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Xfinity Vod Gsm-7 Error

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by nyjack, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. derektem

    derektem New Member

    Feb 19, 2013
    Hey Jack,
    I hear and feel for your frustration in trying to get this P4 working with XVOD. I say this because I am a recent new customer who bought a P4 and spents weeks trying to get this XVOD setup. I too had encountered this GSM-11 error and I have spent many hours on the phone with Comcast trying to figure this out. It's really disappointing to know that when you call them to get help, but they can't help you out because they just don't know how to debug XVOD problems on a TiVo P4 unit (and yet they continue to brag about their customer guarantee BS!!).

    Anyway, I want to share my 2 cents worth in light of hoping you might eventually get XVOD working for you. My XVOD is working nicely now.
    By no means what I'm about to share is technical. Just my recent experience to get things working (at least for my case).
    1) Check to make sure channel 1 (or 701) is listed in your channel lineup/listing.
    2) If channel 1 is not listed, I called Comcast CableCard support directly (877-405-2298) and request them to resynchronize your CableCard with your TiVo P4 because XVOD is not working.

    Comcast support may claim that your zip code or address may not have XVOD available in your area. Don't believe them unless you can verify using - www dot tivo dot com / xfinity. But if this webpage replies that it does, then you have XVOD in your area. Comcast tried to pull this stunt on me but I told them otherwise.

    I'm sorry to hear your frustration. I hope you get your XVOD working soon.
  2. nyjack

    nyjack New Member

    Mar 9, 2013
    I just checked and both of those channels are set. Please look at a new post/thread I just wrote entitled "New thought on TiVo Premiere VOD GSM-7/11 errors",

    I've had Comcast reset, in-pair, re-pair, authorize, etc., more times than I can count. I'm just wondering now if it might be something involving the Internet. Please let me know your thoughts after you read that new post.

  3. nyjack

    nyjack New Member

    Mar 9, 2013
    It's working!! I am really not sure about what happened. I was fooling around with my router, changing some settings (trying to find ports that may be blocked; I have a netgear router that was provided by Comcast). I tried an old router that I stopped using last year, but couldn't get it to work wired; only the wireless worked. Anyway, because I was trying a different router I had to redo my network settings back to the Comcast router. I then did a (another) forced update. I suspected that something was happening because the update took @45 minutes. I went off and did something else and went to check if the update was done. As I've been doing every time I do a connection I tried Xfinity VOD, expecting one of the error codes and... and... IT WORKED!!

    I'll try to answer whatever questions anyone has, but I think I just said about all I can remember. But since it started working just after a long update, doesn't it seem like this was a TiVo problem and not Comcast?

    Thanks everyone. This forum is great! Knowing I was sharing a problem that lots of others had gone through successfully really kept me encouraged.

  4. dv4334

    dv4334 New Member

    May 27, 2013
    Thanks for the info but I found this out;


    Before or after Comcast makes XFINITY On Demand available in your market, you will need to make sure your Premiere series DVR meets the following requirements:

    You or a Comcast installer has installed, configured, and paired a CableCARD.

    IMPORTANT: Scientific Atlanta CableCARDs are not compatible with Xfinity Video On Demand. If the customer has a Scientific Atlanta card, tell them to request a Motorola CableCARD from Comcast.
    Your Premiere has a broadband connection (Ethernet, Wireless N or Wireless G, or MoCA).
    Your TiVo Premiere is running software 20.2.0a or higher.
    Your Comcast cable package includes XFINITY On Demand (For this information you’ll need to contact Comcast Customer Support.)
    XFINITY On Demand for TiVo Premiere is available in your market (Click here to learn more).

    And it turns out my cablecard is Scientific Atlanta

    Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction

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