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Radio Auricle: TiVo music & talk app from EnterWebz.tv

Sat, 02/21/2015 - 00:04
Radio Auricle is a free Internet radio app I created for your TiVo DVR. (Powered by UberStations from DAR.fm).

Find your favorite artist, browse radio shows and podcasts, or browse today's most popular songs, and it plays a station streaming it right now.
You can also select AM/FM stations near your TiVo or any zip code.
Save Genres, Artists, Titles, Shows, or Stations to your favorites :up:.

Attachment 22505

Attachment 22504

I think of it as a cross between Rhapsody and Live365, plus it plays your last selection immediately like Pandora.

Add it right now from my app server at EnterWebz.tv - http://EnterWebz.tv/connect.html (You've got it already if you added EWz before!)
It will appear in the Music & Photos area.

Although unfinished, this is already the most visually polished app I've made for the TiVo. I released it early since Rhapsody recently went away (again), and iHeartRadio isn't here, yet.
In the future it will have more detailed displays, give recommendations based on a song, plus other options and features.

Non-US users: upcoming options include filtering out stations that refuse to stream outside the US.

Be sure to try:
PLAY starts a good radio station for whatever is selected.
THUMBS to save or delete a favorite Genre, Artist, Title, Show, or Station
#s to choose a favorite by its number (or to reorder them in the Favorites screen)
PAUSE to Mute the current live stream (or pause a podcast)
A (or ENTER) to see everything playing by the selected Artist.
C (or CLEAR) on those artist results to Change the search to exact match or exclude the selected variation.
D (or SLOW) to activate the idle Dimmer immediately.
Radio Auricle also supports keyboards if you have one.
Attached Images RadioAuricleChartToppersScreenshot.jpg (37.7 KB) RadioAuricleMenu.jpg (24.4 KB)

I have a problem getting my tivo pared with old cable card.

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 22:20
What info does charter need to pair a cable card?

they wanted a number the started with a M for the tuning adapter and I could not fine it.

I also had my old cable card device hooked up to cable. can this Couse a pairing problem? card was in old device.

Todays Site Outage

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 17:33
Hello All...

I am SO SORRY about what happened today. Still not 100% sure what happened but the long and short of it is this.... We need to move to a slightly newer, but really actually still old, version of vBulletin...3.8.7. That version is at least still updated with patches and also supports TapaTalk better for mobile use of the site.

So, I hired someone to help do this. In looking to test an upgrade to ver 3.8.7, a copy was needed of the database. That is where something went wrong and it somehow crashed the "post" database table during the process. In trying to repair it, the /tmp area MySQL needed to use was too small for the 3GB "post" table. It was not known for some time that this was the cause of the failure to repair the database table. What took so long is that each time we tried we would not know for some time if it would fail or not as it takes a very long time to repair a table of this size. So each time we tried, each time we might have to wait an hour.

Fast forward....I then searched the Internet and hired an MySQL admin who was able to fix the file and here we are.

Before you ask, yes, we had a backup from 3AM. But I know some of you post a lot early in the day and I did not want to loose any of the posts. (I hope we did not.) So I went the repair route vs restoring which would have got the site back on-line sooner.

That is more than you likely needed to know...but there it is more or less.

All I can say is sorry. I am trying to do right by the site. When we get to the point, I will alert you when the site will be down to move to the new"er" vision.

Thank you all.

(BTW...It will be slower until it rebuilds the cache.)

The Big Bang Theory [02/19/2015] - "The Intimacy Acceleration"

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 06:22
Leonard: "Let's have a toast. To Mrs. Wolowitz. A loving mother ... to all of us. We'll miss you."I knew it was coming in some form but it was still sad. It was interesting that they didn't want Sheldon to speak - to say something inappropriate - but then he said something really helpful.
Sheldon: When I lost my father, I didn't have any friends to help me through it. You do.
Penny: I really thought he was going to say, "Let it go."

OnePass problem with 'Allegiance'

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 20:56
I have a OnePass for 'Allegiance'. When I switch it from recordings only to include streaming sources, it, within a day, updates the timestamp to be 12/31 and then stays stuck at the top of my Now Showing list. I deleted it and recreated it and it did the same thing again. I'm going to delete it once more and just leave it at Recording only, but this seems to be some sort of bug, perhaps related to bad source data that may be placing a timestamp far into the future on it somehow.

Anyone else having issues with this show?

Mad Men final season trailer

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 15:22
Trailer and picture gallery at Hitfix.

Oh my! It's full of sideburns!

TiVo Premiere - Reboot Loop - Can't enter Kickstart

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 15:09
Hello all, please read carefully so that we can avoid random other issues polluting this thread. I have not been able to find any reference to my TiVo's specific misbehavior, so any help would be appreciated!

Woke up this morning to find my TiVo Premiere XL (2-tuner) stuck on the "Welcome Starting Up" Screen and the fan running faster than usual.

When power cycling, the TiVo goes into a reboot loop getting to the point where all of the front lights flash once, the Welcome Starting Up screen briefly displays, and then blacks out and the process starts over.

It does this about 20 or so times in a row, THEN it actually stays at the Welcome Starting Up screen for a minute and gets to the point where I see the flickering amber LED indicating I could try a kickstart code.

HOWEVER, when I enter a kick start code (after depressing Pause once, of course), instead of the alternating flashing of "Blue and Amber" I get instead alternating flashing of "Green and Amber", after which the display stays stuck in the Welcome Starting Up screen forever(much like it was found originally this morning).

The unit is one month over two years since it's first activation and has lifetime service, so I really want to get it running again. I'm picking up a cheapo non-lifetime parts mule so I can try to isolate whether its a power supply issue or a hard drive issue, but If anyone can actually tell me what they know about these symptoms definitively, that would be of great help. The most puzzling thing is that no kickstart codes I try work and the alternating light flashing is the wrong color for a Premiere. That has to mean something.

I prefer for this thread not to degrade into random "Try this", "Try that" suggestions as I have already tried everything that the unit will allow in this state sans having to open it. Everything including unplugging all adapters and ethernet cables has been attempted. Kick start codes have been attempted with and without the enet cable attached, etc.

Also, again, please to do not add to this forum if your symptoms do not EXACTLY match mine above. This is not just for my own sanity, but as a service to others who have the exact same issue so they can find this thread more easily. If your issue differs in any way or you have a different model series, please open a new thread for that one.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions, and I apologize in advance if there are already topics that match my symptoms. I honestly couldn't find any reference specifically to the failure to enter kickstart modes and the alternating green and amber vs blue and amber indication. My search for "green and amber" always leads me to the Roamio kickstart sequence, for which alternating green and amber is the proper indication, apparently.

CW reception quality

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 14:17
Anyone else have really poor CW video/audio quality this week (e.g. Arrow, Flash, 100)? I'm in Seattle and use Comcast with my basic Roamio.

Just curious I'm alone or known issue...

The Americans | "Dimebag" | 2015-02-18 S3E04

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 12:44
Another solid episode....more later.

Dolby Digital vs Dolby Digital+

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 11:53
I have a Vizio soundbar on the way, and I'm trying to figure out what capabilities the Tivo has when outputting Dolby Digital.

I'll have the option to use the optical out for audio or HDMI passthrough with the soundbar, and I'd much prefer the HDMI passthrough route. I know that optical out can't pass through Dolby Digital+ (DD+), only vanilla Dolby Digital (DD), so I'm assuming that the Tivo has the capability to convert DD+ to DD when outputting via optical out. Otherwise, there would be no sound when playing Netflix and Vudu since they both use DD+.

I just recently learned that Vizio soundbars have issues with DD+, so I need to get DD to it, but will using HDMI pass through DD+ untouched, or does Tivo convert it to DD like I'm assuming it does when using optical out?

I'm planning on using an automatic HDMI switch to connect my BluRay, Apple TV, and Tivo to the HDMI input on the soundbar, then connect the HDMI output from the soundbar to the TV, that way I don't have to worry about changing inputs on the soundbar to get Dolby Digital/DTS audio from all three devices.

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge about what the Tivo Does to DD+ when Dolby Digital is selected in the audio settings?

MOCA Setup Question: Roamio with actiontec modem/router + 2nd wireless router

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 11:20
Here is my current setup
FIOS Actiontec Modem/Router ( ip - FIOS Coax cable goes into it. Dumbed it. No DHCP. No wireless.

Netgear R7000 - (Fixed IP - Ethernet wire from actiontec to this router. DHCP on. Wireless on. This distributes all the ip's.

TIVO Roamio - MOCA enabled.
TIVO Mini - MOCA enabled.

My prior setup was just actiontec doing dhcp and wireless and the Raomio and Mini connected via MOCA. This setup was working fine.

Few days back I connected the Netgear. Which handles wireless and DHCP. Dumbed the actiontec. No wireless or DHCP.
Problem with the setup is the Roamio cannot connect via moca and gives a network setup problem (N13).

Here are the MOCA settings static ip (
Gateway address ( Tried since netgear is technically the one giving out IPs but this too gives the same network setup error.

What am i missing here? Is my setup correct?
Don't mind going back to the actiontec distributing DHCP but just want to give this setup a try before I go back.


Does moca require a cable modem?

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 10:41
Hello all,

Short version:
Don't have cable modem or cable service. Completely OTA household. U-verse Modem receives broadband signal over a phone line. Can I create a moca network using an adapter by simply plugging in an ethernet cable from the router to the adapter and a coax from the wall to the adapter? And then putting adapters on each device I want to connect?

Long version:
Getting a little frustrated at the moment as I have gotten several different answers out of Tivo on this question. Reading around here a bit, I see some vague mentions of Moca having nothing to do with a cable modem, but I can't really make heads or tails of it, and would like some straightforrward advice that I know you guys can supply. I am not a networkign guy by any stretch of imagination, so please explain it like you would to a fifth grader.
In my house we do not subscribe to cable television. We have no cable wires going outside the house. We receive our television via an antenna in the attic and coaxial wire split from that and dropped to the various rooms. Internet is AT&T U-verse and comes into the house via a phoneline. Phoneline goes into a modem that does not have coax, ethernet connects modem to a router, and another ethernet connects the router to the main PC in the house. This is the PC that is running pytivo. We have two tivos in the house. One is a Roamio basic, the other is now a roamio OTA. The OTA jsut replaced an HD unit. Both roamios are connected to the network wirelessly. Since the internal wireless apparently sucks ass, and a 1/2 hour show is now taking over 4 hours to transfer, it was advised to me to go with a moca network. Tech that I originally spoke to at tivo that suggested I go Moca, said it woudl work with my setup. Tech I jsut spoke to now, after looking at the setup pictures, said it won't. I Have to have a cable modem.

Am I up a creek, or will it work? Will I be able to "see" the computer on the two tivos? Do I need the POE filter if there are no wires going outside the house?

Thanks and sorry it is so long. I have just received so many different answers on this.

Tivo will not remove Premiere I sold from "active devices" list, why?

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 09:56
I emailed Tivo this morning to remove Premiere box I sold from appearing my Active Device list when logging into Tivo.com.

They replied to my email saying they can accommodate and to call customer service.

Customer service then says call tech support. Tech Supports says they can't fix the problem.

I am really mad about lying to me and then the lack of customer service!!

Is there anything I can do here?

Problems with TIVO Roamio OTA Guide - Help!

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 08:59

I purchased my first TIVO, an OTA box and received it on Jan 15. On that date i noticed many of the channels (around 10) are incorrect in the guide or showing TO BE ANNOUNCED. I have tried through TV support both chat and email to get these problems corrected for over a month now and nothing has been done. They keep marking my emails as solved on their web site even though nothing has been fixed.

Is there somewhere else I can email guide problems to get them fixed? The main channels I bought it to record from are incorrect in the guide and it's basically useless except for setting up manual recordings with the wrong information.

I did get one rep to extend my 30 day trial another 30 days. I really like the DVR if I could just get the guide problems fixed.

Can anyone make any suggestions?


Further info as to what I have tried:

I have reported guide issues at TIVO's site here http://www.tivo.com/lineup.html

I have had chats via the TIVO web site at least 4 times with 4 different people.

I have spoken on the phone with at least 4 different reps. Each taking some of my information down to request to be fixed.
They say usually 3 -5 days to get it fixed. It has now been 35 days and nothing in the guide has changed.

4 stations are really all that matter to me, the other 7 are Latino stations.
The ones that I would like to see fixed:

Correct Info Tivo Guide Shows

I primarily want to be able to record METV programs and both channels it is on 30.1, 49.1 have incorrect guide listings.

Yes, I have gone through guided set up many times checking for updates.

Latest Firmware

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 07:38
I like to watch my recordings in chronological order (oldest first). How do I find the oldest recording now that grouping can't be turned off? The group date shows the date of the latest recording not the oldest.

Sitcoms - over?

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 03:49
I believe with PaR ending, the sitcom as we know it may officially be dead.
What is there? While still enjoyable
- MF is getting predictable and not as funny as it once was, IMO. Almost every new sitcom this last season was cancelled before given any chance. There is no motivation for a production company to assemble a cast, a quality writing staff, and develop a show knowing full well the lights are likely to be turned off before an audience is found. If an audience is found, the cast demands a fortune to continue, causing the network to cut the amount of episodes it is willing to order.
Very little at this point that is worthy of recording and watching. I hope something turns this around.

Cablecards with Cox San Diego and HBO

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 02:32
Hi Everyone,

Just got a Series 3 set up with Cox in San Diego. I've got 2 cablecards and 1 tuning adapter installed. Both tuners work fine with local channels, but the second tuner doesn't tune HBO (the first tuner works fine). When I go to the cablecard diagnostics screen, cablecard one says One-Way Authorization Received, and cablecard two says just One-Way.

During the install, the folks were adament that each cablecard would need to be paired with its own tuning adapter. Is this correct? Is the issue just that they didn't provision the second cablecard to receive HBO? Or do I really need a second tuning adapter to get both tuners to work with HBO?

Thanks in advance.


force netflix app to output dolby digital not dolby digital plus?

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 01:56
I just upgraded my office computers sound card to a Denon receiver and 5.1 setup. One of my Tivo Minis is also in the office and I'd like to listen to that audio through the receiver.

It's not possible because of how windows/hdmi/receivers play together to connect the mini via hdmi without losing my second computer monitor screen (it's connected to the monitor HDMI out on the receiver. Long story short: I could stand to lose that monitor occasionally to watch stuff on the tivo, but if I put the tivo connected via optical I can still see the picture from another HDMI input (in this case the computer) while listening to the audio from the optical input, and then switch back seamlessly to the computer audio via a button on the receiver.

A lot of what I watch is netflix/amazon and occasionally vudu. Is there a way to force the Netflix app to only output regular vanilla DD 5.1 so that I dont have to turn it down to stereo in order to watch from the mini and still get audio from the optical cable?

Quote: Originally Posted by EDIT I'm sorry, I forgot that part... using an audio extractor between the mini and the TV to add optical 5.1 output to the mini:


The mini hdmi out would go from the mini to the audio extractor, then the HDMI output from the audio extractor would go to the TV and the optical out from the extractor to the optical input of the receiver.

Undercover Boss - 2015 Season

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 01:29
New thread, because the last UB season thread was from 2013, and it's time to leave things be.

I have to admit this season has been the most interesting one - while the usual time slot is on a Friday (and from the daily ratings thread, it scores highly), there is also the odd episode shown on a Sunday slot, where the show gets buried.

And apparently, it's CBS definitely burying the more controversial episodes. I mean, it buried the season opener on the Sunday following Christmas.

Spoiler: And what a controversial episode it was... with a CEO who basically has a mantra of breasts, all the time athis restaurant. He fired the first worker for wearing a shirt instead of showing off her breasts and for not embodying the whole deal .

And the last episode about Peavey Electronics (you know, the guitar amp guys - either from growing up in the 70s and 80s, or from the music game craze nearly a decade ago).

Spoiler: Geez, talk about going all the way and then failing - I mean, they laid off practically everyone on the show in a way they said they would fix. And for one guy, he got to experience the whole "Never accept a counteroffer" rule (where if you get an offer from another company, don't go to your boss to get a better deal because it never works out) because he put in his 2 weeks, then decided to stay because of the promises that were made. The whole episode ended with "The company is trying to find a way to provide the rewards.

No wonder they needed to bury the episode (and from the ratings, buried it was, coming in at 0.3 or something like that).

Still formulaic, but... wow.

Even more interestingly, I have to use a time-shifted CBS because our local CBS isn't carrying ANY of the episodes.

SuddenLink Cable Card paied yet not activated

Wed, 02/18/2015 - 23:19
I have a question. I have SuddenLink in Bastrop, LA. I have 2 Cablecards and a Tivo Roamio and a Tivo Premier 4. When I first got it for my 4 I called and paired it and Nothing! It was paired, but wouldn't work.
At Christmas I got the Roamio, went to pickup a cable card and same thing. It is saying it is paired, yet not activated. I swapped out the cable card to the Roamio and paired it and the Roamio is working, but I still can not get the Premier working.
Has anyone else had this issue? Suddenlink thinks I'm crazy. Last time the guy came out and called the same info to pair it and it started working. I was wondering if it was on the techs end and not the offices end, etc.