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Trying to upgrade my TiVo

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by Ckought, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Ckought

    Ckought Member

    Nov 29, 2006
    Called customer service twice today to try and purchase a Premiere 4 to replace one of my HDs. Really weird phone calls.

    The first person kept saying stuff about how MoCA was something new and not many people ever use and tried to bundle a wireless network card with my order. When I pointed out that one of the reasons I wanted the Premiere 4 was because of MoCA and that it was required (other than Ethernet) to use Stream or the upcoming Mini, she still insisted that MoCA was a brand new technology and very few people use it. On the price, she quoted me $249 for the Premiere 4, so I asked her if that's the best deal she could do. She said there weren't any promotions that I was eligible for. I asked about the BigDeal promo, and she asked if I'd received an e-mail on it. I told her that it was splashed all over TiVo's home page and in ads on Facebook and other places. She was totally clueless. She looked it up, and made me the offer of $50 off. At that point, her computer went down and she was unable to complete the order and asked me to call back later.

    The second person knew about the BigDeal promo, and offered it to me without me asking (don't know if she'd read it in the notes from the previous call). I asked about transferring one of my current HD units to a Premiere 4, and she said that TiVo can only transfer accounts to "stand alone" units and the only stand-alone unit they currently had was the XL4 and I'd have to pay full retail price ($499) to transfer my HD to it -- and the only benefit would be that my monthly fee would go down from $14.99 a month to $12.99 a month. Well, I'm currently paying $9.99 a month for the HD I wanted to transfer (MSD price), so there wasn't even a reasonable monthly fee savings for transferring service. Since she said I'd have to pay full retail price for a TiVo to transfer service, I asked if I could just go to Amazon and buy a Premiere 4 (which would be the actual definition of RETAIL) and then transfer service to that unit. She said that it had to be purchased directly from TiVo to transfer service.

    It's like they're doing their absolute best to dissuaded me from upgrading my HD to a Premiere. Wore customer service / sales -- ever!
  2. atmuscarella

    atmuscarella Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2005
    Rochester NY
    They are not trying to dissuaded you, they just are not giving you the deal you want.

    Deals come and go you could monitor this site and see if one comes along that you like.

    Others have taken a different approach just buy lifetime then sell your unit to reduce the cost of upgrades. The Premier 4 is on sale for $600 with lifetime if you qualify for MSD - if it were replacing a TiVo HD with liftetime your net costs would be in the $350 range.

    On a side note you could call back and ask how much they would sell you lifetime for your HD if you bought a Premiere 4 (with lifetime or monthly) instead of canceling the service on the HD - in that situation in the past they will normally offer you lifetime for the HD unit at $99, they you could sell it and recoup some money.

    Good luck,

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