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TiVo Mini in the basement over IR

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 23:00
* I have a Roamio Plus in Family Room - working great
* Want a Mini (version 1) in room #2 - but no place to "hide it"
* Fortunately, have coax to room #2 from basement - so, put Mini in basement, connect via active balun (HDMI +IR -> coax -> HMDI + IR)
* Put IR "output" on front of Mini @ left-center per other posts I found on this board

* Picture looks great
* Remote working when in basement but not when in room #2... kinda defeats the purpose

* Any reason a "standard" IR extender wouldn't work with TiVo's IR?
* Any suggestions for how to test this as the whole IR thing is pretty opaque?

Tivo Premierdownload to Mac kmttg or citivo, paid help

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 22:56
Problem with old tivo and all files didn't transfer over to new Tivo so I'd like to download them to my iMac. I researched and heard about kmttg and citivo. There may be others. I am not a computer wiz and couldn't even get the new beta version of citivo to download. Is there anyone I could hire in NJ area to come over and set it up and teach me??? Any suggestions??

Would love to archive some shows onto mac or external hard drive. I know how to record streaming video if that is an easier option but seems like airplay is only for iPads/iphones.

Fresh off the Boat

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 21:52
Kind of surprised there isn't a thread about this show yet.

While it's not absolutely *hilarious*, this is definitely one of the best sitcoms I've seen in the past year or two, at least.

While a large portion of the humor is based on stereotypes, I like that the parents aren't "can barely understand English" stereotypes, which is often the joke in fish out of water type shows. (Yes, I do realize they lived in DC before, and I don't remember how long ago they came to the U.S.)

Strangely enough, the two most recent episodes had contradictory statements about the Internet. One said there was "no Internet" in 1995.. Obviously wrong, and even when you limit it to the world wide web, which unfortunately is what tons of people mean when they say "the Internet", even that's wrong... From wikipedia, Netscape Navigator was 1.0 in late 1994.. (and I realize his statement ALSO talked about search engines.)

Then the next episode somehow said the reverse.. but like usual, people don't remember the correction.. Oh, I think it was listening to the modem trying to connect, he was trying to get to his web page.

Padding not being recorded on 20.4.6

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 20:20
Sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere, but I noticed a bug with padding tonight.

I set all my OnePasses to record one extra minute at the end of each show. Tonight I had a couple of hour-long shows scheduled to record at 8:00, and 3 shows scheduled to record at 9:00. 2 of the 3 later shows are on the same channels as the earlier 2. Because of the padding, I was expecting 5 tuners to be in use from 9:00-9:01. I happened to be looking at the recording lights on the front of the Roamio, and 5 lights were lit for only a second or two, not the whole minute. I checked the recordings, and the playback bar shows the expected 1:01 length, but the recordings actually end at the one hour mark.

Anyone else notice this? I had the tuners available to cover the padding, but the TiVo didn't even try to tune a second instance of the two channels.

20.4.6 bug, Roamio reboots when attempting to tune SDV channels

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 18:07
Cable Provider: Cox
CableCard: SA M-Stream HW 1.2 "F"
SDV Box: Cisco STA1520

I just got 20.4.6 last night, and ever since then I have been getting reboots that at first seem random (And initially in a loop).

After I disconnected the SDV box entirely from USB and Coax, I rebooted and made sure all 6 tuners were set to a non-SDV channels. That seems to have stabilized it, but regardless of whether the SDV box is connected to the TiVo or not, if I attempt to tune to an SDV channel it will immediately reboot.

Can I get a rollback from 20.4.6? I frankly cannot be a guine pig for this release if I can't use my TiVo in any meaningful way.

The Flash: The Nuclear Man

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 17:00
No thread yet? We're slipping. Not sure I like how Firestorm is going: isn't Stein supposed to be just in Ronnie's head? But I did like how the device looked just before he blew.

And since when did Iris start to have feelings for Barry while she's still dating Eddie?

Wish List Help

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 16:52
Although we've had a TiVo setup in our home for over a year now, I've never felt the need to create wishlists.

I would like to create 2 wish lists to record NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing & the former Nationwide series racing.

I created a WL for "NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing" & "NASCAR XFinity Racing" about 4 days ago.

I just checked and there is still now recordings coming up for either WL. The races are on February 21 & 22, within the 14 day period.

What in the heck am I doing wrong?

Appreciate the help.

Verizon FIOS and setting up a Mini

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 16:04
Just wanted to share my findings with the group as this was a little harder than anticipated.

1) You already have a MoCa network ! DO NOT turn your Tivo device into a MoCa server. This crashed my network to the point I had to physically reset my router. In the Network connections section just change from Ethernet to MoCa - this just works - I was surprised too.
2) After changing to MoCa and confirming that you can connect (connect to Tivo service now) make sure the name of your device DOES NOT HAVE A SPACE IN IT - ie change "Living Room" to "LivingRoom"
3) Reboot your main box.
4) Connect again to the Tivo service - yeah, I know, do it again.
5) Now go thru the procedure to set up the Mini - use Moca as your connection type and continue thru setup.
6) I got the dreaded "V70" error - a Tivo DVR could not be found. Unplug the mini and go thru the setup again - this fixed it for me. Another reboot of the main DVR may be necessary as well.
7) Couple of other points that I learned that may be interesting to you. If you still have troubles it is important that your cable splitters support 2GHz (mine currently don't, and it works but I hear that could play a part in the issue). Next point if you have issues with getting Moca to work is to select a specific channel in the Moca settings instead of Auto - make sure both the Tivo and the Mini use the same channel if you select it.

Hope this helps - took me several days to get this to work and the Tivo community was very helpful. The very first mistake that ruined the first night was to make my Tivo a Moca server as the instructions indicated - total disaster when Verizon FIOS already has MoCa running - just switch to Moca, no new server necessary.

TiVo Mini Bricked by 20.4.6?

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 15:22
Signed up for early release of 20.4.6 two days ago and was super psyched when I forced a connection this afternoon and it downloaded! It said update was pending restart. Sweet!

Forced a reboot via TiVo's Help menu, then... nothing. The box isn't coming back up on the TV screen, just a steady white light on the Mini, and the amber ethernet port LED flashes every two seconds (it's connected via ethernet). It's been like this for about 30 minutes.

Is the Mini bricked? What are my next steps?

Tivo Picture Garbled until Reboot.

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 14:50
Hi all. Post #1

I bought a TIVO Roamio (TCD846500) last week from Best Buy along with the 4 year extended warranty. I also purchased the lifetime TIVO subscription. I have it set up as OTA only, no cable.

All was well with setup and recording. Watched shows, beautiful picture. No issues.

Woke up the other day and turned on live TV and all I saw was a mostly black picture with a few pixelated blocks of color. Didn't matter what channel I changed to, same thing. Perfect sound, but 90% black picture with a few blocks of pixilation. Thought it might have been the antenna not getting a good signal, but, when I went to play back a previously recorded show that I already watched...exact same thing....mostly black with a few pixels showing on the screen.

I did what most folks do when a computer is malfunctioning, tried a reboot. Perfect, live TV and the previous recordings again looking perfect. No issues since.

1) Has anyone seen this before?

2) If you think I should take it back and replace it, I'm fine with that, but being only only a week old today, will any change in the unit count as my "one" time exchange for my lifetime subscription? I really hate to give it up this early in the game.



V20.4.6 Audio Issue

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 13:29
I scanned the forum and see several people having a similar issue but I still haven't found any suggestion that has permanently fixed the issue.

Just in case this is new to someone reading it, the issue is I sometimes lose the audio when fast forwarding, rewinding, or using any similar option to bounce around the video. The audio will simply not come back and the current workarounds is to pause for a few seconds and resume (though this doesn't always work) or to turn the TV off and then back on (this seems to work every time). But neither of these solutions are acceptable level of performance.

My set up currently is a Roamio HDMI directly into my Vizio 2013m series, and from my TV, digital optical cable into my Sony receiver. The TiVo itself has standby turned off and the video options set to 1080i only (nothing is broadcast in 1080p so no reason to use that option).

I've had zero issues with this prior to the new patch but now its almost every other time and incredibly annoying. I love the OnePass but I hope I didn't pay $700 to now be stuck with this issue. And I'm not about start fiddling with different cables or buy a new sound system for what's clearly an issue on the TiVo side.

Are issues like this something TiVo patches again in the future or am I about to seriously regret my membership?

The Americans | Open House | Feb 11, 2015 S3E03

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 11:50
Anyone have any dental work they need done?

Can someone explain the last scene to me?

I thought they were listening to conversations of the guy that had the open house and they thought he might be getting it on with his babysitter. Was it he that was talking to the girl? Where did the thing about the CIA group head come from?

how do i use the tivo roamio download manager?

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 11:24
How do I use the download manger to download podcast videos?

Bug in iOS app - conflicts

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 07:00
Seems that if you go to create a OnePass via the iOS app, and the show you are creating it for has conflicts, the app won't tell you about the conflicts and it will say the pass is created, even though it isn't.


FS: Red TiVo Remote Control

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 00:30
I was cleaning out some old boxes of stuff and I came across a rare red TiVo remote control. This is similar to the Series 2 remotes, with the DVR 1-2 switch, but the casing of the remote is red. I have tested it and it works with my Premiere, Mini and Roamio boxes. I had previously used it with Series 2 and 3 boxes too.

Asking $20 plus shipping. If nobody here wants it, I'll throw it on eBay.

Online SAP FICO training in USA,UK,Canada,Australia,India,Dubai @ +91 800 8000 311

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 23:09
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Series 3 Drive Replacement size issue

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 22:55
The original drive in my Series 3 TCD648250 died on me (lots of nasty clicking). Since I couldn't copy that drive, I had to find a 648 image WinMFS image. I restored the image to a 1.5TB drive. During the WinMFS (Beta 9 3F) restore from the image file, I was asked about using the additional space and did select Yes.

When I put the 1.5TB drive in the TiVo and ran setup, it only reported that 35 HD hours were available for recording.

Is it possible to extend the partition used for recording without having to re-image and start all over? If so, what tools do I use for that?

This was my first restore, so please be gentle with me :D

Vudu app 3d support.

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 22:16
Anyone know if the Vudu app supports their 3D streaming as well. The last Tivos are supposed to support 3d so I would hope the app does as well.

Cablecards work but not shown as paired?

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 22:00
I have an issue where my 2 Cisco Cablecards are working but don't seem to be shown as paired.

My Series 3 (250B) starting acting up (e.g., not tuning all channels, reboot when Cablecard inserted) & I noticed that several of the power supply capacitors were bulging. I replaced most of them (11 total) & this solved the Cablecard reboot issue but the cable cards were no longer paired.

I then called Suddenlink to try to get the 2 Cablecards paired, with no success after 2 calls. I went by the local office & swapped for 2 new cards & I thought I was able to get them paired with a support call (although they had messed up the channel provisioning on my account & this had to be fixed).

I now get the full set of channels & can record on both tuners but the status screens do not show them as paired.

Host ID (card 1): "In order to start cable service for this device, please contact your cable provider..." & Type: One-Way Auth Received

Host ID (card 2): "In order to start cable service for this device, please contact your cable provider..." & Type: One-Way

CA Status (both cards): Status: Ready
Active Programs (both cards): N/A-101-Ent-xxx
DAVIC Status (both cards): Locked

CP Auth Status (card 1): Locked
CP Auth Status (card 2): Waiting for CP Auth
CP CCI (both cards): 0x0

I called Suddenlink back & they said they see both cards as paired, so if I thought there was an issue they'd need to send out a tech.

I checked the signal on a couple of channels & signal strength for both cards is 90-100 dB with SNR 34-36 dB. Card 1 is shown as Tuner 1 & card 2 is shown as Tuner 0. Module State for both is Operating Normally.

Is this most likely just a case of screwy provisioning by Suddenlink that the tech can hopefully straighten out with a visit?

Since the drive was 4 years old I went ahead & got a new drive (replaced WD Green 1TB with Green 2TB using WinMFS). I see the same behavior with either drive, I originally tested after replacing the caps before touching the drive.

Justified S06E04 OAD 2/10/2015 "The Trash and the Snake"

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 21:11
This episode needs a thread! Wow, what a fantastic season Justified is having so far. So entertaining.

The showrunners have said they aren't deliberately trying to do an "all-star" type of thing with returning guest stars and their characters, but it's so great to see them working past people in. It was great to see Dickie Bennett again (I love how Jeremy Davies always seems like he last bathed weeks ago in this role, even when the character is in jail), and Loretta too. It's maybe a bit hard to believe that Raylan wouldn't know Loretta had bought the Bennett place, but so what. And it's kind of disturbing that she seems on the path to be the next Mags, but then again, you never leave Harlan alive.

Crackling good scene between Raylan and Markham. Seems like most of the plans are out in the open now, although we don't know what Boyd's new plan is, and of course what Katherine knows about Ava is still a mystery. And jeez, Ava is hardly a sympathetic character by now, but it's getting hard not to feel sorry for her. She's gone from being squeezed by Raylan and the marshals on one side and Boyd on the other to those two plus Katherine from a third direction. It will be fascinating to see if Ava engineers a way out of all that, or if her fate is just determined by what happens to everyone else.

Such good stuff. And I didn't even mention the classic Justified black humor in what happened to the Wiz.