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Miley Cyrus: Bangers Tour (on NBC)

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 23:50
I know I wasn't the target audience, but that was one of the most bizarre bits of a TV I have seen in quite a while. The concert footage had midgets, people dressed as furries, a lady with a big behind, and all sorts of odd animation like a plaid mechanical chicken laying eggs.

Then the parts between the concert footage showing her hanging out with her brother and sister were even more weird. It all strikes me as either a bunch of shtick to sell albums or that family is completely nuts.

But during her more serious songs she sang pretty well.

Big Brother OAD 7/6/2014 Noms and BOB

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 23:11
Do the other idiots in the house not see how nuts Devin is?

Totally off topic but I found interesting: I download this show via magical means. The copy that I got started from the last commercial break, then played to the end, then picked up at the beginning of the episode and played though until the last commercial break. This made me realize how the people capturing these shows can process and post them so fast: They must process each segment as the next one is being captured, then stitch them all together and upload.

Charter Cable, Duluth, GA install 5 July 2014

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 21:30
Ok, this is longish, slightly amusing but pretty much illustrates the state of Tivo v Cable Co relations.

So my Charter tech arrived a little after 9am on July 5. When asked he had never worked with Tivos before. I told Charter when I placed the order that they needed a Tivo literate tech or someone available to help out. It always ends in tears and desperate laughter when a total Tivo newbie has to do an install. I show him where the three Tivos will be located. Downstairs in the living room, downstairs in the den/family room and upstairs in the master bedroom.

In the Den, I have an 8 foot LAN rack more or less and it's about 30" offset from the wall. I work at home and I am constantly fiddling with the equipment on the furniture. Eventually it will hold 3 big monitors, a 32" TV on the main counter workspace and on the upper shelf I have the self-contained boxes like the Tivo, it's external hard drive, the data switch, a NAS server, other widgets, boxes etc. On the floor shelf will eventually live 3 PCs, assorted UPS units and the like

The wall behind the rack/furniture has tws coax outlets that are live, he'll use one for the data modem and the other for the Tivo. He hooks up the modem first but leaves little slack between the wall and the furniture. I tell him that won't cut it, I need some service loop for wire managemnt and to eventually cover the wall to furniture wires with a mat or tape. He redoes it but he doesn't like it.

He hooks up the first Tivo, a Series 3, two tuner model. He slaps in a Motorola multicast card and tells me it's ready. I stifle a laugh. I turn it on and of course nothing is tuning. I navigate to the HOST ID screen with the information he needs to call in to his service desk and I tell him he has to pair the cable card up with the mothership. I also ask him if they've done away with Tuning Adapters. He blinds rapidly. I continue and tell him that my research indicates that Charter in Duluth, GA uses Tuning Adapters with Tivos. More blinking. He says he'll be right back. He comes back about 20 minutes later with 3 Tuning Adapters. I guess I am fortunate that he has them in the truck.

I ask him to get the Internet up and I can show him some wiring diagrams for the tuning adapters. I tell him it's best practice to split the coax with one cable assigned to the Tuning Adapter and the other to the Tivo. He does that but he wants to finish the Tivo installations before working on the Internet. I wish him well and continue unpacking my main desktop computer so that I am ready when the Internet comes up.

He starts on the master bedroom installation but won't leave me 20 feet of service loop on the coax because of safety concerns. My wife and I weren't completely settled on which wall to put the TV/Tivo but I can deal with that later so we pick and wall and gets going.

The Living Room install requires that he run coax around the exterior of the back of the house. The exterior is painted beige-ish and I ask him to use white cable. He doesn't have any. Fine. He does a nice and neat job and gets the outlet installed and he's done with the physical install.

He calls in for tech help. The poor guy is on hold, the first time for 40 minutes. He's on speaker with the Tivo "expert" on the other end and she is asking for all sorts of information in the wrong place. She wants him to find the HOST ID and Unit Address on the outside of the Tivo box. I let him suffer for a bit and then I step in and pull up the CableCard Pairing screen and show him what he needs. Trumpets blare and peasants cheer and the ball moves a little more down the field. He then asks me about the Tuning Adapters and registering those and I tell him he is on his own because I from Comcastia and in Comcastia we didn't have to use Tuning Adapters. This new land of Charterville is a mystery to me.

He fiddles with all the installations, loses his over the phone help and has to call back. He's 30 more minutes on hold and I leave him to it and get back to unpacking. Finally after getting more help on the phone and more fiddling that doesn't work he says he'll get the Internet going because that's pretty straight forward. He does that and it comes up without a hitch. More cheering.

The mothership had him remove the cablecards and put them in slot 2 even though it's posted on the Tivo boxes and on two different screens that Multicast cards MUST go in slot 1. I point that out and I tell him I am dead solid sure that the cards need to go into slot 1 for both tuners to work. I am saved this discussion about our third Tivo because it's a Premiere with just one card slot. Now another tech arrives but I don't hear their conversation and he does more fiddling but nothing is working. He's back on hold again to the mothership, this time for more than 30 minutes. More fiddling. No joy.

Finally at 5pm, eight! hours later I go out to his truck and he is on hold again with the mothership. I ask him what he's game plan is. He says he's basically stuck working on this until I sign off. I tell him I am not signing anything until it all works. He looks very dejected. I've offered him drinks through the day, I told him it was cool if he took to get some food but he didn't want to leave at all. I tell him ok, we've got to get out of here and go back and get some odds and ends from our old house. I tell him that they have until close of business on Tuesday the 9th to get it all working or we are done, and I will call AT&T for Uverse. He, of course, doesn't know that Uverse doesn't support Tivo and that I am mostly bluffing.

He says he'll come back tomorrow morning, Sunday, at 9am. I ask him to call me first.

Sunday at 10am, the doorbell rings. New guy. He says he's Tivo literate and he'll get it figured out. Alas, the first guy had left a giant turd bomb for the second guy. He had started guided setup on the two old Tivos, one of which had no valid data connection. I had run setup just before moving and loaded the Charter profile so that I wouldn't need a data connection during install. I had planned on buying a wireless adapter for the master bedroom unit during the week since it had 12 days of data already. I learned that rebooting the Tivos during guided setup just picks up where it lets off. Fortunately I had 100 foot Cat 5 cable handy so I ran that upstairs so the master bedroom Tivo could get through setup. So, we get setup going and during that time he gets the Premiere paired up and working. Huzzah!

He works his calling into the mothership magic and I learn that he has to call THREE! different call centers to get it all setup. One of them is in India and he can't always understand what the techs on the other end of the phone are saying. He's been at this for a couple of hours and he has another Tivo install waiting. While the Tivos are still processing the guided setup data he asks if he can take off. I foolishly sign off on the paperwork but he gives me has cell number and a promise he will come back if the two units don't work.

Of course they can't tune anything. I call him up, he says he'll come back within two hours. He comes back in about 40 minutes. More mothership phone calls. Numbers were transposed, mistakes were made and they get all the numbers registered correctly. Both the Tivos come up correctly.

I also tell him that if I replace one of my old Tivos with a 6 tuner Roamio I am calling him because odds are the cablecard firmware will not be updated and he'll likely end up over here anyway.

8 hours on day one, 3 hours and change on day two and I am a happy Charter / Tivo customer.

For now.

Three cheers and a Tiger for Rodrick, a truly nice guy, of Charter Cable in Duluth, GA!

True blood -"Fire in theHole" - 7/6/14

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 21:29

How come the hep-v vamps move like lightening... And Eric, who is a thousand years old, can hardly get out of a chair?

RIP Mrs. Fortenberry. Mostly.

House Hunters International host Suzanne Whang

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 18:51
I have this theory that Suzanne Whang, the host (narrator) or House Hunters International is also the voice of many airports in the USA.

Close your eyes when HHI starts and imagine the same voice saying: "For security purposes, keep your bags with you at all times and report any suspicious packages."

I looked at her IMDB page and the bio doesn't say anything about this. Any ideas, anyone?

Repl. Remote Control: Toshiba RS-TX20?

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 18:43
Just bought the machine minus remote at a swap meet, all the functions I can do without a remote seem to work.

Any suggestions as to where I can obtain a factory remote, or which aftermarket universal remote would work best? An 8 year old thread suggested a URC-8820; any newer/better models available now?

Has any one got the new update

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 18:36
Since the other subject is so far off topic I'll start another one. Has aany one got the new update yet?

Extremely SLOW download to iPAD

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 15:35
It used to take ~30-40 min. to download a "medium" sized 1HR show from my Roamio Pro to my iPAD. Now it takes 4+ hours to download the same size show to my iPAD. Many times it fails also. I've reset the TiVos, iPAD, and home network equipment. No help. Does anyone have any ideas?

Spotify User Interface

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 14:13
What do you think of the Spotify app's functionality? Is it easy to use, or do you find it lacking?

Is there any way to remove TV logos from videos?

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 11:49
I have recorded some TV shows and I want to archive them for future watching.

Does anyone know if there is way to remove the TV logos which are superimposed over the videos?



Basic Cable and Upgrading from Tivo S2 - Best Options??

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 08:12
My Mother lives in a retirement home that has basic cable, e.g. no CableCard required to see any/all channels. She doesn't think that will change anytime soon. But who knows... Her Tivo Series2 died a horrible death last night (RIP), so she needs something new. Since it is unscrambled cable now and I guess could go to digital at some point down the road, I didn't know what would be the best replacement for her: Roamio or perhaps a Premier model?

Looking for options so I can look for her a replacement that will work now (basic cable) and potentially down the road w/ digital cable as well.

Thanks in advance.

Way to view all files currently stored on Tivo from computer?

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 06:32
Is there way to view all recordings on my Premiere from my computer without having to physically turn on a TV every time?

I can go to Tivo.com but that only shows recorded files.

Please help. thanks.

Returning to TIVO after YEARS - Several Connection Questions

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 01:41
Ok I just ordered a Roamio Plus and a Mini

I want to use the Moca to connect the Plus and Mini (I can also run Cat5 If I have to)?
I don't care about internet access to stream.
I only have Wifi available in a limited basis.

How often does the Roamio have to connect to the internet?
Does it have to HAVE a constant connection or can it connect once a day/week/month and stiff function?

Can I use the Plus and the Mini with out having the Roamio connected to the internet full time?

Right now I have Clearwire wireless internet. I can upgrade to Comcast if I need to but the Clearwire is free so I really don't want to.

Need Help with PyTivo Pulls and TivoDecode

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 21:22
Hello all,
I have a problem when using Pytivo to do a pull from a Premiere Elite to my PyTivo server. In order to get the transfer to work, I have to uncheck the "Decrypt with TivoDecode" check box. Then the transfer works. I want the TivoDecoded file though to use in other players, and not just viewing on the TiVo, so I want to get Tivodecode to work. To troubleshoot, I have done the following work:

Downloaded Mcbrines latest pytivo distribution from sourceforge.
Checked Tivodecode version with tivodecode -V (Version: 0.2pre4)
Error Message in Console Window: [Errno 32] Broken Pipe

Anyone have any idea what I need to do?

CBS Bad Teacher airing out of order?

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 20:15
I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot at this point since the show's been cancelled and they're just burning off current inventory, but the pilot was episode 100 (according to the TiVo), the second one aired a week later was 103, and after airing 4 or 5 episodes so far, the ones tonight are 101 and 110.

I wish I were stupid enough to be an overpaid network executive.

Need help with resetting push folder name in pytivo

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 16:18
I am using the push feature of pytivo with windows detailed here.


I am trying to "push" all files into a single folder but I made a mistake when creating the folder name for the first file push. Apparently, that also effects all subsequent file pushes.

Is there a way to edit or reset this so I can change the folder name to something else for future pushed files?

Please help. Thanks.

HELP! - "Non M-Card inserted" on previously working Tivo Premiere

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 12:30
My Tivo Premiere fan had been making a lot of noise, so I bought a replacement fan and installed it today... a quick and easy replacement.

I had pulled my cableCARD out and then re-inserted it after everything was put back together. I thought the card seemed a little hard to insert, but didn't think anything of it. When I plugged the box in, I noticed that the fan wasn't running, so I took the top back off the box. I found that, in stroke of horrible luck, the wire from the new fan had fell just right so it got stuck behind the card as I was pushing it in.

I pulled the card back out and checked the wire, which was still ok, so again I put everything back together and this time made sure that the wire was tucked well out of range of the cableCARD.

Now when I start up the Tivo, I'm getting a CableCARD Decoder error that says "An invalid card was just inserted. Please remove the card and insert a Multi-Stream CableCARD."

What can I do? The card itself looks fine, so is it possible that I have damaged the reader? Or maybe it just fried the card itself?

EDIT: Upon further review, I do see a bent pin in the card reader, but I'm not sure how I can get to it. Does anyone know if the reader can easily be removed from the board?

Is it hapening again?

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 05:45
I have experienced 2-3 restarts with my RCA DVR 80 over the past week or so, and think there have been more. I went to watch a recorded show and it was only half there.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Streambaby stopped working?

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 03:11
I was using it without issue for a long time but I reformatted my computer hard drive and re-installed windows. Upon re-setting up StreamBaby, it broadcasts to the Tivo, I see it on the Tivo apps list but when I try to open it, it just says

"One Moment..."

Then it fails and goes back to my main tivo menu after about 60 seconds. Any clue why this would be and how I can fix this?

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