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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur "This is My Time" and "Live Reunion Show" OAD 12-18-2014

4 hours 40 min ago
Where is everybody?

Loved the Wicked Step Mother speech. I'm sure people will be divided on it, but I loved it.

Strange that Reed voted for Jacklyn. Stupid of them to take Nat instead of Keith. What were they thinking?!

Where can I *see* a Roamio Pro before buying?

5 hours 14 min ago
I am definitely interested in buying a Roamio Pro but would like to see the user interface first before buying.

My favorite local store in Chicago (Abt dot com) no longer has them on display, but will sell them to me.

None of the Best Buy stores around me have one on display. They say they used to have them on display a year or two ago, before they reconfigured the stores.

Where might I see and use a Roamio Pro?

Would rather not go through the hassle of buying and installing (dealing with Comcast and Cable Card install) just to see the Roamio.

Hart of Dixie Season 4

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 22:21
I'm so glad the show is back. I love Dr Zoe Hart. And I love her and Wade together. I guess they are writing Rachel's pregnancy into the show. But in true Zoe fashion, the road to happiness won't be smooth.

Roamio Remote becomes non-responsive

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 22:13
...when I try to input codes so that it will work my receiver. I did my TV okay, but then I enter certain codes and try to test them, the remote just stops working, no indicator light on top at all. I have to pop the batteries out for it to wake up.

I have just received this Roamio Pro. It's a refurb unit. The Roamio works fabulously, but the remote has this one issue. Works fine otherwise.

For the record I have a Yamaha RX-V765 Receiver.

Anyone hear of anything like this, and know a possible remedy? Should I tell tivo and try to get the remote replaced?


Series 2 to Premiere Transfer Question

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 21:42
Just got a lightly used Premiere for cheap and added it to my account. Aside from the awful HDUI I like it. I do have a general question however. I've noticed that when I request a show to be transferred from a Series 2 the show transfers, but doesn't remain on the Premiere afterwards. I have 150 or so suggestions so I know it's not a space issue. Transfers from my HD TiVo work as expected.

Person of Interest - S4E10 - "The Cold War” - 12/16/2014

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 20:51
CBS has been doing some interesting scheduling of late.
I’m not sure why this episode was run this week instead of last, but….

When we left our dream team, they were dealing with the ramifications of Shaw’s cover being blown and how it’s affecting our team.

Shaw is not happy but (eventually) agrees with the necessity and ably proves that they can’t hold her.

Meanwhile, Samaritan is flexing it’s powers because it wants the Machine’s attention.

First, it tries to help our team but it’s solution to the current number’s abusive husband is to kill the husband, which our team doesn’t approve of.

Then, it helps out the police by giving by tipping them off to criminals.
In short, it turns NYC almost into a crime free utopia.

But when the Machine refuses to do a sit down with Samaritan, it goes the other way and shows how bad it can make things by tipping off criminals and leaking sensitive information, requiring our team to run themselves ragged protecting innocents (and without Shaw in the field).

In this, we again see how little regard Samaritan has for human life.

When the Machine agrees to the sit-down, we get to see one of the better written scenes of the series so far.

I had thought that Claire, the hacker that Samaritan recruited, would be it’s analog interface.
But using a child makes sense because Samaritan really is a child.
It didn’t like how the Machine was refusing to speak to it, so it kicked over the board.
It bragged about how it was better than the Machine and how it would win in the end.

And while both “Gods” acknowledged how they needed humans, I suspect Samaritan would rather we serve it like Vaal.

Then, in what appears to be a tantrum, Samaritan decides to hit us where it hurts by crashing the Stock Market.

We also saw some backstory on Greer (who has essentially spoiled Samaritan instead of enforcing a moral code) as an MI 6 agent who was betrayed by his double agent boss.

So it’s somewhat understandable as to why he thinks that Samaritan running every thing is a great idea.

But with all the chaos going on, Shaw can’t sit back idly anymore and goes out to help our Team, putting herself in Martine’s crosshairs eventually.

A fascinating kickoff for this episode trilogy.

Also, Root in the bear suit. :up:

How often does TiVo release updates? (new TiVo user)

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 20:47
I'm new to TiVo and my Roamio Pro is the first TiVo that I've ever owned, so I'm wondering how often TiVo releases software updates.

For example, the "Winter 2014" update was the big one that added Amazon Prime and Vudu, etc.

Should I be expecting a large "Spring 2015" update in first-quarter 2014, or how often do they update?

I'd love to see a couple of different features... (video podcast playback, Plex app, DLNA support, etc)

Picture/sound drops/black

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 18:52
About 2 months ago, while watching with TiVo, the picture started dropping out. The screen and/or the sound would just disappear for a second or two, or stutter periodically. It's gotten much worse. Sometimes now the screen will split in half horizontally, the bottom half will be frozen and the top half will sort of have a picture but with jagged lines through it.

I seem to notice it worse on really bright scenes.

At first I thought my hard drive was going bad, so I replaced it. That didn't fix the problem.

Not a great time of year financially to send it in for expensive repairs, thought I'd check here first to see if anyone has some advice.

2 Weeks out of Warranty & .....

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 18:31
Tivo sends a test code to my box that changes the Account status to A:-
Can't record, pause, rew, ff. Now tivo says I have to pay for their mistake.
What a crock of .....

Anyone having problems like this and what to do?

A little confused about the Roamio's features

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 18:20
I'm getting a Roamio shipped to me soon, so I got this email from Tivo stating the following:

If you plan to take your TiVo experience outside of the living room using a TiVo Stream, TiVo Mini or another TiVo DVR, your Roamio must be connected to your home network using Ethernet cable or a MoCA network adapter. Learn more

and then

With the free TiVo app, you'll love watching TV like never before. Turn your iPhone®, iPad®, Kindle Fire or Android device into command central where you can search, browse, schedule and share without interrupting what you're watching. You can even watch live or recorded TV from your Roamio anywhere in the world via your iOS device. Learn more about the TiVo app. Learn more about watching TV anywhere.

What's the difference between using TiVo Stream or the TiVo app? Don't you need TiVo stream to use the TiVo app to watch TV anywhere? Or am I missing something?

How does a mini pick a tuner?

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 17:58
Suppose someone is watching live tv on the Roamio in one room and someone else is watching with live tv in another room. Suppose the person on the Roamio cycles thru the tuners on the Roamio by hitting "Live TV" button multiple times. Would the mini get disconnected when the tuner it was using is accessed by the Roamio?

I was expecting that there would be something that says have the mini always use tuner 6 so that another room is less likely to conflict? But it looks like this isn't always true.

I sometimes will hit pause while watching live tv, then hit live tv switch to another tuner to check on another channel and then go back to the previous tuner. But it seems like doing that can affect the person watching on the mini. Sounds like using the Info button to see whats on all the tuner and selecting the one to go back to is better than hitting live TV button 6 times?

I just got a Roamio pro and mini so I'm just getting used to having all these tuners. I was used to a 2 tuner Premiere so hitting live tv was just a swap of the 2 tuners. So I'm trying to understand how 2 people can keep from interfering with each other. Of course if the Mini is just streaming to watch a recorded show, no problem.

Is stream EOL?

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 15:36
I've just spent three days looking for a stream. Tivo.com is out of stock. Metro Atlanta Best Buy are out of stock in stores but say they have a few in a warehouse. So I ordered one to pick up and got a message saying item is no longer available. I found one three counties away so I'm set. But I wonder if this is the end of this product.

I love my mini!

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 15:05
I bought a mini three weeks ago in the hopes I could get it to work over MOCA with my Premiere. My expectations were exceeded!

Aside from a 3-second delay when you first start a show, it's EXACTLY the same as my downstairs Tivo in all respects and functions. In fact, it's superior in menu loading and overall navigation.

If you've been on the fence over getting one, do it. No regrets!

MOCA Setup - New Roamio Plus

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 14:37
I wanted to see if someone could help me understand setting up a MOCA network so I can add a Mini.

I currently have a Roamio Plus hooked up in my house using wireless internet. All my TV connections are run on one line from the main Comcast box using various splitters inside the house (hopefully my splitters are ok).

I then have a totally separate line running into the house just for internet.

Do the two lines cause any issues?

Based on my reading I am confusing if I can have my Roamio hookedup to coax for cable and wireless for internet or do I need to have my Roamio connected to an ethernet plug. If it needs to be connected I might need to try using those ethernet adapters over the powerline since I can't run an ethernet where I need to go.

Thanks for your help!

Comcast to stop blocking HBO Go and Showtime on Roku

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 14:05
Looks like I'll be selling my recently purchased Apple TV on ebay in the very near future.


CSI on SyFy now?

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 12:34
WTH? Why not just drop the pretense and admit: "We're just another cable channel. Nothing special here."

SSD on Tivo - Life Estimates

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 10:19
This came up in a HD thread and since running the numbers a few times, I thought I should post them to save them since this seems to come up from time to time.

A few Tivo variables:
Tivo Model
Tuner Counter
SD vs HD lineup
Bitrate of CableCo
Quality Setting
% of Keep Forever video

SSD details:
Storage Size
Flash type
Chip count
Wear Level Algorithm

Potential advantages:
Absolute Cost
Normalized Cost
Vibration / Temperature resistant

Video Bit Charts:
Code: Series 2 Best Quality compression:
(80 GB / 23 hours) * 1 year * 1 = 30.48 terabytes
(80 GB / 23 hours) * 1 year * 2 = 60.97 terabytes

Cable Co SD video:
OTA/ATSC SD video:

Cable Co HD video:
12 Mbps * 1 year * 1 =  47.33 terabytes
12 Mbps * 1 year * 2 =  94.67 terabytes (Premiere 2)
12 Mbps * 1 year * 4 = 189.34 terabytes (Roamio Basic)
12 Mbps * 1 year * 6 = 284.01 terabytes (Roamio Pro/+)

OTA/ATSC HD video:
19 Mbps * 1 year * 1 =  74.94 terabytes
19 Mbps * 1 year * 2 = 149.89 terabytes (Premiere 2)
19 Mbps * 1 year * 4 = 299.79 terabytes (Roamio Basic) References:

NBC Classics

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 08:54
New streaming service from NBC for streaming old shows. Not sure if there's an app for it yet, but it's available on the web:


Slingbox 350 on sale for $89

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 07:46
Best Buy is running a "deal of the day" special today on a Slingbox 350 for $89. This is about the best price I have seen lately. Get it while you can:


I got mine for $99 a few months ago and have it hooked up to a 2-tuner Premiere and it works great. Quality is slightly better than a Slingbox PRO I have as well. I even wired up my 350 to be able to use with & control BOTH a TiVo and a DVD player. Can then switch between the two when needed. I usually keep it on the TiVo, but occasionally the DVD option comes in handy as well.

Help needed - TCD748000 - odd failure

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 07:28
Hi all. I've got a strange problem (or maybe problems) with my Premiere XL.

Original drive died about 18 months ago, replaced with a weaknees 2gb drive.

Earlier this month, started to get random reboots & freezes, increasing in frequency. Kickstarts were unsuccessful in resolving and overnight and automatic disk tests all passed.

When I received the upgraded drive, I took a DRVBARS backup of it before installing. Dug that up and restored to a new 2GB drive....and we have liftoff! Back to guided setup.

...but can't seem to make it through the software update. Keeps freezing on "loading info" - somewhere between 1% and 57%.

A few other observations:

1. Each of the drives passes mfr diagnostics and smart tests
2. The process seems to inch closer to completion each time...with great advances being made when the cable card and TA are not connected

Questions for the experts:

1. My experience tells me that the drive is most prone to failure. I would have thought replacing the drive would have cured all problems. How likely is it that a bad TA or CableCard is contributing to this?

2. How likely is it that my image is bad? Should I try again with a fresh TCD748000 image?

3. Am I just SOL?

Thanks in advance,