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Official Time Warner Cable Thread

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Jan 6, 2007 #1181 of 6277

    jbaum New Member

    Jul 23, 2002
    TWC of NYC came today and was done within an hour and only took that long because he ran a new cable line and forgot to plug it in. He said he had done many Tivo installs, mine was his second of the day.
  2. Jan 9, 2007 #1182 of 6277

    stile New Member

    Dec 28, 2006
    Los Angeles (Los Feliz)

    Moxi and the Motorola HD DVR would not show Universal HD. I called them about this and said it wasn't setup for my area.

    Day I get my S3 running, Universal HD works.
    Today I get a message on the S3 telling me a channel lineup change. MTV HD is now 414. Tune to that, it shows!

    (Probably due to account issues that went away when I switched to CC's but I like to give the S3 credit for it.)

    Love the S3.

  3. Monty2_2001

    Monty2_2001 New Member

    Aug 5, 2005
    Well, I finally got my S3 setup. Guy got here at 9am, left around 10:15am. The second cable card really took awhile, they had to re-hit it about 5 times for it to work normally.

    Now TWC, please don't make me go insane with SDV!
  4. hookbill

    hookbill Feathered Member

    Dec 14, 2001
    Northeast Ohio
    You can help prevent this by clicking the link on the top of this page, "EFF Who Killed TiVo To Go" and sign the letter so that we can use all of our S3 features.
  5. Austin_Martin

    Austin_Martin New Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    I'm also thinking about filing a complaint with the bbb for austin Time warner. Before I bought the series three, I asked about sdv and hd channels. They said that all hd channels would be available and that only the west coast feeds, some simulcast stations, etc would be sdv.

    Now that I've spent the money on the s3, they've changed their story, with a&e HD, and MTV HD being switched digital. They also list that all hd stations are availabel by cablecard on their info page at:


    Maybe a class action lawsuit would be the way to go?
  6. Monty2_2001

    Monty2_2001 New Member

    Aug 5, 2005
    I sent it in.

    I really think any lawyer would want to get in on a lawsuit. It's pretty cut and dry to me.
  7. linetest

    linetest New Member

    Jan 7, 2003
    Durham, NC
    Well, it's up and running. Thanks to Time Warner Raleigh NC (Chapel Hill office). One bad card, but after a little bit, two cards up and running. No problems ordering the CC's either. Office understood Tivo S3= 2 cards. Nice work. The picture doesn't seem quite as nice as the SA8300HD from TW, but I'll work on it.
  8. Monty2_2001

    Monty2_2001 New Member

    Aug 5, 2005
    Apparently my S3 was the first this installer did, but I think the office people sorta understood. I heard '2 in one device?' several times from the installer, and then the office people on the phone asking him. Pretty funny.

    He says he does 1 regular cable card in TV's about once a week, so that's not a bad sign really. At least there are users in this area.
  9. T-Shee

    T-Shee Member

    Sep 22, 2006
    This is the second time in a week that I've had failed cards from Time Warner, Manhattan South, Digital.

    What's weird is that the the first and second set of cards failed at the same time of the week: 1:37AM WED. I know this because I have "clipped" recordings that end at 1:37AM.

    When they fail, the S3 goes into the endless reboot cycle. Removing the cards from the box stops the reboots.

    With BOTH CARDS REMOVED, redo the guided setup for ANTENNA ONLY, shut down, re-insert cards the redo the guided setup again for boh ANT and CABLE (takes over an hour). THE FIX ONLY WORKS TEMPORARILY - IT WILL FAIL AGAIN if you reboot the box!

    Tivo say's they will replace the S3 if the third set of cards fails. I'm betting the third set will fail again at 1:37AM next Wednesday, right on schedule.

    Any ideas or similar difficulties???
  10. BruceShultes

    BruceShultes New Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Albany, NY
    While you are at it, add a complaint about SDV to the end. I requested that it be made illegal, since I view it as another attempt by the cable companies to make all current cable card ready devices like the S3 obsolete and force their customers to go back to using their proprietary boxes.
  11. Higuchem

    Higuchem New Member

    Jan 3, 2006
    I had no problem getting TW in KC to provide the cards and the tech guy. The operator had to put me on hold twice making sure they allow cable card used w/ Tivo. The guy who came to install it never had done it and I told him that the Tivo only works with the cards if he only follows the directions that Tivo gave. He followed them and worked out great. FYI it takes a few min. to get the cards loaded and ready to supply the information the tech guy needs to phone in so stay calm.

    :up: :up: :up:
  12. 20TIL6

    20TIL6 BaDoop BaDoop BaDoop

    Sep 7, 2006
    Cypress, TX
    I just called TW here in Houston today. Sometime this year, Comcast is taking over, but for now it's TW.

    So I called to order cable service and cable cards for my S3. I'm leaving DTV.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the CSR started the conversation playing a bit dumb about the S3. I was very clear, I had one TV, but needed two cable cards for the S3. She said that since I only had one TV, I only needed one card. Then I explained the whole dual tuner concept and then she said she did not think that the TiVo would work with TW and that I might need their digital box.

    I just wonder if they are told to spread this kind of FUD.

    So I told her that I knew it would work just fine, it's a cable card device, supported by FCC mandates, etc. The conversation cleared up very quickly. My installation is next week, cards are $1.75 each per month.

    Now I do really hope the cable card installation goes cleanly. I know it should, but I've read the horror stories. I was really only going to get basic cable, and avoid the cable card mess altogether. But they are running a special for those leaving satellite, pricing digital cable at $40/month for the first year. We'll see.
  13. cdp1276

    cdp1276 New Member

    Mar 24, 2003
    Fairport, NY

    Yes, I'm aware of this and you need TiVo to replace your box.
  14. pmiranda

    pmiranda Member

    Feb 12, 2003
    Austin, TX
    I thought you could do self-install in Houston?
  15. 20TIL6

    20TIL6 BaDoop BaDoop BaDoop

    Sep 7, 2006
    Cypress, TX
    Yes, I think you are right about that. But I had to open a TW account and start services fresh. I've been with DTV for many years, even before moving to Houston. This will be my first use of cable TV since I last had it in the mid 90's, I'm leaving DTV because of TiVo.

    So they are going to have to send a tech out here anyway. I got free installation with their 'leaving satellite' promotion. Not much to install though, the house is completely pre-wired.
  16. pilott

    pilott New Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    San Jose
    I think it may be time to condense some of this information, I'm sure I am not the only one having trouble finding an answer to my question:

    I just got my CC installed last week in the Austin area. They sent out two tech's, and one of them had had some experience with the tivo apparently. Anyway, things seem to be okay, except that some of the channels (most notably TNTHD and Universal HD) only work with card 2. What do I need to check for on the diagnostic screen, and what do I need to tell TWC when I call them to try to resolve this issue?

    Also, which channels should I expect to be missing due to sdv?
  17. Austin_Martin

    Austin_Martin New Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    There is probably something wrong in your account information(unbalanced between the two cable cards). It will be hit or miss with phoning customer service. And they'll probably make you reboot the machine and re-initialize the cablecards a few times before they believe you.

    As for the second question, I believe that you will be missing some digital simulcast stations, the west coast feeds of movie channels(if you have those packages), and it appears that A&EHD, and MTVHD are sdv, although that's not what their own info page says.

    If I get the energy I'm going to write a letter threatening legal action because their own page says:

    Access analog, digital cable, HDTV and premium cable channels like HBO, Cinemax and more - without a digital set-top box.

    on the page at:


    but I really hate writing letters......
  18. jeni1888

    jeni1888 New Member

    May 7, 2004
    I know everyone hates messages like this but if you guys could help me I'd be extremely grateful. I am currently a DirecTV/TiVo user but am moving to an apartment that doesn't allow DirecTV and I'm really frightened of the Time Warner DVR, so wanted to know about getting TiVo instead.

    1. Tivo site says you can record two shows at once but one has to be basic cable and the other digital cable. Is that true?
    2. Can you record two shows at once and watch a third from your list?
    Is the integration pretty good between TWC and TiVo?
    3. Finally, what do you have to do to get the TiVo installed? I've read a lot on here about CableCards but unfortunately have no idea what they are :confused: .

    If there are any patient people out there that would be willing to help me I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks.
  19. BruceShultes

    BruceShultes New Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Albany, NY
    1. Not true. As long as you have two cable cards installed, you can record any two channels at the same time. They can be any combination of basic cable, digital cable or OTA, unless the cable company is transmitting that channel using Switched Digital Video.

    2. Yes.

    3. When you receive your S3, call your cable company and ask for the cable cards.

    Some cable companies allow you to pick up the cable cards at their local office. Most insist on scheduling a visit to install them. If they try to convince you that the S3 is not a supported device, tell them that it has been certified by CableLabs.

    Assuming that you already have either cable service or an antenna, perform Guided Setup before the cable company guy arrives to install the cards.
  20. Tim N.

    Tim N. New Member

    Apr 28, 2003
    Yorba Linda, CA
    1. No, you can record any two shows, as long as you have two cablecards in the Series 3.
    2. Yes, ... seamless
    3. Buy the TIVO and activate it. Call TWC and schedule a Cablecard install. Tell them you require two cards. Make the CSR repeat the need for two CC's.
    4. Hope the technician knows what he's doing, when he arrives. You will need to know how to run Guided Setup on the TIVO to get to the place where the cable cards are inserted and tested. You might run Guided setup from the cable before TWC arrives just so you know what screens will come up and how to answer some questions smoothly.

    It is not hard, you will do fine.

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