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Tivo Premiere vs Verizon Fios CableCard Pairing Nightmare

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by mikegnj2006, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. mikegnj2006

    mikegnj2006 New Member

    Nov 18, 2008
    So I have exhausted all of my options and tried tons of suggested solutions from TiVo and Verizon Tech Support and Forums with no luck, so I have decided to post my issue in hopes that someone can assist.

    I have a TiVo Premiere Elite XL4 with Verizon Fios. As many other posts have reported, I have lost my HBO channels due to the recent copyright protection put into place. The TiVo displays an activation message anytime I tune to HBO. I understand that my cablecard is activated but not properly paired to my TiVo. The TiVo cable card screens show the following:

    Con - Yes. EBCP - Yes. Auth - S. Val - ?. I have also confirmed that the cablecard is receiving messages from Verizon. My signal strength is in the mid 90's. No matter what is done I can't get that Val to change from ? To V.

    Here is what I have already tried to fix the problem (not listed in any order):
    Rebooted the TiVo several times by manually pulling power and also by using the restart option.
    I have had the TiVo make several connections to the TiVo service. I am running the latest Fall software.
    Reseated the cablecard numerous times.
    I have replaced the cablecard twice, on my third. They all looked brand new. They all are Motorola M-Stream.
    I have upgraded the TiVo from Series 3 to Premiere XL4.
    I have performed the guided setup again.
    Verizon has hit the cablecards numerous times.
    Verizon has tried the cablecard swap and refresh commands numerous times.
    Verizon has completely removed my cablecard and reactivated and repaired it.
    Verizon placed an order to cancel my TV Service and reactivated it and the cablecard.
    Verizon technicians have read back to me my Host ID and Data ID numerous times to verify it is correct.
    I have tried to reactivated / repair the card several times through the automated system, website, and Verizon software. All report that activation has been (re)sent.
    I have rebooted the Verizon ONT and modem / router.
    I have probably spoken with 8 different technicians at Verizon so far.

    If anybody has any other suggestions I would really appreciate them. I love my TiVo and my fios. I have had TiVos since Series 1 and can't imagine TV without them!!

  2. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Ziphead

    Aug 2, 2003
    These two steps should work, provided you do them in the reverse order. :) That is to say, now that you have a Series 4, get a new card for it. Don't call support, just take the old card to a Fios store to return it, and get a new card, as though for a new device. Follow the instructions that come with the new card to activate it through Verizon's web site. You should soon be up and running with all channels. This worked for me, anyway. (In my case, I was actually doing it to replace a Series 3, and this was before the HBO flags went into effect. But the point is that my TiVo got paired properly, and had no problem once the flags came on.)
  3. NSPhillips

    NSPhillips Member

    May 31, 2007

    I had a similar nightmare. Eventually I fixed it by calling the automated activation line. Instead of telling it I wanted to activate (which never worked on a relocated card or a brand new one), I just told it I had "no picture." Whatever signal it sent then actually worked.
  4. rallendo

    rallendo New Member

    Dec 24, 2012
    I was having the same issue. They replaced my cablecard and nothing. Finally the technician found a workaround verizon posted on December 12th. Long story short, if you tune to 131 before they do the activation (they deactivated and reactivated mine), it works. Sounds like a lot of technicians don't know the workaround yet. I'd tune to 131, then either activate yourself or call and have them do it of you.
  5. deadenzo

    deadenzo New Member

    Feb 20, 2006
    Works for me too! I activated new CC using verizon selfinstall site, but didn't work. So I tuned to 131, called activation # and indicated screen is all black (no picture). They sent signal and 131 and HBO now works. Strange...
  6. mikegnj2006

    mikegnj2006 New Member

    Nov 18, 2008
    So my cable card was previously deactivated, reactivated, and paired several times with no luck... BUT repeating this process with a technician while tuned to channel 131 worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much Deadenzo!!!

    Verizon FIOS customers who are having pairing issues: tune to channel 131, leave the cable card error on your screen, have Verizon Tech Support deactivate, reactivated, and pair...

    The pairing signal that Verizon sends seems to be sent on channel 131 so if you are not tuned there when they run the pairing command the tivo "misses it".

    Fixed after months of troubleshooting. Thanks again!!

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