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The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 Finale

Discussion in 'Season Pass Alerts' started by JLucPicard, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. JLucPicard

    JLucPicard Active Member

    Jul 8, 2004
    West St....
    I'm going to post this in both the TV SHOW TALK and SEASON PASS ALERTS sections for maximum exposure (in case one monitors one but not the other)...

    My Season Pass for this season of The Ultimate Fighter is NOT picking up Sunday's finale programs, I'm assuming because they are titled "The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 Finale", rather than just The Ultimate Fighter.

    The prelims show starts at 7:00 ET/6:00 CT and the finale itself starts at 9:00 ET/8:00 CT. Please review your To Do List, and remember, padding may be prudent as it is live.
  2. Jim_TV

    Jim_TV Member

    Mar 4, 2006
    Thanks. My DVR picked these up under my Series Manager for "UFC Fight Night" on Fox Sports 1 instead of "The Ultimate Fighter" series.

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