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List of SATA to PATA (IDE) adapters, please add yours

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by ciper, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Skolink

    Skolink TurboNZet cards

    Dec 23, 2008
    Did it work?: Yes
    TiVo Model: Philips Series 1 (PTV300)
    Hard drive model: Samsung HD502IJ 500GB
    Adapter retail name: none
    Purchased from / Price: Ebay ~$5+postage
    Chipset on the adapter: Sunplus SATALink SPIF223A-HF022
  2. Alfredvo

    Alfredvo New Member

    May 6, 2008
    I've purchased several of these adapters and they mostly seem to work with a couple of odd issues:

    In one Series2 upgrade, where I added a 1TB WD green drive, the system boots fine from a cold boot (power cable pulled); however, a restart from the menu does not work: the system freezes on "Powering Up" and the lights on the PATA/SATA adapter are both lit bright green/red.

    On a second Series2, the upgrade went smooth, and runs fine; however, once a week the system freezes with either a black video screen or a freeze frame from live TV. The red and green lights on the TiVo are both lit. Once I power cycle it, it's fine for another week.

    Is it that these adapters are flaky? Or does the IDE cable need to be replaced to handle the SATA speed? Anyone else having these issues?
  3. drey

    drey New Member

    Jul 21, 2008
    Make sure you're not using WD10EACS / WD10EADS drive, those are known to hang at "warm" boot on S2 DT and S3 units (they work fine with S2 540 and HD 652 units). Switch the drive to either WD10EVCS / WD10EVVS or Seagate Pipeline, this will resolve the problem.
  4. Alfredvo

    Alfredvo New Member

    May 6, 2008
    The drives are in fact WD10EADS.

    The unit with the warm boot problem is a 540, and the one that freezes once a week is an old 130. No dual tuner or S3.
  5. drey

    drey New Member

    Jul 21, 2008
    Interesting. S2 540 that I had an opportunity to test with WD10EADS worked great on my end. But it could be a different version of WD10EADS (2 platter vs 3 platter) and maybe that's why it worked.

    Get one of these drives for your TiVo to resolve the "warm boot" issue:
    Western Digital: WD10EVCS, WD10EVVS or WD10EVDS
    Seagate: any LP or Pipeline drive
  6. dwynne

    dwynne New Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    Did it work?: Yes
    TiVo Model: DirecTV HD Tivo (HR10-250)
    Hard drive model: Western Digital WD10EVVS 1TB
    Adapter retail name: StarTech IDE2SAT
    Purchased from / Price: Amazon $20.98 delivered
    Chipset on the adapter: Marvell 88SA8040 (so says the doc)

    I had ordered a couple of the "mindflux" adapters from partsdomauction on fleabay but they sent them extremely snail snail-mail (took over a week). I ordered this adapter from Amazon and had it the next day (I live close to their warehouse).

    The only issues I had with this StarTech IDE2SAT:

    1) The jumper is on the DRIVE side of the board and when pushed onto the drive the jumper / pins and contact the metal drive housing. I wrapped from electrical tape around the board / jumper to prevent a problem.

    2) The SATA drive connectors are not real tight. I have not had any problems when copying to the drive or using it in the Tivo, but I did try to push it in again right before closing the case and was gentle moving it into place.

    The cheaper fleabay adapters have the jumpers on the opposite side from the drive and the SATA connectors are a bit tighter. I have tested these adapters in a PC, but not yet in the Tivo. I have 2 more HR10-250s and I have the drive ready for one of them, as soon as I have time to pull the Tivo apart and wait for a full copy to the new drive one of the partsdomauction adapters will be in the Tivo and I will report in on that one.

    The StarTech will work in a pinch if you need one quick or can find it cheaper - with the two issues I mentioned.

  7. Alfredvo

    Alfredvo New Member

    May 6, 2008
    Update: the warm boot problem is resolved. Now that the current software loaded, vs 9.3, the problem is gone.

    That just leaves me with the once a week freeze on my 130 - same hard drive and adapter.
  8. nando4

    nando4 New Member

    Oct 18, 2009
    Request for master/slave pin trace for Marvell based sata-to-pata adapter

    Hi everyone,

    I see that some ppl on here have purchased a sata-to-pata adapter with the Marvell 88SA8040 chip which also has a Master/Slave jumper on it, as shown by:

    xurl.cc/?Marvell1 (copy+paste URL)
    xurl.cc/?Marvell2 (copy+paste URL)

    These adapters have a master/slave jumper on it. The 2510P community can purchase a
    9.5mm sata-to-pata optical bay caddy

    xurl.cc/?ebay-caddy (copy+paste URL)

    with the same Marvell sata-to-pata chip (Marvell).

    The 2510P uses a PATA bus for it's 1.8" ZIF HDD and the optical drive so to get two devices working we need to figure out how to get this caddy to be master or slave. So far we know how to hardset it as master (bridge CSEL pin47+GND pin45), but slave we have not got to work.

    We'd like to be able to figure out how to pinmod the caddy, but jumpering the pins directly if necessary, to set master/slave operation as if there was a jumper.

    Volunteer requested

    Would anyone with such a sata-to-pata adapter be prepared to trace the master/slave pins to the Marvell chip to identify what logic is setting what pins for either operation? It's likely the pins use one of three states, 3.3V, GND, or N/C to identify what pins it uses.

    xurl.cc/?Marvell1 (copy+paste URL)

    is the best thing I have to try and figure it out myself. Oh, and Marvell want me to get lawyers to sign NDA agreements to provide datasheets.. doh.

  9. whitepelican

    whitepelican New Member

    Feb 14, 2005
    Grrrrr... I wish I would have known that before buying a WD10EADS. It appears to also exhibit the "warm boot" problem on my HR10-250. It's not really a big deal, since it has been running for over a month now without a reboot, but it's the principle of it not being 100% reliable.
  10. antonioster

    antonioster New Member

    Nov 28, 2009
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  11. transam9898

    transam9898 New Member

    Oct 25, 2009
    I bought a IDE to SATA (Series 2)
    here is the details:
    Did it work?: Yes
    TiVo Model: Series 2 TCD540040
    Hard drive model: Seagate 320GB SATA Drive
    Adapter retail name: Generic
    Purchased from / Price: EBay seller: importer520
    Webpage: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110469783483&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
    Chipset on the adapter: JM20330

    Didnt work for me (It seems to be the same one everyone else says works....)
    I took the original drive (40GB) and did a DRIVE-BACKUP (with winmfs)
    then I took the 320Gb Sata and did a DRIVE-RESTORE (with winmfs)


    The Tivo does the POWERING UP SCREEN then when it would change to the JUST A FEW MINUTES MORE PAGE... the Screen goes GREY.....

    ANY Suggestions would be super appreciated :)
  12. JamieP

    JamieP New Member

    Aug 2, 2004
    Try an mfscopy rather than a backup/restore.
  13. transam9898

    transam9898 New Member

    Oct 25, 2009
    Hmm that was strange... LOL
    I did a MFSCopy... plugged it in didnt work...
    So I removed the jumper on the adapter, no bootup
    powered down and put Jumper back on, powered up, works fine !

    Thanks for the tip of MFSCOPY only (and expand)
  14. toms111la

    toms111la New Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    I have not been to this site in a while and probably should have checked prior to attempting an upgrade. Anyway here is where I am. I upgraded a DirecTV Series 2 TIVO (HR10-250) with a single 1.0TB WD 10EADS using an adapter that I bought from WeakKnees.com. The adapter is a no-name device but WeakKnees says it is the one they use. I hooked the drive using the adapter using a PC with IDE controller and did a fresh install using an InstantCake 6.3f CD. The InstantCake install completed normally. With the drive and adapter installed in the Tivo, everything started normally. The box is working pretty well but seems to be having one problem. Every once in a while all functions seem to freeze. This includes picture and remote functions. After a variable amount of time say 15 - 30 seconds, things return to normal and all is good. It doesn't seem to miss any of the program being watched. I am wondering if this so called green drive is shutting or slowing down to save energy and then coming back up to speed. (This seems possible due to the drives 32MB Cache.) Or do you think this might be being caused by the adapter. The drive has some empty jumpers and I am wondering if some combination of those jumped might help.

    I did read through a number of posts on this thread but did not see anything directly on point. I did notice some issues with the WD 10EADS drive but am not sure if that is the issue with my box. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. Frankinator

    Frankinator New Member

    Jan 10, 2010
    Did it work?: Yes
    TiVo Model: Series 2 TCD240080
    Hard drive model: Hitachi Deskstar HD31000 IDK/7K 1TB (SUPER quiet drive)
    Adapter retail name: Generic from importer520 on Ebay
    Purchased from / Price: EBay $4.99 shipping included
    Chipset on the adapter: JMicron JM20330

    Used WinMFS from MFSLive.org to image the original 80GB TiVo drive to the new drive. I used the Sata to IDE adapter on the new Hitachi drive and set it as master on my secondary IDE Channel. I put my TiVo drive in a USB2 to IDE hard drive enclosure. Took 2 hours to completely copy my old drive to the new one. Worked Great! Now with 1000+ hours on my old TIVO.
    The Hitachi hard drive is Quiet!

    Notes - The picture importer520 shows on his Ebay auction ad shows a part with part number RXD 629A 200B. This is not what he shipped. The part received did have the same JMicron JM20330 chipset on it and worked fine. Wowparts.com also sold me an identical part as the one sold by importer520 but it carried the part number LK-13415 on the package but not on the board itself. importer520 was LIGHTNING fast with shipping. I received the WOWparts.com part 5 days after the one from from importer520 when they were ordered at the same time.

    ************** FAIL **************
    I tried a Kingwin p/n ADP-06 IDE to Sata adapter from MicroCenter with no luck. It seemed to work fine in my PC and with the WinMFS software, but it would not boot in the TIVO. It had no master/slave jumper either.
    ************* FAIL ************

    Good Luck!
    Frank Howard
  16. transam9898

    transam9898 New Member

    Oct 25, 2009
    I bought from the same person (at around $6.00 each-ish) same seller importer520...

    they work fine from him and are cheap ! sometimes he may be a lil slow though ;( lol but for $6 they are fine :)
  17. 01sporty

    01sporty New Member

    Feb 3, 2005
    Did it work?:No
    TiVo Model:HR10-250
    Hard drive model:WD3200AVVS
    Adapter retail name:Kingwin ADP-06
    Purchased from / Price:Newegg ~$10
    Chipset on the adapter:GL830

    It never went to the Welcome screen. Just a frantic pattern of blinking leds.

    Try #2:

    For the second try I got one of the eBay units that worked for everyone else.
    The WinMFS had seemed to go well with the previous adapter so I was fairly sure I had a good image on the drive. I plugged in the new adapter and installed. On powering it up, it immediately went the the Welcome screen so I figured all was well. I had done a lot of recording in the week waiting for the new adapter so I did another WinMFS.

    Did it work?:Nope
    TiVo Model:Same HR10-250
    Hard drive model:Same WD3200AVVS
    Adapter retail name:pata&Sata 863
    Purchased from / Price:partsdomauction ~$6
    Chipset on the adapter:JM20330

    On both tries it never went to the Welcome screen. Just a frantic pattern of blinking leds. Didn't look good so I pulled the plug - again.

    At this point I got a Blue Caviar and had the whole thing done in 2-1/2 hours.

    Question: I'd like to use the WD3200AVVS in another application but windows doesn't want to recognize it since it's had the WinMFS thing done to it. Can anyone tell me how to return the drive to a state that it can be partitioned and formatted???
  18. welchomatic

    welchomatic New Member

    Oct 13, 2003
    Not too many tests done on a Series 1 HDR212 w/Lifetime (running TurboNet and dual 127Gb HDD since 2003).
    I'll be going to the store to get a SATA drive and one of each SATA Converter they have in stock. Although I wish I knew what alternatives I have to replacing the dying hard drive(s). I'll report back with details. Looks like all I can get in PATA today is one single model of a 160Gb drive. So I figure I better figure this out while there are still PATA/SATA converters instead of waiting for the new drives to fail as well.
    This question might belong in another forum - What did all you folks do with your Lifetime Subbed S1s? Because I don't see many posts regarding people keeping them running.
    I'll report back after I run all my testing.
  19. jverheul

    jverheul New Member

    Apr 8, 2009
    Did it work?: Yes*
    TiVo Model: Pioneer DVR-810H S
    Hard drive model: Seagate Pipeline HD 1TB ST31000322CS
    Purchased from / Price: $17 weaknees.com

    * I checked my new drive with all the Seagate utilities first. I used WinMFS with the MFS Supersize option to do the copy, after backing everything up first. Then I took both drives back to my Tivo and verified that the original one still worked. It did. Then I held my breathe and tried the new one. No go. After several power cycles I could not get past the "Welcome, Powering Up" message from the BIOS, even if I waited 20 minutes. Yes, I had to breathe for that. I was about to start posting for help wanted! Then I decided to pull the USB cable to my new Tivo Wireless-G adapter out of the back. .....and lo, it booted perfectly! Capacity said up to 1391 hours!! Then I went to the network status page and plugged in my adapter, got and IP address, tested the connection.... Its all perfect!!

    I hope my little hiccup and resolution helps someone else.
    Thanks to all that have designed tools and posted good info here and at MFSLive.org.
  20. gravydog

    gravydog New Member

    Jan 13, 2010
    I want to keep this thread going as I have amassed a number of Tivo's to upgrade and resell and also some SATA drives I plan to use in them. I backup the original, working drive for each Tivo with WinMFS and then restore to the new bigger drive. That all seems to proceed normally. I have tried restoring to the new drive both through the adapter and with a native SATA connection. I first tried these (ordered 10 with misplaced optimism):

    Did it work?: no
    TiVo Models: TCD540 and TCD649
    Hard drive models: WD 200GB and Samsung 500GB
    Adapter retail name: 2.5"/3.5" Drive SATA to ATA IDE Converter Adapter HDD
    Purchased from / Price: Digitalzone88 (eBay) / $3 shipped
    Chipset on the adapter: Sunplus Satalink SPIF223A-HL022

    The Sunplus adapters have jumpers for master / slave and seem to work fine in a PC but in the Tivo you can see some drive accesses and then you are just stuck on Please Wait.

    After finding this thread and seeing some success with another adapter I ordered just one this time for a test. It worked with a 200GB drive in a single tuner Tivo but not with the same drive (with correct restore) in the dual tuner and not with the 500GB drive in either Tivo:

    Did it work?: yes
    TiVo Model: TCD540 - Series 2 single tuner
    Hard drive model: Western Digital WD2000 200GB
    Adapter retail name: LK-13415 /863
    Purchased from / Price: WOWParts.com / $5.99 free ship
    Chipset on the adapter: JM20330

    Did it work?: no
    TiVo Model: TCD649 - Series 2 dual tuner
    Hard drive model: Western Digital WD2000 200GB
    Adapter retail name: LK-13415 / 863
    Purchased from / Price: WOWParts.com / $5.99 free ship
    Chipset on the adapter: JM20330

    Did it work?: no
    TiVo Model: TCD540 - Series 2 single tuner
    Hard drive model: Samsung HD501LJ 500GB
    Adapter retail name: LK-13415 / 863
    Purchased from / Price: WOWParts.com / $5.99 free ship
    Chipset on the adapter: JM20330

    Did it work?: no
    TiVo Model: TCD649 - Series 2 dual tuner
    Hard drive model: Samsung HD501LJ 500GB
    Adapter retail name: LK-13415 / 863
    Purchased from / Price: WOWParts.com / $5.99 free ship
    Chipset on the adapter: JM20330

    Has anyone bought the adapter from Weaknees and checked out the chipset used so the same adapter can be found elsewhere for less? Any other success stories not shared here yet? Thanks!


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