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Time Warner Dallas - Things I Need To Know

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by macfactor, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. macfactor

    macfactor New Member

    Aug 22, 2013
    My very first Tivo, a Roamio Plus, will be delivered today. I am crazy excited, wanted one for a long, long time.

    I have read some things here about TW but most of it seems to be very old and I have not had good luck with TW in the past. As a matter of fact just trying to get what I need for the Tivo from them has been a challenge. I called to order what I needed and they said all I need is a cable card. Having read about the SDV Tuning Adapter I thought that can't be right so after a quick post and some great responses I finally got a hold of cable card support and they got me the Tuning Adapter. This leaves me worried, very worried.

    What else do I need to know about setup with TW Dallas? Is the Tivo stable on TW or is it a constant struggle?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. True Colors

    True Colors Member

    Oct 18, 2006
    You have everything you need to get started.

    I have heard that at least some of the time warner cable locations flag most of their channels as "copy once." This is a restriction that prevents you from taking the shows that you record on your tivo and copying them over onto your home computer. It also prevents you from tranferring recordings from one Tivo to a different Tivo.

    The Dallas branch of TWC may or may not do this. And you might not even care about those things anyway.

    I live in Dallas. My cable provider is Verizon FIOS. They copy protect almost nothing, which is nice. It allows me to transfer shows back and forth between both of my Tivos and it also allows me the freedom to save backup copies of TV recordings on my computer.

  3. PCurry57

    PCurry57 Liberal Hippie Chick

    Feb 27, 2012
    Dallas, TX
    As someone in Dallas who just earlier this month pulled two cable cards out and boxed up the respective tuning adapters. I can answer questions based on my own 19 month experience with TWC in Dallas.

    1) Yes, TWC flags most everything copy once exceptions IFC HD, some HBO and when not outright blocked some SHOWTIME content and a few; very few other channels. I went through a lot of hell getting them to lift those blocks on rebroadcast of local content. During the Olympics the 3D content (Side-by-Side) was 90 minute copy protected you had to watch it within 90 minutes of broadcast. They claim a TiVo can not do 3D which is BS, my Premiere handled it just fine! Not that it matters they have no 3D content.

    2) In the 19 months I had 6 tuning adapters either fail or were DOA! Never successfully paired a TiVo cable card and tuning adapter without a truck roll, they love to roll trucks!

    3) The tuning adapters frequently lose the sync signal from TWC resulting in tuning fail and scheduled recordings not happening.

    4) Be prepared for TWC to blame the TiVo for everything wrong! Contact TiVo cable card help desk and get educated by TiVo you'll need their knowledge to circumvent TWC flagrant attempts to take you down useless rabbit holes.

    5) In addition to blocking CBS 11 they are also blocking Flix, Showtime and Smithsonian. The later (Smithsonian) they charge extra for and offered no credit. (Last straw for me)

    It took 7 months for them to get the first tuning adapter working and somewhat stable, after three failed tuning adapter devices a new home run from the box on the ground to exterior wall, many trips because of an unstable signal! Average a truck roll every 2-1/2 to 4 weeks!

    I waited two more months before I dared try adding the second TiVo with cable card. Tuning adapter sent with self install kit was DOA. Truck rolled with another DOA tuning adapter. I demanded they deliver another same day or I was canceling everything; another DOA tuning adapter arrived the third one worked.

    Expect a rough and frustrating time with TWC, tuning adapters. One Tech the first tuning adapter that was failing belittled my brand NEW TiVo because it required a tuning adapter to work on their network. A few Dallas TWC techs are very condescending and rude, most are nice though!

    Be prepared for a possible nightmare situation; never receiving warnings of planed service interruptions and having to formally request credits for those! Oh and credits for service interruptions because of their failed equipment is also a formal request situation.
  4. gteague

    gteague golftango

    Apr 1, 2007
    dfw (euless)
    i strongly confirm everything liberalhippiechick says--she speaks truth.

    i strongly suggest that you move to somewhere they offer fios.

    seriously. not tongue-in-cheek. flee. run, avoid.

    read this thread for entertainment purposes. i created and posted to it to have something to do while i had no content:


    btw, liberalhippiechick had it easy. i had to contact the ceo of time warner in order to get my tuning adapter working. unfortunately for you he's way busy trying to blame cbs because they aren't providing content you are being charged for. and i don't know yet until my next bill gets here, but i suspect the 'rebate' for the 24+ channels you are paying for and not getting will be maybe $3.00 if you're lucky. my internet was out for 66% of the month of june and they offered me a $15 refund. i had to spend $100 that month to get a cellular connection for internet.

    also, tivo seems to bear a certain percentage of the blame for the cable card problems. from what we could tell hashing over the symptoms in the thread i posted, the elite firmware used to struggle to drive 4 tuners with a single cable card and it would simply lock up and not allow you to access any channels until you reset the tivo or soft-reset the cable card. i lost weeks and weeks worth of recordings over a period of two years until tivo upgraded their firmware a couple or three times and got their s____ together. that was about 6 months or so ago, i think.

  5. macfactor

    macfactor New Member

    Aug 22, 2013
    The Roamio has been up and running since Friday evening. TWC setup was pretty straight forward and the self-install guy on the phone was pretty knowledgeable about what he was doing. The M-Card was no issue but it took a couple of time sending the instructions before the TA went solid. The only issue I have seen so far is that we leave the TV on all night and when I woke up Sunday morning the channel was not tuned (black screen) and there was a message saying there was a tuning error. Changing the channel up and then back solved the issue. This may be a result of TWC shutting down the tuning after leaving it on the channel for a long time. I know our TWC DVR would send messages saying that if I wanted to stay on this channel then push the OK button and if I didn't then it would automatically change the channel to something else. Always thought they were being paid to send me somewhere else but after reading a little it sounds like the SDV doesn't like sitting in one place too long and that are really just dropping the tuning signal.

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