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Tivo HD drive upgrade

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Cgrisamore, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Cgrisamore

    Cgrisamore Member

    Dec 25, 2003
    Hi all

    Longtime forum member, infrequent poster.

    Back in 2008 I replaced my Series 2 Tivo with a Tivo HD (TCD652160). I upgraded the hard drive with a 1TB Hitachi drive using WinMFS and the system has worked flawlessly until the last couple of days.

    Last Thursday I was watching recorded content when the playback started stuttering and the Tivo would not respond to commands. After a restart when I got the same behavior I realized that the hard drive was starting to go bad and as I had a Seagate 1TB hard drive on hand I opted to try copying the drive with all recorded shows using WinMFS. Copy process completed after about 36 hours and initially everything seemed well. I watched the program that was stuttering on the old drive and everything was fine. Later in the afternoon when I turned on the TV I saw that the Tivo was locked up. I tried doing a kickstart 57 to repair the file system but the system would reboot after about 15 seconds and it never completed the process.

    I decided to abandon the idea of keeping the shows and I used the Seagate Seatools utility to do a complete erasure of the drive and I used WinMFS to restore the drive backup made from the Hitachi drive.

    I fired up the Tivo and it booted and things looked promising although I was surprised to see the recordings listed on the "now playing" page as I know the WinMFS backup by default doesn't copy the recordings. I was thinking about perhaps doing a 'clear and delete' when the system suddenly rebooted and now it has the green screen which I guess means that the kickstart 57 is running again.

    I know back in 2008 there was a list of drives that were recommended and there were some that were known NOT to work in Tivos. I just checked the drive upgrade thread and doing a little cross referencing to Newegg the Seagate 1 TB drives listed are listed as "not available".

    The drive I was trying to use is a ST1000DL02. I wanted to run this by forum experts to opine whether I've just got an incompatible drive here or whether there are things left to try that I haven't thought of yet. Also is there an updated list of known good drives?
  2. blacknoi

    blacknoi Member

    Jan 23, 2006
    My 3 year old 1TB Western Digital WD10EVDS (I think that was the model) just died in my tivoHD last week.

    I just bought this one:


    Western Digital WD20EURS 2TB and got it working in my TivoHD (same as your model).

    I just used winMFS and ended up getting 198 hours HD recording space. I know I sacrificed some of the drive space, but my family never even came close to filling up 157 hours of HD recording space, so getting bumped up to 198HD hours was just fine for me.

    I had to use my *original* tivo drive to pull my image from. Even though the failing 1TB WD drive was still readable, and I was able to back it up, it still would make my tivo reboot over and over if I tried to put its image onto the new 2TB drive.

    Long story short - success, but I lost all my season passes as my image on the original drive was 3 years old.

    Also, I did NOT have to use wdidle3 with this drive. It boots, and soft-reboots just fine. No hanging.

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