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20/20 The Bruce Jenner interview

5 hours 40 min ago
I'm surprised there's not a thread yet. I applaud him, I could only imagine how difficult it would be for the average Joe to come out, add fame and I'm sure that significantly multiplies it. I wish Bruce all the happiness in the world.

Tivo mini live TV top corner

6 hours 30 min ago
Hi, just set up a tivo mini and have a question. Live the roamio box when you have the tivo central open on your screen the TV channel you have on live will display in the top right corner of your screen.
I can't seem to get that to happen on the mini? Are you able to do that with the mini? . Thanks

Mini and MOCA - switching from ethernet

6 hours 37 min ago
Just a tip: My Mini was working fine on Ethernet but I had to free up a port so I decided to switch over to MOCA and use the existing cable line.

The MOCA unit came up fine but the Mini refused to connect despite me going through the setup several times. Troubleshooting was weird, all the diagnostics were different each time I ran them. Sometimes it would say the DNS was wrong, sometimes the Ports test failed. It wouldn't connect to Tivo hq and I couldn't ping the Mini. I concluded the cable was somehow bad.

On a chance I rebooted the Mini - and suddenly it started working! Everything tested fine and the Mini works perfectly.

So make sure you reboot the Mini!

The Big Bang Theory [04/23/2015] - The Graduation Transmission

7 hours 34 min ago
Leonard: My point is, while you're spending all this time on your own. Building computers or practicing your cello, what you're really doing is becoming interesting. When people finally do notice you, they're gonna find someone a lot cooler than they thought. And for those of you that were popular in high school, it's over, sorry. Thank you. Congratulations.


Can Roamio DVRs be used with standard definition tvs?

12 hours 55 min ago
Will the Roamio DVRs work with standard def TVs? I noticed the base Roamio doesn't appear to have any video out jacks on it.

If you can use them on SD TVs, how are the menus and the output aspect ration handled?


Rewind Hangs

14 hours 47 min ago
Anyone else experience rewind hanging? And if so, what causes it?

The Amazing Race "Can I Get A Hot Tub?" 4/24/2015 *spoilers*

15 hours 45 min ago
From Southern Africa back to Western Europe - Amsterdam.

Man, I don't know what Matt was looking for in the Klompen shop, but he clearly needed to stop being so frantic and spend some more time studying the example shoe. Seems that once he finally did that, he found it pretty quickly.

Hayley was in rare form again. She doesn't seem to understand that getting Blair to acknowledge that he was wrong and she was right does them no good. She's all about getting recognized rather than focusing on moving forward.

The hot tub thing was pretty cool. The locals watching them seemed like this was something bizarre, but I assume those hot tub boats are something available for people to do in Amsterdam all the time.

Glad to see it was another non-elim leg. I don't necessarily like those legs, but I like it when teams I'm rooting for are saved, and I like Matt and Ashley.

Three more weeks. I have to assume this was the last non-elim. So does that mean we're back to a final three this season rather than a final four like last time?

America's Ballroom Challenge 2015

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 23:46
Just wanted to give people a heads-up that America's Ballroom Challenge is back on PBS. There will be three weeks in all. Hosts are Tony Meredith and Mary Murphy (w/no screaming).

Episode #501 OAD 4/24/15 on my PBS stations showcased the six finalists in the American Smooth and American Rhythm divisions.

We get a brief look at some of the group dances, and then they go right into the showdances.

Next week will be International Standard and International Latin (the 10 dances that DwtS originally started out with).

The third week is the Grand Finale, where all the winners of the four division compete to see who will be the champion.

If you want to see the current styles and fashions in ballroom dance, check it out. Even if you don't like the dancing all that much, tune in to look at the dresses, which can be spectacular. They aren't done on the "we have to toss something together in a week" schedule that Dancing with the Stars is forced to keep -- and it shows.

To steal a phrase from John de Palma: Who's your favorite couple out there, ladies and gentlemen?

Recording start switches channel

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 21:09
I have a Tivo Roamio Plus. If I set a recording on one channel if I am watching another channel, when the recording starts Tivo switches the channel to the recording channel. I figured with this having 6 tuners it wouldnt do that. Is there a way to prevent this?

Tivo app forces you to record what you watch??

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 21:05
Hi everyone, I just received my new Roamio Plus. I downloaded the Tivo app for my iphone with the hope I could watch live tv on it. I can do that but it also makes you record the channel you are watching. I don;t like that at all as it could use up space quickly. Is there a way to watch live tv without recording it? From the tivo website it states "Watch live TV or recorded shows anywhere".

Thanks for everyones help!!!

Amazon pulls the HD plug on all TIVO Customers

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 20:13
Several weeks prior to April 15, 2015 Amazon announced they would no longer provide download capability for video content on older TIVO models. The only models they would continue to support with download capability were the Roamio and Premiere Series 4 units, I own a Premiere Series 4.

Over the last 6 years I have purchased 48 titles from Amazon, most of them TV shows which have 20 plus episodes in each season. With all the content plus hardware I have purchased from Amazon, I can quickly add up a reasonable total that is close to $5,000.

This week I went to my library to download season 1 of Breaking Bad and the download link was missing, I checked all of my content and the link was missing on everything. A call to Amazon support and the rep. tells me its a technical problem with my TIVO unit. I asked him how he could know that without running any tests on my unit and by the way, the unit is not reporting any errors and if it was, how could an error on my TIVO cause a web page on Amazon to fail on displaying the download link? He inistists that it is a technical problem and that I should contact TIVO support.

So I call TIVO and get this answer. Amazon contacted TIVO and asked them to dumb down all TIVO units to prevent users from downloading any content. TIVO refused, so instead of working out thier differences with TIVO, Amazon cuts off downloading to all TIVO customers even if they have Amazon approved TIVO hardware, and it doesn't stop there.

When I loaded the Amazon app. on my TIVO to stream, I suddenly had fuzzy video, so bad you couldn't see someones face and the unit pauses every 10 seconds to fill the buffer. So I hooked up a packet analyzer and started monitoring the data stream from Amazon's data center to my static IP. What do I find, Amazon is throttling the bandwidth down to below 600Kbps, 535Kbps (Kilobytes) to be precise. That's 600% slower than what I was getting two weeks ago. I have a business class internet connection and I can confirm I have 30Mbps (Megabytes) download speed everywhere except to Amazon's data center, I can hit thier website with that 30Mbps but not the data center.

So I borrowed my daughter Sony DVD player because it can connect to Amazon, and I did a test using that device. Once connected I could download any video from my library at 17-26Mbps, the image is pristine and the audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. So I pause, switch over to the TIVO and restart the stream on the same video, and it comes downs at 540Kbps.

So without so much as an email, a letter or any kind of notice with an option to prepare for this, Amazon targets TIVO customers and cuts thier services. At 500Kbps it makes no sense to stream, I'll fall asleep during the pauses waiting, and some videos have no audio at all.

What's the sense in paying for an Amazon Prime membership, buying content at $16 - $60 a title, that's either a movie or an entire season of a TV show, if you can't watch it on Amazon approved TIVO hardware?

As far as I am concerned, I've paid in advance for a service they are still selling but not delivering on, some how that feels like a breach of contract. And if every TIVO owner is experiencing what I am, then I'll sit back and wait for the class action law suit.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime or purchase content from them to either download or stream, let me know if you're having the same experience. If Amazon has targeted all TIVO customers, then they have bit the tail of a rattlesnake as most TIVO owners are pretty hardcore when comes to getting what they paid for.

Premiere problem

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 18:27
Recently my premiere has been snowy, flurry on certain channels. This has me worried. I called my cable company and they checked the cable lines outside and inside the house, no problems there. I got a replacement cablecard and tuning adapter Tuesday, problem still there. Here's the weird part: When I switch between the channels on the bottom menu it only happens when I do this switch so I keep the top tuner running at all time and stay away from the bottom tuner (I'm guessing that's the proper word to use). Another problem is when I reboot the TiVo the welcome video stops at the beginning and go straight to the TiVo menu. I'm guessing the hard drive is going bad. Can someone help me with this, before I spend the money on a new hard drive. :confused:

Problem downloading Outdoor Channel HD video with kmttg.

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 16:13
I don't know enough about kmttg to say if the problem is with that program or somewhere else.

On Monday kmttg worked fine to download videos from the Outdoor Channel HD to my desktop computer. On Wednesday all I got were small, audio-only mpg files. I don't remember any program updates between the two days but there might have been. Standard definition programs from the same channel work normally as do all programs from a few other channels I've tried.

My stuff:
Verizon FiOS
TiVo Series 4 Premier Elite: software version: 20.4.6a.RC1-01-2-758
Verizon STB
Win7 Home Premium 64-bit
kmttg v1.1n

I have the same issues on an identically configured laptop.

The programs were fine to watch on the TV so I re-booted the TiVo which didn't help (I've rebooted it two more times since then).

I switched kmttg to Transport Stream and it appears to download the entire program. I then found that TiVo Desktop set on fastest speed, and downloading TS files in a browser all seem to work, but not the program streams.

The tivodecode program doesn't work with TS format files, so I downloaded the trial version of VideoRedo Plus, got a key and registered it. I couldn't get it to work with kmttg so I tried loading videos directly into the program. It works fine with files from other channels, but with the TS files from Outdoor HD I get "H.264/AVC video streams are not supported in this version" messages. It looks like I would need to spend $100 for the TV Suite version to find out if that would fix my problem.

I then decided to try DirectShow Dump, but Norton anti-virus flagged it (by reputation) as dangerous and removed it. Probably a false positive, but I thought I'd ask here before I pulled it out of quarantine.

The ideal solution for me would be to be able to switch kmttg back to program stream and use tivodecode. The simplest would be just to watch the programs on TV, but that's so 20th century. ;)

Any help will be appreciated.

Mini Dolby ..

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 15:22
I have my mini hooked up to a sony receiver via HDMI cable..

I have my mini set to DOLBY..

there SHOULD be NO tivo sound effects

But I am getting them

Is my box putting out DOLBY STEREO..

any thoughts..???

Vikings Season 3

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 13:31
I got to this show late, watched the last 2 seasons on Netflix, setup the Tivo the record season 3, but I missed episodes 1 and 2. Amazon has season 3, and I have prime, but it looks like even though I have prime I would have to pay to watch it on Amazon?

Can anyone else confirm that? It blows my mind that I would need to pay for a show that is currently airing.

How do I get the mini to start on the same channel

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 13:25
When I turn the TV on in the bedroom in the AM, the last thing I want to do is fumble around with the remote. I want to hit Power-on and then Live-TV and watch my morning TV channel.

How do I get it to remember what channel I was watching last and just leave it there when I turn it on the morning?

Slow Download Speeds?

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 12:38
Is anyone else seeing pretty slow downloads to their TiVo app from their Roamio?

I have a Wireless-N network set up (the Roamio is connected via Moca). With my iPad Air in the same room as the router, trying to download shows on Medium quality (600 MB for 1 hour show) seems to be taking a lot longer than it should. It's basically taking about 1 hour to download a 1 hour show.


Having a problem with optical audio on my Roamio.

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 12:11
I just recently got a Roamio DVR and an HD antenna. While waiting for my DirectTV subscription to run out, I've been playing around with the Roamio. I connected it to the HDMI3 port of my TV and have gone through all of the channel setup and created One Passes for all of the shows my wife and I like to record. So far, everything has been working well, but I've only been using the TV speakers for audio when using the Roamio.

Yesterday, I decided to make sure that it will work with my older Bose Lifestyle 28 home theater system. The way I am set up now, I have an optical connection between the Bose and my DirectTV box, and that works fine, but I decided instead to try using the optical out from my TV, so that if I end up buying a Roku or AppleTV down the road, I can get all of them to play audio through the Bose (which only has one optical input).

Anyhow, I first switch the optical cable from my DirectTV box to the TV and verified that the sound still worked from DirectTV. Then, I switched the TV input to HDMI3 for the Roamio, but I didn't get the sound. I tried swapping the HDMI inputs so that the Roamio was on HDMI1 and DirectTV was on HDMI3, but I still got no sound from the Roamio but did get sound from DirectTV.

After doing all this, I decided to try moving the optical cord from the TV to the Roamio's optical output. Even going directly from the Roamio to the Bose, I don't get any sound.

I've tried playing with the audio settings on the Tivo both while sending optical directly from the Tivo and via the TV, but I haven't been able to get it working.

I've sent this information to Tivo support and am waiting to hear from them, but I though I would post it here as well to see if anyone has seen this before.

Can you move a cleared HD between Roamios

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 10:20
Can you do a clear and delete everything from a currently in use drive and then install it in a different Roamio and preform guided setup . Should it work or do you have to used a drive utility to erase everything on the drive..

Your Family or Mine - Anyone Watching

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 07:15
This show premiered on TBS a couple of weeks ago and I think it's pretty funny. Lot of characters to kept track of.