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Mini enumerates Roamios, can see Internet, but won't connect to DVR

1 hour 3 min ago
I have two Roamio Pros and one Mini (five more to install). I'll call the two Roamios 'Loft' and 'MediaRoom' to keep it clear. The Mini is in the 'Nook'.

The Mini can "see" and enumerate both Pros when you go to the DVR connection menu but has the "no smoking" sign beside them and cannot connect to either.

Yesterday with just the first MediaRoom TiVo present, I created a MoCA network. The Mini could see it and connect just fine.

I added the second Loft Roamio TiVo today. I accidentally first selected "Create a MoCA network", then cancelled that by switching to Ethernet and finally back to MoCA. It now has a coax only, no Cat5 connected at all. And it can connect to the Internet.

So here's the current situation:

1) The MediaRoom TiVo is the MoCA bridge to Ethernet. Everything else is coax.

2) All boxes can get a LAN IP, connect to the TiVo service, it's all great in that respect.

3) You can play a show from one Pro on the other, which uses the MoCA since the Loft TiVo is coax-only. It gets an IP and can conenct to TiVo.

4) The mini sees but won't conenct to either.

5) I have the same media access key on all of them

6) I've forced a service connection on all three (which works), no change.

So I'm stumped. They can all see each other through MoCA, and via MoCA they can all get a LAN IP and see the Internet. But as of today I can't pick a DVR connection.

Any ideas? I'm simply stuck and need your sage-like wisdom.


Oddity when transferring from Roamio to S3

2 hours 3 min ago
I've noticed on a few occasions that when sitting at the S3-whatever and I transfer a recording from the Roamio, that when I select a 2nd program to transfer (to begin after the first finishes), I will get a message "Stop/Cancel Transfer" even though this is a new/different show or recording. Obviously, I don't know what "show" is referring to, the 1st one now transferring or the one I now want to transfer.

If I skip (don't cancel) and move on to another show, it will react normally and put it on the todo list to copy later.

This has happened 3 different times. First show transferring, an attempt to transfer a 2nd show will alert "cancel..."


Hulu Plus Audio Output

2 hours 3 min ago
Just tried using Hulu Plus app. Audio output is only 2 channel. Does it not output 5.1? Netflix does. Am I missing a setting in Hulu?

NBC Cancels "Bad Judge" and "A to Z"

2 hours 43 min ago
I won't miss either of them.

Now they can send Kate Walsh back to Grey's Anatomy and Cristin Milioti to a better show to be named later.

Does TiVo use folders?

3 hours 22 min ago
For same title programs, etc.?

No audio on HBO channels

3 hours 48 min ago
I have a strange issue with HBO channels only. If I select the first HBO channel (511 in the Glens Falls area) and then start surfing through I will get to another HBO channel which displays the video, but with no audio. I can then surf to another HBO channel which can give the same issue, but then if I go back, I MAY get the audio back on the channel without. it happens on all HBO English audio channels, but randomly. If I then surf to a HBO Spanish channel, I then have to manually select the Spanish track to get the audio which would be correct.

That got me thinking, so I selected an English audio HBO channel without any audio as above, selected the Spanish track using Info etc on the remote, which gave me the Spanish track, then Info etc on the remote, selected English, I then got the English audio track working.

This is with a TiVo Roamio s/w 20.4.4aUSA-6-848.

TWC are saying that this is a TiVo issue as I have had the Tuning Adapter replaced and all the signals are correct. They gave me a TiVo log number of another customer who has the same issue and put me through to TiVo. TiVo said that they are aware of a similar issue, but not with HBO and it has been escalated to another team. They can't offer a resolution timeframe.
Does anyone have any idea what and why this is happening?


3 days since update and no "problem streaming" errors

4 hours 21 min ago
It's been 3 days since the TiVo app was updated along with my Roamio Pro to the new versions and I've not had a single "problem streaming" error since. I'm not calling it yet, but it's looking very promising that they might have actually fixed this bug. :up:

Series 3 HD won't boot

6 hours 31 min ago
My Series 3 won't boot. I get the Powering Up screen for about a minute, then the screen turns white. I have tried disconnecting the external drive, internet cable and input cable, but still get the same result. Is there a way to force it to boot, or is the unit dead from either poor power supply or failed hard disk?

Stuck on "Welcome!": Fix or Sell Broken?

9 hours 21 min ago
Hi Folks - looking for some help here. After doing a lot of research I'm having a hard time finding an existing thread about this, so I apologize in advance if this is repetitive.

Last night I got the dreaded "Stuck on Welcome! Powering Up..." problem. On reboot I get the all-button flash, then the green light comes on and we don't move anywhere from there.

Spent about an hour on the line with Tivo talking through options and ultimately I decided that after 37 months and the unit having passed its breakeven point vs. typical cable co rates, it was time to go Roamio.

So the question becomes what to do with my existing Premiere. A couple quick questions:

1) Any way to more accurately diagnose the problem with the old premiere? Haven't tried the Kickstart54 testing yet (not sure whether it will work without the orange light) - but I think its more than likely the hard drive.

2) Assuming it is in fact the hard drive, anyone have any perspective on whether it'd be better to replace and upgrade the drive via an upgrade kit prior to selling it, or just put it up as-is? The unit does have Lifetime attached to it.

Help and/or perspective is welcomed. Thank you!

Audio for NFL on Fox

9 hours 29 min ago
I have Comcast Cable (St. Paul, MN) and a Roamio. The Audio for Fox NFL games is terrible. I don't remember it being so bad when I had the Comcast DVR. On the Roamio I only get the front channels and no subwoofer. It's like listening to AM radio. It doesn't matter if it's live or recorded.

I'm running HDMI direct from the Roamio to a brand new Yamaha Aventage receiver. I don't think it's the receiver because I can change the channel to CBS football and it sounds great with full surround and sub. In fact, regular prime time shows on Fox have the proper surround sound too.

So what gives? Is it Fox, is it Comcast? Is there some disconnect between the audio stream from Fox NFL and the decoding options of my Yamaha?

Does anyone else have this issue?

do the tivo suggestions work on tivo roamio with a tuning adpater?

9 hours 31 min ago
does the TiVo roamio record TiVo suggestions with a tuning adapter hooked up? My TiVo hd would not record them with a tuning adapter. is the problem with the garbage collation on the TiVo hd fixed on TiVo roamio?

and does the TiVo roamio get so3 errors like the TiVo hd?

3 new TiVo's but cannot stream to one of them...

9 hours 34 min ago
I have 2 Roamio Plus and 1 Premiere XL4, all on the same account, all on the same subnet, 1 Roamio has setup the MOCA network, the other 2 set as MOCA (no ethernet connected). Without making any changes to my network or account, Roamio A and the Premiere can no longer stream to the Roamio B but can transfer from both (all could previously stream and transfer between each other). Interestingly, both Roamio A and Premiere can stream and transfer between each other. So there is something wrong with Roamio B. Reviewing the Whole Home Advanced menu from Roamio B, it shows Roamio B supports only Live TV and Transfer but not Streaming. Selecting Roamio A under this menu shows only Transfer supported but not streaming. And again choosing the Premiere under this menu shows only Transfer, not streaming.

If I'm controlling the Roamio A or Premiere at their locations, they show streaming and transferring working but not for Roamio B.

I've ensured all TiVo's on the same account, all on the same subnet, no strange characters in their names, restarted all TiVo's, ensured most up-to-date software but Roamio A and Premiere still cannot stream to Roamio B. I have even tried changing the Roamio that created the MOCA network from B to A. But no changes. My RX and TX rates are way above minimum. I have restarted my modern router, etc, etc.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks everyone.


Ancient Aliens new season

9 hours 54 min ago
Ancient Aliens begins a new 7th season tonight (on the H2 channel, not History). My season pass did not select to record the episode, but it did have next week's new episode in the queue.

Also in the Guilty Pleasure Season Passes category, tonight is the new show by Brad Meltzer called "Lost History", also on the H2 channel following Ancient Aliens. Enjoy! (And Happy Halloween!)

Tivo HD XL (758) with Lifetime

10 hours 27 min ago
I recently upgraded a Roamio Pro and a Mini so I am trying to move my old PLS Tivos!

Tivo HD XL (TCD658000) w/ Lifetime (screenshot of TSN can be provided)
I will include all of the original cables as well as a new remote and HDMI cable.

I am asking $175 plus shipping. Local pickup can also be arranged in the Northern VA area. I would rather it goes to a good home here than deal with ebay!

I can provide Heatware (72-0) as well as ebay (241-0) feedback if requested.

If I can ever get my mini to stream without errors (sigh) I will also be looking to sell my Premiere XL4 with lifetime, but we shall see!

How to Get Away With Murder - S1E6 - OAD 10/30/2014 - (SPOILERS!)

10 hours 56 min ago
I liked how the judge's son did the reveal but I guess he is now disowned. I laughed at his failed attempt to fight "bitchy" Connor.

Annalise is credible to me with her crazy "I'll do anything to protect you love" of her philandering husband. I don't relate to and dislike those women but I know them. That is probably why she related to Wes and his girlfriend.

So blondy is sleeping around too. I suspected a now regretted affair with Annalise's husband -- like Kalinda, of 'The Good Wife'.

Fixed Series 3 OLED TIVO!

11 hours 19 min ago
Just want to say THANKS! to everyone who posts solutions.
Our tivo has had a few problems in the last couple of months.
The 1TB "death star" bit the dust. Thought maybe it was the bulging caps so I replaced all of them. Got the cap list right off the forum.
Put the orginal 250gb back in and it was working OK. I forget exactly why I replaced it, but it wasn't just for more space. Anyway it started rebooting. Did a kickstart 54 and got "Fail 7". Never did find out what the code meant but I figured the drive was hosed. Dragged out the desktop and hooked the drive up and started the WD disk test. It wouldn't even see the drive. Plugged in the new WD 1TB green AV drive and it showed up. So we knew for sure the orginal drive was a brick. Got winMFS and image. I was suprised how fast it set up the new drive. It updated the software on the drive without a glitch. Got the error I knew was coming, did the clear and delete went through the guided setup again and we are back in business!
I was really surpised it didn't delete the cable card info. (Comcast w/motorola cards) They are tied to the MAC addresses in the tuners?
Once again Thanks to everyone.


bad USB ports? Need help with TA

13 hours 26 min ago
I have (3) Tivo HD and (1) new Roamio Plus. The (3) Tivo HD have been running great for about a year on cable card + tuning adapter. All the cable cards and tuning adapters are Motorola M-card FW 6.25 and Motorola MTR700 FW 1.37. Right now, I am trying to get my brand new Roamio up and running the same way. I am in Tulsa, OK on Cox cable.

My Roamio symptoms are simple: whenever I plug a Motorola MTR700 Tuning adapter into my new Roamio, the roamio doesn't recognize there is a tuning adapter being plugged in. I have tried 5 different cablecard + tuning adapater combos of which (3) are known and working in my current Tivo HD's. The other (2) are my self install kit for the Roamio and the swap unit the technician tried while he was out. The Tivo Roamio reacts the same way to all (5) TA's when inserted: it doesn't recognize the TA and the TA starts to slow flash red. Since it's the TA or USB port that seems to be the issue, the Roamio can't tune to any SDV channels. It gets protected non-SDV channels just fine (ie: A&E, ESPN) but anything that requires SDV can't be tuned because the Roamio doesn't even see a tuning adapter device connected.

If I plug in my Tivo HD's with the new cable card + tuning adapter combo that I just tried on the Roamio, it works fine. All of my Tivo HD's "detect" that the tuning adapter and can tune in SDV channels without problem. I don't get why the cablecard + TA combo works fine in my Tivo HD's but doesn't work in my brand new Roamio Plus.

When I called Tivo to discuss this, they asked me to test if the USB ports can charge. They can charge. I don't know what this tells me but I thought I would write it down in case it was important.

I am stumped. Since my Tivo Roamio doesn't recognize when the TA is plugged in, I have no idea how to go about diagnosing this. Based on what I am seeing, the issue does not appear to be on the cable company's side but I don't know that for sure. If I can't get the Tivo Roamio to recognize the TA, then there is no point in having a Tivo and I'll have to send my new roamio back. I don't want to do that so I hope someone smarter than me can lead me to the promised land. Anyone else seen or heard of this issue?

The Big Bang Theory [10/30/2014] - "The Misinterpretation Agitation"

14 hours 1 min ago
Billy Bob!!!

Quite the night for hot beverages.
Sheldon: Hold on, Doctor. Leonard, where are your social skills? This man is clearly upset. We should invite him in for a hot beverage.
Leonard: He tried to score with Penny.
Sheldon: So have these two, and they're having dinner with us.Penny: The real question is: What is he doing in your apartment?
Leonard: Oh, he was upset. So Sheldon invited him in for a hot beverage.
Penny: You were okay with that?
Leonard: No. I got upset! And Sheldon made me a hot beverage, too.

HDMI issue on Roamio only, xBox and PS4 are fine

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 19:50
I am installing a new Roamio Pro and a newish receiver, a Denon AVR-2113Ci. Everything works perfectly except the TiVo.

This is on an older (2006 era) NEC plasma. It's mounted in a fancy rotating bookshelf unit that prevents me from (easily) getting the model number.

When the Roamio is sent through the Denon AVR, the TV goes black and issues no warning, indicating its getting a signal. But that's it. The PS4 and the xBox360 work as you'd expect. I've swapped around the inputs to no avail to make sure it wasn't a dead port.

If you connect the TV HDMI directly to the Roamio it also works. Only when sent through the Denon AVR is there any issue.

I did a full factory reset on the Denon.

The xBox and PS4 are running at 1080i and the TV is OK with that, direct or through the AVR. I've set the TiVo to only use 720p or 1080i, all to no avail.

I'd assume my TV is just so old it's got a bug in the HDMI handshake, and while that still could be the case the fact it works with all devices except the TiVo makes me wonder if someone's been down this road and knows the answer.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try?

Vudu app locking TiVo

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 18:44
Starting this to have a place for people to report if they get a Tivo lockup when trying to exit the Vudu app by clicking the Tivo button.

Note, it doesn't always happen for me. Sometimes hitting the Tivo button will exit the app fine, other times it locks the Tivo box.

The box responds to button presses (as the front lights light up), but no button works to exit the app.