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TiVo suggestions algorithim

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by abovethesink, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Sep 3, 2013 #1 of 12

    abovethesink Member

    Aug 26, 2013
    Roamio's initial suggestions over our first week have been a bit odd to say the least. A lot of what I'd call the lowest common denominator stuff like reality wedding shows and Kardashian nonsense is what it thinks we're into. But I think that makes sense to a point because it hasn't had time to learn so why not suggest stuff that is likely the most popular overall?

    1) The Algorithm - How exactly does it come up with the suggestions? Does it exclusively pay attention to the thumbs system, or does it also pay attention to what you watch and/or set to record?

    2) Performance - For those who have been diligent in reacting to its suggestions in the past with the thumb system over an extended period of time, do you find the suggestions to a reasonable job grabbing things you are likely to enjoy?

    3) Priority - Am I correct in assuming the suggestive recordings will always have the lowest priority on the Roamio? Meaning that one will NEVER attempt use a tuner that is either being used with live tv or for a user generated recording?

    4) DVR space -- Am I also correct in assuming that Roamio will ALWAYS clear space for your recordings by deleting suggestions? If so, how does it determine the order of deletion? By age, the thumbs system, or a game of TiVo suggestions roulette?

    Thanks a ton.
  2. Sep 3, 2013 #2 of 12

    WhiskeyTango New Member

    Sep 20, 2006
    New Jersey
    1. Yes based on thumbs. When you record a program, it is automatically given one thumb up.

    2. Yes it gets better as time goes on and it has more info to work with.

    3. It won't preempt recording you have set but the Tivo does not know when you are watching TV and make take a tuner that you are watching live.

    4. Suggestions are the first things deleted if space is needed. The oldest are the first to go.
  3. Sep 3, 2013 #3 of 12

    dianebrat drastically off narrative TCF Club

    Jul 6, 2002
    1. The algorithm rocks and has for a while, I've beenable to train multiple Tivo's over time that they should record NASCAR but no other motor sports, and only Nationwide and Sprint cup items, not Truck racing.
  4. Sep 3, 2013 #4 of 12

    mdscott Active Member

    Jun 26, 2002
    On past boxes [but can't confirm as to Roamio] before recording a suggestion on the tuner being output to TV it would ask if it could change channel to record Suggestion. If you did not respond it would assume OK to proceed.

  5. Sep 3, 2013 #5 of 12

    Jonathan_S Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2001
    The exact algorithm is really known but it appears to 'spread' the thumbs up (or down) across all the informaiton about the program; not just the title but the listed actors/actresses, director, genre, language.

    (That last one often seemed to cause new Tivos to go through a phase where they tried to recording most anything airing in Spanish. Presumably that was because many shows list Spanish as a 2nd language track, and on a new TiVo you spend a lot more time giving things thumbs up than thumbs down; so presumably one of the highest rated 'catagories' quickly became "Spanish" :D Oops)
  6. Sep 3, 2013 #6 of 12

    kdmorse Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2001
    Germantown, MD
    More often this happens when someone uses only Thumbs Down on shows they see but don't like. (No thumbs ups). People tend to only browse the shows in english, thus thumbs down only shows in english, and eventually the unit thinks you don't like shows in english. Then all sorts of wierd things happen.

    The same thing can happen if you routinely only thumb down prime-time (adult age group) shows as you come across them, over time, kids cartoons start showing up with a vengeance....

    Always use a mix of positive and negative reinforcement...
  7. Sep 3, 2013 #7 of 12

    scandia101 Just the facts ma'am

    Oct 20, 2007
    MN, greater...
    I find that after a while, the vast majority of suggestions recorded are programs that I've given a thumbs up (or two or three) and very little was something new and very little of that was something I'd actually watch.
  8. Sep 3, 2013 #8 of 12

    JohnnyO Crimper

    Nov 3, 2002
    As someone who has had two TiVoHD's since 2008, I'm pretty satisfied with the suggestions. Now that I'm setting up a new Roamio, I get to start that all over again. I just moved my Season Passes over (thanks to TiVo.com!). I wonder if that, alone, has any impact on the suggestions?
  9. Sep 4, 2013 #9 of 12

    Jonathan_S Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2001
    Huh, good question. Did the shows you set a season pass for get an automatic thumbs up? (I know they do when you set a pass 'locally' but I'm not sure about when you transfer them via TiVo.com)

    My guess would be if you see the thumbs up it has the normal impact, if not the maybe not... <shrug>
  10. dsrnyc

    dsrnyc New Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    Hi all, just activated my TiVo last night and I'm loving it so far! It just started recording suggestions tonight (strangely, procedurals mostly) but how can I make it record the HD channel instead of SD? I never watch anything SD but if in HD I'd give it a chance.
  11. scandia101

    scandia101 Just the facts ma'am

    Oct 20, 2007
    MN, greater...
    Remove the SD channels from your channels received list.
  12. dsrnyc

    dsrnyc New Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    Thanks! That also resolves my "where's my HD HBO?" question :up:

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