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Moving from Series3/HD to Roamio with Comcast

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 19:57
I'm not sure if this is the correct sub-forum for this question, so mods, please move it as appropriate...

I saw in this article that Comcast is beginning the move to MPEG4-HD. The article also states that the Series 3/HD TiVo's hardware is not capable of supporting MPEG4-HD.

Soooo... I'm thinking of moving to a Roamio in the short- to mid-term future. My Series 3/HD TiVo has been a most reliable unit for a number of years, so I'm not complaining about having to transition to the current TiVo hardware.

My questions are:

What's the process for moving from one TiVo to another? Do I just remove the cable card from the Series3/HD and put it into the Roamio, and everyone is happy? Do I need a Comcast tech visit?

I see on the tivo.com website that I can move Season Passes, ToDo lists, recorded shows, etc. from one TiVo to another via that website, so that's not a concern at this point.

I am really concerned about the interactions with Comcast and the cable card, and whether the Roamio will continue to record shows as scheduled.

International streaming/download?

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 18:48
I live in the US but have a few long business trips to Germany coming up in the next few months. The advertising for the TiVo Stream or Roamio Plus seem to indicate that I could watch shows on my iPad from anywhere in the world.

Has anyone tried this? We have a Premiere that is working just fine so my main reason for upgrading would be to get this feature. I would love to have a confirmation that it will work before shelling out for it.

Typically I can't stream any shows through Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, etc. when I am in Germany, so if I could set up to record shows at home and then get them from Germany that would be fantastic! CNN and BBC get pretty old after a while in my hotel room :)

Diagnosing "lightning damage"

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 16:56
I have a Series 3 652... Tivo in a vacation property and was just notified that a recent lightning strike likely fried my Tivo. I am going down in a few days and am looking for suggestions on how to diagnose/determine the damage. The unit has a cable card and is connected to a tuning adapter. I upgraded the HD to 1TB and will be taking the original 160 gb drive with me. I also replaced the power supply and will be taking the original which may not have been bad. Any suggestions on how/where I start to rule out damage to cable card/tuning adapter/hard drive/power supply? Maybe another way to put it is there some way to test/confirm if the motherboard is toast? Thanks for any suggestions.

Extant "A Pack of Cards" (8/27/14) [SPOILERS!]

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 16:36
Well, this space baby ain't no kid-friendly E.T. More like the Xenomorphs on LV-426.

Or the Vampires in Lifeforce.

And it wants its momma.

I say they nuke it from orbit. [Shrug] It's the only way to be sure.

One of the POV shots gave me a "It Came From Outer Space" vibe.


Charter New Lineup Change No Tivo Guide Info

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 16:13
Charter sent me something a while back which said the new channel lineup was effective August 5, 2014. Yet only a week ago I lost 3 channels, so I scheduled a service call but then realized the lineup change and found the missing content on the new channels.

However, I can't get any guide info for these channels, yet this info still shows up on the old channels. I've tried connecting to the Tivo service a few times with no change, even ran the guided setup. This is going to mess up my season passes!

UPDATE: Ran the guided setup one more time and now it worked.

A&E Cancels "Longmire"

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 15:34
A&E just announced that "Longmire" will not be renewed -- leaving us with yet another cliffhanger.

First "The Glades," now this? I think I'll stop watching A&E drama series near their original air dates. Instead I'll wait until we hear a series has been renewed and then binge-watch it on Hulu or Netflix. :)

Apps for major Networks...

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 14:03
One of the main things missing from Tivo is the on-demand functionality is basically gone for most providers with the exception of that X-finity thing with ComCast... I wish Tivo would add Apps for the major networks so that we would be able to watch at least those shows... Maybe an App for:


This way we could stream the latest or older episodes of Scandal or Arrow if we were thinking of about watching it.. Maybe we were on the fence to record some particular show but only found out later on that it was good.. This way, we could launch that App for that TV network and watch the older episodes..

Streaming Issues

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 13:45
So I have a Roamio Base and a Mini, I can stream live tv but not recordings. Everything else works fine on both boxes. I've tried the various reboot scenarios, connect to the service at least 30 times on each box, renamed each box to simple names (roamio,mini). I've unplugged everything from the modem/router to the mini and reconnected in order (modem/router, roamio, mini). I've even tried the reselect host dvr. No matter what I do, I can't stream recorded shows. When I go into the help for whole home on the roamio, it shows that streaming recorded shows is not supported for either box, evrything else is supported. On the mini it shows that streaming for live and recorded is supported. I'm at my wits end and like usual "tech" support was useless, suggesting I just wait a couple of days to see if it sorts itself out.

Thanks for any help,


P.S. the mini is only about 28 days old and everything worked fine from day 1 until this last monday morning (25th) when it just stopped working after a reboot everything worked except streaming of recordings.

Error V53 - OTA, Channel 24.1 Toledo, OH

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 13:32
My device is a TiVo Series4 SoftwareVersion 20.4.2-01-2-746
I have been having a V53 error on one channel constantly for approx 3 weeks, prior to that, no problems at all.
My signal is an Over The Air antenna.
My signal strength on the channel is about 78-81%
My SNR on the channel is 30dB (about the same on all channels)
Diagnostics say Signal Lock YES, Program Lock NO.
Every other TV in the house (without TiVo) tunes the channel in without issue.

I have had NO other problems on any other channels. Or with any other TV in the house. I am 99% sure the problem is with the TiVo box and its programming.

What can i try to resolve this issue?

Have Tried: Restarting, rebooting, powering off, blowing out the box, unplugging everything from the back - 24.1 still won't tune.
Replacing splitter from the outdoor antenna - 24.1 still won't tune
Using a good indoor antenna hooked directly into the box -24.1 still won't tune

So that leaves, the TV station, and the TiVo box... Unless there's something i'm missing?

Last Ditch Help

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 13:16
So we bought a TIVO and three mini's about 6 months ago, love it worked great for the first 6 months. Then one morning we were getting bad micro blocking some if the channels with some being unwatchable(lots of RS uncorrected and Corrected errors). Moved the TIVO to the basement to remove a long cable run, was better but still not normal.

Called Comcast and had them come out to check the signal and they said it was fine. Tried a different CableCard(I knew it worked, pulled it from a MediaCenter PC), still no go.

Called TIVO and they sent out a replacement, same thing :mad:.

Called Comcast, sent out another tech, he replaced all the ends on the coax and ran a new drop to our house. Still no improvement.

Signal strength is low on the channels that dont work, right around 80% and SNR is 30-32, we have an amp from Comcast that just feeds the TIVO.

We also have a Comcast DVR and a MediaCenter PC with a CableCard and they both work fine. The MediaCenter with no amp has a SNR of arounf 36-37 which is the same as what the Comcast tech says his equipment says.

Not sure why the TIVO is so much lower. Just at my wits end, don't know what to do or how to even get it fixed. Could the replacement TIVO be bad also?? Or is it really a Comcast problem? At this point it would have to be a main line or something but with the other stuff working not sure I could Convence Comcast of that.

Anyone have any suggestions? We have spent a bunch of money and if I can't get it working soon I am going to have to sell it all and get something else. :(

TiVo & Cable’s Inevitable MPEG4 Transition

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:04
From the blog Zatz Not Funny!

Roamio and Premiere units are ready to tune – having already cut their teeth on smaller scale channel conversions on Cox and FiOS. Unfortunately, TiVo Stream and Roamio Pro/Plus transcoding won’t be ready until 2015.

What will be the impacts for TiVo users?

Transparent - trailer for new Amazon TV show 9/26

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 09:05
Looks excellent


5 new Amazon Instant Video pilots begin today

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 08:25

A remarkable collection of actors and directors.

Red Oaks - A coming-of-age comedy set in the "go-go" 80s about a college student enjoying a last hurrah before summer comes to an end--and the future begins. Produced by Steven Soderbergh.
Starring:Jennifer Grey, Paul Reiser

Hand of God - A psychological drama about a morally-corrupt judge who suffers a breakdown and believes God is compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice.
Starring:Ron Perlman, Dana Delany

The Cosmopolitans - A dramatic comedy about a group of young American expats in Paris searching for love and friendship and an ocean of distance from their past.
Starring:Chloe Sevigny, Adam Brody

Hysteria - An investigative thriller about a haunted young doctor who is summoned back to her hometown to investigate an epidemic that may be linked to social media - and her own tragic past.
Starring:Mena Suvari, T.R. Knight

Really - A funny, honest, behind-the-curtain look at the psychological and emotional complexities of marriage and the charged dynamics of a tight-knit group of friends grasping on to what's left of their youth.
Starring:Brittney Alger, Sophia Bui

Selfies: Pilot streaming on ABC app

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 07:34
Got an update to the ABC app on my Android tablet last night so I browsed the content and noticed that Seflies pilot is streaming. I watched a few minutes of it. If you are into social networking, you might like it, but from the 10 minutes I saw, it seemed unfunny and rather dumb. In the first 10 minutes they must have mentioned a half a dozen different social networks. I remember hearing, Twitter and Instagram for sure. I know there were others. I know I'm not the target audience as it appears to be targeted at teen and 20 something girls/women.

The kmttg service was launched but but failure to start

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 06:17
y grand kids was here for the summer and made a mess out my computer. I restored the computer back to the way it ws before they arrived. Now now if i do any upgrades or stop and uninstall the service I will get this when starting the service "The kmttg service was launched but but failure to start" I do use the run as administrator.

How to make virgin image of hard drive

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 23:30
I'd like to do a complete reset of an S3 HD TiVo to virgin configuration then make a SApper-compatible image. How is this done?

Comcast VOD freezing, reboot temporarily fixes issue

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 20:49
Any ideas on why a simple roamio reboot fixes the 5 second freeze? The thing is after a while I will have the same issue, once I do another reboot all is fine for another timeframe. Sometimes days or longer (the timeframe between issues may be off as I don

Bypassing the tivo and capturing tv on a capture card...

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 20:15
so I plug rca cables into my video/audio out on my tivo premiere xl4 then into my capture device would my bitrate be the same as if tivo captured that show? or would it be "buffered" I tested it on a few shows and I recorded some of this mornings news using huffyav and my bitrate was off the charts like 24-29Mbps. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is 24-29Mbps the "real" bitrate? or is it limited to whatever my tivo can capture?

Big Brother - Veto - 8/27/14

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 20:04
Dummies. Cody is going to be bummed when Victoria gets $50k for doing absolutely nothing after he does everything Derrick tells him to do. I do get that they want to keep the numbers - but I'm so with Cody, Frankie and Christine simply aren't to be trusted. They'll put Cody up first chance. Well, who knows. It's got to be crazy trying to plan ahead when someone is in your ear, and doing such a good job.


And where do I go to vote No! ?
That play was horrid. I never vote. Sure wish I could vote for Donny to get $5k, and Derrick to get $2500. None for Frankie. I no longer care much for him, and this wasn't even a well thought out idea.

Can I get OTA through basic cable?

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 19:49
I just upgraded from a Series 2 to a Premiere with an antenna input. I have basic cable that supplies OTA HD channels to my tv. Tivo folks told me that I have to connect an antenna if I want the Premiere to get the HD channels.
So I'm wondering, if my basic cable has the OTA channels, can I attach a splitter and plug my cable into the antenna input? Would the tivo box recognize the channels?