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Official Time Warner Cable Thread

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Well after having my digital cable for a day and surveying all the channels I get, and after another conversation with TWC, I am reasonably convinced that the packages I get are:

    Basic Service
    Standard Service
    Digital Basic
    HD Basic Tier
    HD Digital Tier
    HD Standard Tier
    Digital Standard Tier
    Digital Music

    This is a lot of channels and a lot of HD, a much better buy than the analog service that costs about $54/mo.

    I post this in case it might be helpful to anyone else, recognizing it's probably correct only for the SouthWest Ohio area, or maybe just the Dayton area.

    One tip when using the channel line up web page is to check "Sort By Package". Much less confusing (to me at least) than the default layout.
  2. irishjoe

    irishjoe Raoul Duke

    Jul 11, 2009
    This is my first post so please forgive me if it is in the wrong spot.

    I live in northern NY and am a not so happy Time Warner subscriber. I never thought I would be saying this but I actually miss Comcast.

    Anyway on to my gripe for today....

    Has anyone with a multi-stream cable card and tuning adapter been able to order UFC 100? I was told that I would need a new thru2way card (which you will be amazed to hear is not yet available in my area) in order to view any PPV programs.

    I never had this problem before when I was rocking a cable card with Comcast but that was pre tuning adapter days.
  3. Kahless

    Kahless New Member

    Nov 16, 2005
    I forgot all about this forum, glad I found it again.
    We had a rebuild over the last 6 months of our old Adelphia system here in Hide A-Way Hills. Time Warner put in fiber optic cable and removed a lot of bad Adelphia equipment. Service though, well their phone people need to be a bit sharper. About 2 weeks ago I received a phone call from one of their installers telling me that he would swap out my old cable box for a new one. I told him I now had a new Tivo series 3 HD DVR and would like to get it set up. He came out the appointed day and time. He tried to get me to use a TWC DVR, he said he was not authorized to install Cablecards. I politely said no, he said he couldn't take my old box, I would have to turn it in to the local office. I phoned the TWC 800 number, the young lady told me the local office in Lancaster had the Cablecards and I could go down and have them issued to me. I drove the 15 miles in to the office (no local phone number) and was told by them that they do not issue or stock Cablecards, they have to be installed by their techs from Columbus. I did turn in my old box. I went home, phoned TWC again and told them I needed either two single Cablecards or a multistream card for my Tivo. The woman on the phone apologized for the confusion and said someone would be out Wednesday with the CableCard. On Wednesday morning I got a call from their tech In Athens who told me that they were out of CableCards but would pick one up in Lancaster to install. I told them Lancaster doesn't stock them and they would need to drive the 80 miles to Columbus to get one. The next day a tech from Newark came with an SA M Card and installed it, he never had installed one before and had to get step by step directions over my phone on how to do it. After it was installed I could get maybe 1/2 of the promised HD and digital channels. He said I needed a tuning adaptor. After he left I phoned TWC, they said they would mail one to me. A week later I called to see where it was, they said they messed up, I had to drive to Columbus (40 mile drive each way) to get one, they didn't mail them out. I drove to the office I was told to go to. They informed me that that office doesn't carry the tuning adaptors and I would have to go to the main office which was another 10 miles away. I did get a tuning adaptor there. I did install it as per the instructions. I got maybe another 20 channels, still missing about 100. I phoned Tivo, who had me check all the settings on the Cablecard. It is their opinion the Cablecard is not configured correctly. I have another TWC tech coming on Wednesday, supposedly to fix it.
  4. Garycal

    Garycal New Member

    Dec 28, 2005
    Got my TivoHD up and running with TWC's type M card and the Cisco TA, but not without pain. Here is the history of errors:
    1. Installers showed up without cablecard. Told me the Tivo does not need one.
    2. Installer showed up with cablecard, but without Tuning adapter that was on their work order. Told me I did not need one.
    3. Tuning adapter arrives by mail, but when I go to plug in the USB cable the connector on the TA litterally falls apart. Someone in China did not use solder that day.
    4. New tuning adapter arrives, but I cannot get the green light to stay on and therefore still cannot get many channels.
    5. The "digital head end" people in Syracuse correctly diagnose that I have a weak signal and put a work request for a truck roll to boost my signal
    6. Tech shows up and puts a cheap amplifier in my house because he cannot find the box outside to tweak the signal
    7. Tech is driving away and spots the box from the road and boosts the signal there.
    8. 3 weeks and dozens of calls later, it works.
    9. After watching ota high-def uncompressed before I got the Tivo, I am amazed how BAD the cable HD programming looks with all those digital compression boxes around people's heads.
  5. RichieW13

    RichieW13 New Member

    May 20, 2005
    Time Warner charged me $20 for the privilege of allowing their tech to come and plug the cablecard into my box.
  6. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Is anyone else, especially in the SouthWest Ohio region, seeing occasional pixellation, momentary video freezes and audio dropouts on the Science HD channel, 781 ? This typically happens maybe 5 to 10 times during an hour long program. This is on a TiVo HD.

    I think this is an SDV channel. (Anyone know for sure?).

    I've tried setting the other tuner to the SD version of the Science channel (109) playing the same program and the problems do NOT occur there.

    I think the SD channel is NOT an SDV channel (Anyone know for sure?).

    The diagnostics for the "bad" channel are all good: SNR=34 db, Signal Strength = 85, and no RS errors corrected or uncorrected. The TA green light is steady on all the time.
  7. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    But after having digital (cable cards/tuning adapter/HD channels) for five days I really hope I can keep it. I enjoy the extra channels and the HD quality a lot.

    I believe my system is set up and functioning properly. However I do get some glitches, particularly in HD channels (which are mostly SDV I believe). My previous post is an example but it occurs on other HD channels to varying degrees. It's never reached un-viewable levels, except for one incident where one tuner's output disappeared and I had to restart the TiVo. I would rate it as 99% perfect. I never see any RS corrected errors and rarely any RS uncorrected errors. Supposedly this means the glitches I see are all in the delivered signal.... but I suspect TWC might dispute that.

    If it doesn't get any worse I will definitely want to live with it rather than reverting to analog cable. If it gets worse I will probably just revert rather than endure the hassle of trying to get TWC and TiVo to fix a problem that they will blame on each other.

    I wonder how much longer analog cable service will even be offered?
  8. bobrt6676

    bobrt6676 Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    My issue channel is 754 HGTV. Frequent audio dropouts and occaisional pixilation. Just enough to irritate not enough to change. But from reading posts not really much I can do about it. Goes with the Tivo territory I guess.
  9. abredt

    abredt West Valley TW L.A.

    Nov 4, 2004
    Time Warner West Valley of L.A. on a Series 3. Getting lots of audio dropouts on many channels. Anyone know why or how to correct it?

    Thanks, CB
  10. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Unfortunately I think "Goes with the TiVo territory" may be correct. If most or all channels are viewable with no more than occasional glitches, that may be what you have to settle for. As long as the glitches don't cause lock ups or interrupt recordings, that is.

    I think the cable card/tuning adapter system for handling SDV is a marginal thing. Given the lack of incentive for the CATV operators to make it work better, I don't have much hope it will improve. Then add the insult that MRV and TTG is blocked on almost all channels.

    It looks like Verizon FIOS is a whole different story. They don't use SDV so Tuning Adapters aren't required; no copy protection; and with 11.0d their pixellation problems apparently are solved.

    TWC is just starting to roll out their version of FIOS to apartments and condos in the Cincy area. How good will it be? And when will it ever reach us? And given TWC's policies it will probably be all copy protected.
  11. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Do you have a tuning adapter?

    When you tune to a channel with problems, do you see frequently incrementing RS Uncorrected errors under Messages & Settings -> System Information -> DVR Diagnostics?

    If this count is zero then supposedly the errors you see (hear) are in the delivered signal, i.e., your TiVo is doing the best it can given a poor signal. This is the common wisdom on this forum but I have a small amount of doubt about it. I suspect cable operators will push back if you try to tell them that.
  12. abredt

    abredt West Valley TW L.A.

    Nov 4, 2004
    No tuning adapter. Haven't installed it yet.
    I'll check the count and reply back. CB
  13. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Of course you can tell which channels are SDV by disconnecting the TA USB cable and seeing what channels are left. (The ones that went away were SDV.)

    However it appears you also can get the information via the TiVo menus -- see this post.
  14. skaggs

    skaggs AlbanyHDTV

    Feb 13, 2003
    My Tivo listed this in the DVR Diagnostic page:

    RS uncorrected: 408
    RS corrected: 2409

    Does this mean the pixellation I am seeing is an issue with the relationship between my TiVo & tuning adapter and NOT the signal coming from TWC?
  15. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    The digital signal has extra bits that allow error correction in the TiVo tuner. This means there were 2409 errors (or maybe 2409 + 408) in the encoded signal and the error correction algorithm was able to correct all but 408 of them. Ideally both counts will be zero. If not that, hopefully the uncorrected count will be zero, which means the signal was completely corrected.

    For non-zero counts it's actually the rate (errors per second) that indicates the relative amount of quality problems. There is a parameter in the Tuner diagnostics that is the total seconds the tuner has been on the current channel (can't remember the name right now but it's obvious).

    I've never had uncorrected rates much greater than zero, so I can't tell you how bad is bad. However this post may be helpful.
  16. BruceShultes

    BruceShultes New Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    I am also in the Albany, NY area.

    The DVR Diagnostics on my S3 show 0 for both RS Uncorrected and RS corrected.

    I don't remember whether I have been using the S3 to record or watch any SDV recently, but in another room my roommate is still using a SA8300HD.

    The SA8300HD locked up solid while watching a SDV channel last week and the only way we could get it back was to pull the power cord and then plug it back in.

    After the reboot, the SA8300HD was able to view the same SDV channel again with no problems. This leads me to believe that TW may have had a head end problem for a while.

    I don't know about SDV, but the S3 seems to have as much problem with too strong a cable signal as with too weak a signal.

    If you want to compare our settings, you can contact me with a PM on the albanyhdtv.proboards.com site.
  17. bobrt6676

    bobrt6676 Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    To all In the Dayton market. TWC has posted a line-up change in the DDN today. ALL digital channels will be changing in August:eek: Lets hope Tivo will be on top of it!!:) They call it the Theme based line-up. An example SPORTS HD Theme stations:
    ESPN 1301
    ESPN2 1302
    ESPNU 1303
    ESPNNEWS 1305
    FSN 1309 ETC.
  18. JimWall

    JimWall New Member

    Oct 19, 2002
    Cincinnati Enquirer also ran a similiar advertisement about new august digital lineup
  19. arantius

    arantius New Member

    Jul 25, 2009
    Time Warner Cable, in Brooklyn New York.

    The tech spent four hours in my home this afternoon. Only after that point did he get someone on the phone that confirmed I could not tune HD channels with my TiVo, save for 5 or so broadcast networks.

    After the tech left, I called Time Warner's support. I had to mention tuning adapters myself, they wouldn't. They claimed all of:

    1) They are not using switched digital video.
    2) I have to get a tuning adapter to tune all the hd channels I am paying for with a Tivo.
    3) They won't give me a tuning adapter.

    I'm severely disappointed.
  20. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Welcome to the forum, arantius.

    I can understand your disappointment.

    The situation you describe makes me wonder if you are just getting analog cable service. Are you subscribed for digital cable service? If you just have analog service then you don't need cable cards or a TA (tuning adapter), and you will only receive unencrypted local stations in HD.

    If you have digital service, you need one or two cable cards, either one m-card or two s-cards, which the cable co legally has to provide for a small rental charge. If you are supposed to get SDV channels, the cable company legally has to provide you a tuning adapter, usually at no charge. The typical Time Warner digital service has many SDV channels and the company is definitely furnishing the required cards and adapters.

    You might want to scan the earlier posts in this thread. At least you will see you are not alone in having problems.

    If you do need a TA you might want to scan the Time Warner Tuning Adapter thread also.

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