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Different Signal Strengths on HD DVR & Roamio Basic

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 18:14
I went from my Series 3 HD DVR (2 Tuner) to a Roamio Basic (4 Tuner) and the signal strength for NBC (39 in San Diego) went from 85 with the HD DVR to 60 with the Roamio Basic with occasional pixelation.

Any suggestions or ideas?

The Almighty Johnsons

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 17:39
Anyone going to check this show out?


Looks like it might be a good Warehouse 13 replacement.

Update to Roamio Plus Questions

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 16:13
I currently have a Premiere upgraded to a 2TB drive with lifetime service. While the unit works fine it is sluggish as the Premiere's are prone to do. I would like to stream Tivo content to my iPad, too. I know I can do this with the Stream, something I had but got rid of because of how loud it was.

So I guess my first question is the Roamio noticeably faster over the Premiere in the menus? Are all menus HD now or, like the Premiere, is it sort of piecemeal?

I know the Roamio Plus only has a 1TB drive: is there any way I can move my 2TB drive from the Premiere into the Roamio and have it update to the latest Roamio software? I'd rather not lose an additional TB of data if I don't have to.

Or am I being stupid and just stay with the Premiere since it has a lifetime service? :)

Roamio recording space

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 15:35
The TIVO site says there are 1000/3000 (Plus/Pro) hours of recording space. Is this SD or HD? If it's SD how much time is that in HD?


Downloading/streaming to iPad when not on home network

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 13:33
The roamio advertises that it can stream your tv shows wherever you are. It seems, however, that all the shows I have tried to stream to my iPad when on vacation say that the copyright holder does not allow streaming outside of the home network. A similar message comes up whenever I try to download shows to my iPad.

Are there actually shows that can be downloaded or streamed when not on the home network? I'm beginning to think that I have been scammed by tivo's advertising for this device.

Under the Dome S02E02 07-07-14 - Spoilers -

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 12:10
A decent episode but didn't move the story along at all. I don't trust the new and improved Big Jim at all of course. And I had a feeling Angie would turn up to just be injured instead of dead but nope, they killed her. Looks like this season will be a season of death on the show.

Not very smart burning the fields, where is the smoke supposed to go science teacher?

Channel lineup has changed, but tivo guide hasn't updated yet...

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 09:59
So as of yesterday Charter has converted to 100% digital which is fine because I get more channels, but the kicker is about 30 or so channels now have been reassigned to new channel numbers. For example H2 was on 726 now it's on 723.

Does anyone know how long it usually takes for tivo to get the updated channel lineup? I really don't want to miss any recordings. I can manually go to the channels by typing them, but tivo doesn't have the channel information or program information. I wouldn't really care but when it affects over 30 channels it kind of sucks.

Thanks for your help.

Repeat Guided Setup ASAP! (Help)

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 08:45
I've set up a Tivo Series 1 for my brother in Canada using emuproxyZA and it is working with Bell Canada (Satellite). However, every other call in, there is a Pre-Tivo Central message to "Repeat Guided Setup ASAP!" informing me due to a change by your satellite provider I have to repeat guided setup.

I've foolishly repeated the long guided setup process twice already and the message keeps coming. It's working fine and has guide data - usually 8 days worth. I'm pretty sure the emuproxyZA work-around came from our friends down under. Has this problem come up in your part of the world and is there any fix? Tivo's troubleshooting guide just says, "Pick another satellite provider" to fix this, which isn't any kind of real option. Help!

Premier mixing up my recordings

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 06:48
I was able to deal with my tivo occassionaly not responding to the remote (requiring a reboot) but now some recordings are being mixed up.

In my shows it will show the recording for show x, but the actual recorded show is show y. The show y tend to be other shows I have in my recordings. This is not the guide data being wrong or anything like that.

Never had such a glitchy tivo before. :(

Bad Premier XL drive -- thinking about upgrading to 2TB

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 03:47
Hello. :)

It looks like my premier XL drive has died. When it boots up it stays in the "starting up" screen and it doesn't go any further. I can't even get to the kickstart screen. So it looks like an HD issue so that's the path I'm going to pursue for the moment.

I'm thinking that if I have to replace the HD anyway, I might as well make it a 2TB drive. :)

From reading the forums, it looks like I need the following:

jmfs live cd
A tivo premier XL drive image (TCD748000)
A 2TB sata drive (probably something like a WD20EURX 2TB)
A USB 3.0 to SATA Dock

And then it looks like I should be able to do the following.

Install the factory image using DvBARS to the 2TB drive
Use jmfs to resize (and then supersize) the image to expand the 2TB partition
Replace the drive in my tivo and go through the setup again.

So a couple of questions.

What format is the backup in? Specific to DvrBARS? Or is it possible to use dd from the jmfs live cd?

Are there better alternatives to the WD AV-GP series of drives?

Anything else I'm missing?

I would do the 4TB image, but it looks like it requires two HD's....

Xfinity On Demand: GSM-11 and CL-14 Service Errors

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 02:44
I've opened a new thread on this 'cause I feel like most of the others have become anecdotal and tend to digress into one-off issues. This thread is specific to GSM-11 and CL-14 service errors on Roamio series DVRs, Note: the troubleshooting steps below may or may not apply to other Xfinity On Demand low level communication failures and may or may not apply to other Tivo series DVRs.

Problem Description
When launching Xfinity On Demand the user experiences a GSM-11 service error on startup...AND/OR...a CL-14 service error when selecting Watch Now. Typically ALL but at least ONE or more of the behaviors below occurs:
  • ALL selections of ALL titles FAIL with a CL-14 service error including paid content, Streampix, etc.
  • ALL other services PASS including Xfinity internet, live TV, Netflix, etc.
  • Service errors are intermittent: Xfinity On Demand works sometimes, meaning you can actually launch and watch a movie, but other times not.

Comcast describes the CL-14 error as a "low level communication" failure. This is almost always the result of a Comcast network failure of some sort (server, network, performance issue, etc). Chances are you are not the only one impacted and a larger local area is also experiencing issues.
Read these forums and you will see this issue has persisted for years now, with no accountability from Comcast. Surprise! :cool: However, Tivo also shares the blame for not working with Comcast to effectively root cause the issue or issues involved and provide a solution...or at least provide some coherent troubleshooting steps. Here's why Tivo's participation is important:
  • Tivo restricts Roamio functionality(except for the HD antenna option) to two providers: Comcast and Verizon. They therefore assume some responsibility for working with and influencing these providers to resolve issues like this on behalf of their customers.
  • There's a handshake happening here between the Tivo network and the Comcast network. Tivo would have you believe it's just their box...and everything else is Comcast.
  • Tivo actively advertizes support of Xfinity On Demand and provides a link from their website where a potential customer can determine availability per market. If Tivo said, "We don't support Xfinity On Demand.", then case closed, game over. Tivo shouldn't be promoting a solution that just flat out doesn't work.

All righty, so here's my attempt to fill the void. These are steps you've probably never heard before. They should save you much pain:

When Xfinity On Demand is the ONLY service impacted (see criteria that must be met under Problem Description above), call Xfinity On Demand Support at: 1-877-530-6950.

Tell the Xfinity On Demand support rep at this number to check if there are any network issues in your local area that could be impacting Xfinity On Demand service.

If the rep says they cannot do this...OR...even if they say they checked and there are no issues, make them escalate the case and make sure you get a ticket#(will begin with "CR") to refer back to. Tell the support rep you want this case escalated to the cable headend supervisor/manager and you want confirmation back - to be documented in the ticket - on the status of Xfinity On Demand service in your area.

Open a ticket with Tivo support and provide the escalated case CR# you opened with Xfinity On Demand support in Step 2. Add a note in the case telling Tivo you want this case left open until these constantly reoccurring GSM-11 and/or CL-14 service errors are resolved and/or a true root cause(s) is determined, and logical, comprehensive troubleshooting steps are provided.


Host Id and Data ID
If the Host and Data Ids were wrong the card could not pair...period. You wouldn't be getting live TV in this event. This fact won't stop Xfinity On Demand support from asking for the Host and Data ID's anyway, so navigate to Settings & Messages > Settings > Remote CableCARD, & Devices > CableCARD Decoder > CableCARD options(for Installers) > CableCARD Menu > CableCARD Pairing....and knock yourself out. This isn't your problem.

Remove and/or replace the Cablecard
No, Tivo..no! If Live TV and every other service works, why would you tell customers to do this? Removing the card can change the Host and/or Data IDs. Replacing the card is a nightmare of mammoth proportions causing customers to have to go back to Comcast, stand inline, get another card, and then re-initialize Tivo and Comcast service. That's just mean! :eek:

If you must waste their time, tell them to check the firmware version (FW*) by navigating to: Settings & Messages > Settings > Remote CableCARD, & Devices > CableCARD Decoder > CableCARD options(for Installers) > CableCARD Menu > CableCARD Status. If they have a Motorola card and it's FW* rev. 6.25 or later, they are good. However, remember: the symptom is typically that Xfinity On Demand works sometimes, other times not. The Cablecard is not the issue here.

Billing and rate codes aka. Auth codes
Tivo forums are rife with changing billing codes as a magic bullet. If Xfinity On Demand never worked for you ever...ok, let them screw around with changing the codes as much as they want. They'll pretend to change the code, cryptically adding something like:"Tivo Premier". Btw this is a tier code, NOT a code that stands for the Premier box specifically. They'll send a CCV (Cable Card Activation) signal to pair the card, and they'll send an INIT to burn in the new rate codes...blah de blah. Useless steps for the most part.

Remember...the behavior that most of us experience is intermittent: sometimes Xfinity On Demand works, other times not. They changed my billing codes several times over the course of one week. Changing billing codes never worked for me, and it doesn't work for most people. If this worked for you, I suspect it was the INIT on the card that did the trick, but this is where I defer to Tivo to pin Comcast down on this as a viable troubleshooting step as it relates to the behavior specified above.

Physical Issues
I'm assuming you rebooted the Tivo box a bunch of times already by physically unplugging it. Did you count to :60? Betcha felt stupid. You removed splitters, checked for loose connections from the wall to the back of your Tivo, replaced cables where possible, checked for loose connections on the main line to the pole. I'm assuming you all have a clue and did basic stuff like this already, but this did not resolve the issue.

Then comes the sacred mantra of Comcast...Tivo happily chimes in: "Roll the truck! Check for signal leakage and S/N issues!" All I can tell you is: they rolled the truck three - count 'em three - separate times to my house all for an issue where ONLY Xfinity On Demand wasn't working. All this after a speed test confirmed I was getting a blazing fast rate on my internet, live TV was perfect, no issues with any other internet subscription services like Netflix and so on.

On the third truck roll, even though Xfinity on Demand just happened to be working before they got here, even thought the S/N ratio was perfect, they replaced a cable connection that was only six months old, a splitter that showed absolutely no signal leakage, and they performed other "make work" tasks for no reason. What are the odds a truck roll will work for you?

I did my best to drag answers out of the various Comcast reps on the calls I made to try and resolve this issue. In the end all they would tell me was there was an "issue in my area impacting Xfinfity On Demand an other services". They refused to be more specific.

So, try my Troubleshooting Steps when the behavior you are experiencing meets the criteria specified in the Problem Description above. 99.9% of the time, this is a Comcast network failure of some sort and most likely you are not the only one experiencing service errors in your area.

Meanwhile, I've got a case open [140617-000001] with Tivo and its going to stay open until there's a solution. I encourage everyone experiencing this issue to open cases with Comcast and Tivo as described in Step 2 and 3 above.

Tivo, I showed you tough love in the case I opened, but I still like ya. :) I know I can't get respect from Comcast, so I'm coming to you because I expect better. Please work with Comcast to root cause this issue and provide a solution. Peace out.

Programs vanished from My Shows

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 23:43
A bunch of recording on my Roamio Pro recently vanished from My Shows about a week or two ago, but they are still actually on my Roamio because if I search for said programs, I’m given the option to play them from My Shows and that works.

I just can’t see them in My Shows. My other TiVo’s can’t see them either. I tried transferring the same show from another TiVo and the transfer never showed up in My Shows either. Those are also lost.

I have no idea how to fix this as it seems like some kind of indexing or data problem. In the past I’d switch to the SD screens, but there aren’t any on the Roamio.

Any idea how to fix this?

A bunch of recording vanished from My Shows

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 23:25
A bunch of recording on my Roamio Pro recently vanished from My Shows, but they are still actually on my Roamio because if I search for said programs, I'm given the option to play them from My Shows and that works.

I just can't see them in My Shows. My other TiVo's can't see them either. I tried transferring the same show from another TiVo and the transfer never showed up in My Shows either.

I have no idea how to fix this. In the past I'd switch to the SD screens, but there aren't any on the Roamio.

Any idea how to fix this?

HD DVR vs Roamio and Pixelation

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 22:32
I went from my HD DVR (2 Tuner) to a Roamio Basic (4 Tuner) and the signal strength for NBC (39 in San Diego) went from 85 to 60 with occasional pixelation.

Any recommendations for improving the signal strength?

Dead or Dying hard drive

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 21:23
Hey guys,

I've got a Tivo HDXL with I think a 1TB hard drive that is dying or dead. I've read lots of posts and I'm still a little unclear on what I can do to remedy the situation. I've run through the service mode HD scans and at this point it's just not booting up. Even if it does eventually boot (I did this a few weeks back and it fixed itself) I'm worried the the HD is on a slow death march to the grave.

With that said I understand my options are to:
1) buy a new TIvo
2) buy a ready to use Tivo replacement drive
3) use my own HD and format it correctly and do the work myself.

I'm quite handy with PCs and have lots of extra drives around, so I'd like to take option 3. I have linux and Windows and mac systems at my disposal and can do lots of low level work, but I'm not sure of the specific instructions.

All of the intructions i've read say I need to buy some software to format the drive or buy the drive. Is there freeware out there that I can use to format this correctly?

more questions:

1) does my HD need to be working to create a replacement?
2) In either case will i lose all of my data?
3) can I backup data and recover it, if I get the drive to spin up?
4) what format is the partition scheme in?
5) what have I forgotten?

Thanks for the help and advice.

Switch from Premiere to Roamio

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 20:55
I currently use a Tivo Premiere but recently bought a Roamio which I have not yet activated. I had planned to activate it when I move to a new address since I thought a Comcast installer would be coming out, however I just found out that they will not need to send an installer to activate me at the new address. So my question is, do I simply take the cable card from the Premiere and put it in the Roamio and follow the instructions? When I first got the Premiere it was required that an installer come to put the cable card in..

They removed cable TV from my apartment building

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 20:45
Because of the demolition of adjacent apartment buildings which were formerly part of one complex (those buildings contained the cable TV infrastructure), Cable TV has been removed from my building (the last remaining building).

So I have been forced to obtain DISH Network to continue watching TV and they provide a DVR.

I need 15 posts to open a thread in the sales forum to sell my TiVo though. I do not have an eBay because I sold my business a few months ago which included that account.

I called to cancel TiVo today and they offered me the $99 lifetime for my Series 3 TiVo, it's a TCD652160, but I have upgraded the drive to 250 GB (a small upgrade I know, but the original 160 GB drive died and I used what I had).

I said I didn't have $99 right away and they were really nice and comped me a month of service and said I could call back in the next month to get the deal.

So I'd like to get that deal, and then I'll have this TiVo, but no cable though.

Switching From Cable To OTA

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 20:38
I have my Roamio Basic set up defined to my local cable company using a cable card and a TA.

I am thinking about dropping cable and switching to OTA (I can get all the major networks in HD via an antenna in my attic) plus Netflix/Hulu, etc.

Before canceling my cable service, I'd like to do a trial run by connecting my antenna to the Roamio input and running through set up again.

If I decide to stay with cable, will I have to go through cable card pairing and end up having to have a cable company technician come out or will it be as simple as connecting the TA to the Roamio and going through set up again?


Netflix app and Tivo reboot

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 20:15
This is an issue that I have had with several Tivo premieres. I say several, because I have had several of them. Whether I leave Netflix through the Exit feature or if I hit the Tivo button, it doesn't seem to matter. The Tivo unit will often reboot. I say often, because sometimes it does not reboot. I used to think that it happened when it was recording something on the tuner while watching Netflix, however, I have since found that this is not the case. Has there been any improvement on this? I have noticed threads like this dating back several years.

Black Screen on Some Channels

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 17:52
I have a Roamio Plus using Comcast in Minneapolis. In the last few weeks, I've had issues with certain channels showing a black screen with a message that I don't subscribe to those channels. I can fix this by powering down the TiVo and then rebooting it, but it's annoying. I've had no problems before this.

Could my CableCard be going bad? Any other ideas?