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To cube or not cube is the question?

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by N-HARDY, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. N-HARDY

    N-HARDY New Member

    Apr 3, 2009
    I posted my series 2 Philips DSR708 problem on the lost of local channel post 6/27. I thought I start a new thread since the problem is getting weirder. Like really weird.

    So the local channels were the worst for cubing and lost of audio on tuner 2. Sometimes it would flash searching for satellite on tuner 2. But it could have beeb from a storm. I have seen on a few channels the problem too. One of the worse on DirecTv channel 240. If I put it tuner 2 on channel 240 it got a weak signal and restarted over to obtain the satellite signal. So on Sunday, I need to record something. I thought I would put the good tuner on the exact channel to record. But I could not tell which one was bad. I had both tuners on the local channels. No cubing and all sounded perfect on both tuners. What was the deal? It fixed the local channels? I have to take each tuner to channel 240 and there was the bas tuner. I left the good tuner to record. I then took the bad tuner though channels 229-400. 20 channels cubed. Of the 20 I watch only 4. In June, the unit froze on again on channel 240 several times. That was about the time we put the AC on. So I cleaned the dust away from the unit. It froze one more time and has not again because I'm not going to 240 in case it freeze up. I always think the freezing that comes and goes once a year to Tivo programming or my AC. The favorite on my channel dissapeared too. Now I know that was because Tivo was working on that Tivo local channel problem. The unit temp is fine and I have 6.4a software. From May 3 until the beginning of June I did not get a download. A week later it started to cubing.

    It is normal for this type of problem to heal itself?

    I tried to play with the picture cables to the TV on 6/28 as suggested on the other post. That was not the issue for the problem. If the power supply is the problem would it allow the problem to come and go? Can a harddrive or tuner fix themselves? Here I was about to get the unit ready to ship to Weaknees. I guess I'll hold off. What could it be? Why not all the channels are bad on Tuner 2?

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