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Tivo Romaio flashing picture

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by dogsluvtrux, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. dogsluvtrux

    dogsluvtrux New Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    I just purchased my Tivo Roamio plus and am having several issues.

    The current one is renting a movie from Amazon and when I go to watch the movie the screen flashes about every 5 seconds. I will get the picture for a few seconds, sometimes sounds, sometimes not, and then it go blank. This process repeats without end.

    The movie is currently downloading - but according to the progress bar it is over 1/2 way through the download so this should NOT be the case of where playing the movie over-runs the download.

    Additionally - if i go back to Tivo so that the movie is in the window off to the side - the entire Tivo menu flashes in the same way.

    My Amp indicates that the HDMI signal is dropping out as the icon for indicating HDMI flashes on and off with the screen.

    The Tivo screens won't be normal until I stop playing the movie in the background.

    Anyone else have issues with this?
  2. CoxInPHX

    CoxInPHX COX Communications

    Jan 14, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ
  3. dogsluvtrux

    dogsluvtrux New Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    Changing resolutions seems to be a bit erratic - but it worked! Was able to watch the movie - but I think it was on 1080p.

    Thank you for the suggestion!

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