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Official Time Warner Cable Thread

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Dec 9, 2006 #1001 of 6277

    chedlin TiVo Addict

    Apr 13, 2003
    Austin, TX
    I am another Austin series 3 owner. I suspect DNCS has to hit every one of these, and the tech who got through to DNCS last night didn't have success. Something about a backed up system.

    Mr Cableguy has the same name as my son, who had his 2nd birthday today and he got it working this afternoon!!!

    Thanks Cableguy...

    I would be willing to contribute to the gift card, or the beer.

    I wouldn't be too worried about the contractor leaving, I don't think they have access to the best support or can do anything anyways. The contractor I had was very new to the job and I was also getting an interior wall drop (which the Time Warner Sales rep didn't put on the order..). He showed up with a dead drill and no flashlight. I went up in the attic with him and provided tools.

    He was here 8 hours. I did get a new outside line out of the deal (for a little better than 2db signal gain), but I had to provide the shovel. In the interest of saving time (and my sprinkler system) I helped dig under the landscape timbers.

    Now I have to call the TiVo VIP line...

  2. Dec 9, 2006 #1002 of 6277

    newguymatt New Member

    Oct 31, 2002
    I just called time warner NYc (Dec. 9th, 2006), and they told me that you could not get premium channels through their cablecards (e.g. HBO, Cinemax).

    Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not. I just spoke to the customer service rep who answered, and she seemed pretty confident.

    By the way, is this thing worth it. Everyone here seems to complain about so many problems, but are these happening to 90% of buyers or 2% of buyers. I really don't want the hassle of coming home after being away for a weekend and finding out none of my shows recorded.

    Also, I did the math, for those in NY buying who are looking at $1,000 for new box plus lifetime transfer, it'll be 66 months (5.5 years) before you'll be financially better off than have taken the Time Warner DVR.

    How, assuming you're like me, you've got two boxes right now. If you add DVR, you're adding $8.95/month. If you take away DVR and that extra cable box, you're saving $9.75 for the box/remote and $8.95 for the DVR. Subtract out $3.50 for two cablecards, and that means you're saving $15.20/month. $1000 divided by $15.20 = 66 months.

    The way I look at it then, is lets say then that you'll be happy with this new Tivo box if your investment lasts you only 4 years, then it works out that you're paying an add'l $5.70/month to be happier than with TWC DVR. (66 months - 48 months = 18 months * 15.20 = $273.60 divided by 48 months = $5.70/months). If you can stomach that, then buy away.

    Other questions: can you buy the Tivo anywhere and do the lifetime transfer, or just from Tivo? Any place where you can get the Tivo cheaper, but still return it if the cablecards don't work for some reason?
  3. Dec 9, 2006 #1003 of 6277

    SCSIRAID Active Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Vero Beach, FL
    Tivo isnt about saving money... its about a premium experience. Folks who have issues are usually the most vocal so YMMV. Cablecards can be a real pain and patience tester but once you are by that... you should be fine especially when 8.1 firmware is available but again YMMV.

    As to premium channels... you should be able to get them with CC. Someone in your direct area should really answer that because the cableco could elect to make them unavailable even though technically possible.

    You dont have to buy the box from Tivo to take advantage of the lifetime transfer opportunity.
  4. Dec 9, 2006 #1004 of 6277

    kido New Member

    Aug 17, 2006
    Chicago, IL

    you might also consider in your calculations that the S3 is a fixed cost, while the cable co dvr monthly cost might increase over the 4 year period. in addition, with the S3 you can often drop your cable package to a cheaper standard cable plus cable cards and save more money that way.
  5. Dec 9, 2006 #1005 of 6277

    minckster New Member

    Aug 31, 2006
    Manhattan NYC

    Another thing to watch out for is that you'll lose any package discounts if you don't get their cable box. I argued about this with TWCNYC literally for hours with many different reps.. The best deal I could get was to keep my old "d'best" package with their cable box (unused in a closet) and ADD the two cableCARDS. So my price would have gone up by $3.50 a month. Well ... the quoted price on the second card varied from $1.75 to $6+, so who knows?

    I canceled cable and went over-the-air, saving $60 a month. My reception in Manhattan with an indoor antenna and the S3 is amazing!
  6. Dec 9, 2006 #1006 of 6277

    BruceShultes New Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Albany, NY
    Sometime overnight, both of my cablecards lost the ability to tune to a digital channel.

    This morning all channels above 100 produced a blank screen. Both cablecards still showed an Auth Status of CP Auth Received.

    When I called TW Albany's support number, they instructed me to remove both cablecards from the S3 and then re-insert them.

    After a few minutes, some of the digital channels were again viewable, but after close to six hours both cards still show an Auth Status of Waiting for CP Auth.

    Of course, TW insists that another truck roll is required to fix the problem.
  7. Dec 9, 2006 #1007 of 6277

    2farrell New Member

    Jul 11, 2002
    I just want to warn anyone thinking of having Cable Cards installed by TWC, especially if you are in the Raleigh/Durham area.
    Ask about any installation charges.
    When I ordered the CC's, the appointment was made but nothing was said about charges for installation.
    When the guy turned up, he ignared the TiVo Instructions I gave to him, nearly completly messed up the installation, blamed everything and everyone except his lack of knowledged and after I read through the instructions, got it up and running for him.
    For all this they charged me without first telling me, $42.95 per card before taxes.
    I called them up to complain and all they aid they could do is refund me for one card.
    This is BS.
    I wouldn't care if they had warned me up front when I oredered but this is just plain underhanded.
    What's more, the supervisor I spoke to told me they always they always inform customers about charges.
    I asked him to check the tapes they are supposed to have that is supposed to "improve customer quality".
    Let this be a warning to you all (and a lesson for me).
  8. Dec 9, 2006 #1008 of 6277

    SCSIRAID Active Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Vero Beach, FL
    They informed me prior to install. Its also stated clearly on their website.

  9. Dec 9, 2006 #1009 of 6277

    abredt West Valley TW L.A.

    Nov 4, 2004
  10. Dec 9, 2006 #1010 of 6277

    SCSIRAID Active Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    Vero Beach, FL
    Understand... The $1.75 is for the card rental. Here in Raleigh, each card also gets a $1 charge for the 'digital tier' programming. They dont mention that.... Sounds like you are getting whacked for a lot more than I.
  11. Dec 9, 2006 #1011 of 6277

    abredt West Valley TW L.A.

    Nov 4, 2004
    But I also have one of their SA8300 HD-DVR recorders that gets digital tiers.
    Looks like I'll have to make some phone calls next week.
  12. hookbill

    hookbill Feathered Member

    Dec 14, 2001
    Northeast Ohio
    I got charged 1.75 for my first card, then 4.50 for the second card. I asked how come so much more for card 2, I was told that's just the way it is. I forget how much the install charge was, it may have been 29.95.

    OK now into my second bill my cable bill overall has dropped from 165.00 to 134.00. Including HS internet and HBO.

    And that's easy for me to understand. The price went down. :)
  13. mpastreich

    mpastreich New Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    I can't confirm it, but I might be able to call bull.

    I'm also in the TWCNYC region.

    When I called up, they mentioned that I'll be loosing any PPV and OnDemand service.
    I don't any of the premium channels, but when the installer was here to put the CableCards in, the first channels he started checking to see if the cards were working were CNN, TNT, ABC and HBO. He seemed surprised when I told him I don't get it, and checked the other HD channels (TNTHD, DiscoveryHD, and the Network channels).

    There are also SOME premium channels (parts of the multi-channel packages maybe?) that you loose by switching to CableCards. Personally with two tuners getting my full lineup, and TiVo suggestions, my wife and I should have more programming than we can watch anyway, so we don't see a need for the Premium channels.

    The installer said he's been doing about 3-4 S3 TiVos per day for the past month or so (since he was called in to help on another service tech on an S3 CableCard install). he certainly knew his way around the setup and with the TiVo remote.

    The only issues was that they had to re-hit one of the CableCards before it started working, but its been great since (about 3+ days of HD glory :) ).

    Interesting Tidbit. The installer said he loved the new S3s. Some TVs that take CableCards are problematic and won't update the firmware on some cards. He said the S3s have been great and were able to work even for CableCards that some TVs had problems with and weren't able to upgrade and use.

    I ran through the same numbers and got about the same results. End note for me was that the TiVo service is much better than the service with a TWC DVR, so essentially what you're paying for is a TiVo Dual-Tuner HD DVR. If you're happy with your TiVo, you'll probably be very happy with the replacement.

    I'm trying to convince my brother to upgrade his S2 to an S3.
    The huge Standard Definition storage space, and the dual tuners convinced him that he doesn't need OnDemand or PPV, and he's still using a Standard Definition TV that he probably won't replace for a year or two.

    He lives in a house with a few other people, and a show he's recording usually gets bumped if someone wants to watch something on TV, so he's very much looking forward to that feature. :)

    You can buy the TiVo cheaper, and still to the lifetime transfer. I didn't go looking though, so I'll leave it to someone who has. :)

    All in all I'm incredibly satisfied with the new S3.
    The install went smooth. It looks great on our new TV (Samsung LN-S3251D), and seems to have much better picture quality than our SD-H400, even after I turned on ProgressiveScan mode on the SD-H400 (although I certainly see a difference on the DVDs its playing to the new TV).

    My only issues with the S3 are things I expect to be fixed:
    1) My TV can't accept 480i over HDMI, it would be nice if outputting Video in "Native Mode", over Digital Outputs upconverted 480i to 480p, so that the TV could handle the translation from 1080i to 720p on its own. As it is I have it set to "720 Hybrid mode" where all SD signals are output at 480p, and all HD signals are output at 720p, not a major deal, the real question is which one does a better conversion for the TV, the TV or the TiVo. I'm not sure about that, so this falls under the category of "Quibbling".

    2) MRV I couldn't care less about. We have one TV. How many do two people need? TiVo2Go however was something I used regularly, both to transfer shows to my PSP for my commute every day, and to watch programs on my computer when my wife was watching her soaps. Yes I suppose a second TV with TiVo and MRV would serve the same purpose, but we don't see a need for a second cable hookup, TiVo costs, etc.. I expect (hope?) TiVo2Go gets turned on soon for the Series 3 boxes.

    3) Once we start watching HD, 30 hours may seem an awfully small recording capacity (although I expect it'll be just fine since its in line with what we are moving from). Barring TiVo2Go or hacking the Box, eSata seems like the best way to expand that available space. I'd rather not hack the box, and I'd rather see TiVo2Go turned on, but I fully expect the eSata port to be enabled in the near future.
  14. jae

    jae New Member

    Apr 9, 2003
    i continue to get all the premium channels (hbo, showtime, encore, tmc) w/ my cablecards - i don't know why that page says it varies. you do loose the "on demand" channels, so perhaps that is what they are referring to.

    no one told me my price would change for my current package, but if that does occur, i'll be on the phone arguing w/ twc as well - i'll have to wait and see what my next bill looks like.
  15. BruceShultes

    BruceShultes New Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Albany, NY
    Early Friday morning my UPS beeped and I noticed that my S3 was starting to boot. I didn't think anything about it at the time and just went back to sleep.

    Now, about four hours later, the S3 is still in a continuous boot cycle.

    It boots, starts to acquire channels and then starts another re-boot after about 2 to 3 minutes.

    For now I have unplugged it. When I get back to the house, I will try to remove the cablecards and see whether it will stay up without them.

    After removing the cablecards and repeating Guided Setup, the S3 is back to normal. Next i will re-insert the cards one by one and see if they re-authorize and everything remains stable.

    2nd Update:
    After re-inserting the cable cards the S3 is still stable, but the cablecards did not re-authorize. I called the local TW support number and asked them to re-hit the cards but two days later the authorization had still not happened.

    Today, Tuesday, TW replaced both cablecards, but they have still not been authorized successfully and the cable guy has left telling me that they can take up to 24 hours to authorize.

    I have been checking the status of both Scientific Atlantic cards about every ten minutes. Cable Card 1 shows an increasing ECM count each time so I assume it's authorization is in progress. Cable Card 2 ECM count stays unchanged at 43.

    I figured out that the only reason the ECM count was increasing was because I was watching something on both tuners and only going back to check the status of the Cable Cards periodically.

    3rd Update:

    Wednesday morning TW returned again and called in the serial numbers, the Cable Card numbers and the Host-ID numbers again. This time both Cable Cards status changed to "CP Auth Received" and everything appeared to be working correctly when TW left.

    However, apparently one of the Cable Cards was old enough that it needed a Firmware Update. When this had not completed after 4 hours I called TW again.

    The same TW guys came again later that afternoon and replaced the older card with one that showed a date of manufacture last April. This one was authorized with no problems and on Thursday everything is still workin properly.

    Fingers crossed that the cards don't lose their authorized again.
  16. jonahlee

    jonahlee Jonah Lee

    Dec 3, 2006
    I have had 2 Warner Bros Techs come to my house in Los Angeles now. The first tech came on Saturday and was here for 30 minutes, he basically put the cards in and the had the TIVO restart the basic setup and then left before it was finished. When the TIVO restarted I got most of the basic cable channels (Not CNN or a few of the higher ones) and the HD Channels that are basic over the air Channels, but nothing else. So about 5 minutes after the guy left I called Time Warner Cable again and they set up another technician which was for today, so I had to stay home today to have a technician.

    The technician who came today was nice enough, but did not know anything about HD Tivo, or even cable cards. In fact I kept explaining to him that the TIVO had 2 cable cards. He made a good 10 calls to Warner to try and get my cards working, but basically he got nothing done. They kept repinging the cards, but it never got anymore of the channels him. The Tech then checked the cable lines, and there is signal loss, and I guess something in the basement of the apartment building is wired backwards (though my normal SD cable box works fine), and when I check the Digital Signal on the TIVO it shows 98%. So tomorrow they are sending some technicians to work on the building, and then on Wednesday I need to call again if it still isn't working.

    The strange thing is that when you go into the Cable Card Setup in the Conditional Access manual on the 5th line it reads Auth: MISSING_PROGRAM_REKEY and the next like reads CA enable: unknown. I am thinking this has something to do with them authorizing the encoded channels. Anyone have any idea on this?
  17. calitivo

    calitivo Member

    Dec 5, 2002
    Jonah - Here's how to fix it. I had the exact same issue today. One of my CC's malfunctioned a few days ago and had a service call to replace it. He redid the setup and both of the cards wound up with the MISSING_PROGRAM_REKEY issue. After some searching around, here's how to fix it.

    1) Get Serial Number's for both CC's. They are located on the cards themselves.
    2) Call Time Warner support.
    3) Explain what you are trying to do and that you know the answer for it. That way, they seem more willing to do what you will ask them for.
    4) For the CC in Tivo slot #1 (the bottom), give them the SN an tell them to send the "initialize" signal. When they do this, there will be a cablecard error (161-4) that comes up. This is a good thing. Next, they should send a "hit" signal.
    5) Once they have said they've done that, go to test channels. At first, nothing came up for me. I hit clear, went back into test channels and started changing channels. All my missing channels could now be viewed.
    6) Repeat same thing for CC that is in slot #2 (the top).
    7) Double check that on the Conditional Access screen (for both CC's) it says "SUBSCRIBED" under the Auth line item.

    Problem solved; at least for me.
  18. jonahlee

    jonahlee Jonah Lee

    Dec 3, 2006
    Thanks I will call them and try it.
  19. sdurgin

    sdurgin Mac user

    Jun 6, 2004
    LA West Valley
    Where are you? What call center did you reach that would actually do anything beyond the reseat and reboot option?

    I'm in souther california.
  20. sdurgin

    sdurgin Mac user

    Jun 6, 2004
    LA West Valley
    I previously experienced drop out of all digital channels on both tuners when the TW clock turned 12/1. The card in my tv panel still worked, although it never got the right channel lineup info since the rebuild here in So, Cal. Scheduled service. The kid, nice guy none of this his fault, showed up at 10:35 am, he was already on hold with his dispatch from his 1st call nearby, knowing he had another cable card issue he came on over.

    Now the cards in the Tivo came back to life after five days all by themselves, so I know it was a system issue with TW, the tech agreed. But I need the card in the tv tuner fixed. He swapped the card and waited on hold, and waited and waited. After a while he had to go back to the truck to plug his Nextel phone in to the charger. No kidding he was on hold for 2hours and the call dumped, he called back in and after 20 minutes was dumped again. All the while he is using his personal cell phone to call his buddy techs working with similar issues.

    Finally he gets someone from TW who tells him THEY CHANGED THE NUMBER! WTF? So he calls back in and still has problems getting a dispatch on the line. When he gets a call back "Jesse" tells him everything is fixed. They go through the authorization tap dance and the new card is in the exact same state the original card was in! That is improper channel line up info and no premium channels passed.

    Tech was on site from 10:30 am until 1:00pm to get nothing accomplished (except waste a morning taken off from work for me).

    Thankfully my TIVO cards are still working fine.

    It is incredible how TW is killing itself with poorly staffed and trained technical services.

    I am expecting a call back from a supervisor tomorrow to explain how they plan on compensating me and repairing the service. Yikes.

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