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Show sharing between TIVO HD & Series 3?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by TVisitor, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Apr 2, 2008 #1 of 12

    TVisitor New Member

    Apr 2, 2008
    Hey all,

    I'm looking into replacing my ReplayTV's and cable box DVR with Replay's.

    For my living room, I would definitely be getting a TivoHD (It seems cheaper than the Tivo Series 3 with the fancy front panel and all).

    For the bedrooms, I am not really sure.

    If I get Series 2's, can I share shows between the HD & the Series 2 units?

    If I can't, I can get TivoHD for the bedrooms on the chance that I upgrade to HDTV in the bedrooms as well.

    Also, how exactly does the show sharing work - on the ReplayTV's, I'd simply go to the Guide, select another ReplayTV on the network and then play a show; it would stream between the units. Does Tivo stream, or does it transfer the show? If it transfers the entire show, can I start watching the show while the transfer is in progress?

    Sorry for the all the n00b questions, but if I'm going to ask, I might as well ask the right folks!


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    Gregor save the princess save the world

    Feb 18, 2002
    Series 2 and Series 3 can swap shows, but the S2 cannot show HD content.

    Transferring shows makes another copy, you can start watching it immediately as it copies, if your network bandwidth allows. Some shows cannot be transferred from the S3 or HD due to rights limitations.
  3. Apr 2, 2008 #3 of 12

    dwit Active Member

    May 4, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    You will be able to share SD content between the S2 and the S3.

    The S2, of course, is a standard definition unit and cannot play HD files. HD files are coded(flagged) as such and will not even transfer from S3 to S2. In the event that flag is somehow dropped, allowing the transfer, the S2 still won't be able to play it. Actually, you may just get a sort of flashing on the screen and maybe the soundtrack.

    So anything on the S3 that you plan on sharing with the S2 will need to be recorded from an SD station.
  4. Apr 2, 2008 #4 of 12

    RonDawg Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2006
    In addition to what's already been mentioned above:

    1. You cannot transfer copy-protected programming. You will know this when you pull up the other TiVo's Now Playing List from the TiVo you want it transferred to. Shows that cannot be transferred either because it is copy-protected, or you are trying to transfer an HD program to a non-HD TiVo, will have a red circle with a slash through it. If you select the program anyway, it will tell you why it cannot be transferred. You can pretty much bet that HBO/Starz/Cinemax etc. will have copy protection. I'm noticing that Charter lately has been adding it to Discovery HD Theater, but not to the other HD versions of Discovery Channel. Some have complained here that their cable providers are adding copy protection to most of not all their digital channels. Cable providers are prohibited from doing so with OTA channels, but are pretty much free to do what they want with everything else.

    2. As far as sharing (in the TiVo world we call it Multi Room Viewing or MRV), it's the same as with Replay. As you scroll down to the bottom of your Now Playing List, you will see other TiVo's on your same network. Hopefully you will have given them unique names so you know which is which. If on the same network there are any computers with TiVo Desktop installed, and they are turned on, these will also appear on the Now Playing List.

    If you can afford a second TiVoHD, it would be a better choice than an S2 if you are thinking of MRV'ing a lot of digital content.
  5. Apr 3, 2008 #5 of 12

    ThAbtO TiVoholic by the bay

    Apr 6, 2000
    SF Bay Area
    In addition, anything that was recorded in 480i format will play on a S2.
  6. Apr 3, 2008 #6 of 12

    TexasGrillChef New Member

    Sep 15, 2006
    Keep in mind. That the S2 will be obsolete and have reduced functions in the next few years.

    1. After February 17th, 2009 the internal OTA tuners (On the S2) will be of no use within the USA. The S2 does not have the required ATSC tuners needed after 2-17-09.

    2. Depending on your area... In the next few years. Many cable companies such as TWC in Dallas as an example will be dropping ALL ANALOG cable service. Thereby making even the cable tuner obsolete and unusable. Dallas TWC is scheduled to drop Analog cable service by q3 of 2010. Possibly even earlier.

    Now from what I have been told. The S2 IS capable of CONTROLLING a cable provided set top box/DVR. So you could still maintain that.

    Yet... Just as Cable companies will soon drop ANALOG cable service. Some will even drop NON-DVR STB's, & offer only DVR's as their set top box. (Better & More revenue that way)

    Who knows what other caveats will soon happen with the S2 as well.

    IMHO.... Get a TiVo HD. If you can't afford a SECOND or THIRD TiVo HD. Consider getting yourself a Slingbox & Slingcatcher.

    OR.... Doing some fancy footwork with cabeling or even wireless cabeling.

  7. Apr 3, 2008 #7 of 12

    ThAbtO TiVoholic by the bay

    Apr 6, 2000
    SF Bay Area

    Only Over-the-air will be dropping analog channels. Check www.dtvanswers.com for more info.


    Although it is possible for cable to drop all analog but its unlikely.
  8. Apr 3, 2008 #8 of 12

    RonDawg Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2006
    As TGC and others have mentioned in this forum, some cable providers have already gone to all digital service. It only makes sense (from a business and technical standpoint) as it allows a greater number of channels in the same bandwidth, and greater control over what you can watch via digital rights management.
  9. Apr 3, 2008 #9 of 12

    mr.unnatural Active Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    This is not entirely true. You should still be able to use the S2 tuner if you have a digital converter box with an RF output. It's no different than using a Tivo with a cable box. Just tune the Tivo to channel 3 (or whatever channel the box uses for the output) and configure the Tivo for use with a cable box. If the codes to control the box are present then you're in good shape. You'll need to use the IR blaster or serial cable to control the box, as applicable.
  10. ilh

    ilh New Member

    Dec 21, 2007
    In my area, FiOS says they are dropping analog May 2008.
  11. RonDawg

    RonDawg Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2006
    That's the problem. TiVo has not yet announced when, or even if, they will be supporting the use of digital OTA boxes.

    In addition to including the channel changing codes, it will require a change in the software to include "antenna via external digital tuner box" in the Guided Setup.
  12. lew

    lew Active Member

    Mar 12, 2002
    FiOS will be getting rid their analog channels by the end of the year. Other cable systems are following.

    There are sometimes promotions that let you get a S2 for free, with a one year service comittment. That might make sense, if you're cable system isn't planning on dropping analog in the near future. Basically you'd be "betting" the TivoHD will either be less expensive, or a new model with better features, will be available when your system goes 100% digital.

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