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Mini can't view pictures over network

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by rcase13, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. rcase13

    rcase13 New Member

    Sep 1, 2013
    I have TiVo Desktop connected to my new TiVo Roamio. That is working fine. I noticed my new Mini can not view those same pictures. Is this a feature that will eventually come to the Mini? I was very disappointed to see that this was not available on the Mini.
  2. rcase13

    rcase13 New Member

    Sep 1, 2013
    Well I was able to confirm with support today that the Mini does not work with TiVo Desktop and does not support DLNA. What a huge bummer for me. I will have to also purchase a Roku as well as a Mini for each of our TVs. It's strange that the Mini does not support DLNA. Most new devices these days support DLNA. At least the Roku doesn't have a monthly fee. I was just hoping to have just one device at all our other TVs in the house. Ultimately we will have 3 TiVo Minis and two Roamio basics.
  3. DWAnderson1

    DWAnderson1 New Member

    Sep 11, 2013
    I am using J River Media Center's Tivo server to successfully display photos and play music on the Tivo Mini without any issue.
  4. windracer

    windracer joined the 10k club

    Jan 3, 2003
    St. Pete, FL
    I don't use TiVo Desktop, but my Music and Photo shares from pyTivo show up (and work) on my Mini. Seems strange that TiVo Desktop shares wouldn't show up as I thought pyTivo uses the same HMO protocols.
  5. CuriousMark

    CuriousMark Forum Denizen

    Jan 13, 2005
    photos2, the high def version, has a bug introduced when TiVo redid their website. Desktop can't find the JAR file it needs anymore, it 404s. It should be an easy fix, but it has already been weeks. If this is the OP's problem it will start working once the website link is fixed. I wouldn't hold my breath, but I might hold off on running out to get Rokus for just a bit.

    Or better yet, install pyTivo on the PC.

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