

It's driving me nuts! It's happening every few minutes.

Anyone else having it? I found a thread that was months old and chimed in on it as well.

Also, at times when I select a function from the remote, there might be a long delay u til the function happens...like its frozen for a few seconds.

PFS - lifetime HD and Premier

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 22:36
I might be selling my Tivo HD and/or Premier.
Both with lifetime subscription

Not exactly sure what they are worth and will only be selling if my plan to pick up a roamio nd mini works out.

If you are interested lmk or if you can give me feedback on what they might be worth

The Flash- S1E03 - “Things You Can't Outrun” - 10/21/2014

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 21:46
I think we all know at this point that the series has gotten a full 23 episode order for the season so it seems the CW has a lot of confidence in the show.

The Mist is another odd villain for Barry to battle as he’s historically been a Starman adversary.

I’m a bit disappointed with Barry’s battle with the Mist though.
I’d think that normally a speedster would blow the Mist apart by generating air vortexes instead of just running around and tiring him out.

(I remember the episodes of Static Shock where the Justice League guested. Puff, a gaseous type of villiainess decided to take on The Flash and I said, “Ooohhh bad idea”. Sure enough, Wally just generated an air vortex with his arm and blew her way.)

Still, the series is shaping up nicely and there were quite a number of good character scenes and backstory Caitlin and Ronnie (who looks suspiciously like Oliver Queen ;) ).

Shoutouts included:
Blue Devil II
Rita Farr Story
Waid Blvd.
The Flash Museum

I also thought that the vibrating the face that Barry did in front of his father was interesting as it was how Jay Garrick used to conceal his identity before he went public.

Program Guide on Mini versus Host

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 20:49
New to Tivo, so I don't know if I will get the software version right, but my host is a PACEXG1 and I am unsure what the Minis are, but I was told by the installer that this is all the latest stuff. Software version is reported as 20.4.1-01-6-D18. Provider is Suddenlink.

Anyway, I have been trying to get my program guide set up and filtered as I like it in the main room where the Host is. The viewers in the rooms with the Minis have their own way they want to filter the guide. I now get that whatever I set as favorites on the host will be favorites for everyone, I am ok with that. However, I would like to set the host to show favorites and let the Minis show ALL if they would like. Even though the user's guide says for the Mini:
-ALL: Display ALL channels available from your service provider, even channels you don’t receive.

But it always defaults back to being driven by what the Host has set. I can restrict the list from the Mini but cannot expand. i.e. If I set the Host guide to show ALL or MyChannels, then I can filter the Mini to only favorites. But if the Host is set to Favorites then I cannot back the Mini out to MyChannels or All. Expanding the Mini selection is what I need. I don't want to wade through all the music channels for instance, but the wife and kids may want to tune to on of them in the other room.

Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this just the way it is. Any workarounds if so?

DWTS & Castle Dallas Area Monday 10/28 ( actually Tue 10/28

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 20:28
With the Cowboys on WFAA on Monday night ( 10/27)DWTS is moved to 12:57 and Castle is moved to 2:58 AM Tuesday 10/28.
Season passes should catch it, but I've been burned before when shows are moved to early morning, so I would pad your 1 hr airing of this episode.

Edit- To add DWTS- Don't watch, but others seem to like... :)

BUG: Changing Season Pass settings for a show modifies channel assignment

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 19:34
I just found an odd bug when modifying the season pass settings for a show.

Normally I setup a pass to include shows from a single channel (e.g. the HD version of a given network). That channel shows up in the title of the season pass. I had been able to change the setting for that Season Pass (e.g. change the "save until" setting) with no other issues.

Since the most recent update, if I change any setting in a Season Pass, the selected channel no longer appears in the title, and the pass starts including shows from all channels (HD and SD) on which it appears.

Note that I'm still using the SD menus, if that's an issue. I wonder if this is related to the feature in the latest update that changes how future shows in a given season pass are handled.

Person of Interest - S4E05 - “Prophets” - 10/21/2014

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 19:24
In an evening filled with good television, Person of Interest still stands out.
I like the fact that the show is willing to go to the dark places and explorers the ramifications of the issues it raises.

Prophets starts out as a fairly routine episode with the number of pollster Simon Lee.
But as the episode goes on, you realize that the writers are peeling back another layer of POI Mythology.

The fact that Samaritan is rigging elections is a very scary revelation and another step in it’s taking away free will.

I appreciated the ways the team tried to protect Simon without blowing their covers and the gun battle that Root had with the Operative was great.

And while the team managed to save Simon’s life, they wound up destroying his self confidence.
For someone like Simon, one could argue that could be worse than killing him.

We got more layer peeling though with the characters.
While Reese didn’t have much to do with the number of the week, we did see him talk with the psychiatrist about Carter and her death.

We also found out that Ms. Groves changes identities (and clothes) every few days and not only does that cause a lack of human contact, her contact with the Machine is limited lest Samaritan find out.
The scenes with her and Finch were well done.

The last layer peeling concerned Finch and the genesis of the Machine.
I had often wondered why Finch had an inability to trust the Machine and why he had originally designed it to do the memory dumps and this episode showed us why.

42 previous versions were essentially untrustworthy and Finch was concerned about the “morality” of the 43rd iteration.
And this highlights the difference between the Machine and Samaritan. One has a moral/ethical compass while the other does not.

I do look forward to his conversation with the Machine.

Channel always not available when power up system

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 19:11
I posted this in the wrong area, so I am posting again here, I have searched and not found a solution.

I just purchased a Roamio Plus and got it up and running with Cox Communications (cable card, TA, and a headache). Now, when I turn on my system with my Harmony remote, whatever channel I was watching when I turned off the system is blank. If I change the channel, any other channel comes in with no issues. The channel that originally turns on either says that it is not currently available or not authorized, but as soon as i change the channel, everything works fine.

The signals on all the channels I have checked are 100% and SNR at 41. Thus, it shouldn't be a signal issue.

This is an annoying issue because if I am watching say channel 1007 when I go to bed and a show is set to record the next night before I power on the system, my fear is that it will not record. Don't know if cable card or tuning adapter is going to sleep or something.

I am open to any suggestions.

transfer of recording to new ipad

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 12:26
does anyone know if it is possible to transfer recording from one ipad to another in the case of a replacement or a new ipad. ?

Subtitle question.

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 11:27
A while back I managed to figure out (with alot of help from forum members) how to copy tv shows from my PC to the roamio and watch them. Sometimes the shows have a separate file for subtitles. I've never bothered to copy those over though. If I do, do I just copy them the same way or is there a trick to doing it? Or will the Roamio be able to read the subtitles?

Breaking Bad question.

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 08:20
Yes, I'm a little behind. :o

Just got through episode 5 or 6 on season 3. When this show originally aired, were there subtitles from the cousins, etc.?

Sons of Anarchy Greensleeves 10/21/2014

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 08:16
Just starting the ep. I'll be back when I've finished watching.

Tivo Elite Yellow Ring blinks every2 seconds

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 07:31
I came down to check out my Tivo Elite this morning. The yellow ringed light that comes on when signal is sent from the remote is blinking every two seconds. When I go to live TV, it goes into that slow pause/play icon slow mode.
I have rebooted the Tivo three times.
Once, without the network cable. The ring did not start until I plugged the network cable back in. The ring continued after I unplugged the cable again.
I removed the remote control from the room. no change.
I turned off devices with Tivo clients that communicate over the network (ipads). no change.
Any ideas?

Occasional Black Screen

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 06:39
The following occurred twice within the past week on a Roamio Plus:

First time: I was watching a recorded show. When it ended I deleted it and while still in Now Showing selected another recording. When I tried to play it the screen went black. Switched to live tv - also black. Back and forth a couple of times and it cleared up and worked fine. Audio was good throughout the process.

Second time: Same as above except that it didn't clear up until I went into video settings, played around a little, reset to the same as it was to start with, and exited. Then everything was fine.

It should be noted that this tivo outputs to two sets - one via hdmi and one via component cable - and both sets exhibited the black screen.

Clearly this isn't normal behavior. Do we think it's something about which I need to be concerned and contact tivo support? Thanks.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "A Hen in The Wolf House" (10/21/14) SPOILERS!

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 03:52
Wow, Adrianne Palicki is a big girl. And a bad ass. Shades of Ultraviolet. Glad she's one of the good guys.

Can't decide who I'm crushing on more, Bobbi or Simmons.

So much for my theory of a season-long arc of Simmons undercover.

I just found out that my daughter, who is a nurse and a published author, has been binge watching last season's episodes. Make's a dad proud. :)

So far, I'm loving this season, and I'm left wanting for more.

I wish I could say that about more shows.

This is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN - season 1

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 03:46
Anyone watching? I've so far seen Ep. 1: 'Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies', Ep. 3: 'Genius Experiment', Ep. 4 'Filthy Rich' (about the oil boom in North Dakota).

I wasn't so interested in Unholy Addiction, so I skipped it.

Decent show and somewhat insightful but at the same time, the reporting isn't really very in-depth and has only mostly anecdotal examples. I guess you can't expect that much w/limited time (production and air time).

I was hoping to hear more about the "genius experiment" than just the stories of a couple of folks.

The Filthy Rich ep was interesting and was at least more in-depth than brief things I'd seen on financial news channels/shows before.

Blank Screen Only on Turn On Channel

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 02:13
I have searched and not found a solution.

When I turn on my system with my Harmony remote, whatever channel I was watching when I turned off the system is blank. If I change the channel, any other channel comes in with no issues. The channel that originally turns on either says that it is not currently available or not authorized, but as soon as i change the channel, everything works fine.

It does not seem to be a cable card issue because the other channels work just fine and the blank channel is whatever channel I was watching when I turned the system off (I understand the TiVo does not power off). My thought is that it might be an HDMI handshake issue with my Marantz pre-amp.

The signals on the channels are 100% and SNR at 41. Thus, it shouldn't be a signal issue.

I am open to any suggestions.