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Tivo Premiere Problems...Any ideas????

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by goddi1, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. goddi1

    goddi1 New Member

    Jun 4, 2013
    I have had 2 new Tivo Premieres over the past two months. Both have given me the same problems. I'd like to know if anyone can tell me what/why these problems are happening.

    My first problem is that when I hit the 9 button, the Tivo goes to 9.1. And 7 goes to 7.1. That's want I would expect. However for channels 4, 5 and 26, the Tivo actually goes to the 4, 5 or 26 (black screens), not the digital 4.1, 5.1, 26.1. Channels 4, 5 and 26 are not even in my Channel List. I have to hit the up-channel button to get to the proper channel. When I am in the Channel Strength mode, if I hit 4, 5 or 26, it goes to the digital channel, unlike when I am in the simple TV viewing mode. Why does it not work in the TV viewing mode when it works in the Channel Strength mode????

    My other problem is with the ability of the Tivo Premiere to hold the channel. I don't have a problem with channel 7.1 or 9.1. However, when I view or record a show with the Premiere on 4.1, 5.1 or 26.1, it is virtually impossible to watch because the signal is constantly breaking up. However, when I watch these same channels directly on my TV or recordings from my other DVR (DTVPal), I don't have this problem. I don't get the signal breakups.

    Tivo techs just sort of shrug their shoulders and can not come up with any ideas or fix. I have tried 3 different antennas. No change. I am only 15 miles from the TV farm in the Washington, DC area.

    Any ideas????
  2. bshrock

    bshrock New Member

    Jan 6, 2012
    Hello Gary, Welcome to the TiVo Community.
    What is the Signal Strength? You may have one channel that is saturating / over-driving the tuner.

    Like the Comcast DVR. I believe that the signal strength is only available for the digital channels with the TiVo Premiere that would explain the different actions when inthe Channel Strength mode.
  3. Eamus Catuli

    Eamus Catuli Member

    Aug 8, 2010
    Toronto ON...
    You and I have the same gear so I'll tell you what my 3 years of experience has taught me.

    The TiVo is more sensitive to "noise" on an over-the-air signal than both my DTVPal and my HDTVs. The "noise" can be:

    a) from a pre-amp or distribution amp either inserting true noise or overloading the tuner
    b) weak signals
    c) multipath
    d) antenna not aimed close enough to the transmitter (which can result in multipath) - TiVo seems to be less forgiving than the others.

    Hard to say what your best solution might be (if it even exists :eek:) Hope this helps.
  4. goddi1

    goddi1 New Member

    Jun 4, 2013
    I took a look at the Channel List. The 2 channels that work correctly when the channel is selected with the remote are 7 and 9. When I look in the Channel List, the 'Digital Frequency' shows 7.1=7 and 9.1=9, respectively. However, for the other channels that don't go to their respective digital channel are the following with their indicated 'Digital Frequency'. They all go to their non-digital channel (though not listed in the channel list):
    4.1=48; 5.1=36; 26.1=27; 14.1=15; 20.1=35; 30.1=24; and 32.1=33, for example. I wonder if this has anything to do with the problem???

    When I went to the Diagnostic screen, all it had was the title but no information, as it has in the past. The tech people told me to reboot the Tivo and it came back to normal. I looked at the RS Uncorrected for channel 4 and it was '0' and it was getting a good reception at the time. However, I looked at channel 5 and the RS Uncorrected was over 400,000 and counting. It was getting a bit of breakup in the signal. But it comes and goes so I don't know what is making it fluctuate...sometimes not too bad, other times really bad (coming through the Tivo). The TV and the Tivo get the same signal because the antenna cable is split right at the TV and Tivo..

    These issues have been elevated to Level 3, they tell me. If I get any info, I'll pass it on here.
    Thanks... Gary

    Added later: I discovered that if I press 48 (its digital freequency number), for example, it goes to 4.1. Same with the other 6 channels that have this same problem. So it seems that the software is not telling it that 4 is 48 and the channel should change to 4.1. I called Tevo techs today to be sure that they pass this on to the engineers. It seems to be a fixable software issue.

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