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Streambaby and metadata

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by rboutin2, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. rboutin2

    rboutin2 New Member

    Oct 26, 2011
    I am using the latest version of streambaby, and am using metagenerator3. I create the metadata, and it locks up the tivo when it try to play the VOB file with metadata. All my VOB files play fine if they dont have the data. Below is what the command window says when I try to play a video file with metadata. It hangs up on the last part. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

    Initializing StreamBaby v20120828-2030...
    07/16/13 11:54:04 FFmpegJavaVideoModule: Unable to load FFmpeg native libraries
    07/16/13 11:54:05 Listener: added factory
    07/16/13 11:54:05 Main: streambaby ready & listening.
    log after close : initContext version=49
    07/16/13 11:54:18 Factory: HME receiver connected
    java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Found interface sun.font.FontManager, bu
    t class was expected
    at org.lobobrowser.util.gui.FontFactory.createFont(FontFactory.java:210)

    at org.lobobrowser.util.gui.FontFactory.createFont_Impl(FontFactory.java
    at org.lobobrowser.util.gui.FontFactory.createFont(FontFactory.java:127)

    at org.lobobrowser.util.gui.FontFactory.getFont(FontFactory.java:98)
    at org.lobobrowser.html.style.StyleSheetRenderState.<clinit>(StyleSheetR
    at org.lobobrowser.html.domimpl.NodeImpl.<clinit>(NodeImpl.java:39)
    at org.lobobrowser.html.parser.DocumentBuilderImpl.createDocument(Docume
    at com.unwiredappeal.tivo.html.cobra.CobraRenderer.getImages(CobraRender
    at com.unwiredappeal.tivo.streambaby.MetaDataViewer.getView(MetaDataView
    at com.unwiredappeal.tivo.streambaby.PlayScreen.render(PlayScreen.java:8
    at com.unwiredappeal.tivo.streambaby.ButtonScreen.timerRender(ButtonScre
    at com.unwiredappeal.tivo.streambaby.ButtonScreen.tick(ButtonScreen.java
    at com.tivo.hme.sdk.util.Ticker.run(Ticker.java:143)

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