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Not recording -- "Someone modified the season pass?!?!"

Discussion in 'DirecTV Receiver with TiVo' started by islander, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. LacyinTX

    LacyinTX New Member

    Apr 25, 2005
    My TiVo is not zippered, but I do have a 300 hr drive from Weaknees installed. I get the updates as they come in.

    YET AGAIN.. I missed the premier of Survivor. I checked the SP yesterday in the morning. Seriously!! What the heck?
  2. Oct 3, 2008 #842 of 862

    mac_layer New Member

    Oct 3, 2008
    My tivo has been missing programs with season passes since it upgraded to 6.4a software.
    The program will appear in the guide and can be scheduled - but doesn't show in upcoming showings. Occurs on old SP and new SP any channel. Seems like the SP scheduler doesn't see guide information and starts withdrawing already scheduled shows.
  3. Oct 3, 2008 #843 of 862

    rbtravis New Member

    Aug 9, 2005
    Parker, Co....
    Check this out
  4. Oct 7, 2008 #844 of 862

    MissyTX New Member

    Aug 21, 2008
    Yes, mine does this. It does it all of the time when I try to record Survivor. I have a season pass. Last week I finally canceled the season pass and put it in as a manual recording. I will see if it works this week. I think my TiVo must not like Survivor. Does it upgrade the guide on Thursday nights??
  5. Oct 8, 2008 #845 of 862

    ohbewan New Member

    Feb 25, 2004
    Napa, CA
    I have multiple HR10-250s with 6.4a software. I see the issue with SPs coming up after a crash or unsolicited reboot. The guide on screen still has good data but ToDo list is missing shows and previously scheduled items have the dreaded :Someone in your house... etc." I have sometimes been able to correct this by forcing a reboot and sometimes by forcing a call to the DVR sevice but not always. Trying to recreate the SP doesn't seem to work since the shows are apparently missing from the schedule database (although the onscreen guide still shows them). Does anyone know how to reliably cause the schedule database to be updated?
  6. glen4cindy

    glen4cindy Member

    Jul 18, 2003
    St. Louis
    Well, add ME to the list. This has happened with Survivor EVERY WEEK since the new season began.

    I check my To Do list every couple of days. Survivor has ALWAYS been IN the To Do list. EVERY week, it does NOT record, and in the history, it says the thing about ....someone in your household modified the season pass..... garbagbe.

    There are only TWO of us in the house that mess with the remote, and my wife DOES NOT KNOW HOW to modify a season pass, and I KNOW IT'S NOT ME!

    I just missed the beginning of it tonight because it did not record automatically.

    I have not noticed this with other season passes.....But I don't know off hand how much we watch on CBS.
  7. newsposter

    newsposter Poster of News

    Aug 18, 2002
    SE PA
    survivor has been ok for me every week...first few eps on the hr20 but had to move it to the hdtivo
  8. bengalfreak

    bengalfreak Active Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    If you continue to miss the program, I would setup a manual recording for the time and channel. I know its not the Tivo way, but its a work around for now.
  9. phodg

    phodg New Member

    Mar 18, 2002
    Same thing just started happening to me with Survivor. It missed last week's but I thought it might be a one-off. I checked this past Wednesday and last night's episode was on the "To-Do" list. I came home last night (after 8pm CT), and lo and behold I had the "Someone in your house" message. This is the first problem I've had for a long time.
  10. plateau10

    plateau10 New Member

    Dec 11, 2007
    Yep, Survivor got dropped last night for me too. First time it's happened since January (last time I posted to this thread).
  11. sillysally

    sillysally New Member

    Nov 17, 2008
    It's happening for me also with Survivor.
  12. azmojo

    azmojo New Member

    Nov 25, 2008
    It's happening for me too, but not just Survivor. Most of my prime time season passes don't record. Many of the more obscure shows and weekend programming do. We have to go in and say "Record this episode also." This REALLY sucks. What am I paying the extra monthly fee for?
  13. Steveknj

    Steveknj Lost in New Joisey

    Mar 10, 2003
    New Jersey

    While I've moved on to an HR22 for my HD, my old S2 D*Tivos take up residence in other rooms. The one in my son's room misses lots of SP recordings. Everyweek it misses Pushing Daisies, it misses Survivor as well as some others. Interestingly, the other identical D*Tivo picks these up no problem. We've tried resetting the SPs, and they all look correct and in the proper order to pick these shows up. Anyone call D* and complain?
  14. JimSpence

    JimSpence Just hangin'

    Sep 19, 2001
    Binghamton, NY
    You can be the first one! :D
  15. Mar 2, 2009 #855 of 862

    bkorb New Member

    Jan 20, 2007
    It ain't Survivor, folks. The software got fubar-ed. My issue is with News Hour. I can record manually, or record four copies per day, interfering with other programs I might want to record. I'm going manual, but that means Saturday and Sunday too, when it is not broadcast. Given that this has been going on for months now, there is someone at TiVo seriously deserving of a strong wrist slap!
  16. Mar 2, 2009 #856 of 862

    rbtravis New Member

    Aug 9, 2005
    Parker, Co....
    Maybe its not the software. Are you running the current software 6.4a? Directv only supports the current software which was meant to handle the new versions of season passes.:)
  17. Flutenance2

    Flutenance2 New Member

    Aug 21, 2008
    My season pass will not record Glenn Beck... everything else I've tried works! Weird
  18. rogrrr

    rogrrr New Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    San Jacinto, CA
    Consider it a sign: Perhaps you shouldn't watch that overly theatrical wack-job...:D
  19. DrLightning

    DrLightning New Member

    Feb 8, 2009
    A few things, please.

    1) Might someone that knows please explain why this 2+ year old thread is marked sticky, especially given what I mention below?

    2) I unfortunately don't have the time to read eleventy hundred posts on the subject. If this post was made sticky because the solution is buried in it somewhere, it would be very nice if a new thread was created and made sticky with the solution or some clue in the very first post.

    3) I just missed 24 and House because of this bug in something. I only discovered it by accident. When I checked, I found that for the vast majority of my seasons passes, the "View Upcoming Episodes" list showed none upcoming. However, the Live TV schedule guide showed them. On the To Do list, they were missing. When I looked in Recording History to future time, I found dozens of episodes with a "Won't Record" status. The reason was the same "somebody changed" type message, or a "guide changed" message. From this Recording History future time list, I was able to manually request recording of my primary concern shows for the next week. Now, they appear in the To Do list. However, when I look at the detail for any particular episode in the To Do list, and then look at upcoming episodes, the list is empty. This internal inconsistency is proof that it's a systemic problem with the system or guide data. Note that this is a friend-rebuilt Series 1 running 3.5d (etc) software version. Since a friend built it, I don't know if the current (etc) version differs from what he installed. It's been working great for a couple months, and then this happened all of a sudden. I've established that it began on a few shows Friday AM 3/29/09, recorded some successfully Friday PM, and then began losing more on Saturday. Restart didn't help. Note that my OEM Series 2 is not exhibiting this problem (yet).

    Thanks very much.
  20. tyarmas

    tyarmas New Member

    Jul 12, 2004
    Not sure about fixing the "systematic problem". I have a couple of series 2 systems running 6.2 that occasionally stop recording season passes.
    The only thing I do is delete the season pass and create a new one. That resolves the issue for a while. It seems that they change something in the guide data and the shows no longer belong to the season pass. Mostly I see this at the start of the season, but it has happened mid season as well.

    I am not sure if there is a "good" S/W version to move to. I do not want to lose MRV and hacks.

    I figure at some point I will get a better TV and upgrade to HD. In the mean time I occasionally check what upcoming episodes are shown to determine if the season pass is still valid. Oh well.

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