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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Ames, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. ivorygate

    ivorygate New Member

    Sep 28, 2006
    I'm in the Waterloo. I'm now thinking about just getting rid of digital cable outright. I get the four local network HD channels OTA perfectly with a cheap powered indoor RCA antenna, which was the main reason I got digital cable in the first place, to be able to record 24, Lost, and the like in HD. With the S3 I can do that now without paying for digitcal cable and the moto 6412 rental fees.
  2. paulywally

    paulywally New Member

    Sep 28, 2006
    Mediacom came today to install, but they only brough one card. doh! The installer had never done a Tivo, but didn't mind. It took quite a while for the card to be initialized by the cable company. The status screen didn't seem to update with anything. After about 20-30 min of switching between the status and channel screen, the channels finally came up. Everything worked, but I need to set up another time for the additional card...

  3. paulywally

    paulywally New Member

    Sep 28, 2006
    The installer came by after work and brought the other card a couple days later. He popped it in, and it was working within 5 min. :up: :up: :up:
  4. hospadam

    hospadam New Member

    Oct 13, 2006
    My installer is coming Friday morning. Any tips for Mediacom?

    I know to tell him to:

    Make sure my Motorola DVR is removed from my account.
    Put the CableCARD on the top of my account.
    Then Initialize it.

    Is that all he needs to know? Thanks!
  5. Anomalous One

    Anomalous One New Member

    Dec 20, 2006
    Just received the S3 today and hadn't seen this board as of then. I called the Mediacom 800 number and they assured me the cards DO NOT work with TIVO.

    I then went to the local office, lied through my teeth and told them i was sure it would work just to get them out here to try it. The techs standing in the office told me that getting rid of my box and switching to the cards would assure me only 1 way communication instead of the 2 way communication which means i will lose pay-per-view, the channel guide, and most of the channel information. They said when the channel is displayed I will only have the channel number and maybe the name of the channel; NO OTHER INFORMATION. Not sure about this but i was wondering if those of you with experience know anything about this.
    ALSO... any tips on making the setup easier when they come on this Friday P.M.?
  6. Bierboy

    Bierboy Seasoned gas passer

    Jun 12, 2004
    I don't have actual experience, but that's a load of BULL. The only part that is accurate AFAIK is that you will lose pay-per-view (through the box; you can still do it over the phone). The TiVo provides all your guide information, and much better than Mediacrap. The guide will provide all the information any TiVo does. Can't help you with tips, but others who frequent this thread and have actual Mediacrap experience should be able to help. Perhaps you could PM them. I know someone from Missouri has experience with these jokers.
  7. Ames

    Ames New Member

    Sep 17, 2006
    You lose pay per view, but that's it. The guide still works. Channels have names. You still see whats on the channel. The S3 works 100%. It's a million times better than Mediacom's box.

    The main recommendation is follow the Tivo one sheet guide to installing the cards. Also the cards are supposed to be at the top of the order in Mediacom's system; I don't know what it means but whoever the tech calls should.
  8. BB3

    BB3 New Member

    Nov 28, 2006
    I have Mediacom in Santa Rosa County, Florida. I posted a lengthy diatribe elsewhere on these forums about the initial disaster that was the CC install. As of now, I've had CC's for about 5 weeks. CC1 works like a charm. I get every channel and the HD recordings are magnificent. Now the bad news. CC2 still doesn't work. Fortunately, a very agreeable tech named Bill continues to work with me to try and solve the mystery. He's even called to say he was continuing to research the problem. They've been very nice so I'm trying to be patient. They even deleted the install charge since the original two installers that showed up had the wrong equipment and were, frankly, clueless. Eventually I went to the local office, picked up the cards and did the install myself. As noted, #1 went just as described in the instructions. The first #2 was a bad card(the Tivo would never read any of the numbers). Now, the new #2 reads the numbers it just won't authorize. Waiting to hear back from Bill.

    I have to admit, I've dealt with various cable companies over the years and Mediacom is much better than most. I'm convinced this problem is something simple we just haven't figured out yet. :)

    And, my S2 is still up and running so I haven't missed anything. :)
  9. bevansmd

    bevansmd New Member

    Jul 13, 2004
    Mediacom sent nice but inexperienced tech out to install cable cards. He had never seen a Tivo and I don't think he knows much about cable cards in general. He had directions with him and refused to look at directions from Tivo. Tried first card and got a 161-4 error. Resent a hit but still same error. Tried another cable card with same results. Tried card in slot 2 with same results. Now they are telling me they don't support tivo. Called Tivo support while tech here and she researched error and said that any 161 error meant cable card was faulty and multiple cards might be need to be tried because cable card technology not very good. She said if same error comes up, I need to return Tivo 3! Cable guy put card in my tv and it seemed to work fine (didn't go through whole channel setup) so he says problem is with Tivo....not cable card. Now I'm caught in the middle and I was so excited about my new tivo.

    Researched 161-4 error online after tech gone and now find out Tivo says to ignore error. I hope that I can get Mediacom to come again with a more experienced tech and more than 2 cable cards to try again but I'm afraid they will say "we don't support tivos". Irony is that I've been a loyal mediacom customer since 1992 and if cable cards will work in tivo 3 I will be tied to mediacom for years because the box doesn't work with satellite.

    Can anyone offer help?

  10. Kylep

    Kylep Doomed! (DOOMED!)

    Feb 13, 2003

    I'd definitely ask them to come again. Tell them Tivo included very easy instructions but your tech refused to look at them. Tell them you've been reading up on the internet and have seen lots of people who say they got it to work just fine.

    I had a little trouble at first, but if you are polite and persistent you should get them to give it another try.

    As a last resort, tell them if you need to return the Tivo without them even trying again, then you might as well go with DirectTV TiVo's...
  11. Ames

    Ames New Member

    Sep 17, 2006
    Got that error. Looked it up online and just ignored it.
  12. leiniesguy

    leiniesguy New Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    Ordered my two cable cards from Mediacomm, they arrived within a week and the installer had them working on one trip. All went smooth and I still have the Motorola DVR installed as well as I finish watching the programs. I did have to call and have them re-initialize the cards, but that was it - went off without any problems.

    I just wish the 750 GB Weaknees model wasn't an additional $500. Love my TiVo.

    They did just add FOXHD in my area, channel 809 and TiVo didn't have any program information. A single call to the VIP hotline put it on the todo list, expecting that update today and I can add 24 and Prison Break to my season pass list.
  13. Ames

    Ames New Member

    Sep 17, 2006
    Fox HD would be nice. We haven't ever had that here. Heck with the Sinclair deal we can't even get regular Fox on Mediacom.
  14. Bierboy

    Bierboy Seasoned gas passer

    Jun 12, 2004
    I thought I just read yesterday that Sinclair and Mediacom signed a deal? I'll search for it and post if I find it.
  15. plmills

    plmills New Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Bought a Weaknees 750gb S3 about a month ago. I got the two CC's on order right away and set up an install appointment with Mediacom. The day after I got the new TiVo installed, though, we had an epic ice storm that knocked power and cable off over the entire area, so all new installs are postponed!

    I'm now told to expect the installer on Feb. 8, but I'll believe it when I see it.

    In the meantime, I'm just using the S3 for OTA digital reception and my very basic cable antenna replacement service (only locals + a few public access + TBS and WGN, etc. - can't even get SciFi, TLC, et. al. until the cable guy comes).

    Fortunately, the local CBS/Fox station just went full power HD OTA last week. Despite some glitches with audio on CBS, the OTA reception and PQ is superb on my S3. Unlike my former DirecTiVo HD unit, the ATSC tuners in the S3 appear to have excellent reception. I am getting every OTA digital broadcast in the area with a rock-solid picture and sound.

    After hooking my super-basic cable up yesterday, I did a scan just for grins, and TiVo said it found 230 stations. Curious and skeptical, I allowed it to add them to the channel list.

    Upon slowly switching through these hundreds of channels, I discovered that I can apparently watch others' video-on-demand services - I can see movies (no indication on the TiVo as to what I'm watching), including porn, being watched by, apparently, others in my area. When they use the virtual DVR features to fast scan forward and backwards, I can see that happening too (watching them back-scan and replay the juicy parts of porn is pretty funny - at least for a short time - it gets old pretty quick).

    I also discovered a complete set of Music Choice channels being broadcast in the clear with stereo dolby sound, although I'm not supposed to receive those with my current service.

    Anyway, I will report back in when I finally am able to get the CC's installed. I've got the installation instructions printed out and sitting on top of the TiVo, awaiting the, hopefully, not completely clueless installer.
  16. TivoMactopia

    TivoMactopia New Member

    Jul 13, 2005
    plmills, just an FYI

    I'm in Springfield as well. No phone or power for nearly 2 weeks...cable was a definite luxury.

    About a month ago I called the MC 800# and they told me I'd need to fill out a form to register the equipment I was going to use the CCs before they would order the cards (??!?!). I never got the form, but two days before the ice storm, a medicom guy called and asked if I was home...he had a cable card for me. I told him I was needing two...an hour later, two (count them T W O) medicom trucks pulled up in my driveway...each driver carrying a single card :LOL:

    Anyway, couldn't hook them up until power (and my life) was [partially] restored. But just yesterday I unplugged the S3, put in the cards, turned it back on, called the LOCAL NUMBER (they're having phone problems also because of the storm so you may get hung up on, but the guy that delivered the cards told me to make sure and call the local #875-5500). After finally getting through, and having the person request the INIT signal down to the cards, everything was fine (had to do a tivo channel set up again for the ccs of course).

    Now they charged me $25.00 for a self-install!! But I'm looking for a credit for the 2 weeks of no cable anyway. The HD lineup is lame...Universal HD and some others, and only two local stations that I can see--as you said, both of which come in fine OTA. CBS is the only one I have a problem with OTA, and they are not on cable.

    For the heck of it, I added the cable+plus line up to see what else I would get.

    I too had the on-demand broadcasts on higher channels on the Tivo for a while. They must have fixed it though, its all gone--porn and all (I have some really kinky neighbors if it has anything to do with the area!). I thought 8.0.1c fixed the lame channel tunning that caused this...but if you're getting the same thing, it must be on the cable side.

    Good luck!
  17. plmills

    plmills New Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    A Mediacom contractor came out today and brought two cablecards. He was not at all familiar with TiVo's (esp. ones that take cablecards), and was delighted when I offered to install them into the TiVo myself. He ran my cable service for me, and upgraded the service to support cable-plus (whatever that means), and then sat with me as I installed the cards.

    He called his dispatcher and had me go thre the cablecard config screens and read off the numbers on the pairing screen to the dispatcher. Afterwards, the dispatcher sent "hits" for the cablecards.

    I'm getting most of what I think I should, but have the following problems/questions:

    1) Despite calling Mediacom and having them re-send init hits to the cards, I am still not getting all channels I should be. Specifically, I'm getting the following (I'm including this list because I thought others might want to compare it to the channels they're getting - Mediacom doesn't seem too keen on providing an up-to-date list of the channel mappings for each possible level of service. In addition to the following list, I am successfully tuning all the analog cable channels and the 700-series premium and non-premium channels in HD.

    Do Get
    Don't Get
    120 NOGN
    121 DCKIDS
    122 TOOND​
    123 ALN
    128 BLOOM
    135 MTV2
    137 SLEUTH
    161 GSN
    162 BBCA​
    182 OVATION
    183 STYLE
    201 DCHOME
    212 KYTVDT3
    215 GAS
    216 NIKTON
    220 DAC
    222 FITTV​
    228 LIME
    231 ILIFE
    271 DTIMES
    272 SCIENCE​
    273 NGC
    274 MILI
    275 BIO
    276 HISI
    294 G4

    401 FSC​
    404 FUSION
    405 GOLF​
    411 ESPNEWS
    471 CMPURE
    472 MTVHIT
    473 VH1CL
    474 VH1SOUL
    476 FUSE
    481 BETJ
    501 TCM
    503 IFC​
    504 LMN
    513 EWAM
    517 ENCORE
    518 ENCOREP
    519 ELOVE
    520 ELOVEP
    521 EMYST
    522 EMYSTP
    523 EWST

    Now for the second problem:

    Mediacom is currently carrying a high-def version of four of the Springfield locals in their 700-series lineup:

    702 KSFX (fox)
    708 KSPR (abc)
    709 KOLR (cbs)
    712 KY3 (nbc)

    My TiVo is able to tune all four of these channels. Unfortunately, there is only program guide info. for the abc and nbc (708 and 712) channels. I spoke with a mediacom cs on the phone, and she was not able to confirm that channels 702 and 709 were even available yet.

    Without TiVo guide information, I can't record from these channels at all, and they are not nearly as useful to me. Does anyone know of a way to ask TiVo to map the program guides for FOX and CBS to channels 702 and 709. It's frustrating, because I know TiVo already has the guide information for these channels - they just need to include it for our service provider. I am impatient to wait for Mediacom and TiVo to get this right, since even Mediacom's customer service folks don't seem up-to-date on what their company is currently providing.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  18. Ames

    Ames New Member

    Sep 17, 2006
    Are any of the ones you don't have the guide for Sinclair stations? Mediacom just resolved that deal with Sinclair and as part of it they started carrying the HD versions of the Sinclair owned stations. In Ames we just got Fox on 817. As of yesterday I could watch it, but it doesn't have guide info yet. I'm sure that will get sorted out soon enough. And for now I'm doing that station OTA 17.1 which Tivo does have the guide for.
  19. Ames

    Ames New Member

    Sep 17, 2006
    As for the stations you don't get do you have them turned on in the channel selector?
  20. plmills

    plmills New Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Ames - thanks for the quick reply.

    There are no Sinclair stations in the Springfield, Mo area, and Mediacom has carried these four locals for awhile, althought the two without guide info. are more recent additions. The interesting thing is that the non-HD versions of the four channels are on cable channels 02, 08, 09 and 12, and these correspond directly to the HD versions now carried on channels 702, 708, 709 and 712. All guide info for the non-HD channels is properly displayed, as is the guide info. for channels 708 and 712. It's only the two more recent additions (702 and 709) that lack the guide info.

    I just got off the phone with Tivo CS, and the person I spoke with was very friendly and knowledgeable. She took down all my info. about the missing guide information, and asked about the call letters for the stations. She promised to elevate the problem to the part of TiVo that deals with their program information provider, so that a contact with Mediacom can be made to verify that the guide information should now be provided. She thought (but stopped short of promising) they could resolve it in 5 business days, but asked that I call back after then if no changes had occurred.

    As for the channel list - Yes - I have all channels that I should be getting selected (checked) in the channel list, including the ones I should be getting but am not.

    I'm still hoping that the problem might clear up, but will call Mediacom tomorrow if not.

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