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Official Time Warner Cable Thread

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. JimWall

    JimWall Member

    Oct 19, 2002
    The issues in Dayton are similiar to what happened in Cincinnati area months ago. Either channels were changed from sdv or there were problems with correctly setting up the new channels on the cable cards.
    In Cincinnati area I now get all the HD channels on TIVO S3.
    My only problems are some channels don't descrypt like the SCI/FI channel. This has happened several times on Friday nights so nothing gets recorded. Rebooting the TIVO solves the problem.
    I think updates are sent out to the cable cards but because TIVO is not 2 way it can't respond to the update and can't do something necessary like reset the card without being manually rebooted. Plus TWC doesn't get a response back to indicate if the update succeeded or failed.
    So I am rebooting my tivos once a week.
    Maybe the tuning resolver can address this.
  2. lafos

    lafos Active Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    Sioux Falls, SD
    I'm in Troy, on TWC Dayton, and according to TW, there are no SDV channels in this area. I'm receiving all the channels listed several posts back, in the HD Basic and Standard tiers. I didn't sign up for the HD tier. Just moved a few months ago.

    I asked about SDV here, and was told it wouldn't happen before 2009.
  3. pmnick

    pmnick New Member

    Jun 22, 2002
    Columbus, Ohio
    Hoping someone here can help me with a problem that’s been driving me nuts for the past couple of weeks.

    I’m using a Humax DRT800 with a Scientific Atlantic HD cablebox and Time Warner Cable in Columbus, Ohio. About 3 weeks ago, coinciding with TW’s software "update," I’ve developed repeatable problems with the IR blasters not being able to change channels properly. One example I was able to observe was that while the cable box was on channel 44 (FoodNetwork), it went to change to channel 240 (Tudors). The blasters tried to change the channel, but apparently could not (I saw ??? appear in the channel guide data, then the box just stayed on 44). Although Now Playing indicated that 240 was being recorded, the box was still on 44.

    I went to TiVo Central and stopped the recording. As soon as I stopped the recording, the cable box changed to channel 240.

    Tonight, the box tried to change to Channel 10 (Survivor) but instead switched the box to 101 and recorded that channel instead. The program info said it recorded Survivor. My wife is not pleased that we missed the Survivor season finale.... We also had set it to record the reunion show afterward -- the TiVo tried to change from the current channel (101) to 10, but again I saw the ??? appear and it stayed on channel 101.

    I’ve never had a problem changing channels with the remote -- it’s only a problem when the Tivo tries to change them.

    Any suggestions? My current IR code is 00018-B, not sure if changing codes might fix the problem. I tried a slower code (00018-C) but the problem persists. Is there a list somewhere of other codes that ight work for this cable box?

    I checked with TW tech support and, of course, they said their equipment is fine, the problem must be with the Humax. Tried a hard reboot of both the cable box and the Humax, no fix. When I go through channel changing set-up, everything works fine.
  4. halapeno

    halapeno New Member

    Mar 28, 2008
    I bought a new HD TV and figured I would switch from Directv because Comcast does not require a 2 year contract to upgrade to HD.

    After playing with the Comcast DVR for an hour or so, I couldn't believe how superior the DirecTV and the Dishnetwork DVR's are compared to Comcast. The Comcast DVR didn't even have the same functionality as their basic cable box ... in particular, no way to view a "favorites" list. That means I would have to surf through 400+ channels on the guide just to view the 50 or channels that I actually watch. And if you want to search for your favorite program ... forget it, there is no search function. And even worse, there was no commercial skip button. Also, there were less than a dozen HD channels available that I would actually watch on their channel lineup.

    Well, the Comcast cable TV lasted less than 24 hours in my house before I pulled out all the cable boxes and DVR and rewired the house for Directv. With such antiquated software, I cannot understand how they can even compete with the satellite services.
  5. usnret

    usnret New Member

    Nov 25, 2003
    NW Ohio
    For what it's worth. We have a TivoHD with an M card that I picked up and installed. We will be moving from ND to near Bowling Green, Ohio in July. I contacted the local Time Warner service in Bowling Green and ask about what services they provide in that area, if they would provide me with an M card for my Tivo and what the cost would be. Here is the (what I think) funny part of their reply:

    "The monthly charge for the M type cable
    card would be $2.50 with a one time charge of $19.50 to install it. This
    card would restrict you from receiving any of our interactive programming
    such as our On Demand channels. As a bit of a warning, we do not support
    the Tivo M type card, which means it will probably work but if it doesn't
    you would need to contact the manufacturer of your cable card device to
    fix the problem. Thank you for your interest."

    "A bit of a warning" struck me funny.
  6. m_jonis

    m_jonis Member

    Jan 3, 2002
    Albany, NY
    I like how they think there's a "Tivo M type card". I didn't know Tivo made cable cards (LOL)
  7. usnret

    usnret New Member

    Nov 25, 2003
    NW Ohio
    Yea, maybe Tivo should get in the card business and make a T card. LOL
  8. lafos

    lafos Active Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    Sioux Falls, SD
    I bet they would if they could. It would probably let them overcome a lot of card-related issues.
  9. htroberts

    htroberts New Member

    Jul 7, 2003
    Durham, NC
    Even if there's no existing rule regarding SDV and consumer-owned equipment, the clear intent is that cable system operators provide content using technology that is available to consumers. There's a web page here:


    that describes the intent, that you be able to receive paid-for content without *also* needing to pay for or use a set-top box.

    The web site includes phone numbers. I would suggest that if an operator's adoption of SDV (or any other technology) without regard for how consumers might benefit from or be affected by that technology, you complain. I know that generally government responds to the volume of consumer/voter contact.
  10. skylab

    skylab New Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    For those of you in Dayton/Cincinnati,

    Time Warner is not using sdv yet in either Dayton or Cincinnati. Last year, when TWC started adding new HD channels, it blocked cablecard users from accessing the new channels. Time Warner did so because it expected to eventually move these HD channels to sdv, and it did not want to deal with the cablecard users whose access would be cut off at that time.

    Anyway, I complained to the FCC last fall about this issue. As suggested above, I argued that blocking cablecard access to certain one-way (aka "linear") programming channels was a violation of the integration ban. Apparently, the FCC has agreed with my interpretation or TWC decided to give in rather risk an unfavorable ruling that could put the use sdv in jeopardy around the country. In fact, in TWC's annual statement released recently esentially stated as a "risK" that regulators could restrict the use of SDV.

    If no one complains, then TWC does what it wants. You are paying for these channels. The integration ban was designed to prevent cable companies from forcing you to rent its box. Excluding cablecard users from channels that *might* eventually go to sdv, and even sdv itself, violates the ban because it now forces consumers to once again rent a cable box in order to receive linear programming. Good luck.
  11. cjhrph

    cjhrph New Member

    Sep 11, 2003
    I complained, but haven't gotten a response. It's getting pretty bad here in Central New York. Here's the current list of channels I cannot receive with the CableCard.

    100 Movies On Demand
    101 Free Movies On Demand
    104 Fox Business Network
    108 ESPNU
    163 ReelzChannel
    165 TBS On Demand
    166 TNT On Demand
    168 Kids On Demand
    170 Disney Channel On Demand
    171 The Disney Channel - West
    183 ontv4u
    185 America's Auction Network
    187 GemsTV
    201 Encore West
    238 Fox Sports Español
    244 NHL Network
    299 HBO On Demand
    301 HBO West
    303 HBO 2 West
    305 HBO Signature West
    307 HBO Family West
    309 HBO Comedy West
    311 HBO Zone West
    313 HBO Latino West
    319 Cinemax On Demand
    321 Cinemax West
    323 More Max West
    325 ThrillerMAX West
    327 ActionMAX - West
    339 Showtime On Demand
    349 TMC On Demand
    350 The Movie Channel East
    351 TMC Xtra East
    361 Starz - West
    363 Starz Edge - West
    365 Starz Kids and Family - West
    367 Starz Cinema - West
    369 Starz inBlack - West
    397 TV Guide On Demand
    398 Movies on Demand HD
    399 Movies On Demand
    401 Events iN DEMAND
    402 Events iN DEMAND 2
    403 Events On Demand
    404 - 413 Movies On Demand By Title
    488 Outrageous On Demand
    489 Howard TV On Demand
    490 Adult On Demand
    491 Playboy Television - Adult
    492 Spice: XCESS
    493 TEN Blox
    494 Penthouse TV
    495 TEN Clips
    496 TEN Blue
    497 Club Jenna
    500 Movies On Demand
    501 Free Movies On Demand
    502 International Movies on Demand
    503 On Demand en Espanol
    504 Movies On Demand Kids and Teens
    505 Movies On Demand Classics
    506 Movies On Demand Thriller
    525 HBO On Demand
    526 Cinemax On Demand
    527 Showtime On Demand
    528 TMC On Demand
    529 Howard TV On Demand
    550 Lifestyle on Demand
    551 Entertainment On Demand
    552 Music On Demand
    553 A&E On Demand
    555 BBC America On Demand
    557 CNN Showcase On Demand
    559 Golf On Demand
    560 Your Neighborhood Expert
    562 truTV OD
    564 Oxygen On Demand
    565 PBS Kids On Demand
    566 Kids On Demand Preschool
    567 National Geographic On Demand
    568 Speed On Demand
    571 TBS On Demand
    572 TNT On Demand
    574 Exercise TV On Demand
    575 Sportskool On Demand
    576 Cutting Edge On Demand
    577 TWC Sports On Demand
    578 Music Choice On Demand: Pop & Rock
    579 Music Choice On Demand: Urban & Latin
    600 Cine Latino
    602 Sorpresa
    604 CNN Español
    606 Fox Sports Español
    608 Discovery en Español
    612 MTV TR3S
    614 Mun2
    618 Video Rola
    620 La Familia Cosmovision
    622 Galavision
    624 Telefutura
    628 ESPN Deportes
    653 TV 5 INTERNATIONAL - France
    656 Russian TV
    659 Radio Administration Italiano
    663 Zee TV Programming
    665 CCTV-4 China TV
    672 Saigon Broadcasting Network
    675 Arabic Radio Television
    799 HD Showcase
    802 Movies on Demand HD
    804 NHL HD
    807 Versus/Golf Channel HD
    811 ESPN2 High Definition
    817 A&E High Definition
    818 The History Channel HD
    819 Discovery Channel HD
    822 TBS in HD
    824 CNN HD
    825 TLC HD
    826 HGTV HD
    827 Food Network HD
    831 Animal Planet HD
    832 Science Channel HD
    839 LMNHD
    999 Answers On Demand
    1010 News 10 Now On Demand
    1015 Sports On Demand
    1024 News 10 Now SkyTracker Radar 24/7
    1099 NBA League Pass Preview Channel
    1100 NBA League Pass HD
    1101 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick (01)
    1102 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick (02)
    1103 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick (03)
    1104 NBA League Pass
    1105 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick (05)
    1106 - 1107 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick
    1108 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick (08)
    1109 NBA League Pass/MLS Direct Kick (09)
    1110 NBA League Pass
    1120 GAME HD
    1121 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (1)
    1122 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (2)
    1123 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (3)
    1124 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (4)
    1125 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (5)
    1126 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (6)
    1127 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (7)
    1128 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (8)
    1129 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings (9)
    1130 - 1134 NHL Center Ice - MLB Extra Innings
    1141 - 1146 ESPN Full Court/ESPN Game Plan
    1276 Automotive On Demand
    1279 Elections '08 On Demand
    1280 Movie Trailers On Demand
    1282 Journey TV On Demand
    1285 Expo TV On Demand
    1300 HD PPV Events
    1301 Events iN DEMAND
    1302 Events iN DEMAND 2
    1303 Events On Demand
    1310 Outrageous On Demand
    1311 Howard TV On Demand
    1312 Adult On Demand
    1314 Playboy
    1315 Spice: XCESS
    1316 Club Jenna
    1317 Penthouse TV
    1318 TEN Clips
    1319 TEN Blox
    1320 TEN Blue
    1750 Movies On Demand
    1850 Answers On Demand
  12. Fofer

    Fofer XenForo Rocks!

    Oct 29, 2000
    Wow. That's quite a list. I'd cancel service if that were me.

    Or give up and switch DVR's. :(

    Say... when is TiVo's CableCard dongle coming out? Sheesh.
  13. cjhrph

    cjhrph New Member

    Sep 11, 2003
    Wow. That's quite a list. I'd cancel service if that were me.

    I know. I could care less about the on-demand crap, but cutting me off the HD channels and all the West feeds of HBO,Cinemax,Starz, etc. really pisses me off.
  14. lafos

    lafos Active Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    Sioux Falls, SD
    That is quite a list. TWC Dayton, OH, has a lot of on demand channels (40+), which I can't get since the TiVo is one-way. I did get Showtime as part of a special deal, and all the feeds come through fine.
  15. scurby2

    scurby2 New Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    Hi, i just got a Tivo HD box with a lifetime. I get standard TW cable (not digital). I was renting a cable box from TW to receive the HD channels. Now that i have a HD tivo I am still only getting just the standard HD channels and made an appointment for TW to install the cable cards. Is it the cable cards the provide the HD channels?
  16. WoodySmith

    WoodySmith New Member

    May 5, 2008
    Southern Maine

    You must have digital service to receive HD programming. The CableCards replace the set-top box that would normally be required for this. You are correct; right now, your Tivo can only see those standard def, non-digital channels. When your CableCards are installed they will be 'authorized' for the programming package that you are paying for. But as you can see from the postings here, you may not, in fact, probably won't, receive all of the channels that should be available to you because Time Warner transmits many HD channels using Switched Digital Video technology which a CableCard cannot understand. Here in southern Maine, I'm only getting about 35% - 40% of what I'm paying for.
  17. lafos

    lafos Active Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    Sioux Falls, SD
    That depends on where you are. In the Dayton, Ohio area, SDV is not in use, so I get all the digital channels I paid for on the TiVo.

    scurby2, you should ask how many channels use SDV in your area, so you know what you will get when the cards are installed.
  18. scurby2

    scurby2 New Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    ok thanks for the responses. I live in Southern California, Orange County time warner area..........The main thing i was concerned about was that I could keep the standard cable and not have to upgrade to digital cable package. I just wanna keep the standard cable channels and use the box/cable cards for the HD channels........Hopefully i will get a majority of the HD channels in my area. I will call time warner tonight to find out or just wait for the tech tomorrow morning............
  19. lafos

    lafos Active Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Let me know what you find out. We got a package when we moved that included the basic analog and digital channels. We did not opt for the HD tier, as most of the HD channels are in the basic tier. Only HDNet and a couple others are extra cost. We get about 20 HD channels.
  20. afs12065

    afs12065 New Member

    May 19, 2008
    I live in the Albany, NY area (Northeast Region for TWC) - TWC is moving to switched digital video (SDV) in our area for digital and HD content. I recently purchased a S3 HD DVR from TiVo after becoming increasingly frustrated with the SA 8300 series DVR - but still had some concerns about whether or not I would be able to view SDV channels - and how long it would before that happened.

    So I submitted a request for information via the local TW website, received the standard reply from a CSR that their CableCARD support is UDCP (one way) and that they had no further information on the tuning adapter/resolver (complete with a copy/paste from the website with this information - that I had already read). I then requested that they escalate my question to someone who would have more information/detail and much to my surprise they agreed to do so and three days later I received a call from someone in NC who provided their direct phone number for a conversation on the topic. After a couple of days of phone tag I spoke directly to this person tonight and this was what they told me :

    1) TWC is preparing to deploy a tuning adapter/resolver for UDCP CableCARD devices nationally that would enable full support on TiVo (and other UDCP devices) for SDV content. PPV and VOD support may not be there initially. The technical person even sympathized with the fact that SDV is "unfair" to people who don't have their SA set top box. Interesting. They went on to say that the device has been in testing with CableLABS and certification is expected shortly. Information available on the Internet RE: Interop testing of these devices seems to support that.

    2) TWC is maintaining a list of beta testers for the device that they plan to test this with as soon as it is available (imminently) and installation documentation is available. It sounded like it was planned to be a self-install - at least for beta testers. I asked to be added to the beta test list and we'll see if anything comes of that.

    3) In addition to the list of beta testers, the person I spoke with is personally maintaining a list of people within their team who have "inquired" about the tuning adapter and is planning to notify them when it becomes available nationally to give them the opportunity to obtain one quickly. I'm not sure how you get added to this list if you're not one of the "lucky" ones to get past the first couple levels of support with this type of request - or if your CSR simply doesn't know who to forward the question to - but I hope that gets better as information gets sent down to the local branches of TWC.

    4) The technical rep did state that the number of CableCARD/TiVo customers on the TWC network vs. the customers that have the standard issue SA set top box was much smaller and that deployment of the tuning adapter may be handled from a central location on a region by region basis vs. locally as a result but that those details were still being discussed. I would expect that installation would be no more difficult than installing a converter/set top box so a do-it-yourself install may not be out of the question.

    5) Cost/pricing/lease fees for the device are TBD since they will typically be deployed optionally with CableCARDs and not as "required" devices.

    So, all-in-all the conversation was very positive, friendly and customer focussed - and contained a lot more seemingly accurate information than anyone I know has been able to get out of the local TWC support organization. I hope that the details prove to be true - it would restore some of my faith in TWC customer service.

    There has been recent press on the Internet about the Motorola MTR700 and the Cisco/SA STA-1520 as the 2008 Cable Show is currently underway in New Orleans:

    I would hope that we would see some movement toward deployment after the industry trade show but how quickly that happens remains to be seen.

    I did agree not to publish the technical person's name, contact info, etc. on the Internet as the flood of phone calls that would ensue would be unwieldy but I will post updates as I find them to the board... I was encouraged to call directly for updates periodically as I wanted to - which was refreshing. We can only hope that all of the TWC CSRs are being encouraged to "get answers" to difficult customer questions and to route them appropriately instead of insisting on the brush-off but in reading the board it doesn't seem that is the case - yet - based on what other members have shared as far as their experiences go. *sigh*

    Anyway, hope this helps!

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