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What's the value of old S1/S2 TiVos?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by JayBird, May 30, 2013.

  1. JayBird

    JayBird New Member

    Jan 25, 2003
    Gilbert, AZ
    I just helped my sister upgrade her TiVo setup with a couple new Premier XL4s. We are now trying to figure out what to do with her original S1 and S2 TiVos that the Premiers replaced. Both of them still work fine. Both have lifetime subscriptions, and I believe both have upgraded hard drive capacity (I know for sure that at least of the two does).

    Do these have any value above and beyond the $20 each that she can get for them from Weakknees? Isn't the lifetime sub alone worth more than that?

    I'm tempted to take them off her hands and just hold onto them in case TiVo ever offers a lifetime sub transfer option again. But she thinks I'll just be adding to my clutter (an argument that has some merit).

    So what value do they really have at this point? Or are they really only worth the $20 that weekknees is offering?

    The S1 is a Sony SVR2000 with, if I remember correctly, dual 120 GB drives.
    The S2 is a TiVo model (I don't know the exact model number) that I think was originally an 80 hour model that was upgraded to a larger hard drive.

    Any input on the real value of these things would be most appreciated.

  2. scandia101

    scandia101 Just the facts ma'am

    Oct 20, 2007
    MN, greater...
    Just taking a quick look at completed auctions on ebay, the S2 might be worth about $100 depending on what accessories if any are included. Selling prices varied from $35 up to the range of $150 with most being $80 or less. The Sony S1's range from $2.45 up to $120 with most being under $50.
  3. mattack

    mattack Active Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    If it has lifetime, might have value. Without lifetime, the remotes are probably the most value.

    The Ethernet addon for the S1 (totally third party) MIGHT have value for someone if you have one of those.
  4. replaytv

    replaytv gun talk ignore list

    Feb 20, 2011
    Denver ish...
    They are definitely worth more than what Weaknees is offering. You can even try to sell them on this forum.

    Selling on craigslist can take for ever to sell. Or that has been my experience.

    If you don't want to mess with trying to sell them, you could give them to a thrift store (who may trash it as some of them don't know they have value ) or you could give it to someone on this forum that lives in Gilbert.

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