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Time Warner Cable Tuning Adapter (ALL LOCATIONS) / Bugs & Issues

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by dolfer, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Dec 23, 2009 #561 of 1485

    eddieb187 New Member

    Jan 16, 2009
    Since adding a Cisco STA1520 Tuning Adapter, my Tivo HD DVR stops responding to remote control commands and then after a few minutes Restarts.
    This occurs every couple of days. Maybe two or three times a week.
    I have one SA multi stream Cable Card.
    This never happened before the Tuning Adapter.
    Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Dec 25, 2009 #562 of 1485

    spassmeister New Member

    Dec 5, 2006
    Del Mar, CA
    My XMAS card to TWC:

    Very Disappointed in your customer care

    I had about the worst customer care visit ever from one of your expert technicians last month. Not only did his lengthy visit not fix the problem with your cable service, but today, Christmas, I have to go outside my house and fix the cables he needlessly disconnected so that my daughter can watch her new television.

    I’m both a residential HD customer and a Business class roadrunner customer. I pay TimeWarner well over $250/month. I have two HD TiVo systems which as you know, by law, TimeWarner is supposed to support. I pay for 4 cable cards to support these, and recently a tuner adapter was added to both. I picked up these Cisco TAs from your office and installed them myself (I think it's a travesty that you charged me to have one of your technicians "install" my cablecareds which was much easier than the tuning adapter).

    When the service degraded so severely that I was getting virtually no HD stations, let along expanded cable stations, I contacted Time Warner and went over the problem with your telephone "cablecard/tuning adapter expert". He assured me that there were no issues with the Cisco tuning adapters, so I scheduled a truck roll.

    Your service technician came to my home and began measuring the signal directly from the cable connected to my TiVo (not outside at the distribution point) He informed me that I had “tons of signal” and he did not really understand why I had no picture, or how the tuning adapter “thingy” works. He had no new ones (tuning adapters) with him. He then disappeared.

    I found him on the side of my home disconnecting every TV from the CATV distribution area of my home. When I asked him what he was doing, he replied “this will help you get more signal”, to which I replied “you told me I have tons of signal, what is the point in what you are doing?” he said “it will help”. Clearly, he had no idea what he was doing. I then told him “you realize that what you are doing now will make absolutely no progress towards fixing the problem you are here to fix”. I did not fix my problem. It made no difference whatsoever.

    He left, and still, I still had the same problems with the cable signal, and now (bonus) half the TVs in my house were disconnected. I went online and realized that, in fact, many TWC customers with HD TiVo units with cable cards and tuning adapters have repeating, nagging problems that require constant resets of their Cisco tuning adapters. I power cycled and reset both units and, for a week anyway, it worked fine. Now I need to perform this procedure weekly.

    I have concluded that inasmuch as you have no motivation to keep customers such as myself happy, you will put us through these issue and provide us with pathetic (in reality counterproductive as I not only had to fix the issue myself, but had to more work to re-connect the cables your technician disconnected).

    I intent to contact both my local congressman as well as the FCC to inform them of how TimeWarner chooses to deal with simple regulatory issues and abide by the law. Of course, I’m also looking at what alternatives I have (AT&T UVerse)

    Merry Christmas
  3. Dec 26, 2009 #563 of 1485

    shanebowman New Member

    Oct 9, 2005
    They ran through the normal series of tests before transferring me and she answered as the NCCS desk. She (forgot her name) also was very familiar with the Tivo screens as in knowing that she wanted to skip the test channels option on the cable card menu and asking during reboot of the Tivo if the screen had changed yet on the "a few minutes more" screen. So if they were spoofing me they were better informed than any of the other techs I have gotten since my adventures began. I have had a Series 3 since about three months after roll out and in fact am on my second as the first one's HD died.

    Long to short, she wasn't much help as she scheduled a visit after verifying the channels had been pushed out. Two visits, two more cable cards and a new tuning adapter with the techs (yes plural he brought help on the second visit) communicating with the NCCS the whole time it was established that they had not pushed out the channels and an email would be sent. Sat. evening lost use of TA rebooted three times both TA and Tivo following the directions included in posts before and we now have all but 2 of the channels, so we will call it a push.
  4. Dec 26, 2009 #564 of 1485

    fritolayguy Science, bitches

    Oct 31, 2002
    Liberty, MO.
    As someone that has been through multiple cc installations, I look through these forums regularly for others' experiences. Nice to know that others have had success with TWC (KC for me) as well. Most Time Warner threads are tough to read through for all the horror stories.

    Except for my original install back in 2005 from Mediacom in Springfield, MO. and one CSR that was not familiar with cable cards, all of my experiences have been very pleasant.

    I have also had very good experiences with both TWC SDV TA's for my Series 3 and my HD unit....

    I concur about show transfers....:(
  5. Dec 28, 2009 #565 of 1485

    inahaz New Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    This may help others (I'm certain this is not new for several tech folks on this board). I have 2 TivoHD's with TA's. (1 M card in each). The last couple months, I've had the 8-blink pause sequence and have had to call to have the boxes hit.

    This last time took 3 calls. I typically bail when they say they need to schedule a truck roll and call back later. (2 months ago, they scheduled a truck roll and the guy merely called the office and had the boxes hit.)

    I've found there are some CSR's who confuse TA's with Cable Cards. They appear to be sending the signal to pair the Cable Cards rather than the TA signal. This is the point where they sometimes just move to scheduling the truck. Today, I had a CSR who knew about the National CC Line and connected me (he had sent the CC hit rather than the TA hit and acknowledged he didn't know there was a difference). The lady told me the term "pairing" is a Cable Card related term. The Cards are paired to the Tivos. TA's aren't paired with anything.

    So, the point of my post is, if you are calling a local TWC office and someone thinks they are following the manual and sending the right code, ask if they are sending the TA code or the Cable Card Code, then try to get them to connect you to the National CC line.
  6. Dec 28, 2009 #566 of 1485

    bobrt6676 Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    Since I post negative experiences I thought I would give Props when due.
    Got home tonight, 8 blinking stinking lights on my TA!! :mad: After dinner I prepare myself for a lenghthy call. I state " I have a TA problem are you familiar with them." Sure I can help you with that. He asks for the last 4 letters of the SN. He sends a hit and INSTANTLY my SDV stations are back.
    Total CR time approx 1 min. :D No hesitation, No rebooting, No transfers, No truck roll, just instant results!!!!
  7. Dec 28, 2009 #567 of 1485

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Well now we know there are at least two CSR's in TWC SW Ohio that know what they are doing, because I had a very similar experience a while back and it was a "she". Unfortunately the other two occasions I called with the same problem all they could do was schedule a truck roll and I ended up having to go thrugh TiVo support to get to the TWC National Cable Card Support desk, which fixed it quickly.
  8. Dec 29, 2009 #568 of 1485

    gbronzer New Member

    May 19, 2006
    I had a TA problem recently after it got a firmware update. Tivo saw it, but it wouldn't tune any SDV channels. It was very similar to the 8 blink problem. They scheduled a service call, but the tech called me before arriving and asked, "Have you tried pressing the power button?"

    Turns out the button on the front that used to do nothing is now functional and the stupid thing defaults to off. So it blinks a bunch of times, goes off, but if you press the button, the light comes on and it tunes fine.

    What a stupid firmware update.
  9. Dec 29, 2009 #569 of 1485

    SCSIRAID Active Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Vero Beach, FL
    What is the version number of your TA Firmware?
  10. Dec 29, 2009 #570 of 1485

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    I don't think that's a firmware revision issue. I have .0801 firmware (not a new revision) and I've seen this same behavior. If you power cycle the TA the light will sometimes blink for a while then go out completely, then you have to press the front panel power button. Other times it will not need this. Go figure. :confused:

    What is your firmware revision after the update?
  11. Dec 30, 2009 #571 of 1485

    rtfromnc New Member

    Dec 30, 2009
    I wish I would have read this post before I started down this trail. For my wife's Christmas present I upgraded to TWC's (Raleigh, NC) digital package and bought her a HD Tivo. All she said was don't mess up her cable. This said, the TWC tech will be out with a M-Card and TA in a few days. If I have the issues you guys described my arse is grassed!

    Can any of you guys give me any advice, other than cancel the order, on how I can try to mitigate any of the issues described in this post. Any help would be appreciated!

  12. Dec 30, 2009 #572 of 1485

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Be sure to look at the thread devoted to your area **here**, in which SCSIRAID is working with TWC techs to track down pixelation problems that occur mainly on SDV channels and only on TiVo's. Search for posts by him. There is at least hope this problem will be fixed.

    Then there is the other type problem, which is not just in your TWC area, of TA's losing their proper functionality and having to be rebooted or "hit" by TWC. I'm in a different TWC region and this happens roughly once a month for me, and has cost me hours on the phone since the response you get when you call either TWC or TiVo is very spotty. I don't know how likely it is you will have these problems or how often. Maybe someone from your service area will post something helpful.
  13. Dec 31, 2009 #573 of 1485

    woodburger New Member

    May 17, 2008
    I must say I am not impressed with Time-Warner here in Austin. Problems continue in my setup (TA, TiVo HD w/ M card) where several SDV channels are absent now and then. One took me SIX tries before I could get it to appear... and even then there was periodic pixelization. The net result is you really cannot rely on TiVo to 'catch" certain channels, which defeats the reason (or pleasure) of having TiVo. I have had techs here several times. To be fair, the issues are intermittant.
  14. Dec 31, 2009 #574 of 1485

    ptsailor New Member

    Nov 20, 2002
    I wanted to relay my experience here in Raleigh... Besides the poor customer service that I've come to expect from TWC (this time they didn't show up yesterday, no call to inform me.. the tech was completely unfamiliar with the technology, etc...) I had to go through the following:

    • I installed, connected, and forced calls to update the Tivo to 11d yesterday.
    • The Tech comes in and inserts the Mcard into slot 2 and I have to politely correct him.
    • Tech installs the entire bundle (both the CCard and the Tuning Adapter (TA) and calls to activate both. Tivo recognizes both, (CP Auth Received / Tuning Adapter Detected Screen) but no video on any channel, no signal lock, etc..)
    • After an hour of futzing around, I convince him to bypass the TA to see if the CCard is properly paired/subscribed/initialized/authorized (whatever the proper term-of-art is.)
      [*]Video on Channels 3, 4, 6, 7, etc... No video on any digital channel
      [*]View the "Active Programs" on the SA CCard CP Screen to see that the channels I'm receiving are Clear broadcasts and all other (that I'm not receiving show as NOT ENT (not entitled?) Ask Tech to ensure that the card is properly paired/subscribed/initialized/authorized. He assures me that it is.​
    • After another hour he finally is directed by his supervisor to the CC Nat'l Support who go through the reboot-Tivo, reboot-TA, etc... but never seem to verify that the card is properly subscribed.
    • They get disconnected.
    • He calls to confirm subscription data and is told that TA is not on the account... recites a series of numbers (none of which are the TA - they were the CCard ids) and when this doesn't do any good, he hangs up shrugs his shoulders, and tell me that he'll be back next week with a new TA and MCard.

    So, once he's gone, I bypass the TA and call the TiVo desk to see if they will confirm that the behavior is consistent with the card not being subscribed so that I can call TWC with confidence that they need to correct the data in their system. We go through some diag screens and learn that in the interim, I'm now receiving digital tier as well (3 hours after install)...

    At this point I'm not receiving any switch (SDV) channels, but this expected with no TA attached.

    We then hook up the TA and I get zero video on any channel (it 'acquired channels' but just a black screen on all channels) so the TiVo tech suspects a TA issue (either authorization or hardware).
    I thank him, hang up the phone, and go to remove the TA so that I can watch my non-SDV channels.
    • While doing so, I wonder if TA just needs more time to receive its authorization data so I split the cable at the wall and run one cable to the TA and the other direct to the TiVo so that I watch TV while the TA is connected to whatever signal it may be looking for to authenticate itself.
    • All works like I expect it would.. I get my non-switched signals..
    • Wondering if the TA may need to talk to the Tivo during whatever process it may be going through, I plug in the USB cable fully prepared for the possibility that this will kill all video.
    • ALL OF A SUDDEN.. I now get all channels, switched or not.... I hooked the TA back up as designed (passing through the cable signal rather then having it split) and no video.. back to the split configuration.. all works perfectly.

    Has anyone else heard of this? Is this how we're supposed to hook these things up (it's not what tivo.com shows here: http://support.tivo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/133/kw/133/r_id/100041)?
    Do I have a bad TA (the cable out port is faulty?)

    Anyway, I'm up and running now (TWC has no idea that this is so), but would like to know if I should request a new TA, and is there any concern about the method of connection that I currently have? They're going to have to come out and pick up the HD box they left, so I could have them bring one then.. or is this just asking for trouble?
  15. Dec 31, 2009 #575 of 1485

    SCSIRAID Active Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Vero Beach, FL
    Sounds like the RF passthru of the TA may be broken. I have all of my TA's hooked up as you do... split the incoming cable and run one RF cable to TA and one to TiVo. I dont use the passthru. The SDV magic is in the USB connection. :D You should be 'good to go'. I wouldnt mess with it as long as the signal level is good. I suggest that you tune an SDV channel such as 260 and then go into TA Diags and hit select twice once you hit the screen. You should see three values in dBmV... Tuner, FDC and RDC. You would like to have Tuner and FDC between say -5 and 0.
  16. Dec 31, 2009 #576 of 1485

    ptsailor New Member

    Nov 20, 2002
    on 260 I show RDC: 39 dBmV, FDC:-1 dBmV, Tuner: -12dBmV
  17. Dec 31, 2009 #577 of 1485

    SCSIRAID Active Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Vero Beach, FL
    Yuk... Looks like you have on heck of a 'tilt' problem. RDC and FDC are fine but Tuner is awlful. TWC needs to fix the signal situation.
  18. Dec 31, 2009 #578 of 1485

    ptsailor New Member

    Nov 20, 2002
    Removing the splitter (and running the TA cable across the room to another outlet) dropped the Tuner value to -9 but a) that's probably still not close enough to zero and b) not a workable solution with cable draped across my floor.

    What specifically should I tell the tech needs to be adjusted?
  19. Dec 31, 2009 #579 of 1485
    Max Camber

    Max Camber New Member

    Oct 30, 2009
    Austin, TX
    I just got back from a couple weeks of vacation and would love to know if the .1001 firmware has fixed the TA locking up issue. Mine is still working fine though it shows a reboot on 12/25 at 6:45 AM while I was out of town.

    On the pixelation issue I have unsurprising news. I received a replacement TiVo HD unit and within 10 minutes of setting it up I was seeing the same problems. I'm waiting for a call back from my TiVo escalated support person after the new year.

    I can confirm pixelation under the following conditions:
    1. Non-SDV channels (it's worse on SDV)
    2. Both tuners on SD channels
    3. Signal levels on both tuners within range specified by TiVo support (80-99 strength, 32-35 dB)
    4. Tuning adapter disconnected
    5. No RS corrected/uncorrected errors

    With the new TiVo HD unit I have now replaced every piece of my system out to the curb and am still seeing exactly the same problem. As I can now confirm the pixelation on multiple TiVo units while the tuning adapter is unhooked I should probably start posting in the pixelation thread, but I wanted to give an update here as well.
  20. Jan 2, 2010 #580 of 1485

    comcastblows New Member

    Dec 21, 2007
    In my search for missing HD channels, it appears my direct call to the cable card folks may have gotten me a step further...
    After seeing that my wireless adapter for the tivo wasn't causing the problem (really, wireless adapters are now the problem?), guy was able to determine that my tuning adapter is on my account, but not connected to the network and is therefore stuck in "B'CAST ONLY" (broadcast only) mode. He thinks my signal, splitter and/or amplifier is the problem. So the truck rolls to my house on Tuesday. The problem is I've bypassed everything before and then not been able to tune even more channels. I lost all the local HD stations completely or they're unreliable (frozen and pixelated). So using the amp. has been the only way that I've actually been able to use the Tivo, mostly. TWC reps come out, disconnect the amp., hook up an TWC HD BOX, tune to a channel that I can't get, and say "there ya go, see, your signal is fine". As if to say good luck with that there tivo box. I guess the fact that I have to use the amp at all proves it's a signal issue, right? Argh. I'll let ya'll know what comes of Tuesday. Thanks for all the help.

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