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Series 3 Verizon FIOS HD compat?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by mchad, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Beetlejuice

    Beetlejuice New Member

    Sep 25, 2006
    Anybody else got anything on poor reception with cable channels or ONTs?
  2. winpitt

    winpitt New Member

    Oct 17, 2006
    I keep waiting to let this drop but then somebody has to add a nonsense response that I don't want to less without address.

    The competition existed BEFORE the state franchise agreement. Verizon chose to wait to enter the market deliberately because they believed people like you would not understand the legislation and believe the spin, allowing them to get concesssions (that they should not have gotten). They could have entered the market any time they wanted. In other areas that's what they did - in other words where they didn't have as much confidence that the state would roll over for them fast enough. Your definition of competition as it relates to this discussion is patently false.

    I'll say it again - I have nothing whatsoever against Verizon. I understand what they are trying to do, and don't blame them for trying to take advantage of some ineffective politicians and uneducated consumers.

    There is no protection or goverance now for your quality and service issues. None. While responsibility for oversight has been assigned, there are no resources within that government organization to actually EXECUTE on those responsibilities.

    Honestly, I sincerely suggest that if you do not understand the legislation, READ IT. That's far more productive than simply making claims about "competition", etc when they are clearly incorrect. Verizon in almost every single case HAD ALREADY DEPLOYED FIBER to those areas prior to the state franchise agreement being put in. Are you suggesting that if the state hadn't rolled over they would have either removed the fiber or not lit it up? BS. They would have been there regardless.

    THAT is the point. Verizon is going to deploy FiOS (thankfully) whether the federal or individual states give in to them. The difference is this. If they get their way, they'll deploy it to less communities. And, if they get their way their service requirements will be lower. THOSE are the facts.
  3. musicforme

    musicforme It's a Dry Heat

    Nov 19, 2003
    I posted my testing results last night over at Broadband Reports and thought I would share them here (someone in this thread asked to see them, thanks for the interest!).
    Ok, I finally got some TV time tonight after my wife hit the sack. Getting in the way of Gray's Anatomy was not an option!

    I took a look at the splitter in my attic, and it looks like the Verizon installer put in a new one. I checked the stats on it, and it has the 5mhz to 1 ghz previously mentioned in this thread. It is a 1 to 6 splitter.

    I followed the co-ax as best I could in the attic and it does not appear to be split anywhere between the one I previously mentioned and its descent down the wall behind my tv.

    I also went through the channels I wrote down as having the bad picture quality and checked the "tuned frequency". Hopefully this is the proper number that someone requested. It was available on multiple screens and seemed pretty important to me for that reason. Several times while checking it the "SNR" (signal to noise?) bounced from Poor to Good. Where applicable, I'll put a "*" next to the frequency. I also scanned all my channels below 50, and all but one of them were 100 strength. I believe channel 6 was somewhere around 97 or 98 and looked fine.

    Channel Tuned Frequency

    50 417
    54 417
    65 429
    101 417
    134 417*
    135 417*
    160 429*
    164 417
    190 423*
    204 417*
    230 429*
    234 429*

    I also tried a couple of splitters between the wall and my Tivo. A "high performance" splitter (5 mhz to 2 gig) did not change the signal strength. I tried an OLD one I found in the attic tonight (probably came with the house when built in the early 1990s) and the signal strength dropped a couple of points, but still in the low to mid 80s.

    Any ideas? As long as I can still demonstrate to my wife that there are things still to try, she's on board with sticking with Verizon. I'm not looking forward to Sunday morning when we can't record and watch "PGA Sunday" on the USA Channel.
    Winpitt, I added you to my ignore list. I'm tired of reading your drivel. I'm sure I'm not alone in those that don't appreciate you polluting this thread. Happy trails...
  4. Beetlejuice

    Beetlejuice New Member

    Sep 25, 2006
    I just found something that we might be able to take to Tivo. In case you missed it earlier, I mentioned I was having some good luck with the crap channels on CC slot-1 but CC slot-2 was serverly pixelated. My previous S3 was bad on both slots.

    I went back and rechecked the signal levels on different channels. It seems that all the channels that are coming in good, all above 50 and WGN, are hitting 100% and the displays says "Digital Signal Acquired". When I switch to one of my local cable channels that pixelate mostly on slot-2, I get a level of around 95% to 97% and the display says "Digital Signal Acquired" but occasionally in parentheses says "(No signal on tuner two)". Now... There is only 1 cable coming into the S3, why would 1 tuner be ok, and the other tuner not be ok, if it was a Verizon problem???

    Now, since I have previously swapped cable cards and the problem stays on tuner 2, I believe this is proof that the problem is in the S3 and not with Verizon. And something else of interest, since the S3 warns that using the signal level test will suspend all recording, it's my understanding and belief that this allows you to view the signal without being processed to put on the hard drive. In other words, that part of the S3 is being taken out of the picture and isolating the problem to the tuner or in other cases, maybe both tuners.

    I can't explain why the 100% channels are ok and the 96% channels are not unless the tuners are not sensative enough and require a 100% signal. I've previously tried using a TV signal amp but that didn't help. I'm going to try again and check the levels. Stay tuned (no pun intended).
  5. AbMagFab

    AbMagFab What happened, TiVo?

    Feb 5, 2001
    I suggest you get a Viewsonics signal booster/splitter, either a single one in-line from the source, or one to split to each TV. I did the latter, and have significantly improves picture quality on all TV's on the analog side, and no issue on the digital side.

    I did this with my OTA feed a while ago, and these Viewsonics devices seem like magic. They amp the low stuff, and don't seem to overamp anything that is already okay.

    (I have no interest in Viewsonics, I just have had great luck with the devices).

    I bought new on eBay, for about 20% less than other discount retailers, for what it's worth.
  6. dnorthway

    dnorthway New Member

    Oct 20, 2006
    For those individuals in Plano TX that have Verizon Fios and the new TIVO Series 3, how did you get it to work. I have the Verizon guys here for 3 hours until they finally got the cable card working on the TV. But, then when we put them into the TIVO box, I got the message acquiring channel information but could go no further. Verizon says the cards are working correctly because they work on the TV. TIVO says it has to be something on Verizon's side. I am stuck in the middle. Any thoughts?
  7. Ilene

    Ilene New Member

    Dec 26, 2001
    I documented this in an earlier post (probably didn't see it with all the off topic posts in between trashing Verizon)
    The entire process of rewiring for telephone, internet and cable took about 7 hours. It took nearly 2 hours to get the cablecards to work. I had printed out an article that another forum member recommended: http://techdigs.net/content/view/46/42. While it is very Comcast focused, we were able to glean enough info to help. It would have been nice if the instructions that TiVo says to hand to the installer was actually complete, but it really wasn't.

    Hopefully this will help:
    1) Ask for brand new, never been used cablecards and write down the Serial Number (SN) and the UnitAddress (UA) that is on each of the cards. Mine were Motorolla. Your installer will need to repeat the numbers over and over.
    2) Make note of which one you put in the bottom slot, this cablecard 1.
    3) When you put the card in the bottom slot, a screen will show up with the card in green. I waited several minutes just staring at this screen and nothing happened. There is an option for Configure Card 1, so I decided to select it.
    4) A black screen with white information shows up. This is the MMI screen that TiVo has a picture of in their instructions. According to the info in the techdig article, the HOST and DATA numbers are critical.
    5) The tech will need to provide the Host and Data info to the guy on the phone. It will take that person several tries to type the long string of numbers and letters.
    6) Because they could not do one and then the other, I had to put CC2 in before we finished with CC1.
    7) The screen pops up showing 2 CCs in green and there is a new option for Configure CC2. We waited a few minutes before I selected the Configure CC2. The HOST and DATA information are unique for each CC.
    8) It appeared that the person on the phone had a lot of trouble keeping the information straight between the 2 cards. He kept mixing the Host and Data information between the 2 different serial numbers. Since I couldn't see the screen he had to enter this into, I can't comment on why this was so difficult.
    9) I can tell you that they had to reenter this information many times. I heard that they were getting an error message, but I could not find out what the message was. The TiVo Config screens time out, so I had to go through the TiVo Central menu many times to get back to the CC screens.
    10) When they are successful, TiVo will automatically go to the Test Channel screen. For me this happened to CC1. All of the sudden the TV station it is testing appears in the background. We told them to stop messing with it because whatever they did, it was working.
    11) We asked them to do whatever, to the second card. They did and the TiVo screen changed to the Test Channel screen automatically.

    Jared will probably kill me, but you might want to request him as the installer. He is one of their best techs. I would also be willing to help. Just let me know.
  8. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Ziphead

    Aug 2, 2003
    Reading strings of numbers over the phone is such an obvious failure point... I wonder why they don't just make a web interface for the techs (or even the customers) to access.
  9. Roderigo

    Roderigo New Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    Not really cause & effect between step 3 & 4. The MMI would have come up on it's own if you had just waited

    This is exactly why the Tivo instructions say to do one card at a time. There's no technical reason, but really easy to get things mixed up.
  10. Ilene

    Ilene New Member

    Dec 26, 2001
    I totally understand that you are supposed to do one card at a time, but when the installer tells you that Fios requires that all connections (including the cable box in the other room) be activated at the same time, I was forced to put in the second card. And I am sorry that I did not make myself clear in that what the tech on the phone kept messing up with was the 4 series of numbers for the one card. It got no better when we worked on the 2nd card.

    My point to this post is that like others have said, it is too bad that we have no control over the activation process. We cannot enter the numbers and submit them, we cannot see what the tech on the phone is doing or not doing.

    I believe that TiVo will suffer as a result that there is nothing in it for the cable companies for these installs to be successful - in fact it costs them money as they will not have the revenue from leaving their own DVRs and the added PPV and VOD services.
  11. neplokh

    neplokh New Member

    Oct 24, 2006
    Has anyone have FIOS and Tivo Series3 successfully installed in Centreville, VA or anywhere else in Northern VA area? Since last saturday countless number of Verizon techs and supervisors tried including multiple site visits by verizon techs. Results are identical, channels 50 and above don't work. They've tried at least 4 different cable cards and this is a second Tivo (first one exchanged per advice from tivo tech support) I am looking for a name of your tech so I can request them when I call their tech support number. I am this close to calling COX and ordering service from them despite it being $20 more expensive for identical content.
  12. ashu

    ashu User title defunct

    Nov 8, 2002
  13. musicforme

    musicforme It's a Dry Heat

    Nov 19, 2003
    Nothing above 49 works for you? That is different than what I'm getting. Most of my channels DO work, but I identified at least 15 that don't. I stopped counting at 15.

    I plan on doing some more troubleshooting tomorrow night since my wife is going to be out of the house for a while. I'll post my results once I have them.
  14. JohnBrowning

    JohnBrowning New Member

    Jul 15, 2004
    Note that the first 50 channels are basic, unencrypted, analog cable. I also had this problem when I first had FiOS installed. The solution was geting a knowledgable support engineer on the phone who knew how to cold init the CableCARD. All has been happy since and I can freely move the CC back and forth between my TV and S3.
  15. mlkeller

    mlkeller New Member

    Sep 8, 2004
    Yup, had same problem when they added my second cable card...tech knew to check channel 51 and when it was not there he told the rep on the phone to send a re-init signal (I think that was the term he used) to the card, and that seem to do it.
  16. TexasAg

    TexasAg New Member

    Apr 2, 2006
    Anybody having trouble getting CNN Headline News? It's channel 71 AND channel 520 on Fios. My S3 won't work on either tuner for either channel. The CableCard menu shows that the tuner is tuned to the station.

    It should work since it is included in the standard Fios package, and I get all of the surrounding channels. Also, it's not an analog channel and it's happening on two widely spaced channels, so it's not the problem of the missing analog channels some have had. I've confirmed that the Verizon STBs in my house still get it.

    This has me stumped - both CNNH channels are missing on 71 and 520, while everything else works.
  17. musicforme

    musicforme It's a Dry Heat

    Nov 19, 2003
    I did some testing tonight and posted the results over at the Broadband Reports site. The contents of my post are below.
    Ok, I have some good results to report.

    I stopped by Radio Shack and put some terminators on four of the ends of the splitter. I thought the splitter was a 6 way splitter, but was an 8 way.

    When checking the signal strength on the Tivo in the main room, it went from the mid 80s to the upper 80s and still pixelated.

    I removed one of the terminators and ran a 50 ft cable to the master bedroom and hooked up to the Tivo. SUCCESS!! The signal was between 96 to 98 and no pixelation on the problematic channels.

    So at this point, it appears the problems are with the existing cabling in my house. I need to call in to Tech Support and see how much it will cost to have a tech come out and replace the cable from the splitter to behind my tv.

    Thanks for all the input from everyone!
  18. Ilene

    Ilene New Member

    Dec 26, 2001
    I am experiencing the same missing channels 71 and 520. I wonder if it is a North Texas thing or a Fios thing? I would assume this is happening in cableCARD connected TVs too.
  19. musicforme

    musicforme It's a Dry Heat

    Nov 19, 2003
    TexasAg and I have discussed this same problem over on Broadband Reports.

    I took one of my CableCards out of my Tivo last night and put it in my TV. The above channels work just fine in my TV, so it is something specific with the Tivo.
  20. TexasAg

    TexasAg New Member

    Apr 2, 2006
    Bad news.

    Anybody have any idea why the Tivo would fail to work with both CableCards on two widely-spaced channels (71 and 520) from the same source (CNN Headline News)?

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