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White Collar S04E02 "Most Wanted" OAD 7/17/2012

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by cstelter, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Graymalkin

    Graymalkin Grumpy Poster

    Mar 20, 2001
    On NCIS, they've split the team up several times for season finales. What's the highest number of episodes that it took to get the NCIS team back together? THAT's the number of episodes White Collar will take. :)
  2. photoshopgrl

    photoshopgrl Nerd Fashionista TCF Club

    Nov 22, 2008
    Boring Ohio
    HAHA! That is awesome!

    So it wasn't common knowledge forever now that Matt was gay? I've known this since the series started. Strange.
    It's never bothered me but I do wonder when he's smooching up the chicks if it makes him uncomfortable just the same as I wonder when a straight person plays a gay role.
  3. cheesesteak

    cheesesteak Meh. TCF Club

    Jul 24, 2003
    15 mins...
    If I can accept the fact that Neal is the world's utmost expert on everything under the sun then I can accept a real life gay actor playing a womanizing playboy.
  4. Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000
    Besides, how do we know he's not just pretending to be gay so he'll seem more trendy and cool? :D
  5. ClutchBrake

    ClutchBrake Pass the gravy!

    Sep 5, 2001
    LOL, Rob. :up:
  6. lew

    lew Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2002
    Sir Anthony Hopkins portrayed Hannibal Lector in several movies. I doubt he has anything in common with the character he portrays. It does absolutely nothing to diminish my enjoyment in watching his movies. A lot less of a stretch then a gay person portraying a "ladies' man".
  7. zordude

    zordude WDW Fan TCF Club

    Sep 23, 2003
    Nashua, NH
    Anthony Hopkins playing a cannibal is LESS of a stretch than a gay man playing a ladies man?

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