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Not recording -- "Someone modified the season pass?!?!"

Discussion in 'DirecTV Receiver with TiVo' started by islander, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. luckytwn

    luckytwn New Member

    Nov 28, 2002
    Thanks for the info. My SD Tivo indeed has fewer season passes than my HDTivo. Has anyone figured out what the magic number might be in terms of season passes and the machine having these software problems?

    The thing is my HDTivo has numerous season passes of shows not currently on (mainly USA, HBO, FX shows that are out of season). If I eliminate those shows, even though I'll have to re-add them when the new season premieres, is that likely to help the problem?

  2. ADent

    ADent Active Member

    Jan 7, 2000
    Denver, CO
    I had this for awhile (see my earlier posts) and it went away. A reboot did not seem to help, even many hours later the first time.

    Now it is back again. I just checked (I have a CacheCard) and the /var/log/tvlog was huge. I removed it and rebooted and will see if it helps. I also deleted the index per http://pintday.org/kjell/?p=240.

    I will see if this works.
  3. ADent

    ADent Active Member

    Jan 7, 2000
    Denver, CO
    Deleteing the SP's and WL's should have no effect.

    The reason why the SP's and WL's are broken is because the index is broken. I can go to my unit and find show in the guide manually (say next weeks ER on NBC) and there is no way to find this show using WL's, the search by name, etc. So therefore my SP for ER will never see this show.

    The only way to fix to get it to re-index.
  4. jr105

    jr105 jr105

    Jul 30, 2005
    I had this problem since sometime around Christmas. Ignored it since few good shows have been on. With the shows starting to kick in, it quickly became unacceptable. I discovered this problem tonight and have called DirecTV twice. The first time they told me to delete SEASON PASSES and create a new one through the guide only. It took a long time to do about 10 season passes. I called again after reading this thread on the forum. The woman this time was a little less friendly and she put me on hold to find some answers and after a couple minutes I was a dropped call. Niiiiice customer service. Before she did that she said the engineers are close to a solution to download, but no time estimate. Could be a day or 30 days.
  5. ADent

    ADent Active Member

    Jan 7, 2000
    Denver, CO
    My unit is fully functional again.

    Looks like I will have to edit the config file to kill the tvlog and see if that fixes it 'for good' then.
  6. itsmeitsmeitsme

    itsmeitsmeitsme New Member

    Nov 13, 2003
    I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, I rebooted and it was ok the next morning. But now it is back again. I have the R-10
  7. Celusil

    Celusil New Member

    Aug 13, 2002
    This was on and off for me. I noticed it before christmas, then a force daily call and a reboot seemed to have fixed it then it came back on or around the new year, the daily call and reboot sometimes fixed it sometimes didn't.

    It's been stable now for about 2 weeks, I'm hoping our long national nightmare is finally over

  8. BobCamp1

    BobCamp1 Active Member

    May 15, 2002
    Well, it could be a date/time rollover issue of some kind, where all the Tivos have the same bug in the code. It would be consistent with all the data that's been presented so far. DirecTV can't lie about the date and time as a temporary work-around, as it would screw up their other products. Not to mention they'd have to manually alter all the guide data to change the dates there as well. Or perhaps DirecTV is now using a bit or byte that was previously reserved, and the Tivos are not properly ignoring it.

    It sounds like all the DirecTivos need a software update. Tivo generally takes a long time to release updates for a single unit. Now they have multiple units to fix at the same time. I hope they are working at a faster pace than usual.

    The true work-around is to delete all the existing season passes and wishlists, and set up manual recordings (specify channel, date, and time) for everything. Just like unsubscribed stand-alone Series 1 users do.
  9. mfeinstein

    mfeinstein New Member

    Apr 3, 2004
    By forcing a daily call and re-indexing, I have avoided this problem. I have been monitoring my To Do List and Recording History to make sure that my shows are recording. This has worked fine on my HR10-250.

    Today I noticed two new symptoms that I want to report to all. As I reported earlier, I have been going through my To Do List and 'updating' the options on each SP recording so that it appears on the list with a single checkmark. Today, I noticed that one of these programs that had been updated recently showed up in the To Do List twice -- same time, same channel, same show. I am sure that this morning was the first time that this show was in the list twice. I deleted one of the instances from the To Do List, and the other instance of the show remained. As I was going through the future Recording History to make sure that none of the shows I wanted was marked Won't Record, I noticed that one show was marked as Won't Record because 'a conflict occurred' (not because 'someone in your house modified the Season's Pass'). I was able to get the show back in the To Do List by updating the options (without changing them). I'll continue to monitor this.

    I report this because some people have said that re-indexing without monitoring the To Do List has worked for them. At least for me, I continue to find issues even after re-indexing 2x per day.
  10. 69800

    69800 New Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    Nowhere Idaho
    I have seen other forums make a letter and set it up so everyone can sign it. Then you forward the letter to DTV threatening a class action suit for charging customers for a service which is not being provided. Perhaps that would get the CEO's attention.
  11. srs5694

    srs5694 New Member

    Oct 14, 2001
    It's just occurred to me why DirecTV's CSRs might still be advising deleting and re-creating SPs and WLs as a fix: The normal DirecTV problem-solving technique includes rebooting the receiver. (They tell you to do this while you're on hold waiting for customer support, in fact.) If somebody dutifully does this, the problem isn't immediately resolved, so they talk to the CSR, who recommends deleting and re-creating SPs and WLs. By the time this is done, though, the machine will have re-indexed everything and the problem will have been fixed. It might appear to have been mucking with the SPs and WLs that fixed it, but it wasn't -- it was rebooting the system, which deleted the ridiculously large /var/log/tvlog file and forced re-indexing. That real fix just happened to take as long as subsequent mucking about with SPs and WLs did.
  12. disco

    disco Father of Sam.

    Mar 27, 2000
    srs: you did the syslog.conf REM'ing right? How's that working out on your TiVo(s)?
  13. srs5694

    srs5694 New Member

    Oct 14, 2001
    Perhaps, but there's also no evidence in favor of this hypothesis. One important symptom (perhaps something in the causal path, in fact) of this problem is the excessively large /var/log/tvlog file. This file is filled with messages like this:

    Jan  9 05:38:32 (none) ApgCamInterfaceBase[159]: FindServerObject: scanner found
    nothing at A00000000, err = 0x0
    Jan  9 05:38:32 (none) ApgExprEvaluator[159]: DoEvaluate() returned err =
    errDbNotFound, setting result to zero
    These messages are date-stamped, of course, but aside from the date stamps, there's nothing in the error to hint at a date issue.

    If it were a date issue in the TiVo code itself, I'd expect the problem to be common to both SA and DirecTiVo units, but AFAIK, SA units are unaffected. It could of course be that DirecTV uses some odd format for its timestamps and that there's a bug in the code to convert one format to another, but if so, the error messages don't suggest this to me. If anything, the error messages seem to hint at an inability to follow pointers to program data, but it really would take somebody with more familiarity with TiVo internals than I have to properly decode those error messages.
  14. srs5694

    srs5694 New Member

    Oct 14, 2001
    Does anybody know if it's possible to hack just the /etc/syslog.conf file? My DirecTiVo is well hacked, so I can't test this myself. I seem to recall the last time I installed hacks (after a software update), the unit deleted my hacks when I rebooted and I had to jump through some extra hoops to get my hacks working. If this file is immune from the checks, though, it might be possible to pull the drive and hack just that file for a fix. Alternatively, perhaps people could delete the /var/log/tvlog file and replace it with a symbolic link to /dev/null. For those who aren't Unix-savvy, that would make anything sent to /var/log/tvlog disappear -- /dev/null is a sort of "black hole" file; anything written to it vanishes without a trace. OTOH, if the log file is deleted (not just zeroed out) whenever the logging system starts, the symbolic link would vanish and you'd be back at square one.
  15. srs5694

    srs5694 New Member

    Oct 14, 2001
    Sound like my first contact with a 2nd-tier CSR on this issue.

    Today's (1/12/07) online "Dilbert" seems apropos:

  16. srs5694

    srs5694 New Member

    Oct 14, 2001
    Yes, but it was only about three days ago. I seem to recall that forcing a call fixed the problem for about that long, so the jury's still out on how useful this fix is, at least for me. Others did this earlier than I did and it seems to be working well for them, though, so I'm hopeful....
  17. chrishicks

    chrishicks Tivo Junkie

    Dec 30, 2003
    ok, I don't know if I have just slowed down the rebooting at this point or what. below is my list of SPs I posted in another thread. I recently purchased an S3(which I moved SPs over to) so I deleted a bunch of local SPs as well as deleted some SPs of shows that are not currently on at this time. this is my list for the 2 units with the shows I removed marked as deleted:

    I had to reboot both units on Mon. when I had to move my surge protector from one plug to another. I have not noticed any reboots yet(knocks on wood x 100) since then after removing these SPs.

    my guess is this is just a slowdown since I don't have as many shows now so we'll see.
  18. dswallow

    dswallow Save the ModeratŠ¾r TCF Club

    Dec 3, 2000
    Today is my 8th day since commenting out that line the syslog.conf and still no sign of the problem recurring.
  19. goony

    goony New Member

    Nov 19, 2003
    That's what I did to good effect.

    See this specific entry, read the entire thread for a couple of different approaches.
  20. sbourgeo

    sbourgeo Hepcat Daddio

    Nov 10, 2000
    New England
    I just broke down and did this on my DSR6000. My tvlog file had grown by about 300 MB in less than 12 hours. :eek:

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