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Series 3 & local HD channels

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by buscuitboy, May 30, 2012.

  1. buscuitboy

    buscuitboy Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    Atlanta area
    I have Premiere & an older Series 3 (OLED) HD TiVos. I recently got another Premiere that will essentially replace the Series 3 in living room. Since it has a lifetime plan, I plan to then just put the Series 3 in the basement. It will still be hard wired to my home network so I'll have MRV access to shows on it from the two Premiers on the main floor.

    However, Since Comcast charges $8 for more cable cards, I don't plan to get cable cards for this older Series 3 and just hooking the coax cable right to it. This basic hookup will essentially just get me local channels only on this Series 3 (I'm in a Comcast area that has done the digital transition). My Sony HDTV can get local HD channels with the direct coaxial connections. They are channels like ch4-1, 5-1, 11-1, etc.

    I realize I will have to go through the setup process again, but can my Series 3 get these HD channels as well (with just a simple direct coax connection)? Or will it really just get the analog version of the local channels?
  2. sbourgeo

    sbourgeo Hepcat Daddio

    Nov 10, 2000
    New England
    It will get those channels, but without guide data. You can watch live tv and do manual recordings with no problem.
  3. A J Ricaud

    A J Ricaud Active Member

    Jun 25, 2002
    If you can get the network channels from an OTA antenna you will get full guide data. OTA TV signal quality is often better than that from the cable co.'s.
  4. Teeps

    Teeps Active Member

    Aug 16, 2001
    Agreed; but we don't know OP's location.
    We're OTA spoiled here in greater L.A. Basin.
  5. buscuitboy

    buscuitboy Member

    Aug 8, 2005
    Atlanta area
    Well, I JUST got a notice from Xfinity/Comcast (Atlanta area) stating that as of June 26th, ALL TVs in my home will HAVE to have some sort of Comcast digital equipment in order to receive ANY programming. Either a cable card, DTA or digital box. Even the local basic package (ch2-30) will require something.

    Therefore, my possible desire to have my S3 hooked up with JUST the coax cable, record HD locals and then MRV them to two other Premieres won't be possible after all.

    Comcast is REALLY starting to irk me.

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