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Why I love my Stream!!

Discussion in 'TiVo Stream' started by NJBLUESMAN, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Fofer

    Fofer XenForo Rocks!

    Oct 29, 2000
    Not yet.
  2. bareyb

    bareyb Under Maintenance TCF Club

    Dec 1, 2000
    Silicon Valley
    Ah. Okay. Thanks Fofer. That's what I feared. For some reason I can no longer use MRV to transfer shows from the Elite to either of the Series 3's in the bedroom and Playroom. Something like the Mini would eliminate the need for new DVR's and would allow me to lose some Cable Outlet and CableCard fees. When the Mini comes out I'm going to be all over it. ;)
  3. ducker

    ducker New Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    bedroom is for sleeping/reading/and other "activities". watch TV in the living room / office :)
    We've had one in the room before - and it got rarely used, maybe turned on once a week. Really the only time I was used was when someone was home sick...

    I love the notion of using the ipad to stream TV to the bedroom if I want to watch something there. I've done it before with HBO2go. This just opens up the possibilities.

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