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Official Time Warner Cable Thread

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Nov 10, 2006 #901 of 6277

    hookbill Feathered Member

    Dec 14, 2001
    Northeast Ohio
    I don't live in your area but I can tell you that I have TW in N.E. Ohio and I did not have any issues with my install, get all my HD and HBO.

    These issues that you read about seem to be starting to slow down as more and more people have the S3 installed. Cable companies are learning and getting better at understanding how to do the installations. Now I can't guarantee you won't have problems but I believe odds are on your side.

    BTW, I have a line of sight problem with D* where I live which is why I have had cable for the last 2 years. The S3 has been just wonderful for me compared to the pos the cable company gave me.
  2. Nov 10, 2006 #902 of 6277

    dracx New Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    Have you received a letter from TW about the switch? I live in Richardson, and received a letter in early September stating that the switch would occur "around Oct 2nd". On Oct 15th, I got a door hanger saying TW was working in the area. I was out of town the week of Oct 23rd, and when I returned everything was switched to the "A" cable.

    I got the S3 in mid-Sept and just had it hooked up to just the A side. That gave me most everything I needed - HD locals, HBO, some expanded basic. It hurt not having comedy central for the Daily Show, but it was still a better experience than the TW PVR!!

    Hope this helps!!

  3. Nov 11, 2006 #903 of 6277

    pmiranda Member

    Feb 12, 2003
    Austin, TX
    I don't know how they managed to do this, but channel 20 (normally KLRU-2) is bringing up CNBC (normally channel 50) on both of my cable cards this morning. Anyone else seeing this in Austin? The analog tuner on my old TiVo is working fine. I guess somebody put a typo in the mappings sometime in the last week.
    1542, the cable equivalent of 9-2 seems to be fine.
  4. Nov 11, 2006 #904 of 6277

    Jiffylush New Member

    Oct 31, 2006
    Ok, tech came out this morning, scheduled between 8 and 12, he was here at 9:30am. He had never done a tivo install, but he was ready, so I gave him the sheet that came with the box.

    Two cards went in, both showed up and told us to call the number. First time he called, he got hung up on, second time worked through the whole thing. You could tell that the person on the other end had also never done a tivo, but it did work.

    He left after about 30 minutes, most of the channels were coming in, and he told me the rest should be on soon.

    The only problem was that I had asked for digital cable with HD and Showtime, and they had not subscribed me to the HD tier or showtime. I called in and before I got off the phone they were both working.

    Overall very easy and quick, I am quite the happy customer.

    PS. The quality is excellent, Discovery HD is amazing, even SD programming on digital channels is better than SD without the cards. I am very very happy.
  5. Nov 11, 2006 #905 of 6277
    toga flyer

    toga flyer New Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    I just had 2 cablecards installed in my new Series 3 yesterday. I'm getting only some of the non-premium and no premium channels. For instance, I don't get channels 2-7, but get channel 8, then 18. Most of the others from there I get, but not CNNHN. I get the HD non-premium, but no premium, either non-hd or hd at this point.

    Austin Time Warner is apparently having issues with many cablecards due to some change yesterday. I have a technician comin out in about an hour so I'll report any finds.

    Wish me luck...
  6. Nov 11, 2006 #906 of 6277
    toga flyer

    toga flyer New Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    A contractor supervisor just left my house and I'm still in the same boat as before. Only some cable channels coming through properly and no premiums.

    Here's what I *seem* to know so far:

    This is affecting all of Austin cablecards at one level or another. A TW level 1 tech I spoke with earlier this morning said an internal memo had been distributed on this issue.

    The contractor had never heard of the DNCS group. When he spoke to TW tech support I had him bring up this group and the support person said that they had sent a message to DNCS but that no one was responding back. He thought they were off for the weekend.

    So, here I am with a new Series 3 that's limping along. At least I have the network channels in HD so I can watch the UT-KS game tonight.

    I found the following post useful and hopefully with this knowledge and DNCS online, I can get this working. Neither of my cards have EMM or ECM counts >0.

    I'd love to hear more war stories, particularly from folks that have this working to see if anything has changed this weekend with some of the non-premium channels. For instance, I don't get 2-7, but get 8, then no 9-17, but get 18. Sporatic from there up to 99.

    In view settings, channels, signal strength, I get high digital signal strength on ALL the channels I'm not receiving and NO digital signal strength on those that I AM receiving. This has to be part of the equation.

    As I progress through this, I'll post my results.


    Woohoo! Super-Tech (who shall remain nameless so that he doesn't get stuck on cablecard installs all weekend) just left me with both cards working and getting all channels. After wasting a couple hours trying to get dispatch to send hits he heard over the radio that the system that sends the card hits had been broken the whole time. Once the system was back up he grabbed two brand new cards and went through the proper procedure:

    (Some details specific to Austin)
    Call Dispatch/Accounts to make sure the services on the cablecards are "balanced" with those on your regular boxes. (ie, Digital, Premiums, etc.)
    Restart TiVo
    Unplug for a minute after it shuts down
    Remove any existing CableCARDs
    Plug back in
    Wait for TiVo to finish booting
    Write down Card Number and MAC address then Insert Card1
    Call in CardID and HostID displayed by TiVo to the regular dispatch folks
    Pop in and out of the CP Status page (it doesn't refresh itself) watching for the card to go through this sequence:

    Auth Status:Waiting for CP Auth
    Auth Status:CP Auth Received
    PowerKey status:Not Ready - Waiting for Time
    PowerKey status:Not Ready - Waiting for EUT
    PowerKey status:Ready
    MKS Period switches from 60 seconds to 100 seconds
    Test Channels shows "No Channels Available" for another minute or two
    Test Channels should start displaying the analog and local HD channels

    Call DNCS to get them to send hits (I'd think anyone could do this but they seem to be the Jedi of the bunch)
    EMM Count increments to 39 or more
    ECM Count increments to 4 or more
    Test Channels should now show everything you're subscribed to

    When you return to live TV through the normal interface, you may get a blank screen but it should fix itself as soon as you change channels.

    If I figure out where to send it to, I'll be writing a letter to TW-Austin to give proper kudus to "Super-Tech"... he hadn't done a CableCARD install before but had the persistence to keep working despite problems with phones, radios, and surly backline support folks.

    Now busy copying several dozen season passes and wishlists by hand from the old TiVo and the 8300 DVR...

    - Sony S1 from 2001 with CacheCard+Ethernet
    - Series 3 Almost full of sweet HDTV :)
  7. Nov 11, 2006 #907 of 6277
    toga flyer

    toga flyer New Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    From what I understood talking to TW, the S3 can get a switched channel that's been activated by another tW user on your node. Apparently up to 1,000 users are on a node, and if someone requests a channel during a 24hr period, it becomes active for all users in that node. If it's active, the S3 (or any 1-way device) can receive it. At least that's the way I understood it from the tech.
  8. Nov 11, 2006 #908 of 6277

    84325e New Member

    Nov 8, 2006
    Toga this is EXACTLY what my problem was. No 2-7, but channel 8 etc. Lemme guess, you get the HD version of ABC (15xx something?) but not channel 5.

    I don't understand all the technical jargon, but it is a software/cable card programming problem. It is not a signal strength problem (as the first two outside techs said).

    As soon as I got a real TW tech out there, he called DCNS (or DNCS - I forget). The essence of your problem is that the cards are not properly paired or authorized to your tivo. It doesn't matter how many "hits" they send if this pairing isn't done. Apparently, to the average CSR the hits look good, but they are not if this step isn't done right.

    After he called DCNS, she fixed the problem and I was up and running within half an hour. Apparently, doing this pairing requires using software that the average TW CSR doesn't really know how to use because 99.9% of people don't use cable cards. DCNS seems to though.

    Unlike others have reported, they wouldn't let me speak to DCNS directly. So I demanded a real TW tech (not an outsider). He has the access to DCNC that should fix your problem.
  9. Nov 11, 2006 #909 of 6277
    toga flyer

    toga flyer New Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    All, it's 5pm on Saturday in Austin and EVERY channel is working on my Series 3 on both cards thanks to a call from someone in the TW DNCS. As advertised by others, this took about 5 minutes and was the magic it took. Direct pings to increment the EMM count and I was off and running.

    In my opinion, this was above and beyond service by Time Warner and greatly appreciated.


    A VERY satisfied TW customer (The Series 3 ain't too shabby either!!)
  10. Nov 12, 2006 #910 of 6277

    Sandbuilder New Member

    Dec 6, 2003
    I'm trying to decide what to do and would appreciate any help. Specifically I want to purchase a panasonic HD plasma tv and use a series 3 TiVO with it. However, based on what I read here :confused: (since I have TWC in Northeast Ohio) it looks like I'll be lucky if I first get it to work with the cable cards and then secondly I'll probably face a loss of channels (based on switched digital) in the future :( . So I wonder if I could use an HD STB in front of the TiVO without the cable cards, or could I use a series 2 box with the HD STB and what would I lose?
  11. Nov 12, 2006 #911 of 6277

    rlay New Member

    Sep 27, 2006
    Potentially you would lose nothing. TIVO will refund your purchase if it doesn't work properly in your area. They offered me a refund because 4 HD channels (including HDNET and ESPN-HD) are on a switched network. I ended up keeping both the Motorola DVR box and the TIVO. I will most likely use the Motorola on another HDTV in the bedroom.... and I can live without the 4 channels on the TIVO for now. Also, for some strange reason, I'm getting Showtime-HD... so I think that's an even trade off.

    You cannot record from an external source (like another cable box) with a Series 3.... but if you have good over the air reception, it will record analog & digital (HD) broadcasts....as well as analog cable channels.
  12. Nov 12, 2006 #912 of 6277

    socalseries3 New Member

    Nov 9, 2006
    Installed the Series 3 here in Santa Monica Saturday morning. The installers from TW Cable (contractors - 3 of them!) were very friendly, polite, and knew pretty much what they were doing. They came prepared with two cable cards, and were more than happy to install in a TiVo (pretty much said stuff like: Cool! New TiVo, eh?). They did give me a one-sentence "you know, no PPV / VOD with these things," but that was it.

    The guys totally understood what to call in to dispatch, and the person on the other end of the phone was totally on the ball. Both cards went something like this: "standard" channels; then after a minute "HD" channels; then "digital tier"; then after another minute or two "Premium (HD & non)". Probably 3-5 mins. for each card to be fully authorized.

    I was AMAZED as how quickly the whole cable card "recognition" process went. Been up and running for 36 hours (turning on / off / unplugging and moving unit / changing guided setup / etc.) and have not lost any channels, audio, etc. Rock solid.

    My only advice: WRITE DOWN THE CABLE CARD SERIAL NUMBERS the minute the guys walk in the door. I didn't do that right away, and the conversation with dispatch sounded like Abbot and Costello ("did you say card 1 was 036? no, that's card 2! no, card 2 is 049? no, you said 036..."). Don't "fear" pulling the cards in and out during the install...I was worried, and in and out they went, but once the correct serials were tied to the correct slots, it was all smooth sailing.

    FWIW, the guys were 1 hour late (not such a big deal on a Sat AM). $20 bucks in my pocket!

    Also, the whole process is so dumb simple, I'm not sure why ANY cable company would spend the money to send out three installers. It must be so much cheaper to have the customer pick up the cards and authorize them via phone (or by my wife's suggestion, online)!
  13. Nov 12, 2006 #913 of 6277

    cab2 New Member

    Sep 17, 2004
    Austin, TX
    I had my install on Saturday, with Time Warner Austin. I wish I could remember the name of the installer that came out, but he was 3rd party, and not a TW employee.

    Long story short, he said he had done 4 or 5 Tivo installs recently and they had all gone like clockwork. Needless to say, as my luck runs, mine was the first one that did not run like clockwork. But, giving credit, where credit is due, he stayed until the end and got things working. He brought with him 3 cards, and after some futzing around, card 1 worked, and card 2 didn't. Lucky for me, card 3 seemed to work. Everything looked fine by the time he left. I give the installer credit in that he was here for almost 2 hours.

    I noticed this am (sunday) that there were a few channels that were not coming in. Oh god, here we go, endless calls to support and multiple trips. The net result of my call to TW was I got bumped up to Tech Support (level 2 or 1?) and had a very good conversation with someone that obviously knew their stuff. My missing channels were all the Switched Video chanels. Ok, I can deal with that. But I also found out, there are lots of SV channels. I had a list of over 50 channels that I was not getting, and most of them were SV. I have a list, but it's not in front of me right now. I'll post that in another message later. All in all, I've gotta give TW in Austin TX credit. Given what I've seen here, I was expecting a minor nightmare, and it wasn't that at all. I'll give them thumbs up, at least so far. FWIW, the installer I had said he went to someones house that had 3, yes 3 S3 boxes to install. He said that install went so smooth, he was done and out of the house in 45 minutes and all 3 boxes were working completely. I guess the impression I have now, is my install was not painfull, but time consuming, and for those of you that have had problems, there is hope. It did help to have the printout from the prior post that mentions the DNCS / DNDS whatever it was. My installer had never heard of such a thing, but asked the dispatcher or who ever it is that they call in to, and they transfered him there. That did seem to make a difference.

    I'll post the list of channels I got for SV later. It's not just below 100. There are SV channels all over my line up at least. I can live with that. I have a bedroom box with cable box and can just record those channels there. From what I saw, the only thing that stood out to me on the list of SV channels was Disney and Food Network. But that's only the ones that mattered to me. YMMV.
  14. Nov 12, 2006 #914 of 6277
    David Z

    David Z New Member

    Oct 31, 2006
    West Los...
    TWC Santa Monica installed digital cable with two cable cards last Monday, but this weekend, I've found that all of my premium HD channels have the message "Viewing is not permitted using the Tivo Digital Media Recorder. Try another input." What is this about? It shows up when I try to watch HD recorded programs (Arrested Development on HDNet), when I try to watch live TV on TNT HD or ESPN HD or Discovery HD, etc. What happened to my digital cable HD channels???

  15. Nov 12, 2006 #915 of 6277

    Diacritical Member

    Jan 10, 2003
    Are you using HDMI? I found a problem when HDMI was connected, but the TV was turned off. Apparently, the TiVo will not let you display or record HDCP content unless the display unit is turned on and HDCP has been negotiated. I disconnected HDMI for this reason.
  16. Nov 12, 2006 #916 of 6277

    DTap New Member

    Nov 7, 2006
    Cincinnati, OH
    OK. So here’s my Time Warner story.

    First off, I ordered the S3 last Monday night, standard shipping and expected it to arrive Monday the following week so I scheduled my Time Warner install for Tuesday. It actually arrived on Thursday afternoon so I called TW Cincinnati and they could send a tech out in the afternoon. on Friday from 3:30 – 6. They don’t seem concerned that I need two cards for the same device or that it is a Tivo. Things look good.

    I read the cable card instructions and this thread over and over because I want this to go right. The tech arrives at 5pm on Friday afternoon and walks through the door and says “I’m here to install two cable cards in a couple of TVs.” After I inform him they are both for my single Tivo, he says “Oh, I don’t think we support these.” I tell him according to Cable Labs and the FCC they have to and that according to this forum there have already been about 20 installed in Cincinnati. (That’s a lie, I have only found two notes in here but hey, I want him to not blame the Tivo first when it doesn’t work) So we begin.

    First off I want to say the guy is not a bad guy. I think they are just constrained by the amount of installs they have to do. After he gives me the obligatory story that they have a lot of trouble with these installs and that they have had almost not training on them, he TEXT MESSAGES the card number to dispatch. He tells me that dispatch in Cincinnati transferred a bunch of the personnel to the TW Dayton office and THEY WILL NOT LET THEM CALL DIRECTLY. Instead during this whole process he is texting back and forth to the office. This is wildly efficient!!

    The second thing to go wrong: he inserts the first card and after a couple of minutes it comes up with the host information. He copies it down and texts the dispatch then inserts the second card. I tried to tell him that we should wait and check the channels but I think the need to get to the next job caused some impatience. Long story short (too late) the first card was still upgrading the firmware and the second card never came back with the host information. We finally found it, and he added it as well with dispatch.

    So after the second card updates the firmware, we check out the channels. SD below 100: fine. HD above 900: fine. No digital above 100. He trades TEXT Messages with dispatch for a half hour more (at which time they close the ticket because they want to move to the next activation) and finally I get digital on the first card, but never the second. The second card just keeps locking up on both the digital above 100 and the HD.

    This is where I do give the guy credit, at 6pm on a Friday he drives back to the warehouse to get a new card. Thank you for that Trey!! He comes back at about 7pm, pops in the new card, sends the information, and BOOM, it comes right up. He told me there was a shift change while he was gone and he thinks there was nothing wrong with the first card, but the night person actually new what they were doing. We check it all out, it looks good and I cut him loose just happy he stuck around.

    Anyway, about 2 hours later, I think to check the music choice channels. One card gets them, the other does not. I call tech support about midnight on Saturday morning. The guy says everything is correct but sends a signal to the cards and now neither card gets the music choice. They scheduled someone to come out Tuesday morning. But this guy can’t have done anything more that what I already did.

    Does anyone think it’s crazy that Time Warner Cincinnati’s policy for CC installs is for their installers to text instead of calling? What an incredible waste of time.
  17. Nov 12, 2006 #917 of 6277

    84325e New Member

    Nov 8, 2006
    Here is what Austin TW CSR gave me as Switched (which seems generally right):

    6COA *
    10PACT 1*
    11PACT 2*
    16PACT 3*
    20KLRU 2
    31 / 201HGTV*
    32 / 209FOOD NETWORK*
    42 / 101DISNEY EAST*
    44 / 355NEWS 8 DOPPLER
    45 / 350THE WEATHER CH.*
    47 / 312CNN / HLN *
    76 / 622GALAVISION

    Plus the Pacific feeds of HBO/Showtime. Also, I *was* getting 102 as Disney Pacific, but starting yesterday it looks like some news channel - so no Disney at all. Can any Austinites confirm if you still get 102 as a Disney channel, my kids are on the warpath.
  18. Nov 12, 2006 #918 of 6277

    cableguy763 New Member

    Oct 29, 2006
    it will vary depending on what node you are in. you should get disney on channel 42.
  19. Nov 12, 2006 #919 of 6277

    84325e New Member

    Nov 8, 2006
    I get de nada on 42, 101 (or now 102 which was Disney Pacific).
  20. Nov 12, 2006 #920 of 6277

    DTap New Member

    Nov 7, 2006
    Cincinnati, OH
    BTW - I saw people in this thread asking how much the rental and install costs. I just checked my unbilled activity to confirm and TW Cincy charged me $20 for the install for both cards and $1.75 a month for each card. Sweet, I just saved $14.50 per month.

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