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Feature request - encrypted esata backup

1 hour 10 min ago
With the larger drives with the new Roamio, we need an Tivo approved method to backup our recorded content on our TiVo's. Nothing that would allowing transferring content to another device but rather tied to the TSN and MAK of the unit which could permit restoring previously recorded content after replacing a hard drive that has gone bad with a new drive.

A simple external esata connection with an approved third party external drive, encrypt it, do what ever is necessary to prevent copyright theft but with more and more content limited to stream only, we need a backup solution. Hard drives don't last forever!

Further, including Amazon HD content purchases, once downloaded those purchases can't always be downloaded again, if I have a library of Amazon HD movies at $20 or less each there needs to be a way to preserve the copyright holders restriction and allow the consumer to preserve their purchase.

Even just a drive mirroring would be good! The existing drive encryption appears solid and trustworthy, just enable raid 1 drive mirroring.

RANT: I hate season long threads

2 hours 40 min ago
I know we've had this discussion before and people not using single episode threads is what drove me away from this section for a long time. Last night I had a question about The 100 but came here to see it only has a season long thread.

They are SOOOO counter to what a forum is all about I really can't understand people who like/use them. I wish you all could realize how stupid they are.

Is this MOCA - approved?

3 hours 49 min ago
New Roamio, works great. Now I'm adding MOCA Minis.

Incoming cable hits a splitter. One leg goes to the ethernet router, the other to the Roamio.

Now I want to add 2 Minis via MOCA. I would like to create the MOCA network with the Roamio. BUT, the coax port on the Roamio is already occupied by the Cable TV feed.

Can I split the Cable TV cable so one leg goes to the Roamio and the second leg goes to my home's Cable infrastructure? Will this allow the Roamio to 1) receive the Cable TV feed via the coax port and also 2) back feed the MOCA signal into the splitter (via the one coax port), and therefore into my home's cable infrastructure?


Multiple room DVR?

6 hours 43 min ago
I recently received a 'hand me down' TiVo Series 3. Is there a way to use the TiVo Mini or another device to get MRV?

Tivo Stream Problem - Tempurature Related? What's your temp?

7 hours 29 min ago
Okay, so I'm trying to troubleshoot an ongoing problem I've had with streaming from my Tivo Roamio Plus. Both in home and out of home I have issues with from time to time.

In home, I normal get a download failed message if I setup multiple recordings to transfer overnight. I have to restart them in the morning and on occasion I have to do this multiple times before I can download a program or two.

Outside the Home, I can stream for 30-45 minutes without any issues and then it just stops suddenly. At times, I can restart it shortly after by exiting the stream and reloading it. Other times it seems as the Stream just completely dropped offline as the app won't find it for 10-15 minutes.

I'm starting to think both of these issues are temperature related. Can you all tell me what temperature your Tivo app reports when going to settings icon (gear) and then click on "system information" and then finally click on "Full System Information" and tell me what "System Temp" reads?

Mine right now is reading 45C. After some streaming I see it as high as 62-63C. That seems pretty hot to me. Perhaps my stream chip is overheating... I've never received any sort of message on the Tivo itself that says anything about too high a temp.

I'm ONLY looking for Tivo Roamio PLUS and PRO users feedback, and not stand alone stream users.

Thanks in advance!

From Dusk Till Dawn - TV Series

7 hours 29 min ago
I am really enjoying this version of Robert Rodriguez' movie (written by Quentin Tarantino) remade for television (a la the Coen bros. remaking Fargo for TV). This is an interesting trend, if I can all it a "trend". Instead of sequel movies, bring it to tv and stretch out the character and plot development. Two hours becomes ten hours. But don't stretch the same plot over multiple seasons, like "Under the Dome". More like "American Horror Story", leave each season to stand on its own as one story.

Wilmer Valderrama makes an excellent bad guy! Robert Patrick is the former Pastor originally played by Harvey Keitel in the movie. There was even a picture of a younger Robert Patrick from his Terminator days on an ID Card.

Each episode has flashbacks to show how various characters arrived at a particular scene, which gives the viewer a new perspective of various scenes which appear at first to have little significance until we are shown the new POV.

:up: Television has been evolving over the last few years.

New Roamio Pro install update (Fios)

8 hours 16 min ago
After an easy cable card activation I moved on and activated the MoCA on the Roamio Pro and my XL4. Couldn't be any easier with Verizon since they fully support MoCA. All I had to do was change my Wireless Connection to MoCA in the setup screen. I am streaming to my iPad at work for well over 2 hours with out any problems. LOVE IT !!!

Blu-ray and TiVo

8 hours 18 min ago
I have yet to jump into Blu-ray yet, what are the options to convert such to a format that can be ripped or exported to transfer to TiVo?

Any suggestions too for good Blu-ray player and including a drive for the PC?

Recording Still Marked as New

9 hours 31 min ago
Did a search and did not find anything on this topic. I have had my Roamio for a month now and I have noticed that shows I have watched are still marked as new. I have tried letting the recoding go all the way to the end and I have been prompted to delete it, but it still shows as new. Is there any way to mark something as "watched"? Thanks for the help.

Tuner Switching

10 hours 48 min ago
Good morning,
I've got a couple of questions about switching between tuners.

On the Roamio Pro, you can hit "Info" then arrow down to select a tuner. Is there another way of doing this, requiring few button presses?

Is it a safe assumption that this can't be done on a Mini?

How can I make sure that all tuners are currently tuning a channel? (besides recording 6 programs at once?

Thanks for the knowledge.

make future updates replace individual files

11 hours 42 min ago
in the future couldnt the software developers make the updates replace individual files instead of the entire package and only files pertaining to the problem?

and make the updates be on demand so a user can chose when to do the update as not to cause the box to lose shows.

so for example since 20.4.1 was botched and had to be pulled why couldnt they send another update to replace the files pertaining to just the overlapping and use of the other tuners while omitting the other fixes until they can be fixed for real.

When will Tivo allow a transfer to a new box again?

12 hours 55 min ago
I sure wish that Tivo would allow for transfer of old box to be box again (for a decent price).


13 hours 39 min ago
I'm new to Tivo and I've been trying to find info out about this but can't seem to find much. Is there a reason as to why WDs are the drives recommended? Have others been tried and they just don't work properly? I ask because I have a 1TB Toshiba laying around and would like to use it in my Tivo if it's possible. Any info would be appreciated.

surface rt tablet bad choice for tivo playback?

17 hours 34 min ago
I picked up a refurbished surface RT tablet.it doesn't seem to play mpeg2 tivo videos. do I have to convert them? if so does this lower video quality? I may want to return tablet if it's not good for playing TiVo videos

Saving and Reloading Season Pass and/or Wishlists

17 hours 59 min ago
Is there a way to save Season Pass lists and/or Wishlists to my computer or somewhere online for the Roamio Plus? I'm about to replace my faulty Roamio Plus with a new same model having a blank disk, so I need a way to save these data where I can get to it later.

I saw an online Season Pass Manager at tivo.com but that doesn't include Roamio and doesn't seem to persist the data, just transfer between two live boxes on the same local network.

I have also heard that kmttg can do it, but I did save the .sp file (as well as export the .csv for a readable version) and did a test. I deleted a season pass item and then did a load of the .sp but the item did not come back. I tried multiple times. Maybe I did it wrong, any advice is welcome.

Please guide me to a way to do this, I have a ton of stuff I don't want to lose.

thanks much,

Charter CC Auth:MP

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 23:44
So I got a new Roamio Plus and now I am encountering the glory of charter customer service. My first CC would not pair at all. I returned it and received a new CC which has paired fine. (Con: Yes EBCP: Yes Val: V 0x02) but I have Auth: MP and I am receiving V58 (Channel is not authorized) errors for anything that is not a local channel.

Any ideas on this? I have been through multiple reps and they all want to send a "refresh signal" but I have not been able to find anyone to go any further. They are like well that didn't work so lets send a tech out.

new premier 4, getting HDMI not allowed screen

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 20:44
just upgraded from a TiVoHD to a premier 4. after intital setup, all worked fine til the next morning. when we turned the tv on, we saw a small graphic saying HDMI not allowed, and no live tv. some transferred shows which we moved over from the old HD played fine. I scratched my head, not understanding why the same HDMI connection worked fine with the HD, but not this new premier. I even tried by passing the HT rec'vr, connecting the premier directly to the tv itself. no change. i rebooted the premier, and it works fine, all channels on live tv. I checked the system info, and HDCP is enabled (cannot imagine that being sent disabled from TiVo) any ideas? spent an hour with tivo CS, and they suggested I swap my other premier to see if it happens with the other tivo. any ideas?:(

Xbox One passthrough issue with Roamio

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 18:57
Is anyone having problem using the Xbox one passthrough feature with the Roamio?

Whenever I turn everything on, I get a "we've lost your TV signal" screen, but I can hear the sound. Sometimes this goes away after 10-30 seconds, and other times I have to reset the Roamio... it is very annoying!

TiVo Remote Control From PC

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 18:49
I have tried several PC Remotes for my TiVo and they all have limitations. One of the best I found was for Virgin Mobile in the UK. But the buttons on the remote are in different locations than a standard US remote and it couldn't handle channel switching for the US such as channel 10-1.

So I created my own. It uses the Telnet interface available on a TiVo to control it using an image of a standard remote. It also allows you to create a channel list and switch channels by simply clicking on the channel in a scrollable list.

I need some people to test it for me to look for any bugs and to recommend changes. It is a work in progress and additional features, such as a help file, are planned, but so far it seems to work extremely well for me.

A couple of quick notes on use.

To edit the channel list, click on the Edit Icon.
[IMG width="32" height="32"]http://instipics.com/remote/edit.png[/IMG]

After editing the list, click on the Back Icon to save the changes.
[IMG width="32" height="32"]http://instipics.com/remote/back.png[/IMG]

When in the editor you can do a right click and call up a context menu allowing you to Insert or Delete rows.

Options for the IP Address and the port to use can be changed by clicking on the Options Icon.
[IMG width="32" height="32"]http://instipics.com/remote/options.png[/IMG]

The port should be left at the standard port number of 31339 unless you need to change it to do some port mapping on a router.

It can be downloaded from http://instipics.com/remote/TiVoRemote.zip.

Please give me feedback. :)

Format your own 4TB Hard drive for roamio, just $20 :)

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 15:47
Hi guys, I'm selling instructions on how to format your own 4TB hard drive to work with tivo roamio devices. After receipt of payment, I will provide you instructions on where to download a hard drive RAW copy tool, and instructions on how to obtain the RAW partition image through dropbox. You can then image your 4tb partition to work with tivo roamio.

Please PM me for payment details.


This method involves a RAW partition IMAGE, which can take 24hours to completely image your 4tb drive sector by sector. It can be slower or faster depending on your PC's capabilities.

This method has only been tested to work with TIVO roamio. I'm unsure if it will work with other TIVO devices, I'm pretty sure it won't.

This method has only been tested to work with WD AV-GP 4tb drives (WD40EURX), it may work with other drives but I have not tested this. I'd be happy to return your money if it does not work with another kind of 4TB drive.

Sidenote: Please let me know if I'm violating any of the forum's rules. I looked for them and the best I could find were the forum FAQ and they did not say anything about buying or selling on the forum.