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New Roamio and Mini Installation

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by tallmomof2, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. tallmomof2

    tallmomof2 New Member

    May 3, 2014
    I spent parts of the last 3 days installing a Romaio Pro and two minis. For the most part it was pretty easy.

    Pros: The picture is fantastic! On our 3 HDTVs (one Panasonic Plasma and 2 Vizio LEDs) the picture is noticeably improved. The Roamio replaced FIOS Motorola set top boxes. I don't know what Tivo has in the Roamio to make the picture so good. I made no changes to the TVs, even used the same HDMI cable I had hooked to the set top boxes.

    My DH approves of the interface and the remote. HAF is very important.

    Netflix integration is very good. Netflix looks phenomenal. I attribute that to the newer app in the Roamio as opposed to the older apps on the TVs.

    Great search function across all sources. I'm even thinking of trying out Hulu+.

    Cons: The interface is dumbed down from what I'm used to using SageTV. I'll adjust. The kids and DH like it just fine and that's what's most important.

    It took 2 calls to Verizon tech support to get my cable card paired. (Not Tivo's fault.)

    Too bad the minis don't come with RF default. Both the Vizios use RF. I can use the mini remote to turn off the tv, adjust volume, and change input. The one thing I can't do is turn on the TV.

    The IOS app doesn't have great picture quality. I can stream stuff from Comedy Central and HBOGo with higher resolution. On the plus side I can download most of the shows (except HBO and Cinemax).

    Weird stuff: The Roamio is connected via Moca as I already have it with the Actiontec router. However, neither of the minis would connect via Moca so I used Ethernet. One is wired through one switch to the router. The other is wired through one switch and an Actiontec Moca converter.

    We really like the Roamio and the Minis. Much better than the old set top boxes. If SageTV were still in business I might still be using that. As it is I'll keep it running on the server and record the clear qam channels.

    I'd love to see Amazon Prime Video, HBOGo, and Showtime Anytime on the Roamio. That would make it the all-in-one solution I've been looking for but I can live with the Roamio/Minis and Amazon Fire TV to cover almost of my watching needs.
  2. lgnad

    lgnad Pantless Mofo

    Feb 14, 2013
    The RF that different products use generally isnt compatable, unless you are talking bluetooth, so even if you get RF tivo remotes, they wouldnt be able to talk with your TV's via RF.

    That said, if you do it right, the remote should both turn off and on your tv. There are threads on here about your exact problem (turns off tv, but not on... or vice-versa)

    -You may not be actually using the "perfect" IR remote code for your particular hardware.
    -the Tivo remote can actually send out more than one IR power signal when you hit the power button so sometimes you have to program two codes in there to get it to work with hardware that uses two different codes for on and off.
    -There are "learning" tivo remotes that can learn remote codes, such as the Slide Pro-the "current" one that they sell.... it has the slightly revised button layout that the Roamio remote uses and a snazzy keyboard inside. Still available out there in the wild are "glo" remotes which are backlit (and have the original button layout/size that match the Mini's remote)

    If you get a Slide Pro and get the one that comes with the RF receiver(its the same price), you can use the RF receiver with basic RF remote that comes with the Roamio, with a mini. It doesn't have the IR learning capability, but you dont need line of sight (e.g. under blankets when its cold or you can hide the mini away, etc).

    Streaming to the IOS app is still a "young" feature and not matured. We are hoping that one of the "neato" updates that are promised to be coming in the summer update is both quality improvements as well as long-promised Android support.
    If you wanted to troubleshoot the Moca situation, you might want to put that in its own thread.... that is a discussion onto itself :)

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