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Network Caller ID (NCID)

Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by jlc, May 21, 2003.

  1. summerall

    summerall New Member

    Aug 5, 2001
    Can someone help me or point me in the right direction. I'd like to get Caller ID running on both of my 2 tivos. Both were zippered in October of 2005 so I don't know if I need new files. It looks like the needed files are present from the zipper installation. My tivos are both series 2 (you probably already knew that). I assume one will run the server and one will be the client, with the server only needing the phone connection.

    First, how do I turn on the server caller id? I tried going into the ncidd file located in the /var/hack/sbin directory but I did not see any setting to turn it on.

  2. Runch Machine

    Runch Machine New Member

    Feb 7, 2002
    I found the ncidd.conf file in /var/hack/etc/ncid/ I commented out the set lock file line. I still got the Modem not responding error when having it make a call out. I did not see any files in /var/lock.

    In the log file it shows version 0.65. Should I update to 0.66? If so, where does this file exist so that I just have to FTP it to the proper directory?
  3. jlc

    jlc New Member

    Jun 18, 2002
    If I remember correctly, I think the modemlock file shows up in one of the TiVo tcl scripts. Try to grep for it in your older unit, then if you find it you know which file to look in on your 6.3a unit.

    You are better off running version 0.66. Grab the TiVo distribution from the ncid home. You probably should save /var/hack/etc/ncid first so you can put your configuration files back in. The INSTALL-TiVo tells how to install it.
  4. rbitting

    rbitting New Member

    Oct 3, 2002
    I upgraded my HR10-250 to 6.3. All the hacks worked except for NCID. I installed 0.66 and now NCID seems to be working fine now.
  5. A.C.

    A.C. New Member

    Sep 16, 2002
    Does anyone know if there's a way to move the position of the display like you could with elseed?
  6. SteelersFan

    SteelersFan "On Welfare"

    Sep 6, 2004
    Try this. The file may be in a different dir than the one mentioned in that post. YMMV :)
  7. SteelersFan

    SteelersFan "On Welfare"

    Sep 6, 2004
    Try this. Answer #5.
  8. jlc

    jlc New Member

    Jun 18, 2002
    NCID displays on the TiVo using one of two display programs. The original one is called out2osd, and it has a configuration file called out2osd.conf. In it you can change what line and column the display starts at, as well as the foreground and background colors. If you configure it for free fonts you can also change the font and font size. You can also configure the display by command line options. See the man page provided in the doc directory for more information.

    NCID version 0.66 introduced another display option using a output module called ncid-tivo. It uses the TiVo provided text2osd program for the display. You can configure the line and column for the display in ncidscript.conf.

    You can also use the UNI2OSD script (see the NCID home page) to do the display.
  9. Runch Machine

    Runch Machine New Member

    Feb 7, 2002
    I downloaded the version for series 2 and extracted it on my Windows XP computer. Can I just FTP the ncidd file to the sbin directory my my Tivo?

    When I extracted ncid-0.66-series2-tivo on my computer it created a hack directory with the various directories that are on my Tivo. I don't understand the installation instructions that state:

    If you are running the server and client on the TiVo and are using Tivocid:
    tivocid &

    What files do I FTP to my Tivo? Where to I put them and how do I run them.
  10. MisterEd

    MisterEd Very Large Member

    Jun 6, 2001
    Based on your experience I just installed NCID 0.66 and I *DO* get a reboot as soon as TiVo starts it's daily call. I'm on 6.3a. :(
  11. jlc

    jlc New Member

    Jun 18, 2002
    It is always best to transfer the tar file to the TiVo. it does not matter where you put it. Extract the files, after you save /var/hack/etc/ncid/*, using the command:
    tar -xzf ncid-0.66-series2-tivo.tar.gz -C /var
    The NCID tivo tar file is meant to be extracted on the TiVo, not your pc. NCID is client/server so if you need the server and client running on the TiVo, start both. If you have the server running else where, then you only need to start the client.

    You just need to transfer ncid-0.66-series2-tivo.tar.gz and extract as above.
  12. jlc

    jlc New Member

    Jun 18, 2002
    At this point it is likely this is a lock file problem, so the trick is to locate where the new lock file is being placed and configure ncidd to use it. I assume you use the modem for your daily calls and not the network? Maybe MisterEd uses the network for his daily calls.

    I wounder if someone could do a test to see if it is the lock file causing this. To do the test, start ncidd, then touch /var/tmp/modemlock. Next cat /var/log/ncidd.log. The last line should be a message: "TTY in use: releasing modem". Force a test dial. If successful, then it is a locking problem.
  13. Runch Machine

    Runch Machine New Member

    Feb 7, 2002
    First, thanks for your help. I followed your instructions and got my HD Tivo upgraded to version 0.66.

    Then I tried the commands to release the modem. I made a test call which completed successully.

    Do you or anyone else have any suggestions as to how to find the lock file? Does anyone know what it would be called? Is there a "find" command that will look through multiple directories?

    When I was changing between making the daily call via phone or network, I found that if I had Tivo set to use the network, it would reboot when trying to make a call. When it was set to use the modem and phone line, it would give a modem error but not reboot. That is why I leave it set to use the phone line.
  14. jlc

    jlc New Member

    Jun 18, 2002
    The normal place for a lockfile is /var/lock, but the TiVo does not seem to use it, or the normal convention for its name. I seem to remember that the lock file was generated in a tivosh script, so you might want to grep those.
    If you want to search multiple files in multiple directories, use something like:

    find / -type f -print | xargs grep lockfile
    The lock file is only used for the modem. I do not know why using your network caused the reboot. NCID should not effect network calls at all. Could you do a test call again using the network? First with ncidd not running, then with it running to see if it causes a reboot.
  15. Runch Machine

    Runch Machine New Member

    Feb 7, 2002
    I will try this later. Another question though: In one HD Tivo there is a line in the author file that is: touch /var/log/cidcall.log &

    Following that are the two commands to start caller ID.

    In the other Tivo this line is not there. Is this line there so that the log gets updated with Caller ID Data or for some other reason.
  16. BlvJohn

    BlvJohn New Member

    Feb 3, 2006

    Some additional information. (note: kernel 7.2.2, Ver 6.3a).

    A Modem CID test works, but there is a difference:

    When I leave ncidd running in test mode (verbose = 9) and try a TiVo phone test (which fails), I get:

    If I terminate ncidd, then the TiVo phone test works fine again.

    When TiVi phone test call runs, it appears it is setting the modem lock (from tclient log):

    But I can not find the lock file yet.

    I will keep researching this and let you know if I find anything else ...
  17. MisterEd

    MisterEd Very Large Member

    Jun 6, 2001
    No, I'm using modem dial out for calls. When I tried using the "network dial" mod it (the network connection to DTV or TIVO or wherever it goes) is very erradic. Sometimes it works and sometimes it sits in "preparing for call" forever and I need to reboot to clear it. I've only tried NCID with modem dial and never with network dial since that mod doesn't seem to work well for me. I've been using ELSEED up until now.

  18. jlc

    jlc New Member

    Jun 18, 2002
    The two data files, cidcall.log and ciddata.log, are not used by ncidd unless they exist. The ciddata.log contains the Caller ID information as received from a device, and is used when troubleshooting what a modem or device sends. Normally you do not need this file. The cidcall.log contains the history of received NCID Calls. This is useful, so the touch in the author file is just making sure that if it is deleted for some reason, a new history file will be created.
  19. charlestwaters

    charlestwaters New Member

    Dec 19, 2003
    Can anyone tell me why I am not able to dial via broadband!? I have the DEBUG option set to true, and have the ,#401 as my Dial-Prefix. Have tried with and without dial prefix, and get the same exact thing... "Could Not Connect" as my result on the phone page when doing a test dial.

    I have tried both with & without the ncidd going. If I change this to dial via phone, I have the lockfile problem described earlier that I need to take care of.

    Log cleared on Mon Oct 09, 2006 by TivoWebPlus
    Oct 9 20:58:20 (none) PhoneHome[780]: initiate call: subtype=3 fPgd=0 fForceTF=0 fBackupTF=1
    Oct 9 20:58:20 (none) CallStatusReporter[780]: UpdateStatus InProgress phase=1 code=29
    Oct 9 20:58:20 (none) comm[780]: Created
    Oct 9 20:58:20 (none) PhoneHomeActiveCall[780]: GetModemLock
    Oct 9 20:58:20 (none) PhoneHome[780]: PerformCall, subtype=3 fForceTollFree=0 fAutomated=0
    Oct 9 20:58:20 (none) PhoneHome[780]: Setting callActive to 1
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: Read dial defaults from TClientDocument: Host= Port=80 Passwd= RadiusDomain=tivo.net
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: Overriding phone number from the callRequest
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: dialinPhoneNumber: 5878205
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: svrAddr:
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: svrPort: 80
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: pppUser: 3570000A0E3FC4E.1160427500@tivo.net
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: pppPass: 
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: radiusDomain: tivo.net
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: phoneNumber: 5878205
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: localAreaCode: 206
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: areaCodeVersion: 17
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: callWaitingPrefix: 
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: dialConfig: 000
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: dialMethod: T
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: dialHookCheck: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: dialToneDetection: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: tollFreeAuth: 1
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) DialConfig[780]: serverInfo: 
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) Call[780]: MakeCall subtype=3
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) CallService[780]: EtherBroadband=0 EtherDebug=0 networkCall=0
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) Modem[780]: ##### Initial dial prefix = ',#401'
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) Modem[780]: Backdoor code 4, enable calls via broadband
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) Modem[780]: After ,# final dialstring is ''
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) CallStatusReporter[780]: UpdateStatus InProgress phase=1 code=29
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) RunmeExecutor[780]: No runmes for phase PreCall
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) CallService[780]: Get NetDevList info
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) NetworkQueryAllSession[704]: received a AVAILABILITY_RESPONSE
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) NetworkIpV4QuerySession[704]: received a IPV4_RESPONSE
    Oct 9 20:58:21 (none) NetDevList[780]: NetDevList: Logging info for 1 devices
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) CmdProc[780]: CmdProc: wrote /var/log/svclog.upload.gz
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Call[780]: create minimal ident block
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: Start Ident ==================
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: version: 3
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: centerID: 3570000A0E3FC4E
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: reasonCode: 4
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: softwareDesc: NONE
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: locationID: NONE
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: sequenceCookie: 12345678
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: headendID: NONE
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: headendHisto: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: headendWorst: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: showcaseDesc: NONE
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: inventoryFile: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: waitingCount: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: confInfo: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: dialConfig: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: messageDesc: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: irdbVersion: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: genreVersion: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: logoVersion: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: affiliationVersion: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: showcaseVersion: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: demoMode: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: swVerName: 6.3-01-2-357
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: apgOnly: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: useChksums: TRUE
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: premiumShowcases: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: captureRequests: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: menuItems: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: collabData: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: signedFiles: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: spigotMaps: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: otherDatasets: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: dataGroupList: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: dataGroupIntList: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: userGroupIntList: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: dtvuserGroupIntList: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: dtvdataGroupIntList: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: lastAvalDownload: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: userInitiated: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: mfsTotalApp: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: mfsAvailApp: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: mfsTotalMedia: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: mfsAvailMedia: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: clipsTotalSize: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: clipsAvailSize: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: rbTotalSize: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: rbAvailSize: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: tcdId: 3570000A0E3FC4E
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: callId: 1160427500
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: sourceParameterList: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: configParameterList: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: iceboxinfo: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: timeZoneOffset: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: daylightSavings: 1
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: numFails: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: broadband: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: ticketRequest: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: initialState: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: spigotMapInfo: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: localSw: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: providerOrder: 
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: watchDogDelay: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: callDelay: 0
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: timeStamp: ...
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Ident[780]: End Ident ==================
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) Call[780]: Enqueue Ident
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) CommGlobals[780]: --- Rqst Summary Start ---
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) CommGlobals[780]: 1 modLog status=none addr= send=/var/log/svclog.upload.gz
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) CommGlobals[780]: 2 HServerRqst status=none addr= send=/var/tmp/HServer.send recv=/var/tmp/HServer.recv
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) CommGlobals[780]: --- Rqst Summary End ---
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) CallStatusReporter[780]: UpdateStatus InProgress phase=3 code=30
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) RunmeExecutor[780]: No runmes for phase StartCall
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) CallStatusReporter[780]: SetOffHookLed=on
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Opening device
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Initializing modem
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) hpk[780]: ATZ
    Oct 9 20:58:22 (none) hpk[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:23 (none) hpk[780]: AT\Q3\T12
    Oct 9 20:58:23 (none) hpk[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:23 (none) ModemImplHpk[780]: ModemImplHpk::PerformPatch called with fd = 11, CommFileStreamer = <(nil)>
    Oct 9 20:58:23 (none) avalutil[780]: Fopen(/tvlib/modem/patches/Si2433/F/AT/atfile, r) failed errno=2 (No such file or directory)
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImplHpk[780]: Inside ModemImplHpk::ApplyBackdoor....
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Set up modem and check for availability
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImplHpk[780]: ModemImplHpk: epdBM = 1<1> Blocking mode = 1<1>, delay = 40<28>
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImplHpk[780]: ModemImplHpk: result of GetInterface was 2293771<23000b>
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: AT:U70,A100
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: ATQ0S0=0
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: ATV1S6=4S7=50%C0&H2X4
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: AT:U76,3240
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: AT:U77,4C10,4050
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) hpk[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Modem set up and onhook.
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Turning off dial tone detection
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImpl[780]: ATX3
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImpl[780]: OK
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Setting extension pickup detection
    Oct 9 20:58:24 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Trying to connect
    Oct 9 20:59:20 (none) ModemImpl[780]: ATDT5878205
    Oct 9 20:59:20 (none) ModemImpl[780]: NO CARRIER
    Oct 9 20:59:20 (none) ModemImpl[780]: Failed to get a connection. No Carrier.
  20. A.C.

    A.C. New Member

    Sep 16, 2002
    Can someone tell me where I'm suppose to set debug=true as part of my setup to use NCID and do my daily call via the network? I can't figure this one out.

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