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Sporadic Sound with Elite?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Wendy in NY, May 20, 2012.

  1. Wendy in NY

    Wendy in NY New Member

    Jan 9, 2012
    New York
    Does anyone experience sound dropouts with their Elite? My sound sporadically drops out when I'm performing any of the following:

    • When I first turn on my devices. The TiVo is always on so I turn on the TV, then my BluRay Home Theater and then I select the input for TiVo (which is all HDMI). When all is up and running, there's no sound and I wind up having to power everything off and start again. One night I had to do it 7 times for the sound to finally come on.
    • When I stop fast forwarding or rewinding. Sometimes after a couple of minutes the sound comes back but most of the time I have to either power everything off then on or switch channels. So weird.
    • When I press the TiVo button and get to the menu.
    • When I press Zoom or Live TV to get out of the TiVo menu.
    • After returning from any of the Manage Recordings & Downloads submenus.
    • Sometimes while I'm watching a live or recorded program, the sound will just drop out. Sometimes I think maybe it was in the broadcast but the sound never comes back until I either switch channels or power off then on. When I resume where I was if it were a recorded program, the sound was always there and it was not a broadcast glitch.
    • When I press Play for a recorded program.
    • When if I mute the sound and when I unmute the sound doesn't come back.
    • If and when after I've either watched a DVD on my BluRay or watched an AllShare file from my computer onto my TV and I then switch to the cable input to watch TiVo, there's no sound.

    Everytime the sound drops out, and that's been a bunch of times, I always test everything else. The TV is fine on it's own, my BluRay player plays DVDs with sound but it's when I engage the TiVo that things get wacky. I have a cable card w/Cablevision (yuck but it's the only option I have.)

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