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What's your monthly Comcast bill?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by dalabera, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. dalabera

    dalabera New Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    Looking into return my Comcast DVR and get a tivo now it has Xfinity ondemand. Currently I have Digital Starter + HD/DVR and pay $69.
    If I get the the Premiere with Lifetime will I pay more or less?
  2. jakerock

    jakerock Hey ho howdy! TCF Club

    Dec 9, 2002
    Lee, NH
    In theory if you replace your only Comcast DVR with a single TiVo DVR you should save on the Comcast bill slightly because you are no longer renting a box and you should get the first cable card free.

    There is a lot of theory in there though. In practice it seems like anything could happen.

    Also that doesn't include the price of the TiVo service. I'm talking strictly the Comcast bill.
  3. MsUnderstood

    MsUnderstood New Member

    Jun 1, 2004
    Clovis, CA
    Whoa! comcast and tivo has xfinity on demand? I came here trying to see if I should upgrade my series 3 to series 4. is that the box that has on demand?

    I have basic comcast and thorugh tireless negotiation (i.e I'm gonna quit you) I pay $40-55. That is for one step up from basic (i.e I get ESPN and AMC and HD but I do not get much above that).

    Update: I just answered my own question...on demand areas listed here:

    And you need the premier box to get it.
  4. worachj

    worachj Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2006
    Eagan, MN
    Digital starter in my area is going up next month to $69.

  5. CoxInPHX

    CoxInPHX COX Communications

    Jan 14, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ
    I read on here that XFinity was only available to customers with Motorola equipment, is that still true?

    (i.e. if your market uses Scientific Atlanta equipment, the SA/Cisco CableCARDs and equipment is not currently supported)

    EDIT: looks like it is no for SA/Cisco
  6. diamond.g

    diamond.g New Member

    Dec 17, 2008
    Boo, they say XOD is in VA but none of the zip codes I entered show as it being available...
  7. heyted

    heyted Member

    Mar 4, 2012
    South Florida
    This is somewhat difficult for me to answer since I am in a bulk Comcast account. I currently pay a monthly home owners assoc fee of $250. The Comcast bill is 14.4% of the total or $36. But, there are fees, such as administrative fees, that do not directly benefit me. The sum of these fees divided into the fees that do directly benefit me increases the Comcast bill up to another 7%. So my equivalent Comcast bill is as much as about $53 depending on how you think of it.

    I have basic channels plus the nonpremium chanels such as ESPN, History and History 2, CNN, Movieplex, Versus, a bunch of music channels, etc. I do not have HD except for about ten local channels. I do not have video on demand through the TiVo, but I do have VOD using the Comcast web site.

    How much do others in a bulk cable account pay?
  8. slowbiscuit

    slowbiscuit FUBAR

    Sep 19, 2006
    In the ATL
    I've been paying $80/month for all channels and Blast 20mb internet for over 2 years now (double play promo). I escalate to corporate every time my deal expires and have been getting extended on it every time. I think it helps that we also have U-Verse to play them off against in my area.
  9. SNJpage1

    SNJpage1 Well-Known Member

    May 25, 2006
    I am surprised how many people stick with the basic pakage. My dad had that and I talked him into switching to the basic digital package which is the same price. However, he gained the music channels, which he loves and half a dozen movie channels. Plus the signal is a lot better since it's digital.
  10. spaldingclan

    spaldingclan Member

    Aug 22, 2012
    I pay $0..OTA baby
  11. leiff

    leiff Member

    Aug 24, 2005
    SF Bay area
    I got on one of comcasts better promotions. $50 for digital starter TV with HBO and internet for 12 months. Plus I convinced them to give me blast internet upgrade free for 3 months. Called back a month later to complain about a hidden $10 start up fee and was offered starz for free. When my promo runs out I usually cancel for a couple months and then restart up with new promotion. Last time I kept my cable cards for the two months that I stopped service and though I was called by an automatic message to return card or be charged, I was never charged. The real bonus was for two months I wasn't paying for service, Comcast forgot to turn me off and I still got all channels.
  12. buscuitboy

    buscuitboy Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    Atlanta area
    I was hoping for Xfinity OnDemand in my area (Atlanta) for my Premieres too, but I'm not holding my breathe on that one and actually have found "alternative" methods to pretty much get anything on my TiVos that OnDemand offers so no need (hint: it involves pyTivo and a networked PC :) ).

    As far as my actual Comcast bill. I play the "cancellation threat" game frequently and it seems to work. Each time its usually a discounted rate for 6 or 12 months, but its better than paying the normal INFLATED rate of $40 more per month. Currently, I am getting their highest digital preferred package, performance internet (12Mbs), two M-cards (for my Premiere units; one lifetimed), 2 S-cards (for a lifetime S3 unit) for about $97/month. They even threw in HBO for 6 months & Showtime free for 3 months. I'll call them in 6 months to threaten to cancel and see what they offer then.

    I've thought about upgrading my internet to the "blast" (20Mbs) level, but I have learned the hard way that it seems like whenever you call to change something on your Comcast bill (add/delete services), it sends their whole billing department into a tizzy and the bill winds up getting FUBAR. Therefore, I'm just gonna leave it alone for now and can live with 12Mbs internet speed. Not to mention the $1.50/month rate for the additional cable cards. :)
  13. javabird

    javabird Active Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    What is the advantage of having Xfinity OnDemand over something like Amazon video on demand?
  14. gonzotek

    gonzotek tivo_xml developer

    Sep 24, 2004
    There's a large amount of free content that isn't always available free via other services. They also carry recent episodes of many network and cable shows, so if the TiVo missed the recording (plenty of legitimate reasons it can happen, for instance sports over-runs, 3-way conflicts, you forgot to schedule something new, etc.) you can still catch it OnDemand easily(and free).
  15. javabird

    javabird Active Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    Interesting... I've never used Xfinity altho' I have the option to use it on my computer & my iPad. The only thing that would tempt me would be if it offered movies sooner than the "viewing window" to get them on Amazon VOD or AppleTV.

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